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COUNTDOWN: 3 days…

Naruto!: Jutsus and Magic 101


15 years ago a nine-tailed fox attacked the village hidden in the leaves, Konoha. A village filled with ninjas, beings with powers far beyond those of humans. They rose up to defend their home and thus clashed against the demon that threatened it. Many died as the fox demon continued its rampage. Its tails, long and gigantic, lashed out in every direction, destroying mountains and raising winds while creating chaos among the elements. It seemed that nothing could stop it…until the Fourth Hokage, the Champion and the strongest ninja in the village, fought against the nine-tails. Using a powerful forbidden jutsu, the Hokage sealed the Demon into a new born baby. With the sacrifice of his life the village was saved and one boy's fate was forever sealed.

5 long years had passed since that incident and yet memories of that tragic night lingered in the village. Uzumaki Naruto, the Jinchuuriki of Kyubbi no Kitsune was subject to hate filled glares and discrimination nearly every day. His life had only just begun and already he was suffering for the burden placed upon him. If it wasn't for the wise decision of the third-hokage to place him in the care of ANBU, the loyal black ops agents and soldiers of Konoha, Naruto's life would have become a dark one. Trained in the deadly arts, the blonde boy became an efficient shinobi, becoming stronger and able to fend for himself. The wise Hokage feared his growth and humanity after only 3 years in ANBU care that he devised a plan. Calling up an old friend, he deliberately created a mission for the blonde boy. The task was simple, Naruto will travel to the distant land in a place called Wales. There he would have the boy stay until he had fulfilled his duty… a duty that only required of Naruto living a life with a family namely the Springfield family.

4 years later the blonde boy had grown up to be what the old hokage had wanted; an average boy who has enjoyed and lived his life. Although he had become a prankster, Naruto was still a skilled ninja with an ample amount of skills hidden within his happy-go-lucky personality. When he finally hit12, the boy returned to Konoha. Teams, Missions, Chuunin exams…. All those took place and many others soon followed as he reached the ripe age of 15 where another round of events came towards his way…

Now that we had glimpsed his past… let's get this story started!

NARUTO?: Jutsus and Magic 101

Naruto's class 101: One interesting beginning…part 1of 2

Present time…

The sound of machines, running vehicles and people, greeted a blonde boy as he stepped out of the entrance of an airport. He wore loose dark blue pants and an orange jacket over a white shirt that had a picture of small fox head at the center. His blonde hair, usually a spiked mess, was covered by an orange fitting beanie. Adorning his feet was a pair of casual white shoes that had streaks of orange stripes riding down on each side. Topping his appearance off were the dark sunglasses that hid his electric blue eyes.

Uzumaki Naruto, Shinobi of Konoha had finally arrived at Japan; a place where advance technology was the norm and a whole different custom and culture, awaited him.

Naruto took a good long look at his surroundings with mixtures of awe and fascination. Never before has he been in a place so high-tech and bustling with waves of crowded people. Sure he had been to places like Wales, but that place was nowhere were near as intriguing as this. Cars, which he discovered during his stay with the Springfield family, were everywhere and people here and there were using numerous hand-held devices that made Naruto envious of them. Tall buildings made of gray cement can be seen far in the distance and even the crosswalk lights at the very far end of his area featured animated figures.

As another pedestrian past by with an iPod, the blonde dejectedly sat himself at a nearby bench. It was 5:47am on his watch and his ride was nowhere in sight.

"Damn it… how long am I supposed to stay here." he said aloud, ignoring the looks given to him by the passing people.

Seeing as how he was going to have to wait a while, he made himself comfortable. He set hia traveling pack next to him while placing his two duffel bag and luggage underneath the bench. Naruto then pulled out a bag of Lollipops, a candy he had bought in the airport, from out of his jacket's pocket and unwrapped one. Crumpling the wrapper a second later, he threw it in the garbage can next to him before dozing off…

"It's been a while since I was given a long term mission like this one…" Naruto wondered out loud, recalling his first long mission out of Konoha.

It was also his first meeting with the family that changed him.

Flash back!

The ground bore endless trails of dirt and gravel beneath his feet as he moved swiftly through the tunnels of the cave. His standard black ANBU clothing hugged his body loosely as the ninja pouches adorning his lower back hip bobbed up and down ever so slightly. The ninja tools and weapons in it were properly secured as to make no noise.

A platoon of ANBU ran alongside him, silent and alert with white masks concealing their identities. They wore similar attires as him with only their masks being different. Strapped to their backs was a single katana or ninjatō, a standard issue weapon that all ANBU members carried, along with three green pouches similar to the ones the blonde had.

Naruto wordlessly followed the lead ANBU ahead of him.

Snake, a female ANBU who was also one of his mentors back in HQ, ran a few feet ahead of the pentagon formation. She was currently leading them to the rendezvous point.

Today was Naruto's first mission away from Konoha and he could feel himself shaking slightly with anticipation. The boy had learned a lot from the ANBU Program in the past 3 years. Although he was still technically a non-registered shinobi, Naruto was exceptionally skilled for his age. One can say he was becoming something of a prodigy. Even the secretive ROOT division of ANBU had tried to abduct him on more than one occasion.

Naruto couldn't count how many times he has had numerous kidnapping attempts on him. It was only thanks to the bonds of friendship and budding respect he's acquired from many ANBU operatives that allowed him to escape ROOT's grasp. Even to this day he's still under their watchful eyes.

The group he was in was a large platoon. These particular ANBU members, however, were his personal friends and, in most cases, bodyguards.

In the very front was the ever seductive, venomous, yet caring, Snake (His nee-chan figure). Flanked on either side of him were four others; two on each side. Each one had their own specialty. On his left was Turtle-san (tai-jutsu maniac), and behind him was a cigarette puffing, wind user known as Hawk. This particular ANBU wielded a unique weapon in combat that many have come to be fascinated with. A pair of deadly Trench-knives was this person's signature weapon.

On the other side of Naruto was a genjutsu and kenjutsu specialists with purple hair and a silent personality; this one is Neko. Next to her was her partner and Konoha's Kenjutsu master code name Rat. Many who come to know him have one conclusion they all share about Rat. This person was often sick.

Lastly, the Inu masked ANBU behind him.

This ANBU was the cool guy who had saved him numerous times during his helpless years as a regular civilian in Konoha. He was known for his trademark tardiness and perverted orange books that he carried with him often.

These people were more than his teammates and colleagues, they were his personal family. And Naruto valued each and every one of them.

The group stopped at an entrance to a large looking cavern where various glimmering crystals and diamonds were scattered about. From the ground and up, the soft glow of rainbow lights emanating from the little beauties mesmerized the blonde. It was quite a place to meet with the person who was to escort Naruto to Wales.

"Kitsune (Fox)… You ready?" One of his squad mates asked. It was a question that all the members of the group wondered.

Naruto turned his masked-face towards the ANBU who had spoken. "Inu-san.(Dog)… I'm ready as I'll ever be." The Blonde said nodding and folding his arms over his chest.

This action caused a few chuckles from the others.

"Looks like our Fox is acting tough again." The ANBU with the snake mask commented. She kneeled down to the boy's height and ruffled his blonde hair. "But I don't think you're tough at all."

"Anko-neechan! Stop messing with my hair, I hate that!" Naruto whined.

Mitirashi Anko giggled behind her mask as she withdrew her hand. "I just wanted to do that since I won't be seeing you for a while…"

The blonde fell silent and shifted his attention elsewhere. Sometimes he hated sappy moments like this. It just made it harder for him to leave. And it became rather embarrassing when he heard the sniffling sound of his Tai-jutsu sensei/comrade. When he turned to look, Fox backed away from him rapidly.

"Naruto may your youth burn greatly!" The turtle-masked shinobi shouted out, his voice sending echoes in the large cavern.

Naruto sweatdropped along with the others. They always wondered how he can instantly summon a background of flashy colors out of nowhere whenever he did that.

"Can I get one last hug? Please?" Gai begged.

Naruto shook his head wildly at him and quickly hid behind Anko. Although Gai was an excellent teacher, his unusual personality made the blonde feel embarrassed and grossed out sometimes.

"No thanks Sensei!"

"Naruto, don't use me as a damn shield!" Anko yelped, as she and Naruto maneuvered out of the turtle-shinobi's way.

They barely escaped Gai's desperate grasp.

"You heard him, Gai." Spoke a calm voice. Hawk took out a cigarette from his pouch and stuck it in the special whole on his mask. "Just give him a pat in the shoulder and let him be."

"He's right you know…" It was the ken-jutsu expert who spoke this time. "We don't really want to see that…"

"That?" Gai repeated, confused at what the sword expert was saying.

