Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson

Hey everyone-

This is my first fanfic, so I'm really confused. Can someone tell me how to update and all that stuff? Oh, and how often do people usually add a new chapter to the story? Thanks!

Chapter one


I was born on December 31. Ironic, isn't it? The New Year symbolizes peace and happiness and luck. My birthday just missed that day. Maybe that's why I'm so unlucky.

I was born on the cold wooden floor on my mother's house in Lincoln, Nebraska. I don't remember much about that place- flashes, of light, pictures. The only thing I remember clearly was the sunset. Every day my mother would take me outside in the evening and we would watch the sun lower itself. There were bursts of colors, oranges and pinks and purples.

I always hated water. Our cottage was on the beach.

My very first time swimming, I was a year old. I was in one of those floating baby chairs in the water with my mother.

A simple slipup...

My mother turned her back for a moment. I saw a face in the water.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!"

That was all I knew how to say back then. But I was so excited, rocking around, that the seat turned over.

My father says that he dove instantly into the water. The only thing I remember was blue and green. And sand, and strong hands lifting me out of the water.

I almost drowned that day. My father says that it was a miracle, that Poseidon was watching over me. (My parents believed in Greek myths.)

There was never any extra money. I knew that from the beginning. I never really got any toys, only what we could scrape up. Even so, I knew my parents loved me.

We would get ice cream sometimes. Or we would borrow a movie from a friend and make popcorn. I had a happy young life. But it only lasted for so long.

One year, the year after I turned five, my aunt became sick. She was my mother's sister and although I was told she was not very nice, my mother felt she had to see her.

I remember tugging on my mother's jacket as she was leaving the house.

"Mama, why do you have to go? I want you to stay with me! I don't wanna stay alone! Please?"

She squatted down next to me. "Hey, I'm sorry we have to leave you alone. We'll be back in two days, O.K.? I'll see you real soon."

My dad squatted down next to my mom. "Hey, Squirt, be strong for me, O.K.?"

My lower lip trembled. "O.K., daddy. I'll be strong for you."

They turned around and walked towards the car. That was the last time I ever saw them.