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Ch: 6

"Damn it...We've already lost two Chaos Emeralds to Dr. Eggman and he had already had one to begin with...It's all that new creation of his' fault."

The sound of this ranting belonged to a red echidna that was none other than Knuckles. Of course he had left Sonic and the others in the hopes of finding the location of another Chaos Emerald on his own before returning back to his friends. After all, they had all thought it was best to split up so that they could cover more ground at a quicker pace. Knuckles of course ended up covering a mountain range, which held a river at its base.

As he searched around though, he halted as he spotted something on the bank of the river further up ahead. It looked to be a body. Becoming both alarmed and curious, the red echidna hurried over to whatever it was. Upon arriving though, he skidded to a sudden halt as his eyes widened in surprise before panic suddenly crossed over onto his features.

"H-Hey there! Are you ok? Wake up!" Kneeling down, Knuckles pulled the body further up onto the bank, laying them down onto the soft grass before turning them over so that they were laying on their back. When he had done that though, he found himself blushing a bit despite the situation at hand. The creature before him was a beautiful young mobian. Her appearance reminded him of their newest enemy, Havoc, but this one's colors were completely different and she looked slightly younger than that black and dark silver hedgebat as well.

Forcing himself to snap out of it, he quickly worked on trying to wake the younger mobian up by giving her CPR and attempting to get any possible water out of her lungs that she might've taken in. After a moment or so of doing this repeatedly, the mysterious hedgebat coughed up some water and groaned softly before slowly opening up her eyes to reveal their deep sapphire color. "Who...?"

"Uh hey...You're awake now. That's a relief. For a second there I thought I wasn't doing it right...The name's Knuckles...Who are you?...And what were ya doing in the river?" Knuckles held a curious look to his features as he spoke, but it was his curiosity that was the only thing that kept him distracted and not to blush at the sight of those sapphire eyes of hers...He had never seen such a deep blue before as far as eye color went.

" I?" The young hedgebat slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position and tilted her head down a bit as she thought for a moment. "...Saphy...My name's Saphy...I don't know what I was doing in the river though...I can't remember anything but my name...And this explosion that I think I was caught in...I'm not sure though...Everything is so fuzzy and all."

"...An explosion?...And ya say your name's Saphy?" Knuckles then nodded his head and rose back up onto his feet before holding his spike gloved hand out to the younger mobian that was still seated on the ground. "Come on...You can stay with me. I'll try to help ya recover your memories and I'm sure that my friends will try to help as well, ok?"

Saphy stared up at Knuckles in confusion towards why he was being so nice to her, but then nodded her head a tiny bit as she reached up and grasped onto his hand as she was helped up onto her feet. As she stood though, it was even easier to see that she was a little bit shorter than Knuckles and also had a more slender, yet petite build to her in comparison to his more muscular build.

"Come on...I'll take ya back to Station Square. We'll wait for the others at Tails' place since it's closest to our position from which direction we'll be coming in through the place." With that, Knuckles kept a gentle hold on Saphy's hand with his own as he walked off with the young mobian falling into step right next to him.

As they finally made it to their destination at not only Station Square, but Tails' place, it surprisingly wasn't very long before Sonic and the rest of the gang arrived back. Of course when they stepped into the living room, they suddenly halted at the sight of the girl sitting next to Knuckles. They didn't know who this girl was and she had a scary resemblance towards Havoc. One that made them almost uncomfortable. "Knux...Who is this girl?"

Knuckles perked a bit at Sonic's voice and turned his attention onto his friends before standing up and directing his attention down on her. "This is Saphy. I found her washed up on the bank of the river at the mountain base unconscious. She doesn't remember anything except for her own name and then this explosion that she mentioned being caught in."

Now it was Tails' turn to have his attention grabbed as he walked over to the girl and studied her closely. "Strange...You say she doesn't have any memories?...Maybe that explosion she was caught in had caused her to aquire amnesia." However, it was then that the pouch attached to his hip began to glow brightly. "Wh-Wha-?"

Hastily opening up the pouch, the twin-tailed fox took out what was inside, which happened to be the green Chaos Emerald that he held in his possession. As Tails held the emerald out in front of him while it rested in the palm of his hand, a second bright glow emitted from Saphy herself. Upon closer speculation, the glow appeared to be coming from directly in the middle of the young hedgebat's chest; the purple glow shaping itself into that of an emerald. This of course caused everyone's eyes to widen in both surprise and alarm as the saw this. Wasn't the purple Chaos Emerald the one that Havoc took from Team Chaotix?

At realizing this, both Tails and Knuckles jumped away from Saphy and got into a fighting stance just like the others did as Sonic glared at her. "Just who are you really? Why do you have a Chaos Emerald that was in Eggman's possession inside of you?...You're one of his experiments, aren't you? You look just like Havoc!" Sonic kept his guard up and never took his eyes off of the mobian that sat there on the sofa with a confused look on her features. He wasn't about to fall for this innocent act. Not this time nor any other time ever again.

