Bella knew she was going to dream...

She knew after seeing him.

Speaking to him.

After Edward said he was going hunting.

After seeing him, so tall, so strong, leaning on a motor bike, the ultimate bad boy dressing in denim and leather. After that she knew she would dream of heat.

She knew even after Edward kissed her good night to go hunting, holding her tight as he dared, holding on to his control as she kissed him back.

Bella felt the cold begin to seep into her bones and she knew she would dream of heat.

Sometimes. Only sometimes when the wet, slushy cold of forks became too much, when the hard marble chill of Edward became too much. When the icy winds blew through the school corridors and through Bella's bones.

Only sometimes Bella dreamed of heat.

Only ever when he hunted. Like her brain clicked on to something a need of something. When she was alone, did Bella unlock the draw she kept him in, kept the heat in.

In her dreams, never in her waking hours, never when Edward was there. Bella thanked her broken brain every time she slipped, she was grateful that he couldn't see in her head.

Heat captured her, held her, ravaged her and did everything Edward could not. That he had to hold back.

Isabella Leda Swan was a good girl, a patient girl. She was waiting, she had to wait. But sometimes, sometimes in her dreams the heat would come...

Bella smiled a Mona Lisa smile as she slipped into sleep.

Bella fell into the darkness, waiting for the heat to come. To feel warm one more time.

Outside in the wet, cold forest a wolf howled.


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Just a little something that popped into my head while I was sitting in a lecture DYING from the DULL, DULL MONOTENY!

Based in between books two and three ish ... there is no real time line just a random ... A look in to Bella's mixed up mind... Short and bitter sweet? A first fic so PLEASE feed me feed back an I will ignore next weeks lecture and write something else!