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Ahem… So… this is a GaaNaru fic, as you found out from my previous sentences, and this one.

Maybe I should just give some warnings… This has yaoi in it and how the Hell do you even pronounce that? Like yay? Or… Meh. Anyway, this chapter mentions tarantulas, an unhealthy obsession with chewing gum, um… and other things. Ooh, and it has OOC-ness in it, because I don't even TRY to make them too IC. That just wouldn't be too fun. And it's an alternate universe and… eh, just read it.

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There were several things people didn't know about Gaara.

Number one: Gaara really liked the color pink. Temari knew that, because she once found her youngest brother trying on one of her old pink T-shirts. After that, Gaara and Temari had a really awkward brother-sister talk and swore never to mention that again.

Okay, so it was more like Gaara threatened to chop Temari into little tiny pieces and then feed it to his cactus, Orbit. What's the difference, anyway? The result was same. More or less.

Ahem… So, the second thing is that Gaara has read each Harry Potter book at least five times. No-one, not even Naruto, Gaara's best friend, knew that the red-head even had Harry Potter books. Temari and Kankuro were too afraid to go into his room after the brunette swore he saw a severed hand there. Naruto had no such problems, because he knew of Gaaras hobby: collecting decorations from horror movies. And other creepy things.

So no, Naruto wasn't afraid of fake severed hands or skeletons. Actually, he had been to Gaara's room several times, but he refused