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Naruto!: Jutsus and Magic 101

Naruto's class 102: Panic! Problems already?

"Alright Fox, Checkmate!" Naruto said with a grin.

With a triumphant move he knocked the White-King piece off of its place and set his Black Rook upon the spot. The kyuubi groaned from behind his bars.

DAMNIT, Naruto! You cheated!

"Oi! Your king was wide open so how is that cheating?" The blonde crossed his arms victoriously. "Face it Fox, I win."

No! You freak'n went diagonal not horizontal or vertical! The kyuubi nearly roared out. How can a Rook move diagonal when it can only move up or down and left or right? So you cheated!

Blinking, the blonde scratch his head. "I did? I thought that's how the piece works…"

Lifting up the 'Chess Instruction Manual' Naruto flipped through it, hunting for the info regarding the Rook. "Hmmm…. Rook, Rook… Rook,.."

The great King Kyuubi can only shake his head in frustration. His blonde jailer was such an idiot when it came to these kinds up games. It's been some time now since their little get together had started and Kyuubi still didn't understand how he was dragged into to this silly game. He hazard a guess that the blonde's annoying pleading was the cause… or was it his?

And yes, despite Kyuubi's odd behavior earlier, Naruto was currently spending his sleeping hours visiting his prisoner. Caring little human ain't he?

The 'mind-scape', as the furball of a demon had dubbed it, was like a special place within Naruto's mind that the blonde could go to consult with Kyuubi—or in this case, hang out with him. And despite appearing near similar to a dank and ugly prison, it wasn't so bad. Of course the blonde would have like a better room—preferably one that didn't hold such a creepy atmosphere, flooded with water AND had a large steel gate whose bars look so thin that Kyuubi can probably break out of it...

"Ah, Rook!"

Hn, The fox snorted and patiently awaited him. Here we go…

"Awwww! I did do it wrong… no fair!" The blonde grumbled, staring at the instructions manual with a frown.

Kyuubi shook his head once more before switching gears. Seeing as how Naruto had been here for a while, the Kyuubi could guess that it'll be morning soon in the outside world. Having done nothing but play around, it was about time they stop and got down to business. No more distractions. The faster he got this over with the faster the Kitsune can hit the hay.

"Let's go again!" Naruto announced with a grin.

Ahhh… No. Kyuubi simply replied.

"AWWW! Why not?"

Because we've already spent too much time doing all these games! It's about time we get started in our meeting.

"Well, why didn't you say so? We could have gotten that done with and continued playing."

Alright, I agree that it's entertaining for me to beat you in this game, Kyuubi admitted. But I'll be sleeping after this discussion, so, I'll decline that idea of continuing.

"Oi, you're the one who suggested we play in the first place," The Blonde scowled. "So why…"

Not wanting to get into anymore random talking the fox cut in.

Kit! The seal is weakening. The fox stated bluntly.

Naruto immediately jumped from his spot- knocking the chess board aside.

"WHAT!" He cried out in a panic. "What do you mean? Why is it weakening?"

Kyuubi bit back a small chuckle. Good. You're listening.

"Hell yeah I'm listening! Explain the matter with the seal!"

Nothing, this seal is fine.

Naruto looked blankly at him. "Then why did you…"

It's the seal over there, The fox gestured toward his left with a tail. That's the problem. It's been bothering me since we got here.

Naruto confusedly glanced to his left and was quickly blinking rapidly in surprise.

"What in the…"

Etched at the very far wall was a faded dark symbol of a sword surrounded by a wavy crystal like border. The blonde quickly walked over to investigate it further.

Upon a much closer look, the symbol turned out to be a complex glyph. While surrounded by curved borders, the inside was dominated by some sort of language, intricate designs and one really large sword. Naruto thought the language was Greek, but he wasn't so sure. It was still too vague to tell just yet.

Reaching over, he caressed the glyph with a hand and felt the bumps and dents. This was carved onto the wall it seemed.

"How did this get here?" Naruto asked.

Don't know, when I woke up I just saw it there. It looks like a seal to me though.

Naruto examined it more carefully to see if any types of clues can help him figure out what this was. He found one at the very bottom. It was written in Greek and spaced out to blend with the Glyph itself. No wonder he had missed it.

Bending down he traced each letter with a finger.

"…UI… T…" He whispered softly at a pair of recognizable symbols he managed to translate.

The rest prove difficult to decipher. His Greek was very limited. Like he can only spell his name in greek and that's it.


It took a minute of further thinking and analyzing before Naruto replied.

"Judging by the design and structure, I think this is a type of seal that Mages would use; A Magic Seal." Naruto concluded, standing back up.

He took a step back and gave the Glyph a once over.

"Yeah, definitely."

How can you be so sure?

"There's Greek writing on the bottom and if you look closer you can find a magic circle on the background, hidden beneath a complex web of some kind of language." Naruto explained. "It's really hard to see from where you're at."

Kyuubi eyed his container curiously. Where'd you get that one anyhow? Last I checked I'm the only one supposed to be sealed in here.

The blonde frowned. That was the problem. "I'm not really sure." He turned to Kyuubi. "When did you say you found this?"

Sometime when we arrived yesterday. The Kyuubi yawned slightly before continuing. Didn't think much of it until last night.

"I see…" Naruto tapped his chin thoughtfully. "I wonder…"

Pulling up his wrist he found the tattoo still in place. Holding it up, he tried to find any comparison between the two.

Nothing. He found nothing. The symbols he can make out from the Glyph didn't match anything in the tattoo he got. It was two separate things. His tattoo consisted of a swirl directly in the middle of the diamond with 9 'S' like shapes encircling it. They almost look like tails. And finishing this odd marking was a curvy line with 8 tiny circles going around his wrist.

No luck?

The blonde shinobi shook his head. "I'm stumped. I was never good at analytical thinking…"

Kyuubi chuckled. I agree with you there, kit. You're more of a genius in combat than an expert in archeology.


Anyways, The tailed beast gave a cough. I might have a theory on how you got this.

Naruto blinked and crossed his arms. "Oh really? From a furball like you?"

Yes, a furball like me. The fox agreed sarcastically. Now for my theory. I believe this Magic Seal was acquired sometime in your stay in Wales. That was the only place where I've felt Magic energy before. He paused to let the information sync in. Perhaps you've messed with Forbidden Magic there… I wouldn't be surprised if you did.

That was actually a possibility. There were many cases in which Naruto had to fight with Dark Mages and summoned creatures back in Wales. Then there's the fact that he tried some Magical Items to counter his inept magic ability. He might have gotten cursed on either of those occasions.

"There was that one time too…" Naruto muttered to himself.

His eyes glazed over as a distant dark memory resurfaced. Behind the seal, Kyuubi watched with interest. The demon didn't get what the teen said just now, but it must be something pretty bad. Those distant eyes told him so.


No answer.


Naruto glanced up for a moment then shook his head. "Sorry. Was just remembering something."

Kyuubi narrowed his eyes in waiting. Just for a second he saw the blonde realize something, but quickly hid it…. There was something his container wasn't telling him.

"Well…" The blonde began, breaking Kyuubi's thoughts. "You may be right… I'll think about it and see if I can get Takamichi to help. Better yet, I think Negi might have an idea as to what this seal might be."

Yeah, Kyuubi agreed slowly, filing his questions for later. You should. I don't like unknown things… especially something so close to my seal.

"I can also contact Ero-sennin. He has some knowledge on Glyphs." Naruto then added after a thought. "Actually, he was pretty damn good with deciphering magic seals."


"!" Naruto blinked up at him.

I mean, don't go calling him here. We're at an all girl school, remember? Do you want him to use your soon to be students as 'research'?

The blonde Shinobi gave it a thought. Kyuubi did raise a good point. Naruto did not want any of the students to be part of ero-sennin so called 'research.' But then again, he was sure that his sensei won't be doing much if he was around. All Naruto got to do is scope out the most likely places he'll peep at and just have Shadow clones keep an eye out for him.

"Okay, I agree that you have a point there, but I can most likely keep him in line if he does go out for his research." He willed a Kagebunshin to appear beside him and gesture to it with a hand. "I got insurance that he'll be watched at all times." The clone waved and grinned goofily while Naruto said with pride. "I used to be part of ANBU after all. Granted I was in the assault division for my abilities and fighting style, but that doesn't mean I'm not good at tracking and security. I've also become an expert at pervert hunting, did you know that?"

Both Naruto's held their thumbs up and put on a face that had Kyuubi comparing them to a pair of kids posing cutely with one eye open, the other close and a tongue sticking out. The giant demonic entity shook its head at warden's antics.

Look, this is a magic a seal we're talking about, you know that only mages have far greater knowledge over them. The fox reasoned. Just get the closes help you can get and go with either that little brat or that smoker of a teacher you call Takamichi. It's the fastest way in solving this.

"Oh… hmmm..." Those were another good point. Of course he should've thought of that beforehand. It was the most reasonable solution to this. Now if only he can shake off this other feeling he got from the way Kyuubi denied the idea of Ero-sennin coming here.

Weigh your options, kit, The Kyuubi said. If you're a former ANBU then you should know which option is more efficient and beneficial. Besides, it may take days for that old perv to arrive here.

Seeing more reasoning, Naruto let up. "Alright, I guess Negi and Takamichi it is."

Great! I knew you'd see it my way. Kyuubi beamed at him with delight.

Naruto studied his prisoner as the demon relaxed before canceling his clone.

"I'll talk to them when I get a chance. Is that all that we got to discuss today?"

The great Kitsune nodded. Pretty much. It's also about time for you to wake up for training.

Glancing at the Glyph one last time, Naruto nodded and turned to leave. He stopped at the entrance for a moment to speak.

"If that thing does something strange, contact me immediately."

Of course.

When the blonde finally left, Kyuubi cackled eerily. He forgot to mention something to his blonde container.

Oh well, he'll find out eventually, kukuku…

The great kitsune then eyed the Glyph with a frown. Magic Seal, huh…? What entity lurks behind that I wonder…

The morning sun peered over the slight opening of the curtains, bathing the current room with a warm soft light. A figure shifted around restlessly inside. Her movements were one of hurry and anxiety. Words of soft spoken curses flew out of her mouth as she sat down on the couch near the far corner of the room. The very corner that was directly visible if one were to walk from the front door.

"Damn alarm clock." She cursed as she held up two pairs of golden bells that glistened slightly, tied together by long red strings. With practice ease she hastily tied it upon her hair allowing two silky orange pony tails to form on either side of her head.

Asuna Kagurazaka bolted out of the couch and into the kitchen where two toasted pieces of bread awaited her; jotting out from the warm toaster. She hungrily devoured the first one before grabbing the other piece and sticking it into her mouth. Following next were another few seconds of running about the dark room as she prepared to move out.

All around, the girl ran about passing by the desks looking for something, then the closet, then back to the couch. Grabbing her pink and white jacket she had placed on the furniture, the fiery girl rushed out of the room, unaware of a figure that stirred on the bottom of her bunk bed.

Eyes fluttered open as a certain blonde boy awoke from his pleasant slumber.

Well, if you can call a meeting with a demon regarding an important matter, a pleasant one.

That was a nice nap. He mumbled. I guess…

It took him no more than a second to realize that someone was sleeping right next to him. Blinking, he turned his head to the side to regard one Konoka Konoe whose left arm encircled his chest and her face merely inches away from his. The poor blonde jinchuuriki flushed pink at the predicament he was in.

What the hell? How did I get into this situation?

Quickly recalling last night's events, Naruto looked away ashamedly from Konoka's sleeping face. After what happened in the baths he found himself feeling guilty for peeking. It didn't help him much either when the girl decided to snuggle closer to him for warmth, placing her left leg over his with an arm freely caressing his toned stomach.

Please, please don't move anymore Konoka-chan. Naruto mentally pleaded. If you keep that up you'll—ngh!

Panicked struck him like an electric shock as he felt his boxers tighten…This was bad.

'It' had finally awoken. Glancing towards his feet, Naruto had to suppress the urge to whimper at the sight of a 'tent' forming on his and konoka's blanket.

He bit back a moan when the brunette unconsciously rubbed her leg near his 'tent'. If he didn't act fast, then Konoka's wondering hands will soon join in harassing his aroused mini-me.

God damn it! Can't I get a break from this perverseness?

You like? I certainly do.

Kyuubi, don't start it!

Cursing his inner demon, the blonde struggled to pull out from Konoka's grasp. He grew desperate when the aforementioned hands of his bed mate drew closer to his private. His fear was being confirmed!

