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If Love Is All We Have

~Chapter One~
"Twenty Minutes That Changed Their World"

Central Perk was nearly empty on the sunny Saturday afternoon. The sun shone through the large picture window, illuminating the varnished wooden tables, and casting a warm glow onto the room. Monica sat on the large, overstuffed, orange sofa, absently clicking her teeth with the top of her ballpoint pen. She gazed lazily at the crossword puzzle in her hand. The silence that filled the air was broken when the front door opened, and Monica's boyfriend sauntered in, and plopped down next to her, planting a short, but sweet kiss on her crimson lips.
"Sure is quiet in here," Chandler observed, as he scanned the room, and nodded at Gunther, the white-haired shop owner, behind the counter.
"Yeah," Monica replied absently.
"Are you okay?" Chandler turned his sparkling blue eyes toward his girlfriend, and placed a loving hand on her shoulder.
"Yeah, just a little sleepy," Monica replied, as she set down the paper and pen and snuggled closer to Chandler.
Chandler wrapped his arms around Monica, and for a moment, neither person said a word. It was moments like these that Chandler relished. He could live the rest of his life, just holding her in his arms. He smiled contently. How on Earth did he get so lucky? Who would have ever guessed that ten years of friendship would melt into a love that would last a lifetime? Chandler closed his eyes, and thanked the stars above that he was able to find a life like this one. His thoughts were interrupted when the rest of their friends came storming into the coffeehouse, chattering incessantly about the movie that they had just seen.
"Hey guys," Chandler said, pulling Monica closer to him.
"Hey...What's up...hello," varied replies from their friends.
"How was the movie?" Monica asked, yawning.
"Uh, it was horrible," groaned Rachel, as Phoebe nodded in agreement.
"Nuh-uh, it was AWESOME!" argued Joey
"Yeah, there must have been, like 12 explosions in the last fifteen minutes alone!" Ross said excitedly.
"Sounds great," Monica said sarcastically.
"Yeah it does!" Chandler said, without a hint of sarcasm.
Monica yawned again, and layed her head on Chandler's chest. She stretched slowly, and watched, as the others argued over the semantics of the film.
"Sleepy?" Chandler whispered into her ear, sending chills up her spine, and giving her goosebumps.
"Mmmhmm," She said, and turned to face Chandler. He kissed her softly.
"Me too. Let's go take a nap," Chandler smiled slyly.
"Kay," Monica said.
"We're going," Chandler announced to the group, as he and Monica stood up.
"Yeah, I am getting hungry," Joey said, and stood up.
"Who said anything about food?" Monica said.
"Oh, you don't have to cook, Mon. We'll just order pizza!"
The others nodded in agreement, and stood up to leave. Monica shook her head, and Chandler rolled his eyes.
Sometimes, their friends were just too much.

The group of six stepped out onto the sidewalk, and made their way toward Monica and Chandler's apartment.
Chandler sighed contently, and took Monica's hand in his. She looked at him, and smiled.
As they were turning the corner to the apartment, something caught Chandler's eye. It was a black van, the kind that had no windows. The front side windows were tinted, and the chrome rims were almost too shiny.
But it wasn't the van that caught Chandler's eye. It was the man standing next to the van. Chandler had seen that man before, many many years ago. Chandler had hoped that he would never have to see the man ever again. The large, angry looking man stared at Chandler, as he walked into the building. Chandler tore his eyes away from the man, and made his way up the stairs to his and Monica's apartment. It took everything that he had not to run, screaming from the building. He wanted to get out of New York. Hell, he wanted to get out of the country. But he had been found, and he knew that there was no escape this time.

As soon as Chandler walked into the apartment, he began the search. He knew that his friends would never understand. They had known him for years, and had every reason to believe the lies he had been feeding them.
"Chandler, what the hell are you doing?"
"I'm looking for something," Chandler replied hastily, as he ran his hands underneath the sofa and coffee table.
"What are you looking for?" Monica looked at Chandler quizzically.
Chandler looked at Monica, then realized that there was no way that this apartment could have been bugged.
Monica was a meticulous cleaner, and she would have spotted anything unusual immediately.
Chandler looked at Joey, then back at Monica. His eyes moved back and forth, as he thought carefully.
As much as he hated the thought, Chandler needed to start thinking like...*him*. He never wanted to be associted with those people ever again, but thinking like them was the only way to escape them.
Suddenly, Chandler jolted, his back straightening as he realized something.
"I'll be back," he said, and ran out the door.
The others, overwhelmed with curiosity, followed Chandler. He had gone into Joey and Rachel's apartment,
and was now searching in there.
"What are you doing?" Rachel asked.
"I've only been living across the hall for like, three weeks. It's gotta be here," Chandler said, and the others looked at him like he was totally insane.
"Um, what?" Rachel replied.
Chandler ran his hands over doorframes, under tables, chairs and beds, and pulled apart every light, sconce and telephone in Rachel and Joey's apartment, but found nothing.
"Dammit," he muttered.
"Would you like to tell us just what the hell you are looking for?"
"I can't tell you," Chandler said.
"Can you tell me?" Monica asked, feeling a little panicked at Chandler's sudden odd behavior.
Chandler shook his head.
Monica shot Chandler a glare, and walked out of the apartment, and down the stairs. Chandler followed, knowing that the man was still down on the corner. The others followed Chandler, eager to see him grovel in order to get back into Monica's good graces.
When they got to the street, Chandler looked around frantically, and noticed that the van was gone. He looked at Monica, and took her hands in his.
"Monica, I want to tell you, I really do. But the more you know, the worse off you will be. I don't want you to get hurt." Chandler looked into her eyes as he spoke, and saw a fire burning deep within them.
"Are you kidding me with this? What the hell are you talking about?"
"I wish I could explain. But know this," Chandler took Monica's face in his hands, "No matter what happens, I will always love you, with all my heart."
Monica pulled away from Chandler angrily. She was so confused. Twenty minutes ago, everything was fine, and her life made sense. Now Chandler was acting he had done something horribly wrong. Monica felt nautious. Her face went pale, and she stared at Chandler, trying to find some clue, some explaination for it all. Chandler looked at Monica, and knew that everything was about to change. Twenty minutes ago, he had everything he ever wanted. Now, he was about to lose everything. All because he had gotten too comfortable in the life he had created for himself. Tears welled up in his eyes, as he watched Monica back away from him, a look of hurt and anger crossing her face.
"I am so, so sorry," Chandler croaked.
His friends looked at him accusingly, wondering just what he had done. Thousands of strange thoughts filled their minds, the most prevalent being that he had cheated on her. Up until twenty minutes ago, they would have never entertained such a thought. But now...they couldn't be so sure.

Before anyone could respond to Chandler's apology, the black van re-appeared, speeding down the street.
It stopped suddenly in front of the group of friends. The side door slid open, and a large, ominous-looking man stepped out. Another large man followed. Both were dressed head-to-toe in black, and one had a large club.
The first man grabbed Chandler's arm, and the other whacked him on the back of the head. They threw Chandler into the back of the van, and jumped in after him. The van door slid shut, and the van took off.
The five friends stood dumbfounded, unable to move or speak.
In just twenty minutes, their lives had been turned upside-down.
In just twenty minutes, everything had changed.

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