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Chapter 39 The Sands of Time

"We are so old." said Naruto as he, Sakura and the rest of the parents all sat at one large table. He was slapped in the back of the head by his wife. "Ouch, but you are still as beautiful as ever Sakura-chan."

"Sometimes I still wonder how you became Hokage, dupe." said Sasuke as he drank some more as the music kept playing.

"Hay we may be older but who wouldn't want to see this." said Ino as she gusted her head toward the dance floor.

Naruto looked at the floor where the now 22 year old Altair Namikaze danced with Yuki Inuzuki wait Yuki Namikaze. Naruto smiled at the sight of Yuki nuzzling up against her new husband's chest. Next to the newly weds danced Altair's twin brother Minuto with has fiancée Teruho Nara. Their wedding was in a few more months.

"Yep almost all the kids are out on there own." said Naruto while thinking "Well not really Altair and Yuki are living in the house on the right and Altair and Teruho already live to the left."

At a nearby table 18 year old Saaya Namikaze just looked out at her brothers and their friends dance. "When will this song be done, I want to get out there."

"Just hold your horses Saaya." said Rei Uchiha

"What if I don't want to?" asked Saaya as there boyfriends looked at each other knowing that one of their stupid fights was coming on fast.

Back at the parent table Naruto and Sakura felt a pair of arms around them as their eldest daughter's face began between them. "Hay, mom hay dad."

"What's up, sweaty?" asked Sakura as Fugaku in his normal Jonnin outfit appeared behind her. Kushina stood up and turned around to show the Uchiha sign that was now on the back of her white coat.

"Just telling you that my husband finally got back." said Kushina

"What took you so long, son. It was a simple C ranked mission?" asked Sasuke

"First the builder took longer to build his bridge, then on my way back two of my students broke their legs when the tree branch they where on broke so I had to keep it slower then I would like." said Fugaku before looking at Naruto. "I am sorry I missed your sons wedding sir."

"Fugaku, first I am your godfather, secondly you have been married to my daughter for three years." said Naruto

"Also he is the father of your first grandkid." Said Kushina as Naruto's, Sakura's, Sasuke's and Ino's eyes widened as they looked at Kushina's grinning face.

"Are you serious?" asked Naruto as Kushina nodded her head before Naruto smiled as Sakura and Ino went to talk to Kushina.

"So when did you find out son?" asked Sasuke as Fugaku sat down in between his father and father in law.

"About ten minutes ago. I don't know if I am ready to be a dad." said Fugaku

"No one ever is." Said Sasuke

"Don't worry I am sure you two will be great parents." Said Naruto as Lys and her husband Kib walked up.

"Hay brother what took you so long?" asked Lys.

"I have had an interesting day." Said Fugaku

"Interesting? You never call anything interesting, so what happened?" asked Kib

"I found out that I am going to be a father." said Fugaku as both Lys's and Kib's eyes widened.

"Really?" asked Lys

"Go ask Kushina if you don't believe me." said Fugaku as Lys ran off.

"You a dad, what a horrifying thought." said Kib with a grin.

"Not as horrifying idea as you being a dad, when ever that day comes." said Fugaku as he grinned at his brother-in-law/best friend.

Meanwhile Sakura, Kushina, Ino, Lys returned to the group. "So Dad what do you think about becoming a grandpa."

"Well now it is official we are old." said Naruto

"Just because your going to be a grandfather doesn't make you that old dad." said Kushina.

"No it's not that, I found a grey hair yesterday." said Naruto as everyone broke out laughing.

Many years later Naruto sat at his desk in the Namikaze records. His old hands placed down his pen as he closed the book. "How are you doing Dad?" asked Minuto as he appeared in the door. Naruto looked up at his 50 year old son through the pair of glasses he was forced to wear in his old age.

"I'm fine son, how is everyone else doing?"

"Everyone is fine, Father" said Minuto as Naruto took reached for his cane. Altair came in to help his dad but Naruto waved him off.

"I may be in my 80's son but I was the Hokage for 50 years." said Naruto as he stood up his cane in hand.

"Just trying to help father." said Minuto with a smile.

"I know, and thanks for putting up with an old man like me." said Naruto as Minuto shook his head.

"Dad, it's no trouble." said Minuto as Naruto started to walk toward the door.

"I'll be back before supper." said Naruto

"Good, because Yuki is making romen." said Minuto as Naruto disappeared down the hallway. He walked pass into the central court yard only to see his grandkids training and one of his youngest great-grandkid was sleeping in his mother's arms. He looked toward the village; it had grown a lot over the years. Even though his eyesight had gone done during the years he could still make out the stone faces on the mountain side. Only this time his face wasn't the last one in the line up next to his stone face was the face of the new Hokage, his eldest grandchild, the first person to know both the Chordi and the Rasengan AthrunUchiha. He smiled as he kept walking until he came to a small stone building. Slowly he opened the door to the structure. Only to see one long hallway with stones sides. He closed the wooden door behind in and proceeded down the hallway until he found what he was looking for.

