You turn the corner and see the King laying wounded in the sand hands trying to remove the arrow that's protruding from his shoulder. You draw your sword ready to finish it this plan that has been in place for years.

Marian runs in placing herself between you and the King. Your first instinct is to laugh since she is unarmed. Then you remember who she is, the times you have fought before and just how capable a fighter she is.

She stands her ground as you advance saying she is fighting for England and will not let you do this. What she doesn't understand is you fight for a cause too. You want to regain all the wealth and status your family has lost. Have all that rightfully belongs to you. The sheriff and the Black Knights are the only way to do it.

You have no love for the King she is protecting. This man who so willingly abandoned his people to fight someone else's war doesn't deserve his title. Besides what's one more death after all the lives you've taken to get here? One more and you'll have all you've wanted.

You swing your sword at her trying to get her out of the way but she only looks at you a determined glint in her eyes and says you'll have to kill her first. You pause for a moment stunned. She may have found a way to stop you after all. The idea of hurting her is repulsive so you try to persuade her with words that this is necessary. "We're going to get out of this. I'm going to do this thing and then I will have power beyond measure. We will be together." You can give her everything not just your love which she already has but she will be one of the wealthiest women in all of England if she accepts you and you have every faith that she will.

Her next words stun you further making it hard to breathe. "I would rather die than be with you Guy of Gisbourne." You still completely, lowering your sword. You cannot believe what you are hearing. Cannot bear to because if its true then you have been living in a delusion the past few years and all those smiles everything she has ever said before now were lies. Everything you have risked for her done for nothing. You want to plug your ears blot out her words but she's still talking. "I'm going to marry Robin Hood. I love Robin Hood." You look at her hoping she is lying now but the smile she wears, the happiness in her eyes tells the dreadful truth. Your head spins as reality crashes down as the only hope you had for a happy life, of finding a measure of peace flitters to dust. Those words slice through you like a hundred daggers ripping your heart to tiny pieces. She repeats them and what's left inside you shatters.

You do not really know what happens next. The only thing you remember later is the overwhelming need to somehow stop her words that are slowly killing you. You do not realize what you have done until you hear her cry of pain and look down to see your sword embedded in her stomach. You try to catch her as she falls but the look in her eyes that condemns you makes you back away instead.

You look down at your hands and see the blood on them and a stifled sob escapes. You start to tremble as realization hits. You have killed her. No one can survive that type of wound.

You hear the sheriff's voice from a distance and run towards it eager to get away from what you have done away from what Hood will do to you. As you ride away numbness overtakes you preventing you from thinking about anything other than what has to be done to survive. You can only hope this dead feeling inside you persists.