10 Reasons They'd Never Make

10 Reasons They'd Never Make

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own the most hilarious 80's sitcom, but at least I can write about it.

A/N: I know why they broke up (if you don't, but would like to know, email me off my profile) but I wanted to write these little situations badly so I thought this couple would be best.

Reason One:

They'd run out of things to talk about.

CAROL: So how was your day?

BOBBY: Good.

CAROL: You said that yesterday.

BOBBY: Oh. Really good, I guess.

CAROL: That's what you said yesterday after I said you said 'good' the other day too.

BOBBY: Huh? I thought I said 'good' yesterday.

CAROL: You did. Then I pointed out how you said good the other day too and then you said 'really good.'

BOBBY: But I just said 'really good.'

CAROL: You did yesterday too.

BOBBY: But I said 'good' yesterday.

CAROL: You said both yesterday.


CAROL: So choose another word.

BOBBY: Oh, okay. Football.

CAROL: Bobby, 'football' is a sport, not an adjective.

BOBBY: Oh. Then—

CAROL: I know, 'pizza.' We had this conversation yesterday, too.

BOBBY: I thought—

CAROL: I know, 'I thought I said good and really good yesterday.' I know, Bobby.

BOBBY: Okay, so then I can say football!