A/N: For the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges Forum.

The Challenge: The Shuffle Challenge.

The Idea: I turned my iTunes music player on the 'shuffle' function, and I wrote out the pieces below as inspired by the first five songs that came out. They were written as the songs played. They are very rough, but they are meant to be rough. Unbeta'd.

The Fandom: Harry Potter, during Year Seven, at Hogwarts. This will focus on individual members of Dumbledore's Army. I'm hoping to do two or three other parts.

Rating: T for language.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, not the songs nor Harry Potter.


Black and White Unite

Belle and Sebastian

Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott

Neville sits outside, under the oak tree nearest to the lake with the giant squid.

He takes a breath of the cool Scottish air. Sometimes, he finds that he loves the sweeping cold of October's winds, especially in the highlands. It feels good sweeping across his stinging cheek, covered in purple welts.

He chuckles, thinking that he probably should learn to keep his mouth shut around Amycus Carrow, but then, if he did, who else would be willing to speak up against those bastards.

He rubs his cheek and looks back up at the castle doors, blushing but smiling as he sees Hannah Abbott waving at him. He can't stop grinning despite his injuries as she sits next to him to ask if he's okay.

After all, Neville's always had a thing for blondes.


Think for Yourself


Seamus Finnigan

"Ya know, they're full of shite!" Seamus says to the third-year Gryffindor that he's sitting with in front of the fireplace. "Me best friend's a Muggle-born, and I'll tell ya, he's just as full of magic as you and me!"

The boy's clearly pondering something. Seamus lowers his head and wipes his face.

"Would ya rather live your life bein' told 'X is Y and that's always the right answer'?"

The boy looks at him and wrinkles his nose. "N-no . . . but they'll hurt us if we don't agree with them—"

"But if y' agree with them, you're just gonna hurt yourself that much more. We've still got our own brains, mate! And my brain's tellin' me that I'd rather fight for what I know is right than to live a bloody lie for a day . . . a week . . . a year . . . hell, a whole feckin' decade!"

The boy leans back into the cushions of the couch, lost in thought.


Hum Halleujah

Fall Out Boy

Terry Boot and Parvati Patil

Parvati and Terry are clutching each other's chests. They press their faces against the door.

"That was a close one!"

Parvati grins at Terry. "Understatement of the year, Boot."

He smirks at her. "Think they'll suspect who left that sign up?"

She shrugs. "No. We got rid of all evidence and anything that might be otherwise incriminating of our presence."

He pants and his eyes twinkle at her. It's the first time since last month that Parvati notices that twinkle coming back into his eyes. It's that funny spark . . . a spark that tells her he's still wanting to live, to feel alive and free—

It's the spark she's been waiting to see again.

The spark that she had feared had died when his parents did.

"What're you thinking in that Gryffindor brain of yours, Patil?"

Parvati blinks because she's surprised Terry's smirking at her. "Just about . . ." she gulps a little, but she remembers that she's a Gryffindor and she just needs to say exactly what she's thinking and pray that it's not going to have an adverse reaction, "I'm thinking about how nice it is to see you smile again, Terry. I've . . . er, we've been too long without it."

And to her great relief, Terry graces her with another bright smile, one that gradually touches his blue eyes.


They Say

Common, Kanye West, John Legend

Ernie Macmillan

Ernie Macmillan wipes at his blood trickling down his mouth and the side of his face. His whole body aches, worse than it ever has. He tries to laugh, because he finally stood up to Alecto Carrow when she started going off about witches and wizards and that 'Natural Order' bullshit she thinks only applies to pure-bloods.


"Muggles are savages! They participate in deviant behavior, Muggle men spreading diseases and perverting other Muggle men and Muggle women doing the same to other women. They might as well force themselves on them, disgusting animals—"

Ernie's temperature rises. All he can think of his brother, Edward, gone and alone, forbidden to ever step foot in his family's house because he had the audacity to fall for another wizard.

He misses Edward so much. And his own relationship with his parents since then has become so strained, so tense, and so filled with anger and distance, that when Carrow gives voice to the same things Ernie has heard from his own mother and father, he can't control what comes out of his mouth.

"Rather be a 'pervert' than a murderer!"

Alecto turns her eyes on him, all fire and rage. And Ernie smirks.

"I think Snape and Amycus might make a smashing couple!"

Even when she throws the Cruciatus Curse at him, Ernie still laughs.


Get Back

The Beatles

Luna Lovegood and Padma Patil

"Come here," Luna Lovegood and Padma Patil motion to the two girls to sit next to them. The little first years are crying and they've got a fresh set of bruises on them, courtesy of Crabbe and Goyle.

Loretta Martin sniffles. "I w-want to go home . . . I belong home—"

Padma shushes her, but as gently and as sweetly as she can manage. She's pants with children, and she's got a bedside manner just a smidge bit nicer than Pomfrey, but she's been learning and improving it. There have been too many opportunities to do so, after all. Between the Carrows and other students who are okay with cursing and harming innocents.

Luna coos at the two girls. She pats them gently on their heads. Both girls cry on her shoulders, but Padma notices they start to relax.

"M- . . . mum always sings to us," Loretta says, "when sh-she wants us to f-feel better."

Rita Norton nods. "M-mine d-does to."

"What do they sing?" Luna asks them gently.

"A- . . . a 'sunshine' song. I think it's a Muggle s-song. I've forgotten the proper name."

"Do you know the words?" Padma tries to keep her voice as soft as Luna's.

Loretta nods. "Y-you are my sunshine—"

"My on- . . . only sunshine," Rita begins, clearly surprised that she knows the same piece.

"You make me happy," Loretta continues.

"When skies are grey." Finally, Rita smiles at the other young girl, who returns one of her own.

Luna and Padma look at each other. They are smiling themselves, and Padma can see the relief in Luna's eyes, thinking that it must mirror her own.