With a last ditch effort, the blonde clapped his hands together and formed a single seal. Moments later, Konoka was happily rubbing the neck of a pink stuffed turtle just as a cloud of white smoke dispersed.

Thank god… the blonde boy slumped to the ground beside the bed. I don't mind such a wakeup call, but seriously…

After tucking Konoka in and willing his mini-me to sleep, Naruto regarded his surroundings. He noted the aroma of toasted bread that still lingered in the air as he looked around. All was quiet and dim in the room save for some light snoring from the resident child teacher and sleeping student. Negi was cutely sleeping at the couch with his father's staff in his arms and drool pouring over a corner of his lips.

Naruto gave a small chuckle at that before his gaze drifted to Asuna's top bed.

The blonde frowned when he couldn't sense a presence at the top and quickly went to investigate. When he got up the ladder he was surprise to find the bed vacant. Asuna's blanket was neatly folded on top of her pink pillow and the bedding smoothed out to the point of looking fresh and unused. He wondered where she had gone.

He got his answer a moment later when the front door flew open and in ran a breathless Asuna.

"Yo," He greeted making his way down. "Where'd you run off to so early in the morning?"

The red haired girl brush passed him in a hurry, ignoring his question all together. Annoyed by her rudeness, Naruto followed her to her desk where she began to shuffle through stuff looking for something.

"You know that was kinda rude." He told her.

Panting lightly the girl glanced up at him. "Well, forgive me for being in a hurry and out of breath…..Naruto-sensei…"

"So you went jogging?" Naruto deduced. Asuna did look rather sweaty.

'"No, I was heading to my part time job." She replied with a grunt. "I just forgot my cell phone—Tch, it's not here."

"You work? I thought students couldn't take part time jobs?"

Asuna shook her head as she went over to rummage Konoka's desk. "We can, it's just that very few of us choose to do so…"

Unsuccessful with her findings so far, she moved past her blonde roommate and proceeded to dig through his bags and clothes. The male can only watch in disbelief as his possessions were flung to the air left and right carelessly.

"Hey! Wait a minute, why would your cell phone be in there?" The blonde cried out, frantically catching his belongings.

He was once again ignored leaving him to begin a desperate game of 'catch and dodge the deadly projectiles'. Although fearing for the occupants more so than his health, the blonde thrust himself to and fro in an attempt to secure the lethal objects. And when makibishi spikes were thrown into the mix, Naruto was hard pressed not to do a wacked tap dancing in the room with a pile of clothes and ninja tools in his arms. Those damn spikes were freak'n sharp!

An agonizing and stressful minute later, the blonde teen was still catching his valuables while avoiding the few spikes he hadn't managed to clear up.

Kami please give me a break! I'm still waking up!

At one point, Asuna tossed his toad looking mug straight towards the wall causing the blonde to yelp in horror. That was one of his favorite mugs, created by his toad buddies Gamakichi and Gamatatsu! Thankfully enough, Naruto caught it in time via a short leap. It was after his momentary relief that he felt something crack upon his landing.


Peering beneath his left foot he found an orange colored device. He gulped and quickly snatched it up. With trembling hands he flipped it open to reveal a broken screen with a distorted image of a girl whose hair was very similar to Asuna's smiling with Takamichi. Hesitant to assume whose phone this was he called out to the frustrated girl behind him.

"Hey, Asuna, what color is your phone again?" He asked quietly.

Asuna didn't so much as give him a glance when she replied. "It's an orange flip-up phone. I got it from Takahata-sensei a couple years ago."

"I see…" Uh oh…

"I hope it isn't lost. That's one of my favorite gifts from him." The girl worriedly said to herself.

FUCK! Naruto mentally cursed. Crap,crap! This is bad! If she finds out I broke her phone, I'll be screwed! What am I gonna do?

Asuna shifted through another pile of Naruto's clothes before moving over to check if Negi was laying on it. Naruto sweatdropped when his kid brother was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor. Strangely enough, the young teacher didn't even wake up from that.

"Where is it? I got no time for this." The girl muttered angrily. "Hey, Naruto did you find my cell?"

Jolting in surprise, Naruto fumbled with the orange cellular device just as Asuna turned to face him. The girl wasn't fast enough to see him hide it behind his back.

"U-uh… orange phone, right… Uh…" The Blonde smiled nervously. "I didn't see it anywhere on my side."

Perking a brow at his seemingly stiff posture, Asuna walked over to him. There was something off…"Did you even look around? "

"Yea, of course ahaha…"

The girl caught on to his nervous tone. "You found it didn't you…"

Naruto fell silent while Asuna took a step forward, growing ever so suspicious of him.

She crossed her arms in front of her, baring her maturing chest. Naruto had a hard time not to glance at her womanly assets. It did not help that she was leaning towards his face while disregarding the fact she was wearing a rather tight shirt underneath her pink jacket.


Her suspicious eyes caused the blonde to blatantly gulp and turn away in nervous laughter.

"Cell-phone? I-I didn't find it…"

"Then what's that you're holding behind you?" Asuna questioned as if knowingly.

"It's nothing!" He replied hastily. "Honest!"

"Give me my Cell-phone Naruto!"

"I told you I don't have it!" He stuffed her phone hastily in his pants and held both his hands out with a forced smile. "S-see?"

"You hid it," Asuna accused. "I don't have time for this you blonde, so hand it over already."

She shook him viciously until a loud audible 'thump' rang out. Naruto stiffened and then paled as he and Asuna glanced down. He didn't secure the device properly…

"I… It was an accident…" The blonde said weakly taking a step back. Not good…

"My cell phone!" Asuna snatched up her cellular device and quickly examined it.

Her eyes widened and her annoyed scowl turned into shock.

Naruto glanced at the bunk bed to see if his kinder roommate had woken up. Sadly, Konoka was still snoozing in her bed, totally undisturbed by the ruckus that had been transpiring for the past few minutes.

Konoka-chan, wake up! I need he-


The blonde froze and slowly faced his orange haired roommate. The cell phone within her hand was crushed into pieces as a dark aura enshrouded her. Asuna swayed left and right before fixing her blue orbs on him. They burned with a wrathful flame.


Needless to say, the shinobi jumped and fled from the room. A second later Asuna bolted after him, continuously shouting his name and a number of things she was going to do to him; all of which included something razor sharp and his precious mini-me. The blonde for his part can only let out comical tears as he ran for his life.

"Why do I have such rotten luck? Waaaah!"

Yue stepped out of her room tiredly. It had been a long night for her. The encounter with the blonde tutor was both a surprise and an unpleasant one. She wasted the better part of the night trying to forget the boy's naked body in order to stop him from haunting her dreams. Despite her best efforts she ended up having to wake up a number of times just to visit the bathroom and clean herself of the blood she had lost. Yue just didn't understand why she was acting this way. Is it because of puberty? Or was it because it was her first time seeing a naked boy up close?

Well, whatever it was, it's sure troublesome…

Sighing, she rubbed the remaining sleep from her eyes and prepared to head down to the cafeteria for breakfast. Hopefully a nice warm meal can help her clear these troubling thoughts.

Just when she had closed the door and took a few steps forward, the object of her problem appeared before her once again. Yue had half the mind to head back into the room and sleep while the other half wanted to greet her soon-to-be Tutor.

Choosing that it was better to be polite rather than rude she raised her hand in a waving gesture, greeting the blonde from a distance. Perhaps this confrontation can help her face her current dilemma.

It was certainly worth trying.

Unfortunately, she hadn't noticed his urgent look nor was she aware of the exact spot she was standing on. Now, common sense dictates that if given enough space and distance one would dodge the obstacle in his or her way. If you're a skilled shinobi then this should come naturally to you, like an instinct.

Sadly, common sense didn't exist for Naruto at that time.

"Sorry about this!"

Before Yue can even utter a word of greeting, much less move a muscle, she was swept off her feet and placed into the blonde's arms. The girl managed to let out a small 'eep' before she was carried off bridal-style.

"Naruto-sensei…" She addressed her current 'abductor' after her initial surprise.

"Not now Yue-chan!" Naruto replied frantically. "I got a hot headed monster on my ass."

The analytical girl blinked and forced her gaze behind him. Her eyes widened slightly at the site of a red faced Asuna who was exuding a large amount of hostility as she ran after them. Monster couldn't even describe the horrific face that Asuna had adorned. It was more like a demon with glaring white eyes and a wide wicked grin. Her cackling voice only served to intensify that image.

Turning back Yue asked him a question in the most calming voice she can muster. "What did you do this time…?"

Sheepishly grinning, the blonde sped faster. "I accidentally broke her phone, hehe."

The purple haired girl looked at him emotionlessly. "Then apologize to her..."

"Do you really expect me to do that right now?"

Turning to Asuna once more she nodded slowly. "Yes, that would be a wise choice." Yue replied, emphasizing the word 'wise'.

"Hell no! I refuse." He told her as he ran out of the dorm with Asuna still hot in pursuit."There's just no way to apologize now, especially if she's like this! She'll kill me!"

"NARUTO! I'm gonna MURDER YOU!" The mentioned girl roared out.

"See, I told you!"

Yue knew that Asuna was most likely going to castrate the poor blonde once he was caught, however, that meant that she might also get dragged into this mess. With Asuna being mad as she is now, Yue was starting to think that there was a possibility that she'll get involved by accident. That wasn't such a good thought.

"You know you could've at least avoided me instead of dragging me along, Naruto-sensei…" Yue stated gloomily.

Her statement earned her an apologetic smile from the blonde. "Yeah, I kinda figured that a few moments ago. It's just that… the first thing that came to mind was to just 'grab and go'. Sorry Yue-chan…"

The girl sighed in resignation and let herself to be carried off. "Today just isn't my day…"

After a full 15 minutes of running around the duo finally stopped at a convenient store. A place that Yue knew well for it was located just east of her school. As the pair rushed inside they immediately ducked down at a random aisle. They then watched as Asuna stopped at the front of the store, swiveling her head from side to side, no doubt looking for them.

Both hidden teens held their breath in waiting.

When Asuna didn't budge, Naruto clasped his hands together and began mumbling out a desperate prayer. It wasn't uncommon for him to do this when the situation was seemingly turning grim for him.

Yue, who stood crouching beside him, quietly stared at the fuming girl outside. Her face remained impassive with an 'x' shape mouth and a look befitting for a girl such as herself.

"DAMN YOU BLONDIE!" Asuna shouted out before storming off in frustration.

The hidden teens let out a sigh of relief with Naruto slumping to the ground thanking the gods. "Thank you Kami! Thank you Ramen God of Miso!"

Amused at his little antic, Yue dug out a juice box from the pockets of her skirt and proceeded to drink from it. She waited until the blonde was done thanking his so called 'Ramen Gods' before she spoke.

"You know sensei, it would've been much easier for you if you had apologized back there…" She took another sip and walked off. "It'd save you the trouble of heading back to change out of your pjs."

"Eh?" The blonde blinked and stared at his clothes. "CRAP!"

He forgot to change…

I blame Asuna for this!

Blushing, he hurried after the small teen, passing by a working Mahora student who couldn't help but eye him weirdly. He was walking around in only a skin-tight white shirt and a dark orange PJ! Who wouldn't gawk at him?

"Wait up, Yue-chan!" Naruto called out, passing through the front door of the store.

Yue paused for her sensei to catch up. Her face was kept neutral as the blonde joined her in her walk back to the dorms.

"Sorry again for dragging you along." The blonde mumbled scratching his head.

"It's understandable, sensei. Things happen." Another sip of her drink she continued. "Just be sure to apologize next time when you anger someone."

The blonde laughed weakly at that before clearing his throat.

"Ah, alright, well… since I don't think we'll make it back to the dorms in time. Do you wanna have breakfast with me?" Naruto questioned, hoping that she'll accept. "It's the least I can do for bringing you out here."

Yue briefly paused to consider the offer. It sounded tempting to try, but she had to decline.

"I don't think that's possible, sensei. With how you are right now walking around Mahora and eating out is not a good idea."

Naruto shook his head at her and grinned. "It's alright, I don't mind. I use these kind of clothes often back at my village so I'm cool with it."

"No, I don't mean just that." She sighed. "Aren't you keeping your head low? I would think that keeping yourself out of sight for awhile is good idea, no?"

Even though that's a good point, I still feel bad. Thought Naruto. She looks so thin too…

"Come on Yue-chan, I know you must be hungry." He pressed on. "Breakfast is something you shouldn't skip."

This one is so persistent. "I'm perfectly fine. I can skip a little breakfast for today."

Naruto didn't buy it. "Really? You sure?"

