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The moment they entered Angeline Fowl's room, Holly gave a yelp of surprise at the sight of the young girl accompanying Artemis into the room. "Nat!? What are you doing here!?" she exclaimed disbelievingly.

The girl spotted Holly as well and broke out into a wide grin. "Weren't expecting me, were you Holly?"
Holly slowly shook her head then spotted the disguised demon beside Nat. Now she was even more confused.

"And who's…"
Suddenly, the demon transformed into No1. He must've seen Holly's jaw drop for he grinned widely as well.

"Well," Holly said, quickly recovering. "I've never seen you use that disguise before, Nol."

"He went crazy for this mission. He's been wanting to shape shift into a human for ages but the LEP never gave him permission," Nat explained calmly, gently whacking No1 at the back of his head hard enough to make him stagger forward slightly.

"Hey!" No1 exclaimed indignantly.

"Holly, No1, who is this person?" Artemis suddenly spoke up, looking quite annoyed that they had been ignoring him.

"Oh, hi Artemis," Nol greeted politely as he straightened himself up, noticing him standing about four feet away. He motioned a hand towards Nat. "This is Natalie Elf. She's a half-fairy."
Artemis raised an eyebrow and looked again at this so-called half-fairy. There was definitely nothing that showed she was any different from a normal human girl, aside from her strange costume composed of a pink dress and white vest. Artemis hadn't noticed earlier, but she was even holding a peculiar stuffed animal under one arm, making her look even more natural. She looked more like a little child heading to a cosplaying convention than a magical being inviting herself into a certain genius' personal mission.

He turned back to No1. "Does she have any proof?" he asked.

"Hey Fowl, I'm right here," Natalie Elf spoke loudly, looking incredibly irritated.

Artemis continued pretending she wasn't there. He was aware that a small portion of him was suddenly jealous of this little, supposedly-magical girl and he wasn't in the mood to acknowledge her presence.

"Uhm…" No1 said, looking quite unsure. He turned to Nat.

Natalie sighed and raised an open palm. Artemis had a distinct feeling that he knew what was going to happen next and wasn't disappointed. Blue sparks suddenly floated out of the middle of Natalie's palm and exploded about three inches above it, creating miniature fireworks.

Natalie opened her smirking mouth to speak. "Proof enough for-"

"How did she become like this?" Artemis asked, turning back to No1. "It couldn't possibly be a natural occurrence she can use magic. And she couldn't have possibly come out of a time tunnel and stole powers like I did, could she?"

"I'm not sure what made Nat like this myself," No1 admitted. He looked at Holly to save him. He also noticed that Nat had an expression that showed she wanted to do nothing more than punch a hole in Artemis' head.

"Shortly after Opal got arrested in that gobin incident, the LEP found Nat shut up in one of her labs in some sort of gigantic test tube," Holly explained to the curious and irritated Artemis. "Somehow, Opal managed to capture a human to conduct experiments on her. Well, we managed to get Nat out and bring her back to headquarters. There we discovered that she had the same amount of magic as normal fairies. But she couldn't explain anything to us since back then she had no memory of her past."

"And I still don't," Natalie sighed, seeming to give up trying to be noticed by Artemis. "Anyway Holly, Foaly more or less kidnapped me from my room and told me to go with No1. So in other words, I'm basically clueless right now. I hate not knowing anything, as you well know. Mind explaining anything?" It seemed she figured if Artemis is so stubborn not to notice her, she might as well disregard him too.

"Foaly?" Holly asked, startled. She frowned then turned to Artemis. "Artemis, I'm afraid you'll have to live with the fact Nat's a fairy and pay attention to her now. I have a carrot to pick with Foaly right now and I won't be able to answer any of these two's questions right now."

And before either Artemis or Natalie could argue, Holly gave them a 'don't-you-dare-mess-with-me' glare before walking away to talk with the centaur through her microphone.

Soon, she was in a distance so far that she was able to talk freely with the centaur without anyone hearing what they were discussing. Artemis presumed she even changed her current language into a completely new one for the meantime so even if Artemis tried to eavesdrop, he would have no idea what they were talking about.

Artemis sighed grudgingly and obediently began to relate what the problem was right now. He had barely finished when Holly began yelling at Foaly from the other side of the room in Spanish. Artemis was both amused that his hypothesis was right, and startled to hear Holly so angry at Foaly.

Holly shouted for about five minutes before she suddenly turned quiet, but a glare stayed on her face as she listened to what Foaly had to say to her. Holly then scowled and walked back to the group.

"After this, we're going to be having a different mission and I'll probably need both No1 and Nat," Holly reported to Artemis. "So we won't have much of a celebration party afterwards, if that's alright with you, Artemis."

"A mission?" Nat said, confused. "But I'm not even enlisted in the LEP! I'm just a person who 'doesn't exist' in Haven, remember?"

"Yeah, but you'll need to exist for this job, whatever it is," Holly confessed. "Foaly wouldn't even brief me on the whole thing, if you could believe him."

Nat scowled. "Stupid centaur," she growled. "Just what is he trying to do? Make me his puppet?"

"Sorry Nat," Holly apologized, pitying the little girl. "And you too, No1," she added to the demon.

It took all of Artemis' strength and the knowledge that his mother was dying to prevent him from putting on Holly's helmet to interrogate Foaly on what exactly he was planning. But Artemis knew that it probably had no connection to his mother's condition and grudgingly dismissed this other mission of the three fairies with him in the room. What he needed to focus on was getting that lemur from the past to save Angeline Fowl.

"Well then," Artemis said impatiently. "Shall we get started? No1, you know what to do now, right?"

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