Return to the Namikaze 2: The Next Generation

Chapter 1: The Last of the Ghosts

Naruto Namikaze, the 6th Hokage of the village hidden in the Leaves sat in his office trying to solve the problems of the past week. The main problem facing the village now was rebuilding from the Akimichi attack. Before the ANBU had been able to contain the enemy they had knocked out power and water to half the village. Lucky they hadn't done anything to the water supply but the food was a different story. The Akimichi clan owned ¼ of the farm land the village used for its food supply. With those now gone there will be a food shortage in the outlining villages that depended on his village and their huge fields for food.

"Well at least Itachi is out of my hair" thought Naruto as he looked down at the reports that he made his and Sakura's daughter, Kushina Namikaze and Sasuke's and Ino's son Fugaku Uchiha. "This Black Sharingan of Fugaku's has me worried. We have no idea what it can do and if it will hurt Fugaku to use it."

"Naruto-kun" said a sweet voice as Naruto looked up to see his wife of 13 years standing their dressed in a pair of pants with a white top, and her jacket with the pink flames around the bottom edge like the Fourth's.

"What is it Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto

"Don't you remember what day it is?" asked Sakura as Naruto started to run through dates in his head. It wasn't their wedding because that was in June, it was the autumn. Her birthday wasn't for another few months. Then he looked at the calendar on the edge of his desk. October 10.

"So, it's my birthday." said sadly Naruto as he looked back down as Sakura walked over to the man she loves.

"Naruto-kun, I know that this day hurts you but you have to give the speech to open the festival celebrating the defeating of the Kyuubi." Said Sakura

"I still don't like the fact that they call it that." Kyuubi growled as he appeared next to Naruto. "I only came here because I thought your village killed my mate."

"You're preaching to the converted." said Naruto as he rolled his eyes as he pulled out a clean sheet of paper. "I better get writing that speech then."

"Don't bother, I to wrote it for you a few days ago." Said Sakura as she pulled out the paper and handed it to her husband who quickly looked it over.

"This is good, sometimes it is scary how well you know me." said Naruto

"Well now that that's out of the way, we have a few hours before you have to be anywhere." said Sakura as she sat in her husband's lap. Their forehead touched each other as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"So my vixen wants to play?" whispered Naruto as the Kyuubi headed toward the door locking it before he disappeared.

"You know I do." said Sakura with a soft growl into his ear.

"Now who am I to deny my wife and mate what she wants?" said Naruto as he caught her lips with his.

"So how are you doing Kushina?" Lys Uchiha asked as she sat with her best friend at their favourite food stand, Ichiraku Ramen.

"You know but could be better could be worst." replied Kushina

"So what did you get your dad for his birthday?" asked Lys

"We have something planned but you know my dad never really liked this day, with the whole story about how my grandparents died on this day." said Kushina

"Yeah, our clans have had a troubled past but at least we have a good looking future for us." said Lys as the street lights for the festival started to turn on.

"You got that right, next month we may be heading to the chuunin exams and that will be fun." said Kushina with a huge smile as she looked at her friend.

"You know Kushina only you would be happy about the thought of an exam where you could die." Lys replied while rolling her eyes, once she was looking in the other direction her eyes widened and she flipped her blonde pony tail with black ending over her shoulder. "Hello there Kib-kun"

Kushina looked over her shoulder to see the prodigy of the Inuzuka clan, the son of Kiba and Hinata Inuzuka, Kib Inuzuka. "Hello Lys" said Kib as he just kept walking and Lys followed him with her blue eyes.

"You know sometimes you can be really shallow." Said Kushina

"I am not! I know you love my brother and all but admit it Kib is hot." Said Lys

"I don't like Fugaku that way." said Kushina as her inner self kept yelling out her love for Fugaku Uchiha.

"Sure" said Lys as she rolled her eyes. "So now that you have that golden Rasengan thing you're almost unstoppable."

"No I am not, that thing almost killed me." said Kushina as she looked at the bandages that were still wrapped from her elbow to palm. "Mom said that if I had done even one more shadow clone I would have pushed my chakra too far and beyond the point of recovery."

"Well I don't think a move that powerful will be needed often." said Lys as they finished her meal. "Well we better get going your Dad is going to give his speech marking the 33rd anniversary of the village defeating the Kyuubi."

"You know you really shouldn't call it that all he was tricked." Said Kushina as they made their way toward the Hokage tower where the Hokage always gave the speech marking the event already seeing Naruto standing there, Sakura was behind him with the Council.

"Welcome everyone to the 33rd annual festival of the village defeating the Kyuubi, stopped it from destroying or home and taking our loved ones. Even though we now know that the Kyuubi was tricked into coming here and now he and the other demon foxes are our village ally. So why do we still celebrate this day. We celebrate to remember those who we lost that day; every single villager, ninja and our Hokage at the time, my father Minato Namikaze." Said Naruto as a small tear ran down his check. "But since that day we have rebuilt from two sound invasions and now we are rebuilding from an attack from within when members of the Akimichi clan tried to destroy the Uchiha clan and my own. Now we can't hold grudges at those who did nothing wrong. Please do not hate them, hate only leads to suffering. I should know I was hated growing up because I had the Kyuubi we all hated sealed within me and now I am your Hokage." Suddenly there was a huge cheer and applause came from the crowd as a smile crossed Naruto's face. "So please remember do not blame someone because of something out of their control and now enjoy the party." With that fireworks shot up into the air.