The girl nodded. She may be feeling a bit woozy in the head right now, but she was still okay to continue the day. Yue can just hold on to her hunger until lunch at the very least.

"I'm alright, Naruto-sensei." She reassured him. "There's no need to waste money on your student. Plus, I believe you don't have your wallet wit—"

In a flash, the blonde held up a peculiar wallet whose color reminded Yue of tangerines. Curiously enough, it was shaped like a frog with the mouth as the entrance. She blinked in confusion and glanced up at him.

"Money isn't a problem as you can see, Yue-chan." The blonde tossed his wallet into the air and then caught it. He was thankful to his seal training back in the ANBU days. It surely helped him out in emergencies like this… no matter how minor it is. "So let's grab a bite to eat, alright?"

Yue was about to decline once more when her body decided to answer instead. A deep and audible rumble erupted from the pits of her stomach causing the two to fall silent. One began to heat up in embarrassment while the other smiled knowingly.


"Well, I guess that's a yes." Naruto chirped happily. "Food awaits us Yue-chan!"

Grinning in victory, Naruto pushed the embarrassed teen forward in search for breakfast. He just hoped that he could find Ramen here somewhere.

"I can't believe Naruto-kun just up and left like that." Konoka pouted. "He should've at least left us a message or something."

The girl cracked a few eggs onto a bowl expertly in preparation for breakfast. Stirring it repeatedly and adding some salt she poured it onto the awaiting frying pan. She hummed softly as she worked her magic in the kitchen.

"Don't be mad Konoka-san." Negi said gathering the black pointy objects on the floor. "He's probably having a workout session right now. I remember him doing it often every morning back in Wales."

"But still…" She mumbled.

The child teacher was a little confused as to why Konoka would concern herself with where Naruto was, but he shrugged it off as being part of her responsibilities as a host and caretaker to them. It was the most logical conclusion he can come up with. Why else would she be worried?

The brunette in question wasn't necessarily worried, but rather upset that she didn't get a chance to wake her new roommate up. Childish as it may seem and perhaps strange to some, that was mostly why she was pouting so early in the morning. It was also a bit disappointing to find that rather than a blonde lying next to her, a giant stuffed pink turtle snuggled her instead.

Shaking her head of her displeasure, Konoka set out to begin the other dishes for today's breakfast. Maybe she can at least impress the blonde teen with the cooking she mentioned in her introduction yesterday. Although not as well known and mouthwatering as Satsuki's prized cooking, Konoka's culinary skills were still top notch. She can produce great meals just as well as most of the other girls in her class.

"Right, I'll cook him something good today." She whispered to herself. "I wonder if he likes omelets..."

Withdrawing some meat and fresh bell peppers from the refrigerator, she began dicing them. Next she set an extra flying pan onto the stove and added some oil. She hoped to surprise the blonde with this when he gets back.

Negi exhaled in relief as the room was finally cleaned of his brother's belongings. He really had no clue what happened when he first woke up. It was like someone had ransacked the room and fled with haste. The young mage wondered if anything was stolen.

"Thanks for the help Negi-kun." Konoka expertly tossed some grilling veggies into the air. "I would've done it earlier, but my hands were full with folding Naruto-kuns clothes."

"Not a problem, Konoka-san. I should be the one apologizing for his mess."

The brunettes smiled and waved it off. "It's alright… Anyways, can you help me set up for breakfast? I'll be done in a few minutes here."

Nodding, the child teacher quickly got to work.

Bringing the plates out from the cupboards, Negi began placing them on the small table. Not a minute later he was by Konoka's side, happily watching her cook.

It was quite mesmerizing to see the food tossed side to side in the frying pan. Adding to that was the delicious aroma mixed into the air. Negi nearly drooled over this.

"Almost done, Negi-kun." Konoka giggled.

Smiling sheepishly, the teacher made his way back to the table. Konoka was just about ready to start cooking the last sausages when her phone rang. Rushing to grab her cell she returned to her work with the phone pressed to her ear.

"Konoka, speaking?" She hummed. "…Yue-chan?"

"I just called to let you know that I'm with Naruto-sensei at the moment." Informed Yue.

Naruto walked beside her in a line, listening in while eyeing the soup section just a few feet away. His mouth watered within seconds when a recognizable smell filled his nostrils.

"We hit the jackpot, Yue-chan!" Naruto whispered giddily. "Ramen galore! I can smell beef, MISO, chicken…"

As he droned on about the ramen flavors available the short girl nodded absentmindedly.

"Yes, I bumped into him about 40 minutes ago…long story short, Sensei angered Asuna." She replied to Konoka with a sigh. "We were chased for a good while…"

Seconds later they moved down the buffet table.

Yue shifted her cellphone to her other ear and carefully placed a cinnamon roll onto her plate. "We're currently eating out at a breakfast and buffet restaurant so there's no need to wait for him."

Her brows we're knitted curiously when she heard a hint of Konoka's disappointed tone in her reply.

"Hey, Yue-chan? What drink should I get?" Asked the blonde teen.

Yue glanced at him before pointing out one of the juice boxes near his end. It was a plum and chocolate vanilla flavored one.

"There some strange drinks here…. Hmmm… curry juice? Wow, didn't know you can get those as drinks."

Yue looked a bit embarrassed when a number of customers began staring at them curiously, particularly the blonde. Her sensei happily hummed and piled food on his plate without a care for the world. The short girl was quite surprise at the lack of response he showed to the people eying him.

She shook out of her thoughts when Konoka spoke from the other line. Yue resumed her browsing and quickly spun back to her plate of food.

"Uh, yeah… sorry, I was helping Sensei with some drinks." She replied. "But yes, I'll be alright. I still have time to come back and grab my stuff."


Yue jumped at the sound. She spun back to Naruto and blanched.

"On second thought, Konoka, please tell Nodoka to bring my bag to school. I may be running late after all."

Konoka grew curious at her friend's explanation. "Why is that, Yue-chan? Did something happen?"

There were a few incoherent curses and a full minute of static interference before Yue's voice broke through.

"It's nothing, Konoka, just don't forget to tell Nodoka to bring my stuf —Sensei, behind you!"

Yue then shrieked from the other line causing the brunette to hold her cell tightly to her ear just to listen in. She caught sounds of some shouting… laughter… taunting and a mess of other noises. Things like glass breaking and whistles blowing were pretty mixed into the background.


Negi's head jerked in response to Konoka's frantic cry and quickly rushed to her.

"What is it Konoka-san? Is something wrong?" He asked concernedly.

The brunette didn't reply.

"Curses, how did I end up in this situation...?"

A far off cry echoed and then Naruto's voice cut clean through the noise.

"You picked the wrong guy to mess with - dattebayo!"


"Konoka-san, tell me what's wrong!" Negi pleaded.

"I don't know," She replied. "Yue-chan said that she and Naruto were eating breakfast somewhere, but then—Yue?"

"Right, sorry there's just…." The short girl paused for a breath before continuing. "There was just an unexpected… party, taking place over here—nothing to worry about…. Oh no…!"


Another round of screaming and yelping followed by a mix of pants, a few crashes and other sounds later…

"Tha...that was so not good for me."

"What happened? Tell me!"

"I was just… flung into the air like a rag doll..."


"I-It's a party thing. Very complicated." Yue cursed slightly away from the phone. "But it's really nothing, Konoka."

When that didn't seem to quell the brunette's worries, Naruto spoke up in the far background.

"Don't worry Konoka-chan! I'm having a blast here!" The blond reassured before unintentionally adding something else. "HAH! You just ate it! Now what, punk ? You had no power behind that!"

Yue quickly took over. "See? Nothing to worry about…"

"Muahhaha, you lot want some of this too? Well, I have plenty so come and get it!"

Although confused by that last statement, the brunette finally relaxed and sighed in relief. "You really had me there, Yue-chan, I thought something bad happened."

"Yes, I apologize for that." Yue said before another burst of laughter broke through. "Any who, I got to go so I'll see you in class."

"Huh? But Yue!"

The line went dead.

Clicking her cell off , Konoka addressed Negi with a slight frown. "Sorry Negi-kun, it was just a false alarm."

"What was that about?"

"It seems that there's a morning party going on at some buffet restaurant." She answered thoughtfully.

"Party, huh?"

"Naruto-kun won't be here for breakfast so I think we should start eating." Konoka stated before returning to her cooking. "Go ahead and take a seat, Negi-kun, I'll be done in a minute."

"Alright then." The teacher nodded.

He was only a few feet away from the table when the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" Negi announced.

Walking over, he unlocked the door and pulled it open.

What lay behind the door was someone he did not expect.


Lo and behold Nodoka Miyazaki, aka 'book store girl', was standing nervously before him. Her hands gripped the tips of her skirt out of shy habit as a noticeable blush colored her pale cheeks. The poor girl was tongue tied after seeing her sensei at the door rather than the brunette she hoped for.

"M-miyazaki-san." The child teacher gave a polite, albeit awkward, bow. "What brings you here this early in the morning?"

"U-um well, I-I…"

"Negi-kun, who is it?" The brunette poked her head out to take a look. "Ah, Honya-chan, perfect timing!"

Taking a moment to finish things up, Konoka made her way to the door. "I just got a call from Yue-chan. She was asking if you could bring her bag with you to school. She's currently eating out and would meet us in class."

"Eh?" Nodoka blinked in rapidly in surprise.

She was thankful that her unsaid question was answered, but now she wondered what possessed her friend to eat out. Nodoka was sure that it's unlikely since Yue left her wallet at their room. So it confused the bookstore girl quite a bit.

"So while you're here." Konoka began. "Why don't you eat with us? I made too much today."

Nodoka's mind went blank for a second before her thoughts were filled with fantasies and scenarios with her sensei.

"E-eat with Negi-sensei?" She whispered to herself.

"I don't mind the extra company." Negi put in sounding thoughtful for a moment. "If you're alright with that Miyazaki-san, we'd be happy to have you here for breakfast."

"U-um, w-well…"

Nodoka fiddled with her fingers nervously.

Just then a certain orange haired girl made herself known. Asuna abruptly popped behind the bookstore girl. Nodoka jumped into the room out of fear before she could realize what she did.

"I guess that's a yes?" Negi tilted his head to the side cutely.

His shy student nodded silently, not trusting her voice to speak.

Once Negi led the guest to the room, the brunette rounded on her female roommate.

"Geez Asuna, don't scare Honya-chan this early in the morning." Konoka scolded her friend lightly.

The Konoe heiress was a bit surprised by the flames that burned within her friends eyes. It looked like her friend was still mad about whatever Naruto did to her.

Asuna answered with a low growl. "Konoka, we need to talk…"

"I assure you, my granddaughter is a fine young lady… Yes… Of course." A pause. "How about this Saturday? Are you available that day?"

Konoe Konomon nodded slowly and calmly wrote down some things on a piece of paper. He then stroked his beard and barked in laughter.

"Yes, yes… Thank you for your time. I will send her profile immediately."


The wise old man sighed in relief upon finishing. It's tough work setting up Omais for his beloved granddaughter, especially when she's against it. He was proud that she was growing up to be a normal girl, but he wished that she'd accept at least one proposal of marriage. That way his mind can rest easy since she'll be in the care of someone he would know. If only he could find a nice young man around her age that she'll like. Maybe then she'll finally agree to his one wish for her.

"Naruto-kun is a nice enough young boy. I wonder if he'll consider it."

He stood up to face the window with his hands held behind him. Entertaining as the idea was, he had to give the boy an evaluation first. First impressions were indeed counted, but that was not always sufficient. Sometimes he required a second or third opinion in order to make a final decision. Wedding a Mage to a Shinobi was rare and he's heard stories where relationships like those ended with tragic deaths.

If he were to plan this out, he had to make sure the blonde was not just strong and powerful, but also dedicated, loving, responsible and mature; a perfect son-in-law in his eyes. Yes, he must make sure Naruto is all those and perhaps more.

Konoemon's musings were cut short when a knock came from the door.

"Come in." He called.

A tall bearded man stepped in, his usual easy going face looking tired.

"Takamichi-kun," Konoemon greeted. "Good morning, how did your meeting go?'

Takahata smiled weakly and took a seat on the couch. "You were correct about Evangeline. She was stubborn and resilient with our proposal. Naruto-kun may need to continue living with Asuna-kun."

"Yes, well, it was certainly worth a try." Perfect, just as I planned. The headmaster said acceptingly as he took his seat. "I'll double check the staff housing and see if I've missed any vacant spot. I'll tell Naruto-kun that we'll continue to search for a proper living quarter for him."