The entire group shook their heads. He was clueless as ever.

Light tapping footsteps alerted the assembled Shinobis. Weapons were drawn instantly. Years of Shinobi experience kicked in and with a simple hand-gesture from Inu, the group silently took cover.

They fanned out and merged into the cave's surroundings, casting low-level chakra genjutsus or old fashion disguises to hide their presence. Naruto hid among a jagged group of stone pillars; an idle spot that allowed his short stature some advantages. He mentally cursed his inability to cast a genjutsu like his comrades and as such resorted to the most basic form of concealment: a basic grey ragged cloth tossed over his form.

Hiding near him were both Inu and Hebi who had taken precaution to guard his back.

Everything was silent as the footsteps drew closer.

Sweat began building up on Naruto's forehead as numerous possible scenarios ran through his head. There was a big chance that the one approaching was an enemy. They had to be careful.

After seconds of waiting, an undistinguishable figure finally entered the hidden Shinobis' vision. From afar Naruto can only make out a lit cigarette and a glowing golden ring on the person's hand.

The blonde waited for further orders, but to his surprise he found his whole team emerging from their hiding spot.

Turtle and Hawk dropped from above while Neko released her Genjutsu and carefully approached the gathering group. Following her was Rat who emerged from the ground via a Doton Jutsu (Earth Style Technique) and Hebi who had leaped over Naruto's position.

"What the?"

"Come on Naruto." Spoke Inu as he threw off his own genjutsu. "That's our client… and your guide."

Nodding somewhat dumbly Naruto gathered his gray cloak and trailed after him.

"Hmm… I was wondering why I felt like I was being watched." The newcomer spoke as Naruto arrived.

So this is the Guide? Wondered the blonde.

Finally able to take in his appearance, Naruto found the newcomer to be quite interesting. Calm dark grey eyes lay hidden beneath Rectangular glasses while a cigarette was dangling lazily in the man's lips. He had grey trimmed hair that look rather well with the matching light brownish suit he wore. Naruto had only seen this type of clothing once when he had visited his Jiji one night. The old man had stated that it was a business suit from a foreign country. Judging by the trimmed beard and overall look, Naruto guessed that this person was in his late 20s.

The man turned to him in curiosity before bending over slightly with his hands in his pockets.

"Uzumaki Naruto?" The stranger asked with a gentle smile.

Naruto hesitantly nodded at him.

"That would be me, sir." The blonde spoke keeping his voice as neutral and professional as possible. "Reporting for this mission." He gave a crisp bow.

His teammates found this rather amusing however, and were soon laughing freely. Even the businessman before them had let out a chuckle leaving Naruto's left eye to twitch irritatingly behind his mask. Count to 5 Naruto… keep your anger in check…



"Just what is so funny?" Naruto yelled out loud.

"Your acting is." Anko replied through her laughter.

"I agree with you on that one." Asuma chuckled while taking out another one of his cigarettes. The previous one had dropped during the laughing.

"It's not that funny…" Grumbled Naruto.

"It's alright my youthful student!" Gai patted the blonde's back lightly. "You did your best!"

"Although, you should leave the professional stuff to us." Kakashi added, stifling his laughter.

"Well, that was fun." Stated Hayate with an arm around his female companion. The poor girl was still giggling to herself."We really should get going, however."

The entire team gave a chuckle before turning back to their mission. Naruto pouted a bit about how they were treating him, but never the less did the same.

"I believe a quick introduction is in order." The man let out a puff of smoke before clearing his voice. "My name is Takamichi Takahata and starting today I'll be serving both as your caretaker and Guide through Wales."

Naruto bowed politely earning a few snickers from his comrades before finalizing the mission with the exchange of scrolls. Takamichi retrieved a black scroll from Naruto, while Kakashi received a red scroll from the man.

"Mission complete, team." Kakashi said, pocketing the item.

After a moment he reached over and ruffled Naruto's hair affectionately. "We'll see you later Naruto."

The boy grinned and let him continue to ruffle his hair till he was done. He wouldn't be getting such contact with the older ANBU for awhile after this. It was better to leave with something akin to a familiar feeling of warmth. "Later's Kakashi-nii…"

As the gray haired ANBU stepped away the rest of the ANBU team took their turns to bid him goodbye.

"Don't forget to work on your shuriken and ninja tool throwing." Anko said. She pulled him to a loving hug and whispered softly into his ear. "And don't forget about me, alright?"

"You can count on it!" The blonde smiled and returned her hug with equal warmth.

"Take care Naruto and don't forget to practice those moves I taught you." The Rat masked shinobi, Hayate, said. Next to him, the ever silent Kunoichi nodded in his direction conveying her own farewell.

"I will sensei!" The blonde bowed politely at them as they turned to follow Anko and Kakashi who had yet to leave.

Naruto glanced at his next sensei and smiled. "Asuma-sensei, you should really stop with the smoking. It'll kill you someday, you know?"

The smoking ninja let out a chuckle. "This won't kill me… Now, I've got a present for you."

At the word 'present' Naruto grinned excitedly. Presents from Asuma were usually scrolls of Ninjutsu and perhaps some weapons; a stock of Kunai knives, a set of shuriken and the like. To his expectations, the ANBU in front of him pulled out a green colored scroll and a really nice pair of fingerless gloves. The color was a mixture of Orange and black with the latter being dominant. Tailored to fit his hands they looked to be woven with some tough and durable material; something Naruto couldn't wait to try on and see.

"Here you go! Hope you like it." Asuma handed them to the grinning blonde. "The scroll contains Fuuton Jutsus (Wind Techniques) and a few more steps/katas of my fighting style— don't decline cuz I know you wanted to learn it. As for the gloves, well… I know how easily you like to use your fists so I thought, 'Hey, why don't I buy him something to protect his hands?'…'" He gave a small smirk and added. "They'll be able to fit with those Trench knives I gave you."

Glancing at the present and then at his sensei, Naruto couldn't help but give the man a huge hug. "Thank you sensei! I'll treasure these forever!"

Asuma laughed and pushed the hyper blonde gently off of him before taking his leave. "Just remember to take it easy and don't overwork yourself; relaxation isn't so bad for shinobis."

Naruto was so happy that he didn't know that a certain someone had closed in on him and stood waiting with uncontrolled emotions. The next thing he knew, strong muscled arms wrapped him in a bone-crushing hug. Maito Gai was the next in line…

"MY LOVABLE YOUTHFUL STUDENT! I will miss you very much!" The tai-jutsu expert of Konoha cried out, tears were streaming down his cheeks like a river. "Promise me you'll work yourself to the limit and become one of the best tai-jutsu experts in our village! Don't forget about me, your cool, hip, youthful, strong, sexy beast and favorite teacher, MAITO GAI!"

The group, including Takamichi, can only gawk in silence as they collectively sweatdropped. The man was seriously lacking proper control of his emotions. He was taking Naruto's departure just a little too seriously, it seemed.

"C-cant b-breath!" Naruto tried to say.

Gai blinked before releasing the breathless child. "Well then Naruto, let's do it!"

Naruto's eyes widened. Please don't tell me he wants me to do that. The blonde begged Kami (god).

"Come on Naruto be a man!" Gai said spreading his arms out wide. "Come here and let's do this!"

"R-right here? B-but there's people watching!" Naruto looked at the other ANBU's in his squad. Most were staring in pure curiosity while one had an eye widening with each passing second.

"Nonsense, this is our Youth time and we're going to do it!" Gai smiled, giving his infamous nice-guy pose, complete with the gleaming teeth.

"B-but…" Naruto tried to protest, but seeing his sensei like this he knew it was hopeless. "Sorry if you guys have to see this…" The blonde said as he prepared for his sensei's ritual.

Gai's smile widened as he saw his student gave him the signal to begin. "That's more like it! It's Youth time!"

"What are they going to do?" Questioned Anko.

"Oh Kami, please don't tell me…" Kakashi panicked and turned away covering his ears. His shoulders shook fiercely as he began to mumble to himself.

"Do what?"

"Naruto!" Gai cried out.

"Gai-sensei!" said Naruto as he gave the man a hug.

The bystanders found themselves staring at a sunset scenery over a deserted beach. It didn't stop there, however, for the crashing waves in the background made the ritual even more ridiculous looking…



"Well that's it, ritual complete." The crazy fighter said as he got up.

Naruto sighed in relief. Thank god it was only twice… usually he would want to go a few more times…

"What the hell was that?" Shouted Anko, who had just witnessed the freaky moment between her little brother figure and her strange colleague.

"Is it over?" Asked Kakashi, turning to look.