"Hay, Sakura-chan." said Naruto weakly as he looked at the stone wall. There engraved into the stone were the words "Sakura Namikaze" along with her birth date and the day she left this earth as she slept in Naruto's arms almost a year ago. Naruto placed his hand on Sakura's name plate just looking at the Photo of her above it. He looked to his right and saw the open spot that was saved for him, when he left to join Sakura. Then next came his mother and Father before going down the line. "I miss you so much Sakura-chan." said Naruto with tears in his eyes.

"You will be with your mate soon, kit." said Kyuubi as he appeared next to Naruto

"I would never had believed that I would outlast all of them." said Naruto as he remembered he was the last one of his ninja class still alive "It seams just like yesterday that we where all sitting together in the class room listening to Iruka-sensie lesson but now everyone of them is gone."

"Everyone has their own time, not even a demon lord can change when some ones time is up." said Kyuubi "Truth be told it is kind of surprising that you as still as strong as you all. You did grow up eating that Romen all the time."

"Maybe romen are the secret to a long life." Naruto laughed as the Kyuubi shook his head.

"Maybe kit, but they still taste horrible." Said Kyuubi

"Kyuubi can you leave me with Sakura-chan, please." said Naruto

"Of course I have to go prepare for what you would call Mai's wedding to Saito." said Kyuubi as he disappeared in a flash of fire.

Later that night Naruto as laid on his side in his bed, his eyes hand just began to close when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. "Naruto-kun." said a soft voice into his ear.

"Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto as Sakura's hand disappeared as a ghostly image of Sakura appeared in Naruto's across from him in the spot she would always sleep. A strand of her bright Pink hair hung between her green eyes. She whore a red top with a pair of tan pants. She looked just like she did when she was in her 20's. "Please tell me this isn't a dream?"

Sakura smiled and shook her head. "No, you baka I am here, your not dreaming."

"But your dead." said Naruto weakly.

"Hate to tell you Naruto-kun, but your dieing right now." said Sakura with tears in her eyes Naruto reached out and touched Sakura's transparent cheek, whipping away the tears.

"It's ok, Sakura-chan if I end up with you even death is fine by me." said Naruto as Sakura smiled before tears formed in Naruto's eyes. "I've missed you….so much."

"And I have missed, don't worry I will never leave you again." Said Sakura as her hand went over Naruto's

"I am so sorry Sakura-chan. I should have been able to protect you." said Naruto his hurt and pain in voice.

"Naruto you have nothing to say sorry for. I died at peace in the warm arms of the man I love. They let me come back to be with you. Your parents and the others are really looking forward to seeing you again, even Sasuke." said Sakura as Naruto smiled.

"Good to hear that Sasuke made it up there, who else am I going to spar with up there." said Naruto as Sakura became more solid looking as his heart started to slow down a little more. "I love you Sakura-chan."

"I love you too Naruto-Kun." said Sakura as she placed her hand on Naruto's check.

"Sakura-chan, does it hurt?" asked Naruto weakly as Sakura started to cry as she watched her husband die right in front of her.

"No of course not Naruto. It's like going to sleep. One moment you close your eyes and when you open them again you are in a different place and a different body." said Sakura as she became fully solid and the background started to fade.

"Sakura-chan, my joints aren't hurting anymore." Whispered Naruto

"Rest now it will be soon be over and we can spend the rest of eternity together." said Sakura as Naruto's skin started to change to the way they did when they were married.

"Sounds perfect." said Naruto as Sakura noticed Naruto's muscles coming back and his hair turned from its grey back to the golden blonde.

"It is." said Sakura as she put her hands around Naruto's neck pulling herself to her husband as Naruto's old sleeping clothes where replaced with a black pair of pants and orange shirt. Everyone that used to be in his bed room had long since disappeared replaced with pure whiteness. Sakura felt the movement stop they had reached it.

"Sakura-chan, how do we know when we made it." asked Naruto sounding just like he did when they where married. Sakura just smiled.

"Open your eyes and take a look." said Sakura as Naruto's blue eyes opened only to close them again because Sakura kissed him so deeply. When they appeared there was only one thing Sakura could say as she nuzzled into her husband's chest. "Welcome to Heaven, Naruto-kun."

Back on Earth Kyuubi lowered his head as he sat beside Naruto's lifeless body. "You earned it Kit." said Kyuubi "I'll watch over your clan and your village for you, so until we meet again kit." With that he disappeared.

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