I got bored and wanted to do a series of one shots around the Ouran cast...it just so happened for this idea my cousin at the hotel was being an evil kid...-mumbles some random abuse- lol. Well it gave me this idea.

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Of course he remembered when it happened, but they were little kids it was more or less acceptable.


It happened to every one at least once in their lives and surely it was understandable. Sometimes it was stubbornness or it just happened with out control. It was nothing bad.

"Kaoru...stop teasing me!"

No, this wasn't right and he knew it, it was just so unfair though. It wasn't his fault he had no control, it was just a natural thing. It didn't stop it being unfair still. Hikaru moaned impatiently.

"...Kaoru why are you taking so long?"

It was getting worse. He bit his lip to fight it off but it didn't help, it just made his already burning lips hurt more. He groaned and shut his eyes.

"Just get it over with already..."

Life never worked out the way you wanted it, every body knew that. It was just when it happened to you that you felt a mix of emotions that wouldn't go away, for Hikaru it was a cross between agony and longing. Today was one of those days and he whimpered at the thoughts and feeling he was having.

"Dammit stop dragging it out," Hikaru pleaded. "You're doing it on purpose."

There was a muffled laugh and Hikaru did his best not to kill his much loved brother. It wouldn't be long he thought, but the door was securely locked and it didn't seem to have any intention of opening. Maybe it would be long after all. Hikaru moaned and fidgeted from his impatience, he couldn't hold out much longer, but to move would just make him feel the pain; the annoying, teasing, unbearable pain that he had to put up with.

"Kaoru!" he screamed.


Kaoru covered his mouth to muffle the laugh that was leaking through. It was his own fault he thought, if only Hikaru hadn't been so gullible.

It was to easy to trick him into the room, to convince him around to the idea, not that he even took that much convincing, in fact he was all for it. Idiot.

Oh well at least he got what he wanted, now he just had to be patient and try not to laugh at the state his older half was in.


Kaoru lifted his head and looked in Hikaru's direction and started to laugh again. He wasn't about to stop and he knew Hikaru wouldn't go any where. Kaoru smirked and decided to drag it out a bit longer, it was giving him immense pleasure to tease his brother in this way.

He could hear Hikaru groaning and counted in his head for the nice little surprise that awaited him...

"Shit!" Hikaru swore loudly, not before breathing in sharply from the shock.

Kaoru outright laughed before he stood up and opened the door. He didn't even need to look at Hikaru to know what had happened, but the bright red colour radiating off of his face was hard to miss. "Heh heh...the bathroom's free now...H-hikaru," Kaoru laughed and chucked a towel over Hikaru's head, he turned to face the maid standing just a little way behind him and gave her a thumbs up. To easy.

"Told you I'd win Hikaru," Kaoru smirked. "You better keep your end of the deal. Oh and i said the bathroom's free."

Hikaru glared at him evilly, the effect was not as convincing with the growing blush on his face. Kaoru laughed again loudly. "Oh right i guess you don't need it anymore."

Kaoru asked the made to leave and sat next to Hikaru on the floor. "Let's see that's the third time I've won this bet, you should know by now you can't drink that much and expect to be able to go against your bodily functions," Kaoru mimed writing the scores in the air. "Maybe next time, ne?"

Hikaru growled and Kaoru grimaced, suddenly Hikaru smiled and to Kaoru that wasn't what he had expected to see. "Ne Kao, i guess that means you still haven't gone to the toilet yet? You only locked it so i couldn't get in, ne?"

Kaoru backed away, Hikaru looked scary. "Ano well, uhm...crap," Kaoru gulped as Hikaru pounced on him. Hikaru had his hands all over him tickling him as much as he possibly could until Kaoru was practically crying with laughter. "Hikaru stop! Haha please! I'm sorry...haha."

Well maybe in their case it was slightly acceptable, after all it was only a dare. Who's to blame if the toilet door is locked and they've drunken more than their body can handle.

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