Summary: In an attempt to get Temari away from her 'birthday-suitors', Gaara sends Temari to Konoha and she ends up staying at a certain blonde's house. But in the kitchen chopping onions wasn't her idea of an ideal place for someone to pop the question.

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A/N: Written for Temari's birthday. Happy birthday, Temari!


A One-Shot for Temari's Birthday


All around Sand, one could hear the enraged scream of everyone's favorite Sand Kunoichi as she ran from fanboys and fangirls alike, all begging her to become their bride or, strangely enough, husband. Apparently, just because she had cropped her hair short recently into that of a boy's cut, she was a boy to half of the population.


Temari's loud plea for help seemed to work, as sand billowed around her and lifted her off the ground, delivering her to her youngest brother's office.

She sighed, "Thank you so much."

"Temari," Gaara spoke, "You're 20. Don't you think it's about time you gave in and got married?"


Gaara sighed, "But Kankurou is only 19 and he's engaged to that Konoha Village Ninja named Natsuhi. And I'm 18 and I've got Matsuri."

"So?" Temari asked, twitching, "You nor Kankurou haven't had girls and boys chasing you around on your birthdays for the last five years. I haven't had the time to find someone."

"What about Nara?"

"Gaara, he married that whore, Ino, last year."

Gaara sighed, bringing a finger to his chin, "Sasuke?"

"Uh… No. The guy ran away from his village before returning and getting off the hook in about two seconds, then seconds later got engaged to that pink-haired bitch that I hate so much."

Gaara blinked, "Chouji."


"Ummm… Neji?"

"Married Tenten."


"He's married to Shino's younger sister."

"Ummm…. What about Shino?"



"Not even in his dreams. Or yours or anybody else's. And he's got a girlfriend too."

Gaara blinked, thinking for just a moment, "Well… I have another suggestion, but seeing as how you turned everyone else down…."

"Who?" Temari asked, "Tell me."


Temari blinked, "He's not single. Is he?"

"Yes, he is. He was going out with Sakura, until she dumped him for Sasuke. Then he went out with Hinata for a time, but her father arranged her to marry Shino the next day. Tenten as well, but they both agreed they should stay friends and that forever. Even Ino turned him down."

"I see…" Temari blinked sadly, "Poor guy." She thought for a moment, "He got taller right?"

"He's taller then me." Gaara sighed, "And you've liked him since he started going out with Sakura, so there's another bonus."

"What are you talking about?"

Gaara smirked, "Temari, I'm sending you to Konoha to spend your birthday. Just warp on over."

Temari sighed, "Fine."



That was the first thing Temari heard as the sand around her seemed to magically subside and she was able to see the meeting going on in the hokage's office. Tsunade let her be, surprisingly.

She could see Team 7 and their respective sensei.

Sakura was… Well… Being Sakura. Her hair was mid-back yet again and her clothes imitated that of how they had been when Naruto had returned from his three year training trip, only blue and white rather then red and khaki and the Uchiha fan replaced that of the White Circles of the civilian clan.

Although she had no room to talk, she was wearing exactly what she had when Naruto returned. Exactly the same. No change whatsoever.

Sasuke was wearing the standard Jounin uniform. How creative.

Naruto, however, had changed the most. Obviously the fact that he had been dumped by three girls and dumped by another because of their father, bringing back an arrogant Uchiha and being put on trial just for that reason had finally taken it's toll.

His hair, in the back, touched mid-neck and his bangs tickled the end of his nose. His azure blue eyes had become steely, gray even. He wore a dark blue, long-sleeved shirt that covered a quarter of his hand. A black, short-sleeved shirt was over that one and black pants and standard shinobi sandals, covered his lower half. His forehead protector now rested on his thigh, opposite of his kunai holster that was half covered by his short-sleeved black shirt.

To put it bluntly, he looked cod-blooded.

Sakura continued, oblivious to Temari, "Sasuke-kun is not arrogant, rude, and stupid! He has far better table manners then you, looks better, and has a WAY better personality!"

The three blondes in the room twitched and Sasuke just smirked.

Temari sighed, catching the attention of the Uchiha and Uchiha-to-be, Naruto having known she had arrived from the start.

"What are you going on about now, Sakura?" Temari asked as Sakura broke out into a smile, seeing her 'friend'.

"Oh, hey there, Temari-chan!" Sakura screeched, making Temari vaguely note Naruto's wince, "Naruto-baka smarted off to Sasuke-kun, so I was telling him that he had it all wrong and was talking about himself."

Temari blinked, "Naruto. What exactly did you say?"

Temari was confused to see him blink, as if shocked someone was talking to him at all, before saying, "Said he was an arrogant prick."

Sakura nodded, "See? Temari-chan?! He's such an asshole!"

"Yes." Temari nodded, "Yes, Sasuke is."

Sakura blinked, "Wait, what?"

"Hmmm…" Temari blinked up at Tsunade, who spoke, "Why are you here anyways, Temari?"

"Oh. I got mobbed, so Gaara sent me here."

"Mobbed?" Naruto questioned.



Tsunade blinked, "Okay then. You can stay at Naruto's in that case." Everyone else blinked, "He needs company, you need a place to stay. I'd also be placed if you cut that unruly hair of his."

"Hey!" Naruto protested, offended, emitting an annoyed, animalistic growl, "I like my hair!"

It was then that Temari noticed how pale Naruto had become. And that his canines hung out of his mouth and his pointed ears and the claws that his toenails and fingernails had turned into.

'Is that because of Kyuubi?' Temari asked herself, only drawn out of her trance by Naruto, "Temari? You okay?"

"Hm? Oh yeah! I'm fine!"

She looked around; noticing Sakura and Sasuke had already gone.

"So, um, take me to your house, then?"


"Oh. My. God." Temari muttered, "Naruto. This is your house?"

"HM? Yea, why?"

You've got twenty bedrooms in this house, and only you and I living here?"

"Yea, why? It was inheritance."

Temari gapped, "This was your freaking inheritance?! Shit! This is the size of the Kazekage's mansion!"

"Really? The Hokage mansion's bigger then."

"Wow. Really?"


Temari growled, "Okay, we're getting off topic. So, what do you have in your cabinets?"


"Oh, no ramen?"

"Haven't eaten ramen since old man Teuchi and Ayame died in the last raid."

Temari blinked sadly, "Oh, they died? I'm so sorry."

"S'not your fault." Naruto sighed, "Why'd you wanna know anyways? You don't seem the type to cook."

"Really? Well you'd be surprised." Temari smiled, "When Gaara, Kankurou, and I went out on missions, when we came back, the first thing Gaara would say would be 'Pancakes first, report later'."

Naruto started at her as if she had a second head.

She blinked, "That was after you fought him, of course."

"Oh, thank god. I was going to be afraid if it was before."

"Yea. Before he just said 'Pancakes. Now' and did what seemed like a caveman motion."


Temari sighed. It was finally dinnertime and she had offered to cook dinner for her and Naruto. For some reason, it reminded her of Gaara's suggestion.

"Temari, you're 20. Don't you think it's about time you gave in and got married?"

She shook the thoughts from her head and wrenched a paring knife from a nearby drawer, vaguely surprised to know Naruto used it enough to keep it close enough to the cutting board.

She had just started to chop the onions, the stupid item bringing onion-induced tears so her eyes.

"Hey, Tema-chan."

She blinked, "Yea."

"Will you marry me?"


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Again, made for Temari's birthday.