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The next few years of my life passed in the same fashion. I lived with my Uncle, was unhappy most of the time, and I started attending school in Courtlane, the nearest town.

My first day there was disastrous. I was instantly labeled, "the new nerd girl", and everyone whispered about my parent's death and me. I was the main topic for rumors and pranks at first, and my first day was no exception.

I stood at the front of the classroom, looking out into the sea of unfamiliar faces. Pale skinned and tight lipped, the students here were all exceptionally rich. They all seemed to be mini versions of my teacher, Mrs. Opelia.

"Well?" She had snarled. "Tell us something about yourself and go sit in the back row."

I had mumbled, "Something about me?"

"Yes," she had drawled, like speaking to a slow, young child. "Yourself. You. Not anyone else."

Snickers arose from my classmates, And I flushed furiously. Why did I have to act like a bumpkin, on my first day?

"Um, well, my Uncle is Henry Jackson," I offered. Murmurs started spreading. The Henry Jackson? The mean tempered, rich old grouch? Yup. The very same.

"What about your parents?" Stacey Dikten had called.

I flushed again. "They died," I mumbled. The murmurs became louder. Yes, I was an orphan. Go scream it out to the world, why don't you?

The rest of my day passed in the same boring way. People stared. I blushed. People mumbled. I ignored.

On my second day, there was someone in school who I had never seen. She had been sick the day before, and her name was Apple. That wasn't her real name, of course, but she loved apples and ate them all the time.

Now, as I look back, I realize that she was probably a Satyr, sent to guard me from anything that I could see. But I never found out if that was true or not, and I like to think that she was an ordinary human, who happened to be nice. Goodness knows there weren't enough of them there.

But anyway, I liked spending time with Apple. We played together, and she went over to my house once- not a good idea.

We had been friends for a month or two, and I decided to invite herr over. My Uncle had said that I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I left him alone. I figured that we could just spend all our time outdoors, and he would never know.

We accidentally found my Aunt's grave.

And my Uncle.

And he wasn't happy.

"What are you doing here?" He roared.

"I- I was playing with Apple," I stammered. His face softened.

"Very well. Please leave me be." We turned and hightailed it out of those woods as fast as we could.

Apple was still friends with me after that, but I never really got as close to her. We would defend each other from bullies, but we never got much closer.

And so I spent my years unhappy, and alone. Until I finished high school.

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