"Yes, please do." The high school teacher agreed. "Having him stay in a dorm filled with girls of his age is a little unsettling for me."

"Ohohoho, you sound as if you have no faith on the boy."

"I have faith in him." Takamichi assured. "I just feel that maybe he's the one to be troubled. My old students were a wild bunch after all. Only I've been the one to handle them."

"Just give it time. You worry too much for him."

"He was a personal student of mine before, you know that headmaster. I'm just watching out for him as I am for Negi-kun."

Konoemon held back a sigh. Getting through with him was much tougher than he anticipated. I guess I'll continue with what I've done so far. I just hope my lies will hold until that time…

Takamichi suddenly spoke up after a moment. "If there really is no other place for him, then I'll let him stay where is now. I only ask that you may also consider moving him to another room in the dormitory, preferably with other reasonable students."

The headmaster cocked a brow at him. "Takamichi-kun, are you trying to tell me that my Granddaughter and Asuna-kun are irresponsible—untrustworthy to take care of him?"

"No, of course not!" Takamichi exclaimed, totally taken aback. "But having four people in a room are a bit too much, Headmaster. I was thinking that perhaps Naruto-kun can be placed in another room with a similar environment as Negi-kun."

Konoemon chuckled at the reasoning. Of course he'd bring that up. "Who do you have in mind?"

Takamichi readily answered. "I believe Ayase Yue and Miyazaki Nodoka are good candidates."

Now the headmaster was interested in where this was going to go. There was a problem with this, but he'll listen to what he had to say. Placing his elbows on his desk, Konoemon rested his chin on his laced hands and eyed the other teacher carefully.

"Explain to me how that will work."

"I could've have picked some of the other students of 2-A, but I believe this would be more beneficial." Takamichi adjusted his glasses and continued. "As you know, Miyazaki-kun has some issues with males. Her lack of contact with them might be the problem. I've tried reaching out to her numerous times before, but she wouldn't accept my help. Even a hired therapist didn't have much luck improving her behavior."

"If therapy didn't work, what makes you think that Naruto-kun has a better chance in helping her?" Konoemon asked, perplexed.

Takamichi leaned back onto the couch as he spoke. "Certain people have special gifts given to them at birth. I believe Naruto-kun has the ability to bring out a person's character. His personality and experience just helps with that. He's even achieved many of his known deeds and missions through this power. Why… I've even bore witness to his gift long ago when I was powerless to do anything. " He turned to the old one. "Naruto-kun has a way with connecting and eventually helping those people who have problems. That's the best I can explain it to you."

"Hmm…." The old man brushed his beard in thought. "I won't doubt your belief on the boy nor the evidence you presented, but are you sure this will be a good idea?"

"It's worth trying. It'll be relieving to know that a former student of mine will be cured of her fear of men."

The head master remained skeptical. "Would Ayase-kun even be alright with this if Miyazaki-kun were to somehow agree?"

"I'm confident that Yue-kun would accept it. She may question us about her roommate's well being and possibly our motives, but I'm sure it'll work out fine."

Konoemon shook his head in amusement. "You seem to trust Ayase-kun a lot."

"It's because I know her quite well." Takamichi answered. "She's the leader of her small group of Baka-Rangers, after all." The two shared a small chuckled at this. "Yue-kun is a very smart girl with excellent judgment and reasoning. Given certain situations, she can be quite responsible and will keep Naruto-kun in line. I'm sure."

A brief silence passed as Konoemon mulled over the given idea.

"Very well, I will consider this proposal of yours." The headmaster concluded.

"Thank you." Takamichi said before adding. "I'm sure this will benefit you're personal agenda well enough, Headmaster."

Takamichi broke into a smile when the old man stiffened. His headmaster looked like he just got caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. It made the younger adult chuckle in amusement.

Composing himself, the headmaster gave a cough. "It appears you know about my plans…"

"Yes, for quite some time now." Takamichi admitted while eyeing the shelves across from him. "I mean no disrespect, but you really must give Konoka-kun a chance to choose for herself. We can't deny them of their freedom nor control their life."

A long tired sigh echoed in reply. "I know, it's just difficult for me to let her go…I'll give it more thought."

As the old man contemplated over his granddaughter's wants and needs, Takamichi took a moment to pull something out of his coat pocket. He should report in about this other matter while he was here.

Moving off the couch, Takamichi walked over to the desk and placed something on top. It was a small object, nearly the size of a box ring, covered by a purple cloth. He cleared his throat just as the headmaster looked up in curiosity.

"About my investigation last night, Headmaster..."

Evangeline loved peace and quiet. It was one of the few simple things she enjoyed in her immortal life. Lazily basking under the warm sun without a care for anything, that's what she wanted to do, where she wanted to be.

Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

What began as another normal boring day at school, unexpectedly turned to one of the worst days of her life. Her morning was ruined by the ever wild class of 2-A who's chattering consisted of gossips, upcoming events and something to do with an early morning ruckus at the dorms.

One annoying topic she kept hearing around the school was the mishap that happened at some restaurant down in Mahora City. Apparently some college students involved in the incident took it upon themselves to spread the word. By the time Evangeline got to her class, she'd acquired over dozens of stories pertaining to that incident. Almost all were either ridiculously exaggerated or way off from the correct source. Not that she would know what was correct. She just found them annoying.

Annoyance gave way to headaches and Evangeline was struck with a large migraine during first period class. Such cases would warrant an excuse to leave, but that was not so. Today, neither absence nor tardiness was tolerable. Evangeline had already skipped too many classes last semester to even try an excuse like that. The old crab that is the headmaster wouldn't allow her to miss a single day of school just because her head hurt.

The best she could do is rest up in the nurse's office and hope to stay there for the rest of the day.

Sounds pleasant enough, right?

If she wasn't feeling sick on the way there, then yes, that would!

"Evangeline-san, are you sure you're alright?"

And then there was the classmate that kindly offered to escort her. The blonde Lolita had no way of declining the offer since her loyal robotic servant was absent. Chachamaru was undergoing maintenance at some lab today leaving her to reluctantly accept the offer for help.

Ako Izumi, seat number 5 of 2-A, walked closely beside her. The blonde should've known that the assistant nurse of the school would volunteer to take her to the infirmary. It made perfect sense for someone like her to be concerned for her well being.

Thin brows curved upwards in worry when Evangeline did not answer.


"I said I'm fine, didn't I?" The little girl growled softly.

Ako frowned. "But you look pale and tired. Have you gotten any sleep last night?"

Patients had reached its limits and the blonde Lolita snapped harshly. "Too much questions, just shut up or I'll bite you!"


The assistant nurse immediately fell silent. Her eyes were wide with fear upon her classmate's outburst.


The Lolita then staggered to the side and caught herself on the wall. Her head spun wildly, dizzying her and causing nausea to slowly build up. First a migraine, now this. She tried to stand, but her knees buckled sending her to the ground on all fours. Ako was immediately by her side looking very concerned.

"Eva-chan, are you alright?"

Evangeline growled and turned a glare on her classmate. She shouldn't call her so affectionately like that. The lolita tried to say something, but all that came out was some light panting.

She felt so weak; so sick…

"Just hold on, we're almost there." Ako told her.

The blue haired girl slowly helped her classmate up despite the protest. Then, placing an arm around her, Ako steadily walked Evangeline forwards. She was doing an admirable job in ignoring the short girl's weak struggles to get away.

"Hang on Eva-chan, hang on."

When they finally reached the nurse's office, Ako found no one inside. She thought for sure her sensei would be here at this time. It's almost near the end of first period.

"It can't be helped." She said to herself. "I'll just do what I can till she gets back."

Helping her classmate onto an empty bed Ako pulled the sheet over the girl and quickly set to work. There was a chance that Evangeline might be sick, so she needed to act fast. She sorted through the cabinets hovering over her work table and pulled out a box of thermometers; the paper types used in hospitals. Taking one out she returned to her classmate's side to begin her task.

"Eva-chan," She gently said. "I need to take your temperature, alright?"

The blonde was so out of it that she just couldn't care anymore and simply nodded.

"Please put these in your mouth." Ako instructed, readying the thermometer.

Once again, Evangeline complied and opened her mouth.

"There, just keep it steady and try not to move too much." Ako said. "I'll be back for it in a minute."

Evangeline watched the assistant nurse disappear behind the light-brown sheets that separated the bed from the room. Although it wasn't sound proofed, the curtain-like divider did manage to block out the annoying sunlight that filtered through the window. It gave the ill girl some measure of comfort and peace that she so needed right now.

Still… if I've known this would happen then I would've stayed home today.

For all her immortality and power, The Dark Evangeline, was still prone to sickness. From flu to a sore throat, almost all types of illness or diseases that befall mankind also affect her. This thus proved that her immortality wasn't as perfect as she would've liked.

Curse this body of mines…

Then again, maybe the blood she drank for nourishment didn't give her, her exact needs. Being a pureblooded vampire, blood was essential to her. They not only provided her health and vitality, but also magic power. It was one of the key sources that allowed her to continue living. And even when she had blood packets stored away in her cottage, she still found them plain and unappetizing. Perhaps those weren't enough. It's been ages since she had fresh blood straight from a living victim. Maybe it was time for her to hunt and rejuvenate herself once more.

A delirious grin started to form on Evangeline's lips as she stared into space. The thought of blood had her eyes awhirl and her mind drowning in pleasurable fantasies of when she would taste that sweet red liquid. Boy was she losing it…

Ako walked in moments later carrying a glass of water on one hand and a pill bottle in the other. She nearly lost her footing at finding her patient to be smiling like some kind of lunatic who was seeing stars go around her head.


That gave Ako further evidence to assume the worst for her classmate's state of mind. Swallowing air, she found her voice. "Eva-chan?"

That snapped the blonde from her fantasizing. Evangeline quickly pulled out the thermometer from her mouth and spoke.

"W-what do you want?"

Her glare didn't faze Ako as much as she hoped. In fact, it seemed to increase the Assistant nurse's worries.

"I came back to see if you've gotten the fever." She answered. Although judging by how you were acting seconds ago, I think you might have one.

The blue haired held out her hand for the thermometer while keeping a very healthy distance. The blonde frowned and carelessly threw it to her hand.

"Hmm… it seems you have a slight fever, Eva-chan." Ako stated softly. "About 96 degrees."

The blue haired nurse then handed her the antibiotic needed to fight the fever and some water to wash it down with. It pays to be prepared ahead of time. Evangeline accepted with a small distant 'thank you' and kept her gaze at the young nurse-to-be. That attention alone had Ako fidgeting in nervousness, totally forgetting about how Eva had been a minute ago. It was like the blonde Lolita wanted something from her.

"D-do you need something else, Eva-chan?" Ako managed to ask after a moment of hesitation.

Evangeline spoke while handing her the empty glass. "Yes, I'd like some of your blood."

When someone drops that kind of reply, the usual reaction would be like an 'Excuse me?' or a 'what?' as if they didn't hear correctly. Ako heard her classmate's request, but she didn't know what to think of it… Was her friend serious? She looked serious and did… did she just saw fangs in that grin of hers?


The blue haired nurse's reaction amused Evangeline. It was cruel to play with a person's fear especially when one a classmate has a natural phobia for blood, however, Evangeline was never a nice person. The lolita's small grin widened to the point of openly showing her gleaming fangs. Tired and sleepy she may be but she was never too weak to strike a little fear into someone. Just one would satisfy her before she rested.

Now it was time for some fun.


Or not…

The girls blinked.


"I-I'll be right back." Ako said and went to answer the phone.

The Lolita scowled at the interruption. What perfect timing that was… totally ruined it for her. Fuming in annoyance, the blonde settled into the bed, threw the covers over herself and tried passing out. She didn't need to try for the medicine worked its magic and had knocked her out before she could resort to counting sheep. Now she was left to snooze and enjoy whatever dreams that awaited her. Night, night Eva-chan!

Ako returned a few minutes later feeling less nervous.

"Sorry Eva-chan that was the headmaster asking for… Shizuna… sensei..."

Her voice trailed off when she found the blonde sleeping. Ako smiled warmly at the sight and quietly left her to rest. Normally, at this point, she would return to her sensei's class and resume working on her English, but considering that the head Nurse was still absent, Ako had to stay. It was her duty.

Sighing, the blue girl pulled out her phone and texted one of her friends. Just because she was missing her class doesn't necessarily mean she couldn't have a friend take some notes for her. Ako depended on having excellent grades in order to remain an assistant nurse. It's also one of the reasons why she was exempt from most classes. Cheers for hard work and dedication, yay.