"Nice speech Naruto-kun." said Sakura as she kissed her husband before they left the Hokage tower roof. "The kids are planning to give you their gifts tomorrow, now I believe we need to go meet the old gang."

"Yes we do." Said Naruto as both of them disappeared.

"Is everything ready Sasuke-kun?" asked Ino as she looked at her husband as they stood in the inner courtyard of the main Uchiha house.

"Yeah, but Ino-Chan you don't have to do this." said Sasuke as he looked at his wife.

"Yes, I do. We need to get past this and remove the last ghost from our past Sasuke-kun." said Ino as Sasuke lowered his head. "I understand but still I am worried."

"Don't worry about me." said Ino as she placed a hand on her husband's cheek before kissing him.

"All right then." said Sasuke as he started to run through hand signs. Slowly a dark mist gathered in front of them. Soon the mist started to take the form of a man wearing a red uniform with plate armor in certain places. He had brown hair and spiral marks on his cheeks.

"What happened?" asked the man

"Hello Chouji." said Ino as the man looked at the woman dressed in black pants, with a purple shirt.

"Ino?" asked the 20 year old Chouji

"Yes it me." Said Ino as Chouji looked around. He saw a man dressed in the white robes of the Hyuuga clan, his dark hair framing his white eyes standing next to him was a woman also dress in the tradition dress of Hyuuga woman only her hair us up in a bun.

"Neji, Tenten?" asked Chouji

"Yes, it's us." Said Tenten as Chouji's head kept turning next he saw a blonde hair woman with a fan on her back standing next to her was a black haired man with a cigarette in his month.

"Temari, Shikamaru?"

"Yes old friend" Said Shikamaru, next came a blonde hair man and a pink haired woman.

"Naruto, Sakura?" asked Chouji

"Welcome back." said Naruto next Chouji saw Hinata and Kiba and then Lee stood still dressed in his green training uniform. Shino was leaning up against a far wall. Finally his eyes came to rest on a black haired man, standing next to Ino.

"Uchiha you snake." Growled Chouji as anger flashed in Ino's eyes.

"Chouji, don't say that again or I will send you back." said Ino as she glared at her old teammate

"Back where?" Chouji asked confused.

"To the world of the dead, Sasuke brought you back. You have been dead for 14 years my friend." said Shikamaru "A lot has changed."

"I have been dead for 14 years." Chouji asked stunned.

"You still are dead, only brought back for 24 hours or until I decide to send you back whichever comes first." said Sasuke as he noticed a small tic in Ino's eye. "Ino is upset, she always does that when she is upset." thought Sasuke and thanks to years of being with Ino he knew how to calm her down. He pleased his arm across her shoulders and his hand came to rest of her far shoulder. Right away Ino's eye stopped the tic.

"Get away from Ino-chan!" yelled Chouji as Ino rubbed her temples trying to stop the oncoming headache, however just then the backyard door slide opening causing everyone to turn their heads towards it. Only to see a 12 year old boy dressed like Sasuke was when he was a genin only with a sword across his back and his hair. Instead of the all black hair of Sasuke he had blond high lights running through it.

"Fugaku I thought you were at the festival." Said Sasuke

"I am sorry father; I forgot something and had to come back." said the boy

"That's fine, come here there is someone I would like you to meet." said Ino as the boy walked and stood in front of Ino and Sasuke. "Chouji I would like you to meet mine and Sasuke's eldest child, Fugaku."

Chouji just stood there wide eyed as he looked at the boy everything screamed Sasuke but somehow he could see just that little bit of Ino in those Dark eyes. "Your….son?"

"Yes. Fugaku this is mine and Shikamaru's old teammate that I killed when he tried to kill your father." Said Ino

"So this is Chouji Akimichi." said Fugaku as he glared at Chouji with the Uchiha Glare.

"Yes, he is, now why don't you head back into the village and have some fun." said Sasuke as Fugaku nodded his head before leaving.

"So you and the Uchiha had a child." said Chouji as Ino rubbed her temples again.

"Chouji, call Sasuke by his name not Uchiha…I am an Uchiha so are our five kids." Said Ino "Now tell us why, why did you try to kill Sasuke, why did you force me to kill you."

"You killed me?" asked Chouji as he looked at his teammate.

"You where dressed in black with a kunai in your hand waiting for Sasuke to walk out of the bathroom in our house. Yes, I killed you." said Ino

"Why? I was only trying to protect you from him!" yelled Chouji as he pointed a finger at Sasuke.

"You know Chouji, you and your father's hatred of Sasuke destroyed your clan." said Shikamaru as Chouji turned his head to look at him.


"A week ago, your father and clan tried to kill Sasuke's and Ino's family along with mine and Naruto-kun's" said Sakura

"As Hokage, I had no choice. I ordered the ANBU to restore order to the village. Most of your clan was killed, your dad killed himself in an ANBU jail." said Naruto "Although I will admit I am not sorry that he is gone, he threatened our kids."

"Now Chouji we have things to talk about." said Ino

I welcome you all back to this story and I hope you liked the first chapter. Now I will be slower on updating because I have to prepare for college. I thank you all but most of all, my editor SuperN.