I know that I will be getting some hate mail for this, and to all of my lovely readers I am deeply sorry.

Due to exams and a stressful first semester at school, I am temporarily going to put this story on hiatus. Now, don't panic. I WILL get this story started back up soon… probably after the winter holidays. Right now, I need to focus on school and trying to get my other story started (which I will be working hard at since writer's block hasn't set in for it yet.)

Thank you all for your support, you have no idea how much it means to me. I will get this story back up soon, and if anyone has any suggestions as to how they would like the story to go, please, send me a PM or review and I would be happy to work on that idea.

Like I said, I will get back to this story as soon as I am able, I just didn't want to keep you all in suspense. If you do want updates, take a look at "Pretty Things," my focus for right now.

I'm truly sorry for this. Thanks for your support!