After sending the message, Ako sat herself on her desk and pulled out some folders from the metal cabinet sitting beside her. She might as well finish some work from the other day. The papers that the blonde teen had signed just yesterday hadn't been properly documented and placed on Mahora's Medical Data banks so she had to do that. Then there were other things that required her attention. Things like ordering up a supply of latex gloves, aspirin, and the like. Yes, she still had a few things she left to do.

Her cell buzzed, calling her attention.

"Fast as usual, Makie." Ako smiled.

Giving the message a quick check and a 'thank you reply', the assistant nurse returned to work. She didn't even get a chance to turn on the computer in front of her when her cell drew her attention again.

Upon reading the message, Ako had to stop herself from comically falling out of her seat with a blush.

*Watch out for cute blondes Ako-chan! Another might come and visit you =P!*~Makie

That was the most unexpected—most random text she's gotten so far. Yet it probably served Makie's purpose. Now the blue haired nurse was blushing as memories from the previous day came flooding back into her mind. Great, now she'll be thinking of the blonde for the next few hours. Thank you Makie…

The assistant nurse slumped forwards and breathed out a long sigh. "I wonder if he's still around…"

Ako carefully pulled out the necklace that hung from her neck. She's taken to wearing the blonde's necklace to see how she would look like that morning and decided to wear it to school today. The girl wanted to keep it really, but once she thought over it, the more she hesitated. Now Ako was having second thoughts about keeping the necklace. Her logic told her that perhaps the blonde will notice that something so valuable looking was gone and will come looking for it. Maybe by then he'll eventually trace his steps and find his way back here.

Yeah, she could see it now…

Naruto would come walking in looking suave in a nice pair of faded navy blue jeans and an bright orange shir underneath a black long sleeves button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Finishing that image would be a nice pair of black vans shoes and an orange arm band around his left arm. His spiked golden locks would then sway dramatically from side to side as he looks around the room in search for his precious necklace. Then once he spots her he'll walk over wearing that grin of his, asking questions of about a missing item. That's where everything will begin.

'Hey Ako-chan' His deep baritone voice will call out, sending chills of excitement down her spine. 'Have you seen a necklace by any chance?'

Her heart will beat rapidly as she would shyly nod and show him his precious jewelry.

'I, I found it' She would say and then add sweetly. 'I've kept it for you.'

Naruto would turn from surprise to loving as he reached out and touched it, his eyes glimmering. 'You know it looks good on you.'

His compliment will be sweet and honest up to the point where she would blush and stutter madly.

Ako would catch herself and will reply in an innocent and uncertain manner, trying to reel in as much compliments she can from him.


Of course the blonde will reply with a chuckle and then smile warmly.

'Yes, you're really beautiful with it on, Ako-chan.'

The scene will soon turn into a sparkling background. The whole room would glow with beautiful flowers blooming, glitters flashing and Naruto looking like those male protagonists in a shojo manga. The type that will look so utterly in love, complete with the wind blowing his hair, teeth gleaming, and a flashing stars within his eyes. Yes, that's how he'll look. Ako can just picture it now.

Then he would lean forward and approach her in the most forward and direct manner. He'll be gentle and softly press her against the wall while slowly caressing her cheeks.

'From the moment I met you, I knew that I must have you." He would say lustfully.

Her heart will beat so fast that she could have a heart attack. And she probably will once he utters that one question.

'Will you be mines, my dear beloved Ako-hime?'

Her heart stopped as she spoke the final words. "Yes, oh god yes!"

And Ako sighed contently as her fantasy concluded. From then on they would go out together, eat together, shop together, travel together… and sleep together. They'll do everything together and enjoy life. That's how she saw it.

Unfortunately, that was all just a dream, a fantasy that she knew will never happen. She can still entertain thoughts of meeting the boy, but she doubted that they'll become lovers, much less really good friends. Naruto will probably just stop by to find his necklace and leave once he got it. Her second and final meeting with him will most likely end with nothing but a 'thank you' and a 'bye.'

But hey, a girl can dream, can't she?"

"It'd be nice to be his friend at least…" She whispered to herself.

It was true. If she couldn't be in a romantic relationship with him, then she at least wanted to be his friend. Naruto seemed like a friendly guy to her.


"?" Shaking out of her reverie Ako turned to the door. "Ah, Shizuna sensei, she's finally here."

"And that's how we got here…" Naruto laughed nervously.

Yue and Naruto's adventurous morning in the restaurant ended with a surprise pick up from one serious looking Takamichi Takahata. The teens were then escorted silently back to the dorms to change and afterwards driven straight to school where they were immediately sent to the headmasters office. Konoe Konoemon did not look pleased when they arrived. In fact he was deathly silent until Naruto decided to speak up. A lengthy summary of the morning events was quickly retold in the most animated manner with Naruto playing numerous parts of people involved. Rather than be short and quick, the blonde had chosen to summarize the entire thing within an hour.

Yue was silent throughout the whole explanation. She paid no heed to the fact that she was missing her class, that she was more likely in trouble, or that she was nearing her limit. A restless night and wild physical activities in the morning the following day was quickly bringing the young girl's health levels down. It didn't help her much when she didn't get food into her tummy and her pockets empty of drinks. Yue so wanted to just rest in the nurses office. School can wait.

Unfortunately, luck was being cruel today for her. So now she was stuck side by side with her tutor harboring a growing exhaustion and a thirst for water. Perhaps she can ask for an early leave after this. She just needed to wait for a bit more.

When everything was said and done, the two adults glanced at each other while the blonde caught a breather.

"Erhm" The Headmaster coughed into his hand. "Thank you for that, Naruto-kun."

"No problem." The blonde grinned tiredly.

"But I still must address a few things." Konoemon lifted up some papers and looked through them. "During the 'food fight' you've unintentionally started, did you or did you not deck a senior citizen of Mahora Academy with pie."

"W-what?" The blonde stuttered in shock . "I did not! I would never hurt the old people, I respect them too much!" then added silently. Except for Ero-sennin, he deserves 1000 pies to the face for the stuff he's pulled on me. I still remember that one incident where he tossed me into a brothel all alone! What the hell was he thinking? I wasn't ready for that!

The headmaster turned to Yue for confirmation. The girl nodded in agreement. "Yes, Headmaster, he is telling the truth."

Nodding, Konoemon continued. "Very well… second question." He cleared his throat as the teens listened in. "Did you or did you not touch the waitresses inappropriately during the fight?"

"Definitely not!" Naruto denied vehemently. "I've been brought up to be chivalrous by Takamichi and Nekane-chan! It's in my code not to act perverted to them if I can help it. Who accused me of this anyways!"

"The waitresses." answered Konoe. "They wanted to give you a punishment for acting perverse with them."

Naruto was speechless while Yue gave him a scrutinizing stare. The blonde was sure that he had steered clear of those girls in the pink skirts and white knee length socks. He was actually helping them in returning order in the restaurant not adding more problems onto their plates! Hell, how could he even cup a feel when his hands had been busy parrying flying rice balls, shrimps and tofu!

"It's a lie!" Naruto reinforced his answer. "They gotta be lying; I wouldn't do such a thing. You gotta believe me, old man! I was defending Yue-chan the whole time. She was being attacked by flying chickens!—I mean, flying Fried Chickens!"

Another glance at Yue.

"He's correct. I was regretfully attacked by flying chickens…" She blinked. "Excuse me, sir, I meant to say fried chickens." Great, he's making me mess up now. The short girl scowled inwardly. "They were the main food used in the fight."

"I see, well, a couple more things…" The headmaster flipped to the next page. "Naruto-kun, did you or did you not use a baby as a throwing ammunition…"

"…Headmaster…" Naruto began, his eyes twitching wildly. "Just who do you take me for? A retarded baby killer? I am most definitely not!"

"But the baby's mother reported a handsome teen tossing her baby across the room intent on hitting someone." Konoemon stated clearly and a bit hesitantly. He had to admit that he himself wasn't sure if this was correct. There was no chance that Naruto would do such a thing. It's impossible….rignt?

"Definitely not! I can tell which is a food and which is a baby!" The blonde said firmly. "I even remembered what I used there. You also gotta take into account that it was a 'handsome teen' that did the throwing. It could be anyone!"

Yue silently disagreed. Her tutor was a 'handsome teen' too even if she won't admit it out loud. The headmaster brushed his beard in silence. His eyes went over the papers again before setting it down. Takamichi cleared his throat as the headmaster signaled him with a nod. The high school teacher had the next list of complaints from the incident.

"Continuing on Naruto-kun." The man said. "Reports say that you fought a group of college students and threw them out of the window. Is this true?"

"Of course." Both Naruto and Yue deadpanned.

"Why?" The teacher asked.

The blonde scoffed. "It's because they were harassing Yue-chan when she didn't do anything. She even pleaded for them to stop."

Yue nodded silently. During the food fight, she was approached by a number of college students after seeing her, um, underwear by accident. Humiliating as it was, she was thankful to Naruto's intervention in the matter that allowed her to remain safe for the duration of the fight. Her respect and trust for him grew a lot from just that act alone.

"When they didn't listen to her voice of reasoning." Naruto continued. "I gave them some fist of reasoning."

The teachers gazed disapprovingly. Defending an innocent from sexual harassment is important, yes, but solving it by means of force is a big no-no. They had to wonder why a professional shinobi like him was acting like some brainless delinquent. There were all kinds of ways for him to have solved that problem without utilizing force. One such example would be using his shinobi skills to subtly disable them. He wasn't forbidden to use jutsus from those occasions, after all. So long as he executed them discreetly then he was allowed to use them in those situations.

"Naruto-kun, I expected better things from you." The headmaster admitted with a sigh. "Please, don't make me regret hiring you."

"…Understood." Naruto grumbled while adjusting his orange cap. He'll be out this mission if he screwed up again.

"You may continue, Takamichi-kun." Konoemon said.

"The last report given to us is not necessarily a complaint, but rather a 'notice' from the Medical Facility in the east district." The teacher cleared his throat. "It appears that several members of a motorcycle group have been sent to the hospital due to a nasty encounter with carrots." The teachers and Yue glanced at the blonde. "They claimed that someone attacked them with those."

"What?" Naruto swiveled his head between the three. "It wasn't me, I swear! I mean, I wouldn't stick carrots up their butt." I'd use Kunais, instead. He mentally added. Then again that's kind of over the top.

Cue self-sweatdrop.

While Yue shook her head in embarrassment from the blonde's straightforward reply, Takamichi and the headmaster glanced at each other worriedly. They were starting to think that this blonde was going to cause some big problems if he was left unchecked again. Konoemon was now sure to follow the Hokage's suggestions of overworking him.

Konoe cleared his throat to regain their attention. "Now that we've gotten those away, I believe you know that a form of punishment must be passed down."

Of course, that was to be expected.

"As of now I do not have any ideas as to what your punishment shall be." The headmaster admitted. "But that doesn't mean you're off the hook, Naruto-kun. I'll think of something tonight and will contact you tomorrow, understood?"

"Hai…." The blonde let out in gloom.

Yue sighed inwardly in relief that she wasn't included in the punishment. Then again she should've expected this since she was one of the innocent bystanders ensnared in that mess. She gave her tutor a sympathetic look.

Konoemon then turned to Takamichi. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Takamichi-kun. You may return to your class. I shall handle things from here."

The high school teacher hesitated and gave a quick glance at Naruto. Konoemon merely nodded slightly in understanding upon seeing the subtle signal. There was that other matter that they needed to discuss since most of the important people were present in the room.

"Hmm…. I guess this is a good time to settle things now that these two are here." The headmaster spoke softly. "Very well, let us do this…"

The teens stood in attention as their curiosity peaked.

"Naruto-kun, I said yesterday that you'd be rooming with my granddaughter and her roommates." Konoemon said.

The blonde nodded slowly, trying his best to see where this was going. Yue was also doing the same thing.

"Well, Takamichi decided that perhaps that giving you your own place would be better. And it just so happens that we've took the time to search for a possible housing for you."

Naruto looked a bit hopeful and at the same time a little put out. Did they find him a place? Well that's awesome! But… he just got settled down last night and got to know his roommates. Was it necessary to move him?

Then again he really didn't say whether it was a permanent or temporary stay. The blonde quietly mused. There's the whole cell phone issue from earlier as well. Ah crap, I really gotta do something about her.

"We haven't found such a place, but" The headmaster held out an index finger to stop Naruto from speaking. "But we have decided to move you into another room."

Now both teens were really interested. They wondered which roommates Naruto was going to have. Yue was also wondering why she was included in this.