"That was very…weird." Was all Asuma could say.

The two next to him nodded in agreement. They were never going to look at Gai the same way now.

"Now go my student! Go and become a man!" Gai said pointing at the dark cavern.

Naruto didn't stick around for another second and quickly rushed off, pulling an amused Takamichi along.

2 minutes later.

"You have some interesting teachers, Naruto-kun." Takamichi commented as he prepared a spell.

Naruto watched him curiously. The tall man waved a hand in front of him in a circling motion before muttering strange words. It was rather amusing…

Then he noticed it.

A pale light appeared beneath him and a power source made itself known. The blonde let out a gasp as a feint outline of a glowing circle grew in intensity.

"What the hell?" he cried out, immediately brining his hands up into a ram-seal.

"Don't panick Naruto-kun." Takamichi said. "It's just a type of 'jutsu' I'm using."

"A jutsu, huh…." A Jutsu without handseals… this guy is good.

Still a bit wary, the blonde held still and tried to find out what his guide was doing. While it was fascinating to watch it felt real strange. This jutsu didn't even contain chakra in it, but rather a different type of power.

"Naruto-kun I want you to hang on to me, alright?" Takahata spoke once more, clasping his hands in a prayer.

"Wait, why?" Naruto asked grasping on to the man's jacket.

"You'll see."

A sudden jolt of energy and a flash of light caused Naruto to jerk back in surprise. He felt disoriented and his body oddly light. His eyes flickered open to see a vast space of blinking neon lights and rainbow-like stars in a background of gold and red orange. The best thing to describe this phenomenon was 2 simple words: "Holy crap!"

Just where in the hell did we go?

The question went unanswered as another blinding light assaulted his vision, temporarily blinding him. Seconds later he felt hard ground beneath his feet and chirping birds.

With eyes blinking, Naruto let out a whisper. "W-where are we?"

"Wales." Takahata said as he puffed another smoke. "Welcome to Wales, Naruto-kun."

The blonde slowly scanned the room they were in. Polished shelves of books and a number of portraits littered the walls. Elegant crafted vases stood atop drawers and a few decorated a desk near a window. The tiled-floor beneath them was clean and shiny; spotless. At one end of the room was a table where his gaze locked onto a pair of children sitting on the chairs facing him; one girl and one boy.

He blinked at them. The girl looked about the same age as he was while the shorter boy was much younger, if the height wasn't an indication. Naruto found the boy rather curious. Compared to the girl with blonde hair, red highlights covered the boy's dark hair. It complimented his crimson eyes nicely enough.

"Takahata-sensei… is that him?" The blonde girl asked, her sky blue eyes never straying away from the other blonde.

The strange language that the girl was speaking broke Naruto off his observation. He directed a questioning brow at his supposed Guide/Guardian.

The man smiled apologetically at him in return. "Sorry Naruto-kun, just wait one moment."

Turning to the two children Takahata motioned for them to come closer. After that Naruto didn't have a clue on what they were saying. Takamichi was just smiling and talking in the strange language all the while motioning to him from time to time. It was making the blonde rather uncomfortable.

When the talking ended they faced the confused Shinobi (ninja).

"You can take your mask off now Naruto, these are friends." Takamichi said with a smile.

The blonde boy did what he was told and carefully removed his ANBU mask. Once his face was uncovered the unknown girl approached him. Clearing her voice she spoke.

"Hello there, Naruto-san."

Naruto blinked. "Uh.. Hi…" What the hell? One moment I couldn't understand her and now I can…

The girl giggled. "My name is Nekane Springfield, pleased to meet you." She held out a hand to which he accepted hesitantly. "And this is my brother Negi."

Akane motioned to the boy holding her left sleeves.

"Blablah." The little one said.


"He says he's happy to meet you." Translated Takamichi.

"Oh… so… who are they again?" The blonde asked curiously.

It was Nekane who answered him.

"We're your new family!" She announced happily, grasping onto his gloved hands.

"WHAT?" Naruto gaped at them with a slacked jaw.

Negi took this as a happy response from the blonde and thus gave him a hug, thinking that Naruto was excited about becoming a part of the family.

"Brother!" He let out in his own language, earning a happy smile from both Takahata and Nekane.

Naruto just couldn't speak. This is my mission?

End of Flash back…

(A/N: Just to clear some misunderstandings of the ages. Naruto and Nekane are both 8 while Negi is 5 at that time... A difference in the original version original.)

Naruto smiled at the memory. It was a funny start to his new life with the Springfield family. Afterwards, Takahata had explained the purpose of his stay in Wales and the duration of his supposed mission. The blonde was not pleased with the Hokage's idea at that time because of the reduced training he was given while he stayed in Europe; his temporary home.

That was what sucked the most.

Eventually, the blonde gave in to the Hokage's orders and performed his mission. It was a rough start at first with him being sort of distant to the Springfield family. For the better part of a couple weeks he resorted to isolate himself from them.

It didn't last long.

Over time, Naruto began developing a close bond with Negi and in turn grew fond of Nekane. No more than 3 months after staying and he was already sharing stories and his past to the two of them. Their closeness was so up there that Naruto took up studying English and other languages just to communicate better.

This didn't hinder his training one bit, however.

Naruto was still a proud shinobi of Konoha and not a single day did he forget that when he stayed in Wales. Whatever time he got off from his new family he used it for training and honing his skills. Every ANBU trainers sent to teach him were assaulted by his hunger for knowledge of the Shinobi arts. Even the pranks he began pulling on the citizens of Wales became a way for him to test his developing Jutsus and body endurance. And despite getting caught way faster than normal, he never gave up. The mages were very, very formidable with their magic…

And sometimes they were downright scary—especially the females. Nekane included.

Shaking his head with a laugh, Naruto let a small smile grace his lips. "Those were good times…fun even…"

Now here was another long term mission that his Hokage (Baa-chan) assigned to him about a week ago. This time his assignment took place in a distant city called Mahora Academy. The details were vague and there were a lot of unanswered questions when he first got it. His Baa-chan said that all further instructions will be given by the 'Headmaster' of the Middle School he was going to.

Whoever that person is…

It's pleasant to know that he would be reunited with his brother Negi once more. That was something to look forward to on this mission. Naruto wondered if Tsunade set this up for that reason. It's been ages since he last saw the young mage. And yes, Naruto is quite aware of the Mage Society that existed in the world. After all, if you prank as many pissed off mages as he had in the past then you would know that retribution came swift with a handful of magical butt slapping. Naruto learned that the hard way. By the end of his first prank his ass was sore as hell.

Naruto: 0
Magical Slapping Hands: 200

The blonde had tried to learn magic, but was let down when he couldn't. So there goes his chance at equal revenge and not to mention a door to more pranking possibilities. Oh how he blamed his incompatibility for Magic.

"Though I would have loved to learn that Sagitta Magica (Magic Archer…?) spell that Nekane-nee once used…" The blonde grumbled rather gloomily.

"Hey Naruto!" A familiar voice called out.

Naruto's head jerked up to find a familiar looking man with a nicely trimmed beard and rectangular glasses driving towards him. The blonde instantly smiled and waved a hand. Jumping to his feet he collected his things and headed to the car that the man was driving.

"Takamichi, long time no see." Greeted the blonde, eyeing the fancy looking car appreciatively. "Nice ride too…"

The man laughed in return. "Why thank you, I got it at a good price."

Takamichi Takahata, a good man who sometimes reminded Naruto of Asuma since the two shared a common trait of smoking cigarettes. He was an excellent teacher when Naruto was learning English and he's an even a greater fighter when prompted. The blonde teen couldn't count how many losses he got from him alone…

Naruto wondered if he was still good. The teacher had grown quite a lot and was probably already in his mid 30's.

Pressing a button on the stirring wheel, Takamichi popped his back trunk open. "Why don't you put that in the back and hop in. We've got quite a long drive ahead of us..."

The blonde grinned and quickly stowed his stuff before jumping in. Within minutes they were out of the Airport and into the freeway. They were traveling in a fast pace while at the same time enjoying the scenery.

"So how's Negi?" Naruto finally asked, after a few minutes of driving. "I heard he landed a job as a teacher."

The glasses wearing man nodded. "That's correct, he's currently teaching at Mahora Academy."

"Really?" Naruto giddily asked.

"Yea and he just arrived here yesterday." Takamichi turned to another lane before continuing. "He was quite ecstatic to hear you coming."

"SWEET! We're going to have so much fun at the school." Naruto cheered. "And maybe we can do some training." The blonde pretended to throw punches at an invisible enemy in front of him to emphasize his point.

The man chuckled. "Don't be too happy Naruto, you still got a job to do when we get there."

