Setting Havoc on the World

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but I do own the two OCs in this story, Eclipse & Havoc/Saphy. With that said, please enjoy.


"Heheheh. Wake up my little creation. It's time for you to wreck havoc and chaos on this planet, but of course you'll also collect those six remaining Chaos Emeralds that are out there. Now awaken! Havoc Sapphire!" Eggman had a wide, evil grin on his face as he held out his arms at his sides while staring at the large glass creation chamber that was filled with a glowing green liquid and red lightning sparking around a black and dark silver creature that was curled up into a ball. The creatures eyes shot open then, revealing their crimson red color, and the glass container began to crack until it finally bursted, unable to handle the intense sparks of lightning that this new creation was producing.

The creature fell to the floor below a few feet away from Dr. Eggman before slowly pushing themselves up onto their feet. As the creature did, bat wings unfurled themselves from behind them while the liquid dripped off of their quills and clothes. When they lifted their head up, it was revealed that Eggman's newest creation was a female hybrid. By mixing the DNA of both Bat and Hedgehog, the evil scientist created a new creature; a Hedgebat.

Her crimson eyes had an intense look in them that contrasted perfectly with her black coat, which had dark silver markings on her arms like Shadow's red and her quills were a mixture of dark silver and cloud grey. Her back quills were waist and in a wild, wavy fashion while four smaller quills were spiked in the front as bangs. Her attire consisted of the same kind of jet boots as Shadow's only midnight blue and intense dark violet instead, slightly baggy blue jeans, a red sleeveless shirt that showed a bit of her midrift, and silver fingerless gloves. This was Havoc Sapphire.

Where Eggman had gotten the Bat DNA was unknown, but the Hedgehog DNA had come from Shadow himself, thus the ever so faint similarity between them in one or two ways. Seeing his latest creation standing before him though, caused the Dr. to grin even more before if that was actually possible. Because Shadow had betrayed him, he decided to make his own creation. One that was better than what his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik had when he created Shadow, the Ultimate Creation. The one before Eggman though, was his own Ultimate Creation and he couldn't have been more proud with how his work looked. She was truly an amazing sight to behold.

"This is too perfect. There isn't a single flaw in your design. I'll make Shadow regret ever betraying me. Heh. Sonic and his goody friends won't know what hit them. Havoc, go and search for the six remaining Chaos Emeralds out there. Wreck some destruction on this stupid planet while you're at it though. Strike fear into their very hearts!" The Hedgebat stared up at her creator in silence for only a moment before she smirked, revealing the tip of a top fang. "It will be my pleasure. After all, wrecking destruction is what I do best. After all, namesake is based off of it." With this said, Havoc raced off, being just as fast on her feet as her 'older brother', Shadow.

Once outside of Eggman's base, she glanced around her, loving the sight before her, but mainly the open blue skies that stretched out endlessly. A dark, mystievious smirk played onto her lips once more as her black bat wings extended and she took off into the skies, laughing in pure maniacal excitement. "Time for a little fun! Hahaha!"

Unknown to her, standing on the cliff edge in the distance, watching the Hedgebat fly off, a silver Echidna with fiery red eyes, black spike gloves, and black, dark forest green, and dark teal sneakers similar to Knuckles', though a different color, was seen. His eyes narrowed fiercely for a moment before he turned around and walked off, heading back into the shadows of the vast forest.

How will the world fair with this new evil that's been unleashed upon it? Will Sonic and his friends beable to stop her? And just who is this mystierious silver Echidna? All will eventually be revealed in time.

To be continued.

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