Leaning forwards, the headmaster eyed both teens. "Naruto-kun, considering that you know Ayase-kun already and haven't had trouble with her…"

Yue's eyes widened while Naruto kept nodding impatiently paying no mind to his short companion's soft gasp of realization.

"How would you like to room with Ayase-kun and her roommate, Miyazaki Nodoka?" The headmaster asked with perked brows and a small smile.

"Naruto-teme, Naruto no baka, Naruto-teme, Naruto no baka…!"

Asuna muttered the blondes name as she furiously wrote things on her notebook.

It was nearing the end of first period and despite the hour of counseling that Konoka had given her, Asuna was still intent on doing harm to that blonde roommate of hers. Nothing would stop her from exacting sweet revenge for her destroyed cell-phone. She's been brainstorming all kinds of punishment she can give him all period.

Asuna felt a jab at her side.

"What now, Konoka? I'm busy." She whispered.

"Asuna, pay attention in class, Negi-kun might call on you again." The brunette stated softly, her smile still in place.

The orange head glanced up for a moment then scowled and resumed her work. To hell with the kid! Not only is she pissed at Naruto, but also his little brother for stripping her earlier in class. Those sneezes of his are costing her clothes and reputation! Now she was garbed in her P.E. clothes with the sleeves of her jacket rolled back.

"If he calls on me again, then I'm not going to follow his orders. Let him pick someone else."

Konoka shook her head at her friend. That one incident this morning has sent Naruto and Asuna's growing relationship downhill. Her efforts in defusing Asuna's anger on him were met with a stone wall that she just won't be able to break with her Mallet of 'reasoning'. The best she could do now was hope for the best and see how this will play out. She's done what she can. It's all up to them.

"What will Takahata-sensei say if he finds out about your rebellious behavior?" Konoka reasoned.

That put a stop to Asuna's writing. She gave a sideways glance then back at the paper. The brunette had hit the mark with that statement.

"I hate it when you bring him up." The bell wearing girl grumbled in defeat.

Asuna stowed away her 'revenge' notebook and set about listening to the lecture in silent boredom. When was class going to be over so she can return to her revenge plotting?

Konoka kept her smile as she spoke. "That's a good girl."

"Turn left here, sensei."

Naruto stopped and glanced down the hall questioningly.

"I don't think that's the way to the infirmary, Yue-chan."

"That's the way to my classroom. I'm missing first period already." answered the girl as she shifted around Naruto's back.

"Eh? I thought you were heading to the nurses office?"

"I'm feeling a bit better…"

Frowning, the Blonde stopped and gently placed Yue on her feet. He watched with concerned eyes as the small girl wobbled on her feet before stumbling towards the wall. Naruto knew this would happen and quickly helped her onto his back once more. He wasn't going to let her go into another collapse like what she pulled during the meeting with the headmaster. That really worried him and the teachers. So much so that they all ended their meeting abruptly and postponed further discussions for another time. It was actually pretty convenient for them since they both needed to have a talk about the rooming arrangement that the headmaster brought up.

"Sorry, Yue-chan, but you're going to see the nurse, first."


They began moving forwards once more, exiting to the next hall and then down to a flight of stairs. Yue was quite as they walked and the blonde found it uncomfortable. There must be something they can talk about…

"So…" Naruto began after a few minutes of silent walking. "This roommate of yours… Nodoka-chan. What is she like?"

"Fraternizing with students is a major offense in this academy. It's forbidden." The girl droned. "Failure to follow Mahora Academy's code of conduct between teacher and student will lead to revocation of your teacher license and kicked out of the school, permanently."

The blonde nearly facefaulted at his passenger's reply. "I just wanted to know about my potential new roommate not a rule that forbids me from entering a romantic relationship with a student!"

"Yes, I know." Yue replied monotonously. "I'm just reminding you about that certain rule, sensei."

"Well, it's not like it applies to me." Naruto snorted. "I'm not exactly a teacher. I'm just a hired tutor…"

Yue worked the information into her head for later and silently contemplated on how to approach this topic of Roommates.

"Nodoka…" She spoke softly. "She is a very shy girl."

The blonde perked up and nodded. "Now I see. She acts much similar to someone I know back at home… well, almost."

"The most important thing to know about her, Sensei, is that she has a fear of men."

"What! You're kidding!" Naruto let out glancing behind him. "What was the point in suggesting a change of rooms if they knew that one of my new roommates has male-issues?"

"I agree it doesn't make any sense." Yue replied with a nod. "I can understand Negi-sensei's arrangement since a boy of his age shouldn't live alone and unsupervised, but you Sensei? I have no clue what Takahata-sensei and the Headmaster was thinking when they made that offer."

"We'll find out about it tomorrow, hopefully." Naruto replied as he rounded a corner to another hallway. Things were looking much more familiar so he knew they were getting close. "By the way, how are you feeling?"

"I'm still experiencing some minor dull throbs in my head, but aside from that I'm good enough to – hrmf." She winced and held the side of her head. "… Alright, maybe I'm not feeling as well as I would like."

The blonde frowned for a moment and he gave her a side glance. There were faded dark rings around her eyes that he didn't notice until now. Those were probably signs of a restless night.

Naruto rolled his question around his tongue a bit before finally letting it out.

"Didn't have a good sleep last night or something?" He asked.

Yue grew quiet and not so subtly shifted her head away from him. Naruto could've sworn he saw a hint of pink on her cheeks. So when she didn't reply Naruto took that as a sign not to prod and stopped. Her dream must have been nightmares if she didn't want to say anything. He'll respect that.

Naruto didn't have to start a new topic to disperse the awkward silence between them for their destination was just seconds away.

A dream or a hallucination? Either one can fit what Ako Izumi was currently seeing. Standing just in front of her was the boy of her latest fantasies—er, crush. Wearing exactly the same outfit she had imagined him in (minus the orange cap) and bearing that suave look she fantasized about, was none other than Uzumaki Naruto. This just had to be a dream… there was no way her daydreaming can turn realistic, could it?

"Ehehe… Yo, Ako-chan!" The blonde greeted nervously. "I got a student needing some aspirin and a place to rest for awhile."

Apparently this was neither a dream nor Hallucination. It was reality.

"W-what?" Ako stammered.

Naruto stepped in closer to allow Yue's form to pop into view. The short girl was smiling weakly at her with arms dangling over the blonde's shoulders and legs just propped on either of his side. She was getting the old piggyback treatment.

"Hey Ako." Yue softly greeted.

Seeing a fellow classmate looking sick, Ako's nurse persona jolted awake. Immediately, she pulled the two in and guided them to a vacant bed sitting at the very far corner of the room. Naruto gently deposited Yue on the bed and covered her with the sheets while Ako analyzed her classmate's ailment. A simple glance at Yue's face told her everything she needed to know. She quickly hurried off to acquire some water and a pill.

"I take it you have already met Ako-san?" Yue asked her tutor.

The blonde glanced down at her and scratched the side of his head sheepishly. "Yeah, I had to um… erhm, I had to get a medical examination from her…."

"Perverse encounter, I see…"

Naruto bobbed his head in confirmation while a sweatdrop formed at the back of his head. He was starting to figure out one of the characteristics of Yue. She was blunt when she addressed something.

"Sensei, you seem to be full of bad luck." Yue commented just as Ako returned seconds later with a pill and a glass of water in hand.

"A healthy r-rest here will have you back on your feet, Yue-chan." Ako stammered.

Yue took note of her flushed appearance as she gratefully took the medicine.

"Sorry for troubling you about this, Ako-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

"N-not at all." The girl replied, her body still heating up. "This infirmary is open to all."

Ako felt thrilled to see him again, but at the same time she was really, REALLY flustered. It's back to her old shy self again when it came to boys. Squirming, she decided to head back to her desk leaving the pair of teens to converse quietly. She knew that she'll be reduced into a stuttering mess unless she took the time to get her head straight. The faster she could do that the faster she can get back to the two and start a casual conversation.

She stopped shortly by Evangline's bed to check up on her. The blonde girl was still snoozing peacefully under her covers, undisturbed by Naruto and Yue's conversation.

When the assistant nurse finally sat herself she immediately began going through her thoughts as she played with Naruto's necklace. The first thing she needed to do was to calm herself. So taking deep breathes Ako steadied the flow of air going through her lungs. She did this for a good minute before her mind was relaxed enough to think properly.

Alright, so he isn't gone after all… in fact he's just right behind me…

Ako shook her head and let her flush place lessen to a healthy pink. Her anxiety was finally going down, but now her fantasy from earlier came back. It was tempting her to try out what she imagined in her fantasy with Naruto. Technically, she had to give the necklace back anyways so she couldn't really avoid not trying it. This was like the first opportunity. Should she try or should she not? That was the question.

As if god saw her distress a chibi-Ako, dressed in a angel attire, descended from above to help. The little being perched herself upon Ako's left shoulder and began preaching about what was the right thing to do and how she should save those naughty ideas for later. Unfortunately, if Heaven heard then Hell certainly did as well. Hell's agent was soon dispatched and she popped into existence via red crimson flames. A devilish toothed Chibi-devil version of Ako grinned at her. Compared to her counterpart's clothing, this one was wearing a red kinky playboy bunny suit that had Ako shying away in embarrassment. She almost wondered if that's how good she'd look in real life if it wasn't for her angel's intervention.

Now the assistant nurse soon found herself immersed with a battle between the angel-Ako and the devil-Ako. There heated debate soon turned ugly when the playboy bunny wearing devil threw a sucker punch at the other. One thing lead to another and pretty soon there was an all out battle between the good and evil. It was comical to see angel-Ako poking her devil counterpart with a large syringe before using her golden halo as a boomerang. Then the next scene had Ako covering her eyes in pure horror as Angel-Ako was tossed onto a triangular wooden pony and whipped mercilessly by one very evil-happy chibi-devil. Ako knew this was just her imagination going wild, but how could she know that things can go this far?

"You okay, Ako-chan?"

The assistant nurse let out a cute little squeak and jumped from her seat with the necklace clutched tightly to her chest. Her eyes were swirling as she tried to find her voice.

"A-ah, N-Naruto-kun—I mean, Naruto-san." She stuttered. "W-what do you need?"

Scratching his head sheepishly Naruto replied. "Sorry for surprising you like that. I just came to ask if Yue-chan can get another glass of water." He held out the glass cup to her. "She's pretty thirsty."

Glancing from the glass to the blonde she nodded her head. "Y-yes of course!"

Reaching out with her free hand she took the glass and went to refill it while Naruto looked around the room. During this time Ako was debating whether to act now and give it to him or do it later. She went through another fantasy of hers before reality and reasoning finally hit her with a baseball bat. Much like a homerun ball, Ako's decision came and drove her fantasy away, far out of her reach. She had to do the right thing.

Ako spun around and clutched the necklace tightly to her hip. She walked back to Naruto and handed the water before making her move.

"Um, you know… I found this yesterday." She hesitantly showed him the crystal necklace. "I was w-wondering if you might have dropped it."

Naruto gazed and blinked at it for a moment before realization dawned on him. His expression turned from a brief shock to a full relieving smile that dazzled Ako quite a bit.

"My necklace!" He said softly, taking it gently from her. "I didn't even notice it was gone."

"Yeah…" Ako said, looking a bit disappointed at the loss of such an accessory. "I… I've kept safe for you."

"Well, thanks Ako-chan!" Naruto beamed happily. "I'm glad I met a reliable and trustworthy friend."

Ako's eyes widened slightly as she repeated his last word. "Friend?"

Naruto gave her a funny look. "Yeah, were friends, right?"

Friend. His friend. Ako smiled inwardly and mentally gave herself a nice congratulation for acquiring a friendship with him. That was one goal out of the way. Maybe there was hope for her yet. "Friends, huh…"

"Yep!" The blonde said as he donned on the necklace.

He caressed it affectionately, relieved that it was safe with him once more and scolding himself inwardly for not even noticing. How stupid and careless could he get?

"You should be careful with that, Naruto-kun." Ako said with a smile, she felt a bit more confident now.

The blonde was temporarily mesmerized with her before shaking his head and agreeing. "Yeah, I'll try not to."

The two of them then returned to Yue's side while having a nice casual conversation. Ako took to sitting on the bed while Naruto sat on a separate plastic chair beside it. Yue stared questioningly when they came back looking like they came into some type of conclusion, but never really voicing anything. Instead, she settled with thanking them for the drink and allowing herself to fill her tummy with water. She was still hungry, but this was all she can get for now.

"So you're a private tutor for our class?" Ako asked looking surprised. "You must be pretty smart."

