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Chapter Eight: Revelations

Nevalle's task was to serve as a liaison between Lord Nasher and Raelis. Initially it had been a task that he had been honored to perform, but as time passed and he realized that it meant a whole lot of sitting around and being mocked by anyone who happened to walk by, he began to resent it more and more. The fact that Raelis was making the task difficult by not being some sort of perfect representation of Neverwinter wasn't helping either…

As it was, Nevalle was sitting outside the Neverwinter Nine's tower, weaving little people out of grass. He wasn't very good at it – case in point, rather than having little people, he had a bundle of grass and was poking two particularly long strands together. He was so engrossed in this task that he didn't notice a group of people walk by.

"This is so exciting!" one said, "I can't believe that Lathander has Chosen someone, and she lives so close!"

"I wonder how far along she is! If the baby's half god, does that mean the gestation period will be less or more?"

"The Chosen is a half-elf, right? How can a baby be half human, half elf and half god?" another asked.

"I bet it'll be adorable anyway!" a fourth exclaimed.

I wonder if the Academy offers classes on grass weaving, Nevalle thought, Maybe I should try making baskets instead…

The crowd of 20 passed him by and headed up to the keep, all talking merrily about their religious pilgrimage. And Nevalle continued trying to make a voodoo doll of Sand that he could set on fire.

The path to the Circle of the Mere was not a long one, but it was one crawling with all sorts of undead things. Case in point, Bishop ended up killing an undead ferret that attacked the group. "This is great!" Khelgar said cheerfully. "Now, will we get to be fightin' the druids? 'cause that is a battle I won't want to miss!"

"No we will not," Elanee said curtly. "We will find them, they will give me treats for being a good girl, and we will get their aid against the King of Shadows."

"But… but…"

"It's okay, Tubby," Neeshka said, topping the distraught dwarf's head. "There's plenty of zombies for you to kill. That'll make you feel better."

"Yeah," Khelgar agreed, wiping what he would later claim was a drop of rain water (despite the fact that it clearly wasn't raining, even though the sky was black and cloudy) from his face, "Yeah, that it will, lass."

"You're all crazy," Bishop muttered.

"Speaking of crazy, couldn't help but notice you're here!" Neeshka said cheerfully. The tall tiefling got the ranger in a headlock and started giving him a noogie.

"Get off!"

"You're going to finally confess your love, aren't you! It'll be soooooo cute! And big bad Bishop is gonna be a daddy! Changing diapers! Teaching a kid to walk and talk! Feeding it in the middle of the night! Teaching it to be a good bounty-hunter! It'll be adorable!"

"I hate you," Bishop growled, finally fighting her off.

Neeshka giggled, her tail flicking around playfully. "Aw, don't be ashamed! You had to grow up some time, right?"

"Not that knocking someone up really means 'growing up'," Khelgar muttered.

"Kniiiiiiight Captaaaaaaain," Kana called out, sounding bored, "You have a group of visitors here to see you!"

Raelis excited her bedroom and walked to the throne room. "Hi," she said tentatively, noticing the large group and silently wondering what they were all doing here, "Can I help you?"

"Praise Lathander she is pregnant!" one exclaimed.

An older woman ran over and pressed her hand on Raelis' abdomen. "I'd say she's about four months along, if not more!"

"Closer to five," she said, looking extremely confused.

"Praise and glory to the Morninglord!" a young man screamed.

Kana looked terrified. "Should I summon the guards…?"

Raelis shook her head while still watching the crowd of people that moved closer to rub her belly. "No wonder He chose her," one murmured, "her hair is the same color as the Sun!"

"Who? What?" Raelis asked.

The group, having sufficiently rubbed her stomach, looked at each other. "Well, what do we do now?" one asked.

"We be honored that we have been in the presence of the Chosen and the Child, and we leave being blessed as such," an older man said sternly.

"Please pray for us, Lady Raelis!" a little girl cried.

"Um, okay?" Raelis guessed.

With thank yous and blessings, the group left.

"What just happened?" Raelis asked.

"I have no idea," Kana admitted.

