Hello! I love the Ally's world books and after I read the one by Lady Clark-Weasley of Books's story I decided to give it a shot. Well. It was harder than I thought. But I gave it a go. It's not great but at least it's another ally's world story in the archive right? It's pretty short, but never mind. I have to stop typing this otherwise my summary is going to be longer than the actual story.

It's not like I'm jealous. Honest.

It's not like I care that I'm the only single person in my friendship group. Having a boyfriend is not my main concern in life. I don't want and/or need one.

It's not like I think there must be something wrong with me, why the only guys I attract are losers, like Tom, or bigheads like Q. Everyone has dating disasters.

It's not like I mind that my ditzy, air-headed sister has managed to find herself a decent boyfriend before me. I get better marks than her anyway.

It's not like I feel rejected everytime Alfie rings and the call is for Rowan, not me. We see each other at college. We don't need to talk for hours on end in the evenings too.

It's not like I'm jealous. Honest.