The blonde blushed at the compliment and waved it off with a grin. "Nah, I'm just pretty good at one subject, English. Now if you ask me about science or one of the other subjects taught here, then I'm sure I won't be much help. You can say those are my worst subjects in school, hehe."

Ako giggled while a blush crept up to her cheeks. "I should start calling you 'sensei' now, huh?"

"If you want. I really don't care much with what you want to call me."

"Naruto-kun it is then." Ako said with a smile. "So when are you going to start tutoring?"

"Sensei is planning to introduce himself tomorrow." Yue answered, joining in on the conversation. "Although, whether it's during class or after school, I'm not sure."

"I might actually do it during class." The blonde quipped thoughtfully.

Yue ignored him and finished her statement loudly. "And I also believe that Negi-sensei is still trying to evaluate our class to see who needs the most tutoring."

"I don't think he needs to work hard in figuring that out." Ako commented. "Most of us are pretty okay with our grades, save for the baka rangers." She winced slightly and turned to Yue in apology. "Sorry, Yue-chan, I mean no offense to your group."

Yue shook her head and donned her expressionless mask on. "None taken. I actually take pride in being a Baka-Ranger."

Ako sweatdropped at the honesty.

"Baka-Rangers?" Naruto asked. "What's that?"

"It's a group with the worst grades in our class." Explained Yue. "We dubbed ourselves Baka-Rangers because it has always been just us 5: Me, Makie, Kaede, Ku , and Asuna in supplementary lessons back then."

"Yep, Baka's Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red rangers, respectively." Ako added cheerfully.

"Whoa! Bells is a Baka-ranger too?"

Naruto couldn't help but snicker. He should've expected that after what Negi said about her. Since she was a hot head like him then she must do pretty poorly in her subjects as well. Like two peas in a pod, well sorta. This was gonna be fun to tutor her. But first, I gotta deal with that problem…

The two females glanced at him weirdly and said in unisons. "Bells?"

"Um, I meant Asuna." The blonde clarified. "Don't tell her I nicknamed her that. It's just those hair ties of hers really stuck out to me." Aside from her temper and strength that is…

Ako now had another question in mind. But before she can voice it Yue spoke up and directed her attention on her.

"That's another thing sensei forgot to mention." Yue said. "He's taken residence in our dorm."

The assistant nurse was now even more surprised at the revelation. Not only is her blonde friend a private tutor for her class, but he was also living so close to her. Ako didn't know whether to be happy with that arrangement or feel a bit fearful of things that might unexpectedly happen. With nearly the entire class of 2-A living there, that was most certainly going to happen. She was starting to expect a lot of encounters of the perverted nature sometime soon…

"Please keep this a secret Ako-san. Naruto-sensei is rooming with Negi-sensei, Asuna and Konoka right now." Yue informed. "We managed to avoid prying eyes so far."

"B-but isn't that bad?" The nurse's assistant blurted out. "He's like the same age as us. It isn't right to place a male teen in a girl's dorm."

Naruto nodded in agreement. "We know. Both of us have discussed it over and we're planning to question the headmaster about it the first chance we get."

"Until then," Yue continued on. "Please help keep this from the rest of the class. You know what they'll do if they found out."

Not that Yue had any faith in 2-A to do something, but it was best if they didn't know until Naruto befriended them first. If that happens, then it won't cause problems for both her senseis. In theory that is.

Ako silently agreed. "But you know, Yue-chan, Asakura might catch wind of this. You know how fast she can spread gossips? Not to mention acquire information…"

"I know, that's the only person I'm really worried about finding out." The short girl admitted.

"Ano, who is this Kazumi?" The blonde asked, trying to get him back into the discussion. "Is she bad?"

"Very bad." Ako and Yue replied in unisons.

"If you want to remain a secret in the dorm, Naruto-kun, then be watchful for a girl named Asakura Kazumi." Ako warned. "She's part of the Newspaper Club and is very skilled at catching the latest scoop on campus. It'll spell trouble for you if she finds out."

"Also keep an eye out for my friend Satome Haruna who we call 'Paru.' She's just as worst as Asakura in gossiping." Yue added after a sip of her drink.

Naruto nodded as he soaked in the information. He tried to recall the photos he's seen and the names he managed to memorize. If he can remember correctly, that 'Paru' girl wore glasses and a dark green hair. Was that right? Then there was this Asakura pgirl. She might be the one with that red hair. Oh, it would be much better if the headmaster gave me a personal roster.

As the blonde conversed some more with the two other girls a certain blonde Lolita stirred in her sleep. Evangeline woke groggily at the voices nearby. She crunched her face in annoyance and shifted to her side, facing away from the offending noise. While it served to block out one ear, it did not do the same for the other. The trio of voices was as loud as a church bell ringing on a wedding day. At least to her it was. Didn't they realize that someone was trying to get some sleep? Where is that blasted assistant nurse? Out on a break?

Tch, teenagers and their godforsaken gossips.

Evangeline tried glaring at the shadow of people through the curtain dividers in hopes of somehow silencing them, but sadly that didn't work. Frustrated, she threw her pillow over her other ear and tried to fall back to sleep. This proved futile as the sounds persisted. And when a deep baritone voice barked out a laugh, she growled and tossed the pillow aside. This was not working. She had to either tell them to shut their pretty little mouths up or cast a sound-resistant spell. Magic should be the obvious choice, but she didn't feel like wasting magical energy she's regained just for something she can do with just a single complaint.

Besides, Evangeline felt more satisfaction in chewing people out and causing them to feel guilty for what they've done. It was her way of taking revenge on them for disturbing her sleep.

Before the blonde Lolita can even lift the blanket off her, the voices died down to whispers. Evangeline frowned at their timing, but shrugged never the less. They probably must have sense her awesome aura of command and obeyed her desire for them to be silent. Well, they weren't exactly silent, but this was much bearable. She wins either way.

Much better…

Settling down once more, the blonde Lolita snuggled the fluffy white pillows as she resumed her sleep.

Tap, tap.


Tap tap tap.

"What juice would you like again, Yue-chan?"

"If you have it… I'd like vanilla mango, please."

"Alrighty then."

Tap tap tap, tap tap.

Evangeline opened one eye to watch as a shadow, who she believes belongs to Ako, passed by before closing it again.

Tap tap

Pause. That's annoying her now.

"Can I get an orange juice too, Ako-chan? Some snacks would be nice as well."

Eyes snapped open when Evangeline registered that voice. All thoughts of sleeping went down the drain as she centered her gaze upon the silhouette of a tall dark figure. That was most certainly a male's voice she heard; A teenager's one at that.

What in the world is a boy doing here? She wondered, her curiosity rising within seconds.

A shadow puppet show soon began unfolded before her, created by the light of the room that cast shadow figures through the thin curtained dividers. Ako's shadow was immediately identified by the outline of her body followed by a tall boy with spiky hair facing her. Evangeline watched with growing interest. Their voices were now clear to the blonde Lolita and a story was soon told. While Evangeline couldn't quite grasp how this boy was here, she never the less watched and listened.

"Sure thing." Ako replied cheerily.

"Thanks, we owe you one. Truth is, we sort of skipped breakfast."

"Oh? How'd that happen?"

"Well, let's just say we had trouble this morning… both at the dorms and at that one buffet restaurant."

Evangeline's brows furrowed as she leaned forwards to listen in. Now this was something she actually wanted to know.

Ako was quite for a moment. "Would this restaurant happen to be the same place as the food fight incident?"

A sheepish laugh later and Evangeline found her answer. The boy standing a few feet away from her bed was involved in that incident. In fact, after further listening, he was actually the cause of that whole thing!

This boy must be an idiot for doing such things. The chibi vampire thought.

There came a knock on the door and all fell silent as the familiar voice of Asuna was brought into play. The shadows jumped in fright nearly causing the watching Lolita to laugh in pure amusement. The way the male was panicking and swiveling his head around, trying to find something, really brought some humor to this so called 'shadow show.'

"Gotta hide, gotta hide! Hide me!" The person said desperately.

"Sensei, confront her. This is the time to apologize."

"But I'm not ready!"

"U-uh, how about underneath the bed?"

They called him sensei, huh? Another mage perhaps? I can't sense any magic though…

Evangeline grew curious enough to right herself on all fours upon the bed. She crept close to the opening curtain intent on catching a glimpse of this mysterious voice. The Lolita didn't even get a chance to lift a hand to open before someone slammed through and pushed her down onto the bed.

Disoriented looking sapphire eyes met a pair of curious scowling ones belonging to one pretty little blonde girl.

"Hi?" Naruto greeted while blinking rapidly. What's a child doing here?

"What in the name…" Evangeline gasped out, shocked and overall overwhelmed by the sudden proximity. "Who—"

She was cut off as a hand clasped over her mouth, her arms pinned to the bed above her head and her lower body mounted by a full grown teenage stranger. Well, this was becoming really uncomfortable.

"Shhh, Little girl. Onii-chan is not going to do anything to you!" The blonde said to her. "Just be quite and don't struggle."

He then paused, blinked twice before realizing what he had done. His face contorted into a painful expression as he palmed himself. You don't go saying those things to a little girl who you've just immobilize completely! That totally defeats the purpose of trying to soothe the victim—er, her!

Nice Naruto, I didn't peg you to be one of those guys…

"Oh damn…"

Meanwhile, Ako was busy helping Asuna with her bruised cheek. The orange haired girl just came in at the most unexpected time when her newfound blonde friend was here too. And to make matters worse Naruto dove right into Evangelines sleeping quarters. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen! Why couldn't he just hide underneath Yue's bed!

"What happened to your cheek, Asuna?" Ako asked, trying to take her thoughts away from unwanted consequences that might happen soon.

Asuna sighed. "To be blunt, I got sucker punched by iinchō."

Ako's mouth hung open. "W-what? Ayaka did? But she wouldn't do such a thing!"

"Okay, Okay so it wasn't necessarily a sucker punch she threw." Asuna reluctantly admitted. "It was on accident, but it's still considered one if she still intended to punch me, right?"

The nurse's assistant smiled unsurely. "I wouldn't know, really…."

"Bah, that iincho!"

As Asuna started ranting Ako smiled, patiently listening. It was only after the unexpected reappearance of a certain blonde did she find herself stiff as a stick and more than ready to gasp. She was right about a disaster happening, there was one directly in front of her!

Naruto was right outside in the open WITH Evangeline. And the two were not in the least friendly with each other by the looks of it. The blonde Lolita was practically beating the blonde's head with her fist having been perched upon his shoulder. She seemed to take sadistic pleasure in this. Naruto was swaying to in fro trying to gain balance in all this.

"…kid. Doesn't she get that?" Asuna asked Ako. "I mean, it's the first day and she's already making moves on him, really…"

Ako wanted to help, but Naruto told her to keep Asuna busy before he hid! What was she to do?

Eva's attack on Naruto was equally met as the blonde peeled her off, brought her into his arms and gave her a noogie. Ako bit back the need to voice out a question of whether he was putting too much pressure on his attack. The blonde Lolita was practically red in the face and struggling violently. Her voice and grunts of obvious pain was drowned out as Asuna continued her rant.

"And just today she came at me after offending Negi!" the orange head growled angrily. "All I did was shaking him violently for picking on me again. How is that offending him? Come on give me a break! She wasn't that bad back when we were kids. In fact she was…."

Ako nodded continuously, still preoccupied with a certain matter taking place behind the girl.

Evangeline was once again on the offensive, but this time she was literally biting Naruto in the arm! The male teen himself was trying hard not to cry out in pain. In fact, he lifted the girl up and tried shaking her off viciously! Yue, who entered moments ago, did her best to quell the fighting by whispering words of reasoning. But when her effort met with little success she opted to help by taking hold of Evangeline and pulling her off Naruto. It was a scene straight from some comedy show at this point. Naruto was crying comical tears on the left side, Evangline still biting in the middle and Yue tugging her off from the right.

"…that's how it went." Asuna finished. "Now if you ask me, Negi shouldn't have interfered then. I could've just dodged that punch if he didn't block my way." When no reply came from the blue haired girl Asuna snapped a finger at her. "Ako?"

The nurse's assistant shook her and blinked rapidly up at her. "Huh?...OH! Yeah, I think so too… ehehe…"

Asuna's eyes arched upwards in mild concern. "You look troubled…"

Ako hastened a quick glance at the trio in the back before replying. "Oh no, n-no trouble at all!"

"You sure?"

"Y-yea, Of course!"

Ako's eyes then widened slightly, prompting Asuna to slowly turn her head back wondering what the girl was looking at.

