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Chapter One—New Emotions

Jay the Unseen sat on a picnic blanket, his elbows propped on his knees, indulging in a blueberry muffin. He slowly glanced around at his circle of friends. Across from him was Sennel. As always on either side of him sat Chloe and Shirley, fighting for his attention. Will, Moses and Grune were taking turns looking through the teacher's binoculars at a flock of birds in the distance. And finally…

"JJ? JJ? Can I take a bite from your muffin? You can have a bit of mine too! It's raspberry flavoured!!"

Norma Beatty…

"JJ! JJ!"

Jay sighed. "Yeah I'm listening, I might go deaf if you yell any more. Just a minute…Here—"Jay broke off a piece of his muffin and swapped it for some of Norma's. She beamed at him and popped the sweet bread into her mouth, letting out a satisfied sigh.

"Hey JJ," Norma whispered, nudging the boy next to her.

"Yes?" Jay asked, turning his head to look at Norma.

Norma just waved a finger toward where Sennel was sitting. Jay turned his attention to the direction Norma was pointing and realised that a wall of tension had risen between Shirley and Chloe.

"Again?" Jay enquired. "What's unusual about this situation?"

"Just listen," the treasure hunter whispered excitedly.

"Why have you suddenly changed your mind about this Shirley?" Sennel was saying, his voice sounding shocked.

"Yes Shirley, I-I really don't think it's a good idea! I-I mean, everything has been going well for you just like it has been so far, right?" Chloe added nervously.

"But I want to move in with you Sennel!" Shirley said, exasperated.

At the loud statement, the entire group fell into a short silence. Will lowered his binoculars awkwardly as Moses let out a long whistle.

"Oh dear," Grune said.

I really wouldn't want to be Sennel right now, Jay thought. Thank God I'm not. But he really should decide whether he likes Chloe or Shirley …or is he still not over Stella? Man…

Norma, whose curiosity-filled grin had faded, immediately sensed the awkward air hanging over the group and pasted a big smile on her face again saying, "Hey Senny! Watcha gonna do huh? It might just be a great idea you know! It's not like Shirl can just crash at Madamme Muzette's place forever! How about you move in too, C? I mean, you're gonna stay in the Legacy now right? Isn't the hospital a bit, not-so-homely?"

"M-Me too?" Chloe exclaimed, her eyes wide. "But, well how about you Norma? The hospital isn't any more homely than the inn I expect."

"Yeah but I'm not really into Senny so—"

"Norma!" Will interrupted, a fist flying toward her face, scolding her ridiculous ideas.

Norma ducked her head in preparation of the attack as always, but the fierce fist never hit her. She blinked, looking up and saw that Jay had caught the fist with his hand mid-strike. "…huh?"

"Just a moment," Jay said. "What Norma is saying isn't completely wrong. However, I'm not entirely certain that moving both Chloe and Shirley into Sennel's house is the best solution…But surely, the hospital will want Chloe's bed at times for patients. And Madamme Muzette will want the guest room for when there are visitors come to Werites Beacon."

Will thought for a moment, then nodded and withdrew his fist. "True…"

"Ooooo" Moses suddenly cooed.

"Hmm…what?" Jay said looking around, noticing that many eyes were looking at him. After a moment he realised what was going through everyone's minds. Shit, how do I get out of this? Why did I even bother following up for Norma?

"Lil bro!!"

Jay gulped.

"You-are-in-lo—"Moses couldn't finish his sentence due to a painful punch to his shoulder. "You little…hey! W-Where'd he go?"

Everyone looked around in confusion as Jay had suddenly vanished.

Jay had in fact quickly hidden himself from their sight in order to escape the humiliation that was about to be inflicted upon him. A type of teasing he had little experience in. He crouched amongst some nearby trees, silently watching his friends getting up to look for him. Jay placed a palm against his cheek, feeling it heat up. He hated losing control of his own emotions. It really isn't what they think…I-I hope it isn't…

"Jay?" Sennel called. "Come out Jay! The sun will set if we try looking for you! You're too good at hiding yourself!"

Jay sighed. He had to come out sometime soon. But before he did, Jay pulled his hair-bands out to let his hair help cover some of his still flushed cheeks.

In a flash, Jay was back where he had been sitting before, trying hard to keep a straight face.

"There ya are!" Moses said, reaching over to give Jay a playful punch.

"Yeah JJ! Don't run away again, or else there'll be no-one left who listens to me!" Norma joked, clinging onto Jay's arm. "Oh and by the way, you look good with your hair like that! Don't you all agree?"

Jay's face was turning redder, and he was regretting letting his hair down.

"Yes Jay, you're hair is very, very beautiful like that! And we missed you just then very much!" Grune commented.

"Okay, okay, thank you. Uh…change of subject could we?" Jay surrendered.

Everyone laughed in response. Then Will cleared his throat.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to make an announcement. Madamme Muzette has asked for about 3 or 4 of us to accompany some soldiers to Dolcha."

Dolcha? Somehow, I recall something happened there…Jay thought as he racked his brain. It was unusual for him to forget anything important.

"Where is Dolcha?" Chloe asked.

"It's actually not too far from here," Will explained. "That is why Madamme Muzette has decided to send aid there. Dolcha is severely impoverished due to an attack by an unknown group from the mainland about 5 years ago."

"Unknown?" Shirley asked, alarmed and feeling slightly afraid.

"Oh dear."

"Yes, not much is known about the attack. Dolcha is a tiny village and it's hard to know why such a big army invaded. Something about 'secret information' the leader of the place knew. The leader was assassinated and most of the village was burnt."

"Secret information?" Norma asked, her eyes sparkling. "Maybe something about treasure? Or money?"

"…uh, well possibly. No-one really knows. As far as I know, not many survived and—"

"I'm going!!" Norma volunteered.

"Right! We're goin' too! Sounds like fun 'ey lil bro?"

"We?" Jay eyed Moses. "And I don't think we're going for any fun reasons."

"There! You said it!" Moses exclaimed.

"Said what?" Jay asked.

"Said, we're goin'! See? So Will, it'll be me, Bubbles an' Jay here. Anyone else commin'?"

"Sorry, I have a meeting I have to attend…" Shirley apologised.

"And we're accompanying her to the Merines village," Sennel added as Chloe nodded.

"G-Girl! You coming with us?"

"Sorry Norma, I have somewhere I need to go."

"Really? Where?"

"Well, it's that…I can't seem to remember. It's, it's…Oh! I need to be somewhere very important."

"Very important?" everyone chorused.

"Yes, yes. Very important," Grune repeated, smiling pleasantly around at everyone who simply stared back at her.

"Ehem! I think that maybe she is meeting up with one of her…friends," Will concluded. "And I have sheriff things to deal with, and also my daughter to deal with so it'll just be you three. Jay make sure everything goes smoothly, and you can write all the reports. I repeat, all the reports. Understood?"

"Understood," Jay replied.

"Wait! Wait! What does that mean?" both Norma and Moses yelled.

"Teach! You know I write the BEST reports!"

"An' I'm the best at takin' care of any situation! I'll be lookin' after the whole lot of 'em in Dolcha like ma own family!"

"Right," Will gave both Norma and Moses a blow to their heads. "So you will leave tomorrow morning. Make sure everything goes smoothly, check the village and once things are settled you may return."


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