The ninja fumed and settled down. Why did so many people have to ruin his fun? Then again he'll probably be too busy training to get stronger and doing all those missions to get a chance to mess around…

"Speaking of jobs." Takamichi paused. "Have you gotten your new rank yet? Last time I heard, you were still a Genin."

Naruto shook his head at this and turned his attention to him. "Damn Takamichi, you're information gathering is lousy!"

The older male coughed and adjusted his glasses. "Well, I'm not always in the Elemental Countries. So you have to forgive me if I'm missing some things."

"I was just kidding." Naruto Laughed. "Now as for my rank… I made Chunin about 3 months ago."

"I see… you're one step closer to being Hokage, right?"

Takamichi received a grin in reply. It was there that he noticed something off.

"Now that I think about it… what happened to your whisker marks? Finally got it treated or something?"

The blonde grinned at the question. "Nope, they're just hidden."

"You used some type of Ninjutsu?"

"I don't know, did I?" Naruto replied.

Takamichi shook his head at him. "You're not going to tell me are you…?"

"Nope," the boy grinned. "It's a secret!"

"Figures…" The older man laughed veering the car to the left in an attempt to pass a truck.

For the next hour or so the two conversed on different topics. One such topic involved their respective world: The Shinobi world and Magic world. Naruto informed Takamichi of the war rising in the Elemental Countries while the older male did the same for the Mage society. The blonde excluded parts of his best friend's defection from Konoha, however.

Overall they both learned something from their conversation. The shinobi world is slowly entering another dark era while the magic side has begun advancing in Technology. While one side was good news the other was bad news.

When they finally arrived at Mahora Academy, Naruto was quite surprised by the place. Everything there had a mixture of old and new buildings that stood by a few stories; usually 2 or 3. What made this place even more astonishing was the area of the city itself. Naruto was practically in another Konoha just by the size alone. It was just that big.

It wasn't until they drove into a certain part of the city did he find something unusual.

"Neh, Takahata… why are there so many girls here?" the blonde asked as they drove by buildings.

Nearly everywhere he looked there were cute girls. They wore the same uniform; a skirt that had various colors of red stripes, a red coat over a slightly lighter red vest and finally a white undershirt…. Maybe they were students the blonde guessed.

Were they nearing a school? Naruto looked around a bit more to see if he could find any guys…

He had no luck.

"Hm?" Takamichi parked the car underneath a tree where a parking space was available. "Didn't you know?"

The blonde gave him a clueless look.

"This is the girl's part of Mahora Academy where you will meet the Headmaster of the school. I thought you were informed about this? Didn't your superiors brief you before you left?"

"Of course they did!" the Blonde exclaimed. "I just didn't think it would be in a girl's school."

Naruto didn't look too happy.

"There's nothing to worry about, Naruto." The older male smiled reassuringly. "It's just a school full of girls. What's the harm in that?"


"Well, let's hurry." Takamich said hopping out of his car. "The headmaster has been waiting for us."

He then proceeded to walk away.

Naruto paused for a moment before going after him. I have a bad feeling about this…

5 minutes later… in Mahora Academy Girl's Middle School building.

Naruto has faced torture and humiliation in his life. He's met death plenty of times before and yet nothing had ever prepared him for this.

Never before in his life has Naruto been so uncomfortable with getting all the attention. Why do you ask? It's because the attention he was getting came from the female students that nearly lined the corridors of the building.

After only a few minutes of walking inside the blonde had attracted well over a hundred girls. While the majority gazed curiously a large sum were eyeing him like hungry animals. The looks he was receiving from those girls were fairly similar to his Anko-neechan when she was staring at one Hatake Kakashi. Unlike the silver haired Jounin, Naruto had no such experience with women; females in general.

And that was what made him so uncomfortable.

Flooding out from a few doors and gazing from open windows, all Naruto could see were girls. He wondered if his bright colored clothing had a hand in grabbing their attention. After all, bright orange was always eye catching.

Keeping his attention forward, he slightly adjusted his beanie, finding it comforting in this situation. And as the stares grew in intensity he fought down the urge to shrug off his jacket and pants. It was getting too hot!

"It's alright Naruto, we're almost there." Takamichi told him. His message had somewhat calmed the boy a bit. Another few minutes in this walk and Naruto would be going commando all the way to the office.

"Good morning Takahata-sensei." Greeted a student as she approached them.

Naruto was glad for the sudden distraction and quickly focused on the girl in front. Like the rest of the school she was garbed in the standard uniform, but without the red jacket. She had dark brown hair that stretched as far as her bottom. Her eyes were a similar color albeit brimming with joy and content. The blonde found her quite attractive with how her figure looks now and her pale skin reminded him of Sakura for some reason.

If he wasn't so uptight in keeping his lips shut, Naruto would have introduced himself straight off the bat.

"Ah, Konoka-san, good morning." Takamichi said, smiling at her. "Do you need something?"

The girl nodded. "The headmaster wanted me to inform you that you're needed at the nurse's office. Something about a problem student he said."

"I see…" Takamichi mumbled. He paused to think before giving a nod. "Alright, if that's the case, can you please escort Uzumaki-san to the headmaster's office? He's new here and has urgent business with him."

The bubbly looking girl glanced at the nervous looking boy before nodding with a smile. "Sure! that's fine with me."

Naruto gulped. T-Takamichi don't you dare leave me here! Not with all these girls around. He wanted to say that but couldn't… it seemed his voice wasn't working.

Takamichi smiled and patted Naruto on the back. "Well, I got work to do so I'll see you around."

He walked off after that, leaving the nervous blonde behind with a cheerful looking brunette and a horde of girls peeking from their classroom doors.

"This way Uzumaki-san." Konoka said politely.

She reached out and gently wrapped her left arm around the blonde's right one.

Naruto jolted at the contact.

"U-uh, okay!" he stuttered causing the cute girl to giggle.

They were instantly the center of attention. The blonde ninja tensed instinctively at the vast collection of Killing intent that suddenly arose. He didn't know why, but he just suddenly felt like he was in some sort of a battle that was about to erupt. Maybe it was the fact that nearly all the girls were looking…evilly at the brown haired girl.

Thankfully, she didn't notice and soon both of them were off to the headmaster's office.

It was a silent walk at first with Naruto being stiff and neutral looking, but as they got passed all the opened classroom doors he gradually relaxed. This meant that they were now alone and that there were no more glares or evil –hungry looking girls gazing after him like some giant meat.

"Whew! I'm glad that's over." the blonde ninja let out a laugh.

This prompted a giggle from the girl walking alongside him.

"Felt uncomfortable back there?" She asked in a friendly tone of voice.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, I wasn't used to all the staring." There was a brief pause before he took initiative and introduced himself."By the way my name is Uzumaki Naruto. What's yours?"

"Konoe Konoka," She answered politely. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Uzumaki-san."

He replied with his trademark grin. "Same here Konoka-chan!"

The brown haired girl blushed slightly at the affectionate suffix that she was given. This boy was quite friendly she noted. "Is it alright to call you Naruto-kun?"

"Sure! I don't mind, in fact, I prefer it." Taking the chance to address something he spoke again. "By the way Konoka-chan…"


"Do you always take people to the Headmaster's office in this manner?" The blonde gestured at their hooked arms.

Konoka glanced down and giggled. "You can say that."

In truth that was a quite a lie. The brunette rarely showed this kind of intimate contact to anyone aside from close friends and a select few that she knew. She had developed a strange habit of latching onto her friends when she felt especially happy. But for some reason or another she somehow felt okay with Naruto.

Strange… the girl thought.

Why did she do what she was doing right now?

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Hm?" Konoka blinked at him.

"You seemed to be thinking of something real deep." The blonde told her. "I don't mean to pry or anything so I was just wondering if you're okay."

Smiling at his politeness and concern, Konoka shook her head.

"It's nothing you need to worry about."

The blonde ninja was silent for a moment before accepting it.

"Alright… can I ask some questions?" He asked. This was a good time to gather some intel before meeting with the headmaster.

Konoka nodded happily. "Sure, go right ahead."

Naruto grinned. "Sweet! So… um, how old are you?"

The brunette perked a brow at him before letting out a giggle. "Oh my, I didn't expect to be given personal question."

"W-wait! I mean. I didn't mean to start with that… it's just…" Naruto fumbled with his words. Her comment caught him off guard.

Giggling she nudge him with her shoulder, finding herself being a bit playful.

"It's alright I'll answer it." She said. "I'm currently 15."

"O-oh I see." 15 huh…? Same age. The blonde pause before screwing his head up with his free hand. "You know what Konoka-chan? How about we start over?"

