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The girls all walked off-stage, and Tenten instigated a huge group hug. "That was absolutely exhilarating! Neji so got the message! You're the best, Sakura-chan!!"

Temari grinned. "The looks on Ino and Karin's faces were priceless!"

Hinata smiled. "T-that was great, and I think K-Kiba-kun liked it…"

Sakura smiled. "No…If it wasn't for you guys, none of this would be possible!" She plastered on a big fake smile, but her best friends immediately saw through it.

Tenten frowned, crossing her arms. "What's wrong, Sakura?" When Sakura made to protest, she huffed. "Spill. Now."

Sakura sighed as Temari and even Hinata joined in on the interrogation. "Naruto…he left before the song ended…"

Temari rolled her eyes. "He was probably hightailing it to somewhere to catch you after this crowd clears."

A small glint of hope reappeared in Sakura's eyes. "You think?"

Hinata put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "D-Definitely, Sakura-chan."

Sakura smiled tearily at her best friends. "Aww, you guys are the best!!" She hugged them all tightly, then pulled back. "Now get your asses out there and talk to your men!" She began shoving them all out the exit.

"B-b-but Sakura...!" She shoved them all out, slamming the door abruptly and locking it to cut off all protests.

Turning to head out the fire exit to the outside, Sakura smiled sadly to herself. 'Naruto…Where'd you go?'


Once the three girls got out to the crowds, Hinata found herself abruptly cut off from the others, losing all sense of direction as she bumped into people, finally landing with an 'Oof!' on the ground.

Amidst her panicking, a hand appeared in front of her, offering to help her up. Without thinking she took it, only looking up when she was back on her feet. What – Or rather who – she saw shocked her, and her face immediately turned red. "K-K-Kiba-kun…!"

Said boy grinned sheepishly. "Hey Hinata-chan, I was actually just on my way to see you!"

Hinata looked down at their still interlocked hands and blushed even harder. "R-Really? W-Why?"

At this Kiba blushed as well. "Ah…Um…Well…To tell you how much I liked your song…"

Hinata smiled. "Thank you, K-Kiba-kun."

Kiba looked back at her, and blushed again. "Well, I was also wondering…"

Hinata blinked innocently. "What is it, Kiba-kun?"

"Ah…Well…If you would…Maybe…consider…goingoutwithmethisSaturday??"

Hinata tried in vain to register his quickly spoken words. "Ah…Kiba…Could you maybe repeat that last part…?"

Kiba took a deep breath looking her straight in the eye. "I wanted to know…If you wanted to go out with me this Saturday."

Hinata almost fainted, but fought back the urge and smiled happily. "Of course I do!"


Temari and Tenten stumbled through the crowd blindly, shoved this way and that by the masses of crazy teenagers. They lost poor Hinata already, and Tenten almost screamed when she was pulled away from Temari and face first into a clothed chest.

She felt warm breath on her ear as the person spoke. "Why didn't you just tell me, baka?"

Tenten pulled herself away enough to find herself face to face with Neji, who held her in his arms. Fighting down a blush, she poked his nose irritably. "I made it obvious enough…You were just being incredibly thick-headed."

The Hyuuga frowned. "I am not thick-headed."

She laughed. "Sure you are!"

"I am not—"

"Oh just shut up and kiss me!" She then kissed him, and their silly argument was quickly forgotten.


"-Hinata, Hinata!! Hey Tenten have you seen – Tenten??" Temari whirled around, finding herself alone. "Well damn, I lost both of them!"

"Way to go, troublesome woman." Temari whirled around to look at Shikamaru, who sighed again, hands in pockets.

"Shika!!" She hugged him tightly, only loosening the death grip when he began gasping for air. "Did you like my song??"

"It wasn't terrible…But now you've got that Yamanaka girl out for blood, and that's just –"

"Troublesome, I know…But that bitch has to learn her place!" She pecked him on the cheek. "She's just so –"

Shikamaru cut her off with a kiss. "Stop babbling already, Temari."

She grinned. "Only if you make me, Shikamaru."


Sakura made her way out the back exit, only to stare in shock at the brawl going on between a familiar blonde and Uchiha. As she stared, Naruto landed a solid punch to the Uchiha's jaw, sending the boy flying. "Take that, you cheating bastard! I warned you not to hurt her!"

"Naruto, stop!" Sakura leapt out, standing between Naruto and Sasuke. Lowering her voice, she spoke so only he could hear her. "He's mine." She grinned at him, and recognition glittered in his eyes as he grinned.

Turning, she faced Sasuke, face blank again. Sasuke got up, smirking. "What, you want me back Sa-ku-ra?"

Sakura sauntered up to him, hips swaying tantalizingly. "Oh Sasuke…" She traced his jaw with a single finger, placing her other hand on his chest. Sasuke smirked, wrapping his arms around her waist. "What I want from you is…" Her expression changed dramatically, voice going from flirty to cold with hatred. She took a step back out of his arms. "For you to get the hell out of my life!!" She let fly her infamous right hook straight to his already bruised jaw, and this time the impact knocked him out completely.

Karin suddenly rounded the corner, screeching upon seeing Sasuke unconscious. "You bitch! You hurt Sasuke-kun!" As she continued screaming, Sakura turned to Naruto.

Naruto grinned, wrapping an arm around her waist. "Shall we, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura grinned right back, wrapping her own arm around his waist. "Of course, Naruto!"

The two walked away, Karin's wails fading as the two joined back up with the others to celebrate the beginning of the best damn time of their lives. After all…The girls got their guys.

What else could they possibly ask for?

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