A/N: Back again

A/N: Back again! This one's a medley of Paramore songs, each one for a different girl. The girls' band, The Blood Blossoms, are then same as they are in my other fic, Stupid Girls, but that's as far as the similarities go. This is how the girls get their guys, through a big concert. Each song will be a chapter, and as I mentioned before they'll all be songs by Paramore.

Well, here we go!


Sakura, Tenten, Temari, and Hinata all lounged in Sakura's living room, bored out of their minds. It was the weekend, but none of them had any idea what to do. Most of their love lives were down the tube, so the girls didn't even think of seeing their boyfriends.

Suddenly, Sakura perked up. "That's it! I've got the perfect solution!" She bounced around like a child on a sugar rush.

"What's it? Have you got the answer to our boredom?" Temari blinked tiredly, still half-asleep.

"No, I've got something even better! A way to not only have fun, but finally get the guys we want, while getting rid of…the unpleasant ones we have now." She scrunched up her nose, thinking of Sasuke, the boy she had thought she loved. Recently, though, he'd been pressing her to go further and further with him, and she didn't like it. Then her mind turned to Naruto, her best guy friend that she'd recently developed a crush on. He was always so nice to her, regardless of how much she had rejected him while crushing on Sasuke...She smirked, knowing exactly the song to sing.

"Oh! B-but…I don't have anyone…" Hinata stuttered, cheeks pink.

"Of course you do! We all know you like Kiba, Hina-chan! You can pick a song to get it through his thick skull that you like him!"

Hinata turned beet red. "Oh no, I c-couldn't…!"

"Yes you could, and you're going to!" Sakura glared scoldingly. "Have some confidence, Hinata…it's obvious you both like each other, but are too shy to do anything about it!"

Hinata just blushed even more, then sighed. "Okay…I'll try…"

"Good!" Sakura sat down smugly. "Any other opinions on the subject?"

"That's…The best freaking idea ever!" Tenten leapt up, glomping the pinkette. "I can finally get Neji-baka to realize his undying love for me!" She pumped a fist, eyes sparkling evilly. All present quickly scooted away from the slightly psychotic brunette.

It was Temari's turn to grin evilly. "And I can flaunt my new boyfriend to the bitch who kept him from me for months!"

"Okay…All three of you, pick your songs and give 'em to me when you're done! We've got to practice; next week at the school dance is the perfect opportunity, and no way in hell are we missing out on it!" All four dispersed, three smirking and one (I'll give you one guess who) smiling slightly, cheeks still pink.

A/N: And first chappie's up! What songs will the girls pick to get their guys? How will the boys react? Will the girls be able to do it all in a week? Will Hinata ever stop blushing? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions?!

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