"?" The brunette nearly stopped walking, just to glance at him. "What do you mean?"

Scratching his cheeks Naruto answered. "I mean, like reintroduce ourselves. It's something we usually do back in my home village, when we are getting to know someone."

"Here I'll start." Clearing his throat he began. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I'm 15 years old. My likes are Ramen, the color orange, friends and training. I dislike waiting for the 3 minutes it takes to eat Ramen and those who betray and abandon friends without a reason. My hobbies are gardening, pranking, training and hanging with friends." He drew breathe to think of a proper thing to say in the next part of the introduction. "My goals in life…. It's to fulfill all the promises I've made and unite two of my best friends."

Konoka was silent before letting out a smile. "Wow, that's quite an introduction, Naruto-kun." Although the last one seems to be real personal…

"Yeah… so you wanna try it?"

She nodded. "Well, then you know my name already so I'll skip that. I like a lot of things and dislike very few things."

Naruto sweatdropped. She was starting out like his silver-haired ANBU brother.

"Just kidding." She stuck her tongue at him cutely. "My likes are actually cooking, the supernatural and fortunetelling."

Fortunetelling? Naruto mused. Reminds me of Anya.

"My dislikes are really too few although one of them is my grandfather's insistence about something." She frowned at it for a moment. "Anyways, my hobbies are the same as my likes. As for my goals… I don't really have one just yet, but if it were to be something, I guess it would be to have a nice big family."

Naruto smiled at this. "That's a wonderful goal, Konoka-chan."

"You think so?"

"I'm really sure. It beats having nothing at least."

They shared a small laugh.

And so, for the next few minutes following their introduction, they began to trade questions; Naruto asked about some things related to the school while others were about Mahora City. Konoka's own questions, however, dealt with his purpose in coming to school and what his village is like. It's safe to say that the blonde wasn't clueless about this and so answered to the best he could while simply making up some lies to cover up some questions.

All in all by the time they reached the office, which took them quite a few minutes, the two learned quite a bit about each other. In the most obvious case they both agreed to become friends regardless of it being unspoken.

"So do you guys have any after school activities, like any clubs?" Naruto asked his final question.

"Yes, there's quite a lot here. About 160 clubs total." Konoka replied before they came to a stop. "Well, here we are."

Over 160 clubs… holy crap… was the only thing going through his mind before Konoka tugged his arm. "Yes?"

His female companion laughed a bit. "We're here!"

She let go the blonde and opened the door. "Headmaster, you have a guest."

Both the teens entered the room.

Naruto wasn't too surprise at the large spacious office. It looked quite European in a way.

Two leather couches were centered in the room facing each other with a glass table in between. Towering shelves of books took up the walls while a stair leading to a second floor was seen on the very far right corner. And up at the very front was a nice line of tall glass windows.

Naruto admired the room for a moment before his eyes drifted to an old man sitting behind an elegant looking desk with papers and folders spread about. The old man looked quite short in size and was garbed in traditional Japanese clothing. One thing to take note of this person was that he sported quite a head with large earrings piercing his Buddha like earlobes. The blonde can barely see the old man's eyes even. Yet this guy was obviously the headmaster with how he was working on the papers so diligently.

"Headmaster." Konoka spoke.

"Hmm? Ah, Konoka-chan, finished with your errand already?" The old man stopped when he noticed Naruto, "Ohohoho! Well if it isn't Naruto-kun."

The blonde raised a brow up at him. "Huh? How do you know me? I've only just met you…"

The headmaster chuckled. "Well, I should know you for I'm expecting only one visitor today."

Naruto made a mental boot to the head at his stupidity. Of course he would know… all old people knew almost everything. It was like they were given future sighting or something.

Or maybe because the old man was using magic since he is a mage. The ninja concentrated on the headmaster's aura and blinked. Whoa. This guy's magic is huuuuuge!

One of the things that Naruto had learned from Takamichi was Magic sensing. It's a good skill to have when facing a mage in combat. It had the same principles as chakra sensing and so it wasn't too difficult for him to learn.

The blonde mentally bonked his head before bowing politely. As much as he hated formalities, he knew it was required.

The old man nodded at his sign of respect before speaking. "My name is Konoe Konoemon."

Hmm? Konoe? Konoka-chan's grandpa? The blonde wondered while giving a side glance at the brunette standing just a few feet beside him. He must be.

"As you know I am the headmaster of this school. I sent a request for assistance from your village awhile ago and was a bit surprise that they would accept so quickly. I know this must be bothersome to hear, but I really must know, especially from you, seeing as how they have sent you." Konoemon eyed him critically. "Are you sure you are up to this task?"

"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't" The blonde retorted albeit cringing moments later at his slip of tongue.

"Ohohoho, very well, please let me see your files and papers, Naruto-kun."

The blonde nodded and quickly took out a black scroll from his pocket and handed it to him.

Konoka looked at the exchange curiously. Who used scrolls anymore? It was odd and confusing to her. Maybe Naruto-kun belonged to one of those old under developed village.. She glanced at her new friend and got even more confused. He doesn't look like he came from such a place… so what's with the scroll?

Meanwhile, the old man unrolled the scroll and began reading from it. Basic files were as listed:

(A/N: This info was taken from Leaf ninja . com )

Uzumaki Naruto

Registration Number: 012607 Sensei: Hatake Kakashi

Born: October 10th Squad: Team 7

Blood type: B


Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Rank: Chuunin

Status skill level are graded 1-10. (1being very low and 10 being very high)

Shinobi level: B rank

Ninjutsu: 9

Taijutsu: 9 (Talented in a number of weapons.)

Genjutsu: 0 (has no abilities in this art… poor control… very poor. He's improved but still needs a lot of work.)

Stamina: 10+ (Work him good! He can get a lot of things done in no time…)

Speed: 9

Power: 9

Signature moves: Kagebunshin no Jutsu, Rasengan, and Orioko no Jutsu (Be wary of this Jutsu…it is considered an S-rank in our village.)

Graduation to Genin: 12

Chuunin exam: 12 and 15 (He turned Chuunin just 3 months ago so he's still fairly new…)

Summary: An ambitious and determined ninja who is skilled in both Nin-jutsu and Tai-jutsu. He is by far the most hyperactive and energetic shinobi of Konoha. Naruto is an unpredictable chuunin that has won over many battles with luck and tactics. Raised in ANBU for a few years, he's shown to hold great potential and can improve his skill even more. He is Konoha's best guardian ninja having proven himself worthy of protecting many VIP's in the past and successfully finishing all missions. He will complete any task that you throw at him.

NOTE: This particular Chuunin is very special and is easily angered. He can also be the most troublesome blonde that you could meet even if he may look professional he still has a long ways to go. Good Luck Headmaster!

-Signed: The fifth Hokage, Tsunade-

~Leader of Fire country's Ninja Village of Konoha.~

The old man nodded in satisfaction and quickly rolled the scroll back up. "Thank you, Naruto-kun. I think they have chosen the right person for this job."

The blonde ninja raised a brow at him. What did he mean by that? "And what is it that you hired me for Headmaster?" He asked politely, resisting the urge to throw 'old man' in the question.

"Ah yes…" Konoemon began, brushing his long beard. "About that…. How would you like to marry my granddaughter over there?"

The Dean pointed at Konoka who had acquired red cheeks.

"Grandpa!" Konoka cried out.

Her face was a deep shade of red that had the headmaster laughing in amusement. The brunette couldn't believe what her grandfather had just suggested.

Shaking her head, Konoka rushed at her grandpa and delivered the divine hammer of punishment. To put it simply, she took out a hammer from out of nowhere and hit her grandfather with it.

Naruto looked at the scene with a sweatdrop and a light blush. Although it was funny to see the headmaster get hit, he found it more confusing as to why he wanted him to marry Konoka.

"S-Sorry about that Naruto-kun." The brown haired girl bowed rapidly, hoping that was enough to hide her embarrassment from him.

The blonde just laughed it off in an attempt to conceal his own red face. Regardless of how dense he might be he still understood some things like marriage.

"No problem Konoka-chan, just forget about it, I'm sure he was just messing around."

"Naruto-kun? Konoka-chan?" The headmaster said with amusement. "I didn't know you two were that close…" His comment earned him another bonk on the head by Konoka's divine hammer of punishment.

Just then the door to the office suddenly opened.

"Headmaster, you wanted to see me?" Asked a small voice

The group turned to stare at the newcomer. He was short, wore a brown suit with a red tie and had small circular glasses. What caught the blonde ninja's attention, however, were the red curious eyes. Those seem familiar.

Naruto blinked once then twice.

