I had barely finished reading this chapter when I started making this Artemis Fowl fanfic

I had barely finished reading this chapter when I started making this Artemis Fowl fanfic. This proves it. I'm a weirdo.


Artemis Fowl was just exiting the upstairs bathroom when he heard voices coming from the Entrance Hall, which was just down the hallway and at the bottom of the grand stairs. He stopped shaking his hands to get rid of the excess water from washing his hands (his mother had banned everyone - even Butler - from using tissue paper after using the sink. Another one of her methods to 'Save the Trees',) and listened intently, trying to distinguish the voices. It was also then when he discovered that this particular hallway had excellent acoustics and could hear the voices perfectly.

"B-But m-miss, our fuh- father works h-here! Hun- Honestly!" exclaimed a stuttering female voice. She sounded extremely nervous, although Artemis couldn't understand why. The person who answered the door should've only been Miss Book, and she was hardly intimidating.

But Artemis stopped wondering when he heard the next voice speak and smiled.

"Yeah miss, our dad works here!" exclaimed a squeaky male voice that Artemis immediately recognized. The voice was modified slightly to sound more like a human's, but there was no doubt that the voice belonged to No1, his first (and probably last) demon friend.

"I'm sorry you two, but I'm afraid I cannot permit anyone entrance," said Miss Book's voice. "Madame Fowl is extremely ill right now and her sickness is contagious..."

Artemis realized that the woman was sending the demon away. I'm afraid I cannot permit that, Artemis thought as he dashed down the hallway. No1 was his only chance to save his mother in time. He simply could not afford any mistakes now.

He reached downstairs, at the same time beating his own personal speed record, and stopped beside Miss Book, who looked startled to see him.

Artemis, although not completely regaining his breath, gave Miss Book the sternest glare he could muster at that moment.

"I personally invited these two over," Artemis said cooly. "Their father has been a loyal employee for so long that before he left to England, father requested me to invite these two over as a surprise for him. It is so that we could form good relationships with the employees." He nodded briefly at the two children standing outside the house. No1 disguised himself as a human, although he wasn't in the most appropriate of clothing to match the situation at hand. "I'll personally escort these two through the backdoor to meet their father. They won't come into any contact at all with my mother or even go upstairs, so there's no possibility they would encounter the disease."

Artemis glanced apprehensively at the girl who accompanied No1. She was obviously an ordinary human being, maybe about eleven-years-old, wearing one of those anime cosplaying outfits that teenagers were so into these days. Aside from that, she had the most normal of appearances, with brown eyes, black hair, slightly brown skin, and a bit of an asian appearance. Although she had a pretty face, she definitely didn't belong with No1. Artemis began to wonder if she was there because she happened to just spot No1 at the gate of the manor and asked if she could accompany him to see the place first-hand. Knowing No1, he probably said 'yes'. Pansy demon.

The girl and No1 were about to enter the house when Artemis spoke up again. "Although, I think it would be suitable if only - err, Ferdinand came with me." 'Ferdinand' and the girl looked at him, shocked. Artemis stood his ground. "I'm afraid his sister would have to leave." Even a squirell would be able to decipher what he was trying to say. Artemis didn't want to say that the girl was a complete stranger, especially in front of Miss Book. If he did, she would definitely call the police with her cellphone and say a juvinile child was trying to break in.

"Buh- But Artemis, a-aren't I your friend?" the girl asked disappointedly. Artemis wondered how she knew his name. Then again, his name was constantly mentioned on internet sites such as CNN, Google, Yahoo, eoincolfer(dot)com, and Fanfiction(dot)net. There was almost no one in the world who didn't know his name.

The strange girl sighed sadly, bowing her head like her puppy just died. "A-And we even w-went trick-or-treating ah- at one Holly- Halloween party together..."

Artemis froze. What did she say?

"But because you really want to see him..." Artemis said slowly, keeping up a tone of pity in his voice although in his mind he was demanding to know what was going on. "I suppose then, Maria -" He mentally winced as he remembered another pretty girl he met before, a driver who served him once at Spain, "- that you may see your father along with Ferdinand..."

He turned to Miss Book. "Madam, why don't you step outside and breathe some fresh air? I'll return to my mother as soon as I bring these two out so you may have some well-deserved rest."

The woman looked even more started to hear such kind words from such an expressionless face.

"A-Alright," she replied as she began looking quite relieved. "Thank you, sir."

Artemis merely nodded back and waited until the woman had exited before he turned his head sharply to No1 and his mysterious companion. No1 was looking very amused, while his companion was looking very satisfied with her work. "Introductions later," he said sharply before the mysterious girl could even open her mouth. "There isn't any time. We must hurry upstairs; Mother and the others are waiting for us there."

"But you said we weren't supposed to go upstairs," No1 said, surprised.

Artemis raised an eyebrow at him before he turned and started walking to the stairs. He raised a hand and beckoned them to follow. "No1," he added, a mock tone of hurt in his voice. "How long have you actually known me?"

"Of course, this is Artemis Fowl I'm talking about," No1 laughed as he and his companion started walking after him.

"So this is the infamous Artemis Fowl I've been hearing so much about," Artemis heard the female chuckle loud enough for him to hear. He wasn't surprised to learn that all the stuttering from a while ago was just a get-up so she would have a chance to tell Artemis she too knew of the fairies.

"Oh yeah, you've been dying to meet Artemis for the longest time, haven't you?"

"No1, shush."

This girl probably knew everything Artemis knew about fairies, possibly even more. And the fact that she was interested in him made him suspect that she was also like Minerva, or to put it simply, also a genius. It was a highly unlikely notion (what are the chances he would be able to coincidentally meet another child genius in the flesh with all knowledge of fairies while still merely a teenager?), it was still possible and Artemis had to admit that he was very curious to find out more about this girl.

But now is not the time to think such things, Artemis mentally scolded himself. I must be worrying more about mother. Each passing second, her condition worsens...

But even then, Artemis couldn't help inconspicuously glancing behind at the girl as they reached the top of the stairs. The part of him that wasn't thinking of his mother was dying to find out as much information as he could about this anime-cosplaying girl. Who exactly was she?


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