Egypt- 5 millenia ago

Egypt- 5 millenia ago

"Are you going to ignore me for much longer?" Nephthys asked, her tone mirthful.

Kappa Neo glared at her but kept walking, his body shuddering slightly with each step. He held his chest, rubbing the patch of skin that should have been marred by a hideous scar. A scar brought by his own dagger…thrust by the hand of the man that had given him his name.

But where there should have been twisted flesh and slick blood he only found smooth skin stretched over muscle and bone. Impossible.

Of course, considering his life…

He'd awoken naked in the desert.

The dagger he'd found in his hand made the priests at the temple cower in fear due to some strange magic aura around it.

He'd sired a child with his own queen.

He'd just been magically de-aged from late forties to his early twenties.

He'd been stabbed in the heart.

And the goddess of the dead was prancing at his heels like a hyena pup.

"Leave me alone." He snapped softly.

"And why would I do that?" She asked, appearing in front of him, rocking back and forth on her heels. "Don't you like how I look? I'm not ugly, I picked this form just for you, my sweet."

Kappa had to admit that the goddess was lovely. Deeply tanned skin, not as dark as the tribesmen to the South, but not as light as many he had met during his time under the pharaoh. She was exotic, a strange mix of innocence and danger. Black hair done in a short bob, deep golden eyes fluttering at him, the black dress she wore flattering her perfectly.

"But maybe your prefer something else? I've been around the world, my sweet…ever been to Sweden?" Nephthys' hair and skin lightened as her dress transformed into fur pelts? "Japan?" With another blink she was a geisha. "Or are you into the strange?" She questioned, turning into what Kappa could only equate was a strange cat-woman like creature. "Or…perhaps…something familiar is what you need, my sweet…" She smiled as she slowly transformed into a duplicate of the Pharaoh's bride. "Is that what you want?"

Kappa Neo snarled, drawing his dagger and bringing it to her throat. "Do not tempt me, witch." He shoved her from his path. "My dagger has been without blood for some time…and I do not like to leave it hungry."

Nephthys huffed, returning to her normal form. "If you think you can defeat me so easily, I will gladly spare with you."

"Why will you not leave me alone?" Kappa Neo practically begged, continuing his march through the twisting sands.

The goddess cocked her head to the side. "I have explained once, dear Medji…you are mine."

"I don't want to be yours…I belong to no one."

"We all belong to someone, Kappa Neo." Nephthys said solemnly. "I belong to several…my fellow gods, my sister Isis…my husband, Set." She spat out his name. "We may not want to belong to others…but we do." She gazed at him, eyes softening. "It is not a one way street, my dear Medji. My heart is already yours…fully and completely, for yours to command."

"Then I command you to leave me to my misery." Kappa Neo said, marching onward.

Nephthys laughed. "Oh, no, you misunderstand. It is your heart that owns mine…I do not listen to that silly little conscious of yours." In a blink, Kappa Neo found the goddess riding on his shoulders. "I could take it away, if you wanted. All the guilt, all the pain…it would be easy…"

"I work through pain."

Nephthys smiled, never once letting on that Kappa Neo had passed an important test. She leapt down, quietly following him.


"I do not blame you."

"For what?" Kappa Neo questioned. The desert had grown cold once the sun had set, leaving the two of them at the night's mercy. Nephthys never once complained, never once shivering due to the winds. 'The perks of being a goddess.'

The two of them sat at a small fire Kappa Neo had made, the Medji finishing off the last of a small lizard he'd managed to catch. The goddess had offered to provide him with food, but Kappa Neo refused, not wishing to know what exactly the goddess would consider food.

It wasn't as if he were hungry…for some odd reason he felt no need to eat…it was merely something to do.

"Haven't figured it out yet…have you?" Nephthys asked him with a smile. "Want me to tell you?"

"Don't know…" Kappa Neo spat out a piece of bone. "Don't care."

"You aren't wondering why you haven't longed for water…why you could still walk for hours more without tiring…" She leaned forward, elbows resting on her knees. "You aren't curious as to how you find yourself at the peak of life once more, your wounds healed?" She licked her lips, "Or…perhaps…you wonder about that greater mystery…the one that has haunted you since your first waking memory: Who are you…were did you come from?"

Kappa Neo frowned. "I came from the desert…that is all I know or care about."

"I somehow doubt that, Genonises"

The Medji froze, slowly turning to the goddess. "What did you say?" He whispered, hand clenched around his dagger.

The goddess of the dead watched him carefully. "Genonises…that's the word you first heard when you awoke…Genonises…you thought it was the town you were born in…maybe a river that bordered the kingdom you hailed from. Never did you suspect that it was your name, the one I gave you?" The goddess tilted her head. "So strange…you have a habit of gaining names from the powerful…Kappa Neo."

"What do you mean, the name you gave me?" he grit his teeth. "Are you mother?"

Nephthys' laughter rang through the night. "In a way, my sweet, but I have had one relationship with family and I do not want another." She reached out to stroke his cheek, but the Medji pulled away. She shrugged, letting her hand drop. "I told you that I understood you not trusting me…I was telling the truth. You see, my dear warrior, I, like you, was betrayed.

"You know well of the gods…of how my husband Set, the war-god of Egypt, killed Osiris, and how Isis and I put him back together. What you do not know is how I was treated afterwards. Oh yes, my husband was a cruel man, a monster to do that to his own kin. I feel not joy when I hear his name, nor any sorrow for his fate…I was overjoyed when he was punished.

"But the gods…they began to turn their eyes to me when they no longer had Set to blame for their woes. Do you know what it is like to see everyone you thought you could rely upon turn their backs on you?" She smiled bitterly. "Of course you do." She stared up at the stars. "I'm blocking them…I had plenty of time to prepare for this moment…thousands of years to learn the magics to keep us safe.

"But…while time is nothing to a goddess, it still can be lonely being by yourself. I had no gods to turn to, and mortals die to soon…I needed something new…something better to be with me."

"I don't want to hear this." Kappa Neo said, standing up.

"I found bones…ivory from the great beasts. Elephant tusks form arms, cheetah for legs, the teeth of lions. I found everything and more, piliaging the strongest of the animal kingdom. And I carved and slaved over them until I built the perfect structure. I coated it with the finest clay from the Nile, then cast it into the desert to bake like one would a pot. And before I left it to cool, I gave my creation a weapon…The Millennium Dagger, the golden edge of destruction."

Kappa Neo let out a roar, slamming the goddess to the ground and thrusting the very blade against her throat. "Is that what I am? A puppet? A toy for a goddess to play with!?"

Nephthys managed to smile even as she sat at death's door. "No, my sweet…never think that." She reached out, pulling his head closer to hers, the dagger now pressed to both their necks. "You are so much more than that. You are Genonises, the God of War. And when we are done, my love…we will be the last two gods left in the world."