"Negi?" He hesitantly called out. This caught both the Newcomer and Konoka's attention.

"Do I know you?" The boy asked as he approached Naruto.

By now Konoka had stopped hurting her grandpa and stood by her blonde friend. A look of confusion adorned her face.

"Don't know me?" Naruto said in disbelief before remembering that he was still wearing his sun glasses and cap.

He laughed prompting weird looks from Konoka and Negi, no doubt wondering what was so funny.

"Come on now, don't you recognize my voice at all?" Naruto really didn't want to reveal his identity just yet, but if he had to then…

Negi shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I really don't know who you are."

Naruto sighed. "I guess I couldn't keep this on after all."

Reaching over his head he began to pull off his orange cap and black sunglasses.

Konoka blush a pretty pink as Naruto's face was revealed. Her new friend could only be described in one word: Hot. He had spiky golden blonde hair that went quite well with a dazzling pair of electric blue eyes. The brown haired teen found herself heating up quite a bit at the over look he had now.

Naruto looked at Negi with a smile. The young child-teacher blinked a few times till he finally recognized the face.

"Naruto!" he cried out, glomping the teen.

The blonde laughed and returned his brother's hug. He'd forgotten what Negi usually greeted him with.

"Hey there buddy. Long time no see."

"Longtime no see? It's been 3 years since you left." Negi stated, releasing the blonde from the hug. "What are you doing here? I thought you were coming next week?"

The blonde scratched his cheeks while grinning. "Well, you see… I came here for a job." He told him. "I just don't know what that is right now. As for why I came here so soon, let's just say I was forced to come here early…"

Negi smiled. "That's great news!" He was about to ask another question in regards to him when he decided against it. Instead he chose to ask a different one. "Oh, and did you know I'm a teacher here?"

A nod was his reply. "Yeah, I was already informed before I got here. You did a great job making it this far, Negi." Naruto complimented as he reached over to ruffle the teacher's head affectionately.

At that moment, the abused Dean decided to speak up. "I'm glad you both already know each other for that would make things a lot easier for me. Now let's begin this short meeting so we can resume our duties."

Naruto and Negi nodded and turned to face him. Konoka who had been thinking about her blonde friend also shook out of her daze and stood facing her grandpa all the while sneaking in glances at Naruto every now and then. Konoemon took note of this and filed the small little information in the 'Grand Daughter likes' box in his mind.

"Alright then." The Dean began. "Negi-kun, I called you here to inform you that Uzumaki Narutoi-kun will be your classes' personal Tutor for the next few semesters."

"I am?" The blonde blinked confusedly.

"He is?" Negi and Konoka asked in disbelief.

"Yes he is," Answered the Headmaster. "You may decide when to announce Naruto-kun's status to your class later. I will have him registered here as a temporary staff member until then."

Konoka was really surprise at this and quickly came to like the idea. Maybe it was a chance meeting that brought her to meet Naruto and in turn be able to find about his status as her homeroom tutor. Talk about lucky.

Negi's reaction was much similar to Konoka. He was happy that his Friend/Brother figure was going to be helping with his class. It's been a long time since they had hung out together and so he was looking forward to that. The only problem now was his class. Negi wondered how well Naruto would fair with them. After all, 2-A is the most wildest and energetic class in the entire school.

The blonde on the other hand was frowning. Tutoring? That wasn't really what he had expected. He was a shinobi for crying out loud. How can he be a tutor?

"I think you made a mistake, Headmaster." Naruto voiced out.

This caused the cheerful girl next to him to slightly sadden. Did he not like the idea? Negi had the similar thought going through his head.

The Headmaster just raised a brow at him. "I don't think I did Naruto-kun."

Naruto shook his head at him. "I don't believe I'm compatible with tutoring anyone. I don't even know what I'll be teaching. And I doubt it would be anything that I can do."

"Ohohoho… do you know English and Math?" the old man asked.

"Yes, but-"

"How good are you in them?"

"For English, I've graduated in the same school as Negi so I'm alright with it. But as for my math I'm only good with algebra 2." The blonde answered truthfully.

His English was pretty high up there while he wasn't as good in math since it applied a lot in thinking. It even made his head hurt just learning all those weird numbers, symbols and principles. Naruto was lucky enough to pass it at a decent level.

"Then I see no problem." The Dean folded his hands together and placed them on his desk. "As long as you know that much then tutoring will be simple. Now did you forget about what I said earlier? Don't tell me that you weren't really up to this…"

Naruto would have argued more, but decided against it considering he did make the decision to take on this mission. He mind as well go with the flow and start his job.

"Fine." He nodded with a sigh.

Beside him, Konoka and Negi smiled widely.

Nodding in satisfaction the Headmaster spoke once more. "Now Negi, be sure to create tutoring days for Naruto-kun and send them to me later. I want a weekly schedule on my desk every Sunday. The reason for this is that there will be days when Naruto won't be available to tutor."

Negi tilted his head to the side in a questioning gesture.

"You see… he will be performing other tasks for me." Konoemon explained. "Some may require for him to go around trips or off campus."

The blonde immediately knew that the Dean was subtly telling him that this tutoring mission wasn't the only things he was going to be doing.

"Is that understood?"

"Hai." Replied the child teacher before adding. "I'm rather curious though Headmaster, where will Naruto be staying at exactly?"

"Oh yeah, where am I going to be living in?" The blonde asked.

"You'll be sharing a room with Negi and Konoka… as well as another student that you'll meet later." Was the Headmaster's simple answer.

"NANI!" The blonde cried out in shock.

He couldn't believe what this crazy geezer had just announced. Sure rooming with Negi was okay, but with Konoka? What was he thinking?

Naruto tried to protest, but was stopped by his brown haired female friend.

Konoka latched onto his arm and cheerfully smile at him. "Isn't that great?"

Negi followed suit and took the other arm. "Looks like we can spend a lot of time together after all!" The child teacher chimed happily.

Naruto glanced at both of them and stared at the smiling old headmaster. There was no way he can deny them their happiness. With a cute girl on one arm and an adorable little brother figure in the other. How can he protest to that?

He sighed, it was definitely better if he agreed. Why do I have the feeling that my life here is going to turn up really weird?

"Alright, that's it for today, Negi, Konoka-chan, you may go. I still need speak with Naruto about other matters pertaining to his job." The old man said kindly, interrupting the two people's happy moment.

The kid teacher nodded in understanding and dethatched himself. "Let's meet at the academy quad later where the fountain is at, alright?"

Naruto gave him a look. "I just got here, so how am I supposed to know where this place is?"

"Just walk around, you'll find it." Negi replied. "Though if you want actual directions then I'm sure the Headmaster will provide you with a map."

"Or I can let Konoka-chan give you a tour around the school sometime tomorrow." Konoe suggested.

That caught both Naruto and Konoka's attention. It wasn't really bad, but there was just something not right about it to Naruto. Maybe he was trying to hook him up with his granddaughter…

After a brief thought he shook his head.

…nah, the old man wouldn't do that…

Seeing nothing wrong with the plan, Naruto agreed. "That's okay with me, but just in case, you think I can get the map?"

"Why certainly." The headmaster opened his drawer and rummaged through it.

Pulling out a folded paper he handed it to Naruto and turned to address his granddaughter and the child teacher. He perked a brow as if dismissing them.

"Right, we're going then!" The brunette smiled and let go of the blonde. "I'll see you later Naruto-kun"

Konoka's eyes wondered over his looks one more time before walking over to the door.

Giving a last wave she spoke once more. "The quad is the place you're going to be at, right?"

The blonde nodded.

"Alright, I'll see you there with Negi-sensei."

"Okay." replied the blonde as he gave her a small smile. "See guys later."

"Bye Bro!"

With the doors closed, Naruto straightened up and faced the Headmaster. "So what is it that you wanted to talk with me about?"

Konoemon was silent for a moment before getting up and turning his back on him.

"The reason why I placed you in the same room as them was because I needed you to take care of Konoka." He said watching the view of the school from his window.

The blonde ninja was curious, but remained silent.

"I already have a few people keeping her safe." The old man continued. "But I feel that adding another bodyguard isn't such a bad idea."

"Is there something wrong?" The blonde asked. "Keeping such high security over her sounds as if she's a VIP."

"She is…" The headmaster replied quietly. "She harbors great magical energy within her; One that will most likely surpass my own in due time."

The blonde ninja was now very interested. Finding his new friend Konoka to be a powerful mage was something and the fact that she already has guards over her made him wonder if he was really needed.

