This isn't my first story it's actually like my third or fourth, I lose count, but I got the idea and now it won't go away

This isn't my first story it's actually like my third or fourth, I lose count, but I got the idea and now it won't go away. All characters are originals of mine. . . so far anyway. Shakespeare is old but he's also dead in my story and only used for reference. Now I will post it and if you like it, or even if you don't like it, review. The more reviews the faster I'll post chapters

The Meeting

I met him on a cold dark night. You know the kind, you see it often in movies. No one around but you and your shadow on a moonless night, streetlamps glowing without being welcome, things that once seemed natural are now your enemies at every turn. To be fair I probably shouldn't have been out that late anyway. It was a school night and I had a final in Networking the next day that I really should have been studying for. If I would've listed to my sister maybe I would have stayed inside instead of going for my usual walk. Then again I believe my sister is insane and messes with the abnormal way too much. Still, had I noticed how dark it seemed, had I not been lost in my own thoughts, I would have definitely stayed inside.

Back to the guy, well he was more of a young man really, that I met. I thought he was a little off at first, which should have been my first clue. The man seemed in trouble, he was struggling with the chain on his bike. I'm not one to deny a person in need so I offered to help. When he looked at me that's when I realized, this man isn't human. This man is unnatural. His pale complexion was understandable, there hadn't been much sun in the past few months, and his long hair really wasn't that strange either. No, all of those things are a little weirder than my taste in friends but those weren't out of the ordinary. It was his eyes. They were purple. Now I know what you're thinking, "contacts you dummy", but let me explain. With contacts you can tell, his eyes were a natural purple. No contacts involved, I also know because I recognized him. And not from one of my classes either. No I'd seen this man in a book Shakespeare had written, his eyes had been purple then as well.

I stepped back a bit. It couldn't be. Shakespeare had died almost two thousand years ago. I stepped forward again. Then he attacked. Before I could scream his hand was over my mouth and I was airborne. He looked me in the eyes once again and I could see bewilderment, mixed with sadness, this time. Then he lightly kissed me on the forehead and I blacked out for a couple hours, I have this weird ability where I can remember exactly how long I've been unconscious, which is useful when you don't know where the hell you are because at least then you know how far away home should be.

When I awoke I was in a room lit by a single candle. There was a note by the candle. I carefully assuaged my broken appearance, although I looked as if I'd been dragged through the dirt, even thought I knew it was just from the dirt already on me mixing with the moisture from the clouds and then drying again. Sorry about the explanation but I was scared and when I'm scared I tend to explain things to myself, this may come up a lot so for future reference yeah. Anyway, there weren't any broken bones and nothing seemed out of place on me so I carefully stood up and walked the twelve feet to the candle and picked up the note, it read as follows:

Ann Marie,

Sorry for the rough ride but you can't go to your human home. I've gone to feed and I'll be back as soon as I can. I know you may not understand this right now but I will explain when I see you next. Again sorry and I'll see you anon.



Okay now I had a couple questions for this "Darthanielaman", who the hell did he think I was, who was Ann Marie, why did he speak as if from two different centuries and what was with all the apologies. Now that I'd been thoroughly confused my head was starting to hurt. I decided I would explore my prison.

I picked up the candle and wandered around the room a bit for that's what it was. A very big ovalish room but a room nonetheless. There were no doors and only one, very high, window. As I explored the "room" further I discovered that I was just in a very huge hole. And boy do I mean a very huge hole. About the size of five football fields across and six and a half wide it is a really huge hole.

There's not much for me to do in a big hole. I didn't need to go to the bathroom, which would have made useful the "latrine" in the corner. I wasn't tired and I didn't feel comfortable lying down in the strange bed anyway so that was also thrown out. So to pass the time I sang to myself and walked around the room some more. I was about the third time through "La Vie Boheme" when I heard a loud thump. I looked up in time to see a flash across the window before someone landed in front of me. It was that guy. I quickly backed against the wall and started inching away from him. He turned suddenly to face me and I was blown away. Not only was he so familiar it was scary, he was an amazingly hot guy.

"Ann Marie, I see you've been busy," he says as he steps closer to me.

"Don't come any closer," I say in warning. He merely grins and takes another step.

"Come now, aren't we a little old for childish games?" he takes another step.

I step along the wall away from him. He keeps coming closer and his step size seems to be getting bigger as he goes along.

"Look I don't know who you are, or for that matter who 'Ann Marie' is, my name is Delicabeth. Now could you tell me at least where I am, if you'll even do that much." He appears confused for a minute but then something seems to get through his head because I can tell he understands. He nods and then sits down.

"Well then. My name's Darthanielaman, Ann Marie is the name you were given many years ago. Long before you became Delicabeth. You are in a hole we dug as a sanctuary for those of our kind who were being hunted by the Sciothats." He says. Well that was a little more information than I was expecting. And then he says something else that surprises me. His voice cracks as he puts his head in his hands and says six words I never expected anyone to say to me, "You died on our wedding night."