Saphy watched as they all seemed to be tense around her now and the way they were looking at her in such a manner was actually making her not only nervous, but a bit upset too. Had she done something wrong? When the blue hedgehog demanded these questions towards her though, she glanced down at her chest and spotted the glow. "...A Chaos Emerald inside of me?...Eggman?...Havoc?...E-Experiment?" As she asked herself all of this, a sharp pain suddenly shot through her skull and she quickly lifted her hands up as she gripped onto the sides of her head, shifting her light and dark lavender mixtured quills in the process. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut in pain as images rapidly flashed around in her mind before her eyes finally shot open and she gasped for breath, whimpering softly in pain from all of this.

Knuckles blinked slightly in surprise towards this and took a hesitant step forward, wondering if she was ok. She really didn't seem bad even if she was possibly another creation of Eggman's. However, Sonic's yelling for him not to go near her had caused him to stop in his tracks even though he really did want to see if the younger mobian was alright. "Uh...H-Hey...Are you ok Saphy?" "If that's her real name." Knuckle shot an irritated look towards Sonic, letting him know that his remark wasn't need nor was it helping matters either.

Once the pain was gone from her head, Saphy lifted it again and glanced around the room, bringing her gaze onto each of the mobians that were there in the room; Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Amy, Eclipse and finally Knuckles. "...My name really is Saphy...I didn't lie about that...But Sonic is right...I'm the latest creation of Dr. Eggman's." This caused everyone to immediately be on guard and ready to fight, but the sight of this happening only caused Saphy to sighed to herself and shake her head. "...I'm not going to attack...I may be a creation of Eggman's, but during my creation, something went wrong before I could awaken...There was an explosion in the lab due to an overload of power and both my unawakened self and Havoc were caught in the explosion...The body that I had been supposed to originally be born in never made it and instead, Havoc seemed to have...split in two, I guess you could say."

As they listened to this, Tails took a step forward and finally spoke up as he was actually rather curious about all of this. "So you mean to say that the explosion had caused a chemical reaction of some kind and the result was Havoc splitting into two separate bodies? Havoc is still the embodiment of evil, but the explosion had caused you to be born like this;...the complete opposite of Havoc Sapphire?...That would explain your name and also why you look so much like her...But what about the Chaos Emerald inside your chest?"

Saphy glanced down at her chest once again and then lifted her hands in front of her, just a little ways away from her chest with her palms facing it. A glow then began to emit itself once again and as she slowly pulled her hands further back and away from her chest, the purple Chaos Emerald appeared out of her body and was now floating in the palms of her hands. "...This was the emerald that Eggman had used as an energy source for my birth along with many thousands of volts of blue lightning. I guess that when Havoc had split into two separate entities, my body had absorbed the purple Chaos Emerald before the explosion had caused me to be blasted through a hole it created in the lab and I was sent plummeting out of the sky."

"...So that's how you ended up at the bank unconscious...You fell out of Eggman's ship as he was passing over it!"

Saphy nodded her head towards Knuckles realization, but then sighed to herself once more. "I'm sorry if none of you trust me right now because of what I am, but I promise you, I'm not evil...I don't even want to be evil. I'm too pure hearted to pull off anything that Havoc or Eggman would do...So please don't send me away."

The other mobians seemed to give one another slightly uneasy stares, but then Knuckles walked over to her side once again and took a seat next to her. "Well, I don't know about the others, but I'm gonna believe you." "Only because ya like her Knux." "That has nothing ta do with it Sonic so shut up."

Shadow had actually been the second to step forward, followed by Tails. "...I sense no evil intentions from her Sonic...I suggest we trust her...She could be of help to us in defeating Dr. Eggman and Havoc."

"I'm going to trust her too...She seems really nice and I could tell that she was telling us the truth."

Sonic was silent for a moment, but then turned his gaze onto Eclipse, who was standing off to the side and slightly behind him. "What do ya think Eclipse? Was there anything in the future you saw in whether she's one of the good guys or not?"

Eclipse's crimson eyes were narrowed in concentration as he studied her, but then shook his head and drifted his gaze onto Sonic. "This is strange...The future I saw where Havoc rules, there is no sign of this hedgebat before us. She was never created, thus she never existed...If she is here right now though, that means this time has already changed from what I saw...Her existence alone might have an effect on the future, though whether it'll be a good or bad effect, I'm not entirely certain...I believe it'll be up to her, I think."

Sonic allowed all of this to register carefully in his head before finally bringing his gaze onto Saphy once again. Narrowing his emerald green eyes towards her, he finally sighed to himself and closed his eyes. "Alright...We'll trust her...But Knux...You're the one that's gonna take care of her and never leave her side, got it? I don't wanna take any chances just in case something were ta happen."

Knuckles merely nodded his head and drifted his gaze back onto Saphy as she took had turned her attention onto him. Seeing those sapphire depths lock with his own violet ones caused him to blush faintly before snapping out of it. "C-Come on then...I'll show you where you can rest since I'm sure you're tired and all." With that, Knuckles grabbed her hand as he helped her to stand up before leading her to the stairs and heading up them to show her to the room she'd be sleeping in for now since he was actually staying with Tails himself while Shadow, Sonic, Amy, and Eclipse had their own places, though Eclipse was staying with Sonic for the time being.

As Knuckles lead her away though, the others couldn't help but silently wonder just what sort of effect Saphy would have on their future.

Only time will tell.

To be continued.

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