"Even if you say that I'm sure she'll be fine. If your agents are more skilled than me then I see no reason to keep more protection over her." The blonde said before pausing for a moment. "Though I am curious on how many there are…"

Konoemon kept his attention outside. "Right now I have only 2 people… and they're both classmates of hers."

Naruto slightly stumbled to the side. Two? "I thought you said a number of agents—as in 6 or 7—not two junior-high girls!"

"That's precisely the reason why I wanted you to watch over her." The old man replied. "They're skilled in their own ways, but not sufficient enough to protect my granddaughter. I'll have you meet them sometime this week and see for yourself."

"Konoka-chan is very precious to me as you might know so I want the best protection I can offer her. You're probably wondering why I hadn't hired any mages instead, right? Well, that's because there are very few that can be trusted. Shinobis– ninjas, however, is a different story." He paused to breath. "I've had the pleasure of meeting and hiring many from your village before, Naruto-kun, and not one has betrayed my expectations and trust." Konoemon turned to him with a grim look. "Since her power is so potent and vast, she's become a target of numerous magical organizations. Powerful mage's will sooner or later come for her and they would've most likely believed that I've hired other Mages for her protection. I wanted you to keep my granddaughter safe and if possible apprehend anyone that will do her harm…. Are you willing to do it?"

Naruto's interest turned to one of contemplation and worry. He was left to silently consider this information. To hear such threats hanging over his new found friend was a cause for major concern. Konoka, as far as he knew, was a pretty caring girl and definitely a good friend. If something so bad was going to happen to her then there was no way that he can just decline this.

"Sign me up." Whispered the blonde before a grin crept upon his lips. "If Konoka-chan is in danger then of course I'm willing to protect her."

"Ohoho, I knew that you would." The wise old man laughed with joy. "Now how much exactly do you want me to pay you for-"


"…" the old man looked at him weirdly."You don't want to get paid for protecting my daughter?"

"Nope!" replied the blonde as he turned his head to the side looking at the bookshelves.

"May I ask why?"

Naruto was silent for a minute, turning his attention elsewhere. "You can say that I'm doing this for free since I consider her as one of my friends." He explained without facing the old man.

"And when it comes to protecting friends… I take it personally so…" His voice trailed off.

Konoemon let out a chuckle, the Hokage had definitely sent her best ninja for the mission. "Very well… though I suppose you would want to get paid for the other jobs, correct?"

"Well duh! How else am I supposed to earn money around here?" The blonde rolled his eyes at him as if he was stupid. It was then that he immediately clamped his mouth shut. Oh shit! I just acted rude…darn my habit. "Uh. What I meant to say was… uh um… 'you got that right'…?"

Konoemon laughed at him. The data given to him was also accurate about the blonde's behavior.

"No need to worry about the formalities," Said the old man, taking his seat once more. "I'll give you an advance payment and have a personal account for you ready by the end of this week. Now to address a certain issue that has occurred before your arrival." Konoemon brushed his long white beard. "It seems that a medical profile of yours has not yet arrived."

"What?" The blonde asked confusedly. "Why would you need that for?"

"Medical profiles are a requirement in this school for we are very strict on health." He explained. "Since you are the only one here without one, I'm afraid you must report to the nurse's office to fill one out."

"Can't you just wait for my profile to arrive?"

He got a blank stare from the old mage.

"Fine." Naruto let out a sigh. He's been doing that a lot lately. "So where is the place at?"

"Use the Map Naruto-kun." The Headmaster laughed.

"Right… I knew that." The blonde blushed embarrassedly. "See you later then old man."

With a casual wave that the blonde teen was so used to doing, he left the office.

"Uzumaki Naruto… my granddaughter is now in your hands…" Konoemon spoke after him.

He pulled out a brown notebook and proceeded to write something down. A smile formed in his lips as realization dawned on him. Yes… please do take care of her…

At the nurses office…

Ako Izumi age 14, sat at a desk going over files of today's current students. She smiled to herself as she wrote down a few notes on another piece of paper, before returning the profiles where it belonged. She stretched her arms out and sighed in relief. It had been another busy day here in the nurse's office, with numerous papers to look over and supplies to check. Working as the nurse's assistant was tiring at times, but fun at the most. The reason why she took up this job was because she wanted to loosen herself up and get some experience with treating others while at the same time hoping for something exciting to happen.

The thrill and yearning for that experience slowly began dying as time passed without incident. It made her wonder why she continued this work of hers.

"Ako-chan, do you mind grabbing a few extra pens from the drawers?" Asked her mentor.

"Yes sensei." Replied Ako as she opened her drawer and pulled out a half a dozen pens. She got up from her own station and walked over to her Sensei.

A very kind woman in her early thirties with long blue hair and glasses sat at another desk on the opposite side of the room. She was garbed in a brown skirt that went passed her knees and a light purple sweater. Over the clothes was the Doctor's Coat, as Ako put it, with the pockets and all.

Ako smiled as she stared up at her. This was the woman that had consoled her over her weakness and problems many times before. Shizuna-sensei was like a big sister to her… and sometimes a mother figure.

"Thank you Ako-chan. Now how about we take a break?" She said smiling as she put the pens on her empty pencil holder.

The blue haired girl nodded with her own smile and went over to make some tea. She happily prepared the snacks and refreshments when a sudden knock on the door stop her activity.

Another sick patient? She wondered, preparing to go over and open the door.

"It's alright Ako-chan, I'll get it." Her sensei told her as the woman made her way to the door.

Ako shrugged and proceeded to set up their small snacks. She was so busy humming a song and preparing the cookies and tea that she didn't notice Shizuna came back with another person.

"Ako-chan we need to file a medical profile for someone, okay?" Shizuna said, coming over to her own desk and pulling out fresh new documents.

This was something that Ako was so used to that she just took out the necessary tools for the check up and never even bothered to glance up on who the person could be. She was sure it was another new transfer student since that was usually why the documents were needed.

The blue haired girl spun around to tell the person to take a seat at one of the available beds when she stopped. To her surprise and total shock the student that she happened to think was actually a boy; a teenager by the looks of it.

"Hi." Naruto greeted with a smile.

Ako was speechless as she stared at him. She wasn't able to see what he exactly looked like because of the cap and sunglasses, but it was obvious that he shouldn't be here.

"S-Shizuna-sensei!" Ako called out, still holding onto the tools. "What's a boy doing here?"

The nurse laughed in amusement at the reaction of her little assistant.

"He's the one we need to file a medical check up on." She turned to the blonde watching them. "Naruto-kun, would you mind taking a seat over here."

Shizuna motioned to the bed next to her.

The blonde complied and did what he was told. He was happy to finally sit down after walking around for so long in the school. It wouldn't be tiring to him of course, but with the stares he was getting a few minutes ago while heading here, made the trek really exhausting. So it was nice to sit down and relax.

Naruto watched as the two females in the room talked. The girl that he had just met was yet another cute one. He was starting to think that every female here were beautiful and maybe he was probably right. His thoughts drifted back to Konoka for a few moments before it was abruptly stopped.

"Okay, Naruto-kun we'll start now." Shizuna said approaching him. Alongside her, Ako was blushing slightly.

This was going to be the first time that she would see a guy get a physical check up. She felt her face heat up as she got closer to Naruto.

Why do I always get shy and uncomfortable when there's a guy around… Ako thought keeping her blushing face from turning redder.

This was actually true, but ever since she was dumped by her sempai a year ago, she had calmed down somewhat with the feeling of shyness and such. Though now it seems it has returned.

"We're just going to do the measurements and the common procedures… much like a regular check up." Shizuna explained motioning for him to walk over to the wall where the measurements were going to be held.

Before they could even start the phone rang.

"I'll get it." Ako said rushing over to answer it.

She was thankful for the distraction since she needed time to calm herself and start being serious.

Shizuna was about to continue on with measuring Naruto when she was interrupted yet again.

"Shizuna-sensei," Her assistant called out. "It's headmaster. He wants to talk to you about something."

"Be right there." Shizuna replied before turning to the stoic looking Naruto. "Sorry about this. I'll try to make it as quick as possible, since you look like you're a busy guy."

Naruto shook his head up at her. "Not really, so just take your time."

Shizuna nodded and to see what her headmaster wanted.

The blonde ninja relaxed once more and took another look at the blue haired girl. It was no surprise to him to see a student as herself to be an assistant. Too bad they weren't properly introduced. He could probably befriend her seeing as she looked like an okay girl. She wasn't like the other female students that had seen him… there were some exceptions, but other than that, Naruto found them all to be… what's the word… weird? Except for Konoka, she was okay to him.

Naruto resumed his inspections of Ako, curious as to what she was like… his thoughts stopped there.