Naruto was just in time to save himself from further abuse when he took the two girls into his arms and abruptly threw them (including himself) back into Evangeline's bed. All Asuna saw, by the time she spun around completely, was an empty room with a few curtained dividers closed off in one section. Sure the curtains moved about erratically like something went through them, but she just passed it off as the wind coming from the open windows. Asuna returned her attention to Ako and blinked questioningly.

Saved. Ako thought in relief. But I hope those three will be okay.


"I-it was nothing, I just thought I saw a bug on the floor." The blue haired girl explained through a mild stutter.

Asuna took the lie and took up the idea. "Bugs, huh? Hmm, now that you mention it there's a lot of them lately."

Ako thought she dodged trouble.

"By the way, hows Eva-chan?"

She thought wrong.

"U-um, she's…" she made a few hand gestures before finally continuing. "Resting, yeah, she's sleeping right now—we shouldn't to disturb her."

"Yeah, I know I was just asking how she was." Asuna said. "Any who, I think I should get back before someone decides to fetch me."

Ako nodded as they both stood up. She was more than eager to get Asuna out of there. So with a bandaged place on the girl's bruised cheek she escorted Asuna out.

"You know Ako, You should head back too." Asuna pointed out. "You're missing class."

"Shizuna-sensei, isn't here yet so I have to take over as Nurse." Ako skillfully replied.

"Good point." She nodded. "Thanks for patching me up, see you later then!"

With a wave of goodbye Asuna headed off. Ako watched her leave for a few before quickly closing the door. She spun around just in time to see Naruto burst through the curtain dividers looking disheveled with cat scratches in his face and his hat tipped at an upward angle. He was breathing heavily before locking eyes with her.

"That girl is crazy!" He cried out pointing behind him.

Evangeline soon appeared before them followed by Yue, whose torn skirt and flushed cheeks did not go unnoticed by Ako.

"I am not!" The Lolita denied. "That is called self-defense you mongrel!"

"But you didn't have to bite me all the time." Naruto shouted back. "I said I was sorry!"

"If you were sorry then you should've not assaulted me again." Evangeline threw back. Her cheeks became slightly pink.

As the two blondes argued heatedly, Yue tiredly stepped to Ako's side to watch the spectacle.

"What exactly happened?" The assistant nurse asked.

"…" Yue blankly gave her a side look before returning her eyes back up front. "Sensei's bad luck, that's what."

"Bad luck?" Ako repeated.


"Okay, I get it!" Naruto suddenly shouted, throwing his hands into the air. "I'll get out of your sight."

Spinning around, he shot an apologetic smile at the two observers before walking off to the door.

"I'll be taking my leave from here." He said as he passed them by. "See you girls tomorrow and get well soon Yue-chan."

The trio of girls stared after him as he stepped out of the room and closed the door. Ako was saddened by his sudden departure, but quickly put up a casual front. Yue felt no different since she will be talking to him again. They still had to deal with the rooming problem. Plus she believed that it was a good thing he left because if he stayed a little longer then another incident might occur. There's always a possibility of that happening.

"About time he left." Evangeline commented hotly. "Perverted fool."

"…" Ako smiled weakly at Evangeline's attitude while Yue shook her head and headed back to her own bed while trying to fix her skirt.

I should get her a replacement as soon as I can. Ako noted to herself.

"Izumi." The Lolita called. "Who was that boy anyhow?"

"…" Ako hesitated in replying. She wasn't sure if Evangeline can be trusted. One glance at the demanding eyes of the blonde girl was enough to change her mind. "He's a hired tutor."

"Name?" Evangeline asked while crossing her arms.

"…Uzumaki… Naruto…"

Naruto threw his cap off to the side as he plopped down on the couch. The room was quite for the time being. His roommates were still in school and won't be out for another 4 hours. The blonde had the room all to himself for awhile and he should probably spend that time unpacking or getting something to eat. He's already missed breakfast and it was just about lunch. But right now, he didn't want to do any of those. What he wanted to do was just sit there and drown himself in thoughts.

"Man, what a hectic day…" He muttered softly.

Indeed it was.

Naruto tilted his head in acknowledgement of his demon's presence. "Is that magic seal doing something?"

Nope, nothing. Wanna talk?

"Not really."

The blonde stood up and walked over to his duffle bag, quickly digging out a scroll from one of the smaller pockets. He threw it into the air and performed some quick seals. A small pop of smoke errupted and a single cup of ramen neatly fell onto his hand. He strode to the kitchen, readied the ramen, heated some water and walked back to the couch.

You know you're probably tired. Why don't you get some rest? Kyuubi suggested.

Naruto shook his head and stretched his limbs gently. "Ngh… Nah. I feel like thinking for a bit. I gotta get my thoughts straight if I want to resolve everything that happened today."

Frowning behind his cage Kyuubi obeyed and quietly left him to his thoughts. Any mischief that the Kitsune wanted to do will not gain any reaction if his container was like this. It just ruins the fun. The best thing he can do now was to sit back and review with him. Flashes of memories soon filled the empty void before his vision. It started from the yesterday all the way to the present time. Naruto was apparently pretty focused on reviewing 3 specific instances. The first being the mysterious discovery of the tattoo on his wrist, then the sudden appearance of a magic seal close to the Kyuubi's own seal and finally the problem with his roommate, Asuna.

The first two was a definite cause for concern considering their 'unknown factor' and the consequences that might come if they didn't figure them out. The last one that Naruto kept replaying over and over in his head just bothered the great kitsune. Sure it's a problem that Asuna was pissed, but he believed that Naruto shouldn't think too hard on it. A simple apology and acceptance for any sort of rebuke from her should be simple enough to do. If he gets kicked out for what he did then fine. Kyuubi's already heard the meeting with the Headmaster and the offer he presented so dealing with housing shouldn't be a problem. That Yue girl wasn't so bad looking either. She's underdeveloped, yes, but pretty cute none the less and reliable from what Kyuubi has seen so moving in with her should be fine.

Minutes passed as Naruto continued to think things through. He found some solutions to a few of the minor problems he encountered, but there were still a couple of the larger problems needing to be solved. When none seem to come into mind he shook his head in frustration and let it go. He'll just deal with it when the time comes like he's always done with problems that were too difficult to solve. Since the issue was not of anything science related then Naruto was sure he could tackle it.

His musings broke quickly as the sound of the kettle brought him to growling stomach. Naruto rushed to prepare his food, leaving further thoughts for a later time. He returned to the couch with a hot cup of ramen in hand and set his timer to 3 minutes. That was how long it took to reach a proper temperature. Naruto hated waiting.

"I wish they put on some kind of cooling feature for this."

Sighing Naruto twiddled with his fingers for a few before breaking off into a light workout. When he wasn't thinking, Naruto was always on his feet doing something. From light exercise to shadow boxing. As long as he was moving and lazying around he could be satisfied.

Teep, Teep, Teep

Naruto smiled and tackled his ramen. "Ramen time! Finally."

Don't be messy with it Kyuubi ordered.


A minute later, Naruto burped in satisfaction. Ramen was such a blessing to him. It threw every problem away. Kyuubi had to agree with that since for some reason or another that one food was enough to calm the blonde in almost any situation. It was like magic.

"Now, I can take a nice nap." Naruto said aloud.

Let it digest first or you'll get fat. His prisoner warned.

The blonde just waved it off. "I workout too often to let that happen."

The blonde glanced up at the ceiling and awaited sleep to take him. He enjoyed the quite atmosphere and lighting of the room. His mind was on a 'carefree' high and wasn't thinking much about the consequences he knew still needed confronting. All that filled him was just a calming peace. Naruto soon nodded off to dreamland while Kyuubi chuckled deeply from within his cage. The boy was definitely going to get it later.

And he was right.

Hours passed and time rode on in a hurry. Night quickly took over blanketing the sky in a combination of black and navy blue with stars dotting everywhere. The blonde's retribution soon arrived and she was very pleased to see him innocently sleeping. Her plan was set into motion and she took position beside the couch. She carefully lifted a pillow from nearby and held it above her head. She targeted his head and then struck hard.


Sometimes the most thought out plans never succeed for unknown factors play key roles in foiling them. That's what happened the moment Asuna believed her plan had worked.

She never considered her roommate to be a veteran shinobi.

Her pillow met hard resistance and she assumed she connected. Her eyes and neck told her differently. Asuna suddenly felt fear jump her, choking and freezing her very body instantly. Her fingers dug tightly into the pillow as her mind tried to register what just happened. Naruto was no longer on the couch, but standing right beside her with a black pointed object pressed against the skin of her neck. The attack failed yet it yielded something horrific that she wasn't prepared for.

"N-Naruto…?" She whispered fearfully.

The heavy force that awakened her fear and put pressure upon her body suddenly disappeared; now replaced by something akin to comfort and security. The pressure on her neck lifted and she found her heart returning to its normal rhythm. Her mind processed slowly, but eventually she regained movement once again.

Turning carefully, Asuna faced her blonde roommate with a look of awe and confusion adorning her face. Naruto stood before her harboring a look of guilt and an insecure posture. A black kunai knife was held tightly in his right fist.


Her blonde roommate shook his head at her and said solemnly. "Sorry about that Asuna… I… I was little jumpy."

Asuna frowned at him before realizing what he was mentioning. She immediately pulled the pillow close to her chest and instinctively took a step back. Uncertainty filled her eyes as she watched him.

"Did I scare you?" Naruto asked

Asuna's gaze drifted to his weapon once more and she raised a hand to feel her neck. The blonde shinobi took notice and slowly withdrew his weapon from view. A tense moment was slowly building up, putting the two in a near anxiety panic.

"I did, didn't I?"

Blinking, Asuna shook her head and tried to find her voice to speak. "N-no… I'm just surprised…"

A hand reached out and began rubbing her head softly. Naruto gave a small grin as he spoke knowingly. "Sorry Bells. I really didn't mean to scare you like that."

The hand gesture felt actually nice to Asuna since it reminded her a bit of how Takamichi used to treat her when she felt insecure, but that nickname Naruto gave just now wasn't equally pleasant. Whatever uncertainty she felt about the blonde quickly disappeared as she moved her weight to one foot. A brow perked upwards and her eyes narrowed slightly. Her goal quickly resurfaced.

"Bells? Is that my nickname now?" She asked casually.

Naruto nodded his head in honesty, oblivious to his slip up. "Pretty much. I can remember your pretty hair ties. Where'd you get them?"

He gently gave the aforementioned objects a tiny shake and listened in satisfaction as it sounded. The curious smile that played across his lips brought heat into Asuna's cheeks. It was tender and very affectionate; something she was very surprised to see on him. Feeling self conscious all of a sudden, Asuna swatted his hands away and put up a disapproving scowl.

"Ever heard of 'personal space' Blondie?"

He nodded dumbly as if his mind was lost.

"Then don't touch me." Asuna said, poking him on the chest. "Understood?"

Naruto nodded again. His mind seems to reboot for he gazed at her strangely. Only when he finally realized what he's been doing did he turn pale and gulped deeply. Asuna was about to chew him out for what he's done that morning when he raised a hand to stop her. It was about time for the apology… however late it was.

"Let me just say sorry for what I've done to your cell phone." Naruto started nervously. "I know it was my fault for not looking where I was stepping and I'm really sorry for that."

She glared at him with her arms crossed over her chest. Her silence was a bit unnerving.

"I take it you're too pissed beyond reasoning?"

"Oh yea…" She replied.

"Look." Naruto continued. "I'll make it up to you."

A malicious smile crept to Asuna's lips as heard this and quickly replied. "Exactly what I was thinking. You better not go back on it. That cell was very important to me."

At this point, Naruto knew that he had no right to decline such a thing. So with a sigh he nodded. "Whatever…"

"Good." Asuna grinned evilly.

There was a jingle of keys and some tapping on the door before Konoka and Negi entered the room.

"Man, what a day, I'm beat!" Negi commented.

"Better get some sleep early for tomorrow Negi-kun." Konoka suggested as she kicked off her shoes. "You got that meeting with my grandpa in the early morning."

Asuna glanced back at the others before rounding on Naruto.

"Best get a good sleep as well, Naruto… your punishment starts tomorrow." The orange haired girl then spun around and walked passed Konoka.

The brunette greeted her cheerfully, only to be met with a silent reply. Konoka paused for a moment to give her a look before turning her attention to Naruto.

"Did something happen, Naruto-kun?" She asked.

The blonde ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Much like yesterday, Naruto wasn't looking forward to tomorrow.

Kit, you better come see this…

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