Later that day, Sand finished the rune on his workbench that would set it on fire should anyone use it. Of course, the rune wasn't perfect yet, as even if he used the bench it would explode, but, "Details schmetails!" the elf exclaimed.

His timing couldn't have been better. First Ammon came down the stairs, grumbling about time wasting and eternal torments for bossy paladins. Then Grobnar pranced down the stairs and ran to Construct, rambling about the Wendersnaven. And, lastly, Qara sauntered down the stairs, coming to stand facing him with her arms crossed across her chest.

"Hey Sand, guess what," she said with a smirk.

"Do tell, I'm just dying to know," he replied sarcastically.

"Oh, you'll be dying all right. You know how before I left I didn't know Meteor Swarm?" Qara asked, her fingers twitching in preparation.

Sand wisely backed up and prepared himself.

"Yeah, I totally figured it out while we were gone."

"I did it!" Nevalle exclaimed, the figure of Sand having been made to his satisfaction – there was no way of telling by looking at it that it was Sand, but in Nevalle's heart it was the sarcastic elf. Nevalle pulled out a lighter and set the figure on fire, smiling serenely.

"Now to make Bishop!" he said cheerfully.

Between the magical meteors and the exploding workbench, the entire basement of Crossroad Keep ceased to exist. The Keep itself settled down so that now the throne room was the basement. Between the Construct and an entire horde of summoned demons, the four (or five if you count Construct) party members escaped the rubble with their lives, if not their dignity.

"This is why we can't have nice things!" Raelis screamed at Qara and Sand. Ammon, Grobnar and Construct had hastily run away.

"S/he started it!" Qara and Sand exclaimed together, pointing at each other.

"You're both grounded! Go to your rooms! No dessert for either of you!"

"But I want ice cream!" Qara whined.

"Ooo, they're in trouble! Can I hit 'em?" Khelgar asked as the team made their way back from the druid grove. Elanee looked very depressed for some reason and turned around to go hide in a tree.

"If they don't listen you can!"

Both magic users wisely got up and left.

"Where did the basement go?" Neeshka asked.

Raelis went to sleep that night and woke up much later, feeling strong arms surround her. At first she wasn't sure who it was, but the distinctive scent of the woods gave it away. That and the fact Karnwyr was clearly sleeping at the foot of the bed.

She pushed Bishop off the bed.

"Aw come on, are you still bitter about that?" Bishop protested.

"You get no cuddles," she snapped, pulling the comforter up over her head.

"But I…" then he remembered that his love for cuddling was on the list of things he had admitted to himself but would never admit aloud, and he made himself comfortable on the floor. "Fine. Whatever. I was doing it to help you get over me."

"Oh shut up. You were always the needy one in our relationship."

Bishop snorted. "You keep telling yourself that."

"And apparently it's not your kid anyway," she continued in a mumble, clearly falling back asleep, "I have it on (yawn) good authority that I'm the Chosen of Lathander and giving birth to his child. I'm sure he'll be interested to find that out tomorrow morning during my devotions."


She didn't respond. Karnwyr got up, spun in three circles, and fell back asleep.

Bishop had almost fallen asleep until he heard someone enter the room and get on the bed. He tuned his ears, but the sounds weren't distinctive enough for him to deduce who it was.

After a moment, there was another thump, this time from the other side of the bed. "Oh like hell!" Raelis growled.

"What is that dog doing in here?" Sand asked.

SAND?! Bishop thought in surprise, his eyes widening. He was very, very awake now.

"Number one, he's a wolf, and number two, he didn't blow up half the castle today! Get out!"

"But I'm cold!"

"Try putting out the fire in your workbench! Oh wait, you can't because it's ashes now and buried in 10 feet of rubble! GET OUT!"

"Goodness, no need to shout, these ears aren't just for show you know…"

Bishop fought the urge to growl, his hands clenching. He debated how exactly he was going to kill Sand in his head when he heard the door open again and someone, again, get onto the bed.

What the hell!

"We had a nightmare," Grobnar whimpered.

"Can we sleeps with you?" Deekin asked.

Their answer was a long sigh and a pat.

Oh, okay.

It was time for Operation Kill Smarmy Elf to commence.