That ero-sennin! I'm starting to think like a pervert. He cried out in his mind, mentally slapping himself. I should stop…

The blonde shook his head to clear his mind. Being a pervert in a school filled with girls was a bad thing because he knew how they can be like when they were angry.

"Naruto-kun?" Shizuna said waving a hand over his face.

The blonde blinked. He must have been really out of it since he didn't notice her coming.

"Uh, yeah, uh, sorry about that." He grinned sheepishly. "So are we finally starting now?" He glanced from the nurse in front of him to her assistant. And when he did he raised a brow at the girl. Why is she looking red… does she have a fever or something?

"Yes we are, but I'm afraid I'll be leaving this task with my assistant here." Shizuna motioned to the blushing light-blue haired girl next to her.

Naruto was silent for a moment trying to process what she had just said. "Wait… she's going to be the one doing the check up?"

The woman nodded in reply.

"She is, but she will only be doing the basic ones such as measuring and checking your heart beat; those sort of things." She said as she handed her stethoscope to Ako. "Now I need to head down to the main office… it seems one of the faculty members got injured. I'll see you later."

With that the nurse rushed out of the room in a hurry looking quite concerned.

An awkward silence fell between the two teens. At times like these, Naruto wished he was somewhere else. He really hated the uncomfortable atmosphere.

Ako was feeling the same. Being left alone with a boy that she knew nothing of felt very uncomfortable… yet at the same time she was excited and thrilled. This was something unexpected and eventful; the type of event that she had been seeking.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto what's yours?" Asked the undercover shinobi.

Naruto was hoping to disperse the uneasy atmosphere between them.

The blue haired girl blinked before speaking in a soft stutter. "A-Ako Izumi."

Naruto gave a small laugh. "It's a pleasure to meet you Ako-chan."

Ako blushed slightly at the name and nodded without looking up at him. "Same here…"

There was another awkward pause as they watched one another.

Ako was debating whether or not she should just skip everything and just accept the punishment she would receive from her sensei. While on the other hand she didn't want to disappoint her. What should she do? Looking up at him she shook her head and gave it another thought.

She had to do it…

Taking a deep breath she steeled herself and she began her work.

"Please stand up straight Naruto-san." She instructed politely.

The blonde looked up at her in slight surprise. He didn't expect her to be like this all of a sudden, he was sure that she would be just as weird about the situation as he was.

Looking at her for another moment, he did what he was told. Ako then began to measure his height and then… to her discomfort…the torso or waist…

"T-this will be the l-last m-measurement." The blue haired girl said as she knelt down to give a proper view of the numbers on the measuring tape.

Now this was uncomfortable to the blonde.

If it was a doctor doing this then he wouldn't mind, but since this is a girl around his age doing this, he did mind. Oh kami… I should have just skipped this and came back later.

Both teens blushed at the close proximity of their bodies. In particularly the position they were in. With Ako on her knees and Naruto just standing up, this would look perverted to anyone who had a dirty mind. The girl's face was heating up as she tried to focus on the work at hand. She was doing an exceptional job at avoiding the contact.

"T-there done!" She shakily stood up. She then quickly returned to her desk and began to jot down the numbers on the documents.

Her face was slightly flushed.

Naruto sighed in relief and returned to the bed in which he sat on. So far so good, they hadn't done anything wrong. He only hoped that it will stay that way for the remainder of the checkup. He glanced up at the girl and found her still working on the papers before turning to his direction. She seemed to look at ease now.

"Naruto-san, I'll need you to fill out a few things for me." She called.

Walking over to the desk Naruto pulled a seat next to her. "What do I need to sign?"

Ako quickly wrote a few things on a piece of document before handing it to him with a blue pen. "I'll need you to fill this out and then sign a few more papers before we can continue."

Nodding, Naruto quickly got to work.

He found that the paper held many of the personal information that was usually required in profiles. The type of blood you had, your age, ethnicity, any known diseases or sickness, birthday, name, etc. They were all listed in either in a box or short sentences with a blank line at the end.

Meanwhile, the blue haired girl was finally working in the mood she was use to; totally calm and in sync with her nursing. She didn't even seem to mind that there was a male teen sitting right next to her. All her focus was on her work at hand.

Before long the two ended their paper work and quickly got back to the physical check up. Naruto returned to the bed with Ako following after while checking up the stuff she needed to do next.

"Alright, now on… to… the…" Her voice faded as she blinked at the clipboard and then at the medical instrument in her other hand.

She gulped as her confidence and perfect mood fell.

Naruto blinked curiously.

"So what's next?" He asked as he watched her fidget with the stethoscope in her hand.

It took a moment before he got it.

"Oh…that…" He could feel his own face start to heat up once again.

Ako nodded. Oh boy… this is starting to be one of those mangas I read from the library…

Making her way towards him in a nervous fashion, Ako stopped in front of him and braced for what she was about to ask.

"C-Could you lift your s-shirt up?" She asked him, blushing madly.

This wasn't something she would usually ask for… neither something she wanted to do for that matter. But this was part of the task she was given to her so she just couldn't leave it.

The blonde nervously proceeded to pull his white shirt up. He was feeling oddly nervous about showing his bare chest to her for some reason.

He stopped though and said. "How about we just check on the other stuff… besides this." He suggested.

Ako was suddenly torn from agreeing with him and at the same time wanting to find out what his body actually looked like

NO! I'm not a perverted type of girl! She told herself inwardly.

She shook her head of her embarrassment -which was pretty hard to do- and faced Naruto with determined eyes.

"I'm sorry Naruto-san, but we can't skip this!"

"W-wait!" Naruto tried to say, but was cut off as Ako courageously struck her hand underneath his shirt with the stethoscope at the ready.

Naruto yelped at the cold touch and quickly tried to struggle out of the girl.


Their trashing about had led Naruto to jerk back onto the bed, pulling the surprised girl with him.

"Please hold still!" Ako commanded. "Let me just do this so we could both be relieved."

Shutting her eyes, she moved about the bed trying to get into a right position.

"You're the one who needs to hold sti- HELLO!" Naruto cried out in surprise. "K-keep your h-hands away from down there!"

"I can't help it if you keep moving like that!"

"Then o-open your eyes, Damn it!" pleaded the blonde, as Ako had unknowingly slipped her hands a bit way too close to the pants. "Please, for the love of Kami, leave my pants alone!"

"But I can't!" She replied, turning crimson red.

They kept struggling around with each other.

"What do you mean you- GYAH!"

The blonde ninja had just experienced a painful encounter with Ako's knee. He tried to clutch on to his injury only to grab on to something else…

It felt soft and round…

"N-Naruto-san, w-what are you doing!" yelped Ako as she tried her best to pull her hand out his entangled shirt.

She tried to desperately stop the blonde's hands.

"Pervert!" Ako rammed her head to his chin.


That move had left them both stunned and in pain. They nurtured their respected injury for a moment before taking in their current state. Both were left speechless and red as they found themselves in a very compromising situation.

Now what would people think if they saw a guy with his shirt off and somehow his pants unzipped while a girl -not much older than he was- mounting him… with her school uniform unbuttoned? And add to the fact that both were on top of a bed… in the nurse's office.

That didn't go down too well in their teenage minds.

"A-Ako-chan t-this…" Naruto stuttered looking more embarrassed than in shock.

"I-isn't good…" the blue haired girl finished for him.

Despite this situation she couldn't help but stare at him with a lost look. Naruto's glasses had fallen off during their struggle thus treating the blue haired nurse to a pair of beautiful blue eyes of one handsome looking face.

"Ako-chan?" Naruto nervously averted his gaze away from her.

He didn't want to look at her exposed undergarments any further.

Silky light-blue bra… a jet of steam came out his ears as the image of Ako's chest flashed through his head and he could literally feel his face burning.

Both teens were silent for a while. The task that Ako was supposed to perform on the blonde was long forgotten as she continued to stare at the boy she was straddling. She may have seen many cute guys before, but it just seemed like this blonde looking boy with the ocean blue eyes was by far the cutest.

"W-we really should get ourselves fixed up." Naruto suggested weakly. "Before we're found out…"

He was sensing two magical signatures approaching him one being Shizuna-san sensei and the other Takamichi. And with this current position that they were both in now, he already knew what would happen if they saw them.

Ako blinked and looked down at him and renewed her blush. Oh my…

"Ako-chan!" Naruto pleaded gaining her attention. "People are coming we got to-"

Before they could even start to properly put their clothes on, the door to the room opened. To Naruto and Ako's horror, the people who entered are none other than the Shizuna, Takahata and someone that Naruto did not expect.

"H-hey there… Headmaster…" The blonde laughed nervously. Why me?

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