A/N- I've been reading C. Adrien Cummings' "Drabble a Day" (fabulous, go read it) for a while now, and decided I wanted to write a drabble myself :-) so here it is!


"George!!" Fred called, running into the flat above their joke shop. He was panting hard as he searched the rooms till he found his twin sitting on their couch staring at the muggle television the two had been watching a lot of lately.

Fred clasped a hand over his heart and fell to his knees on the floor, panting harder. He winced in pain. George jumped, startled, from the couch and flew to his brother's side.

"Fred what's wrong? Are you ok?!" George asked frantically.

Fred rolled over to his back, his hand clutching his chest, his face scrunched in agony. "George, come closer…" Fred whispered. George leaned closer over Fred. "Closer…" Fred whispered again. This time George leaned so his face was only inches away from his brother. Fred put his free hand on the back of George's neck and brought him down even closer.

"Fred what is it!?" George whimpered, scared to death.

"I-I… I just," Fred began weakly.

"You what?" George encouraged.

"I just… saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geiko…"

George froze, and all was silent for a moment as a grin slid across Fred's face, erasing his fake pain. He snorted at Georges shocked face. Then George fell on top of him, laughing so hard it hurt.

"You – git!" George chocked out in between massive burst of laughter. He aimed a lazy punch at his brother before collapsing in laughter once again.


Ha-ha stupid, I know, but it had to be done… I just watched the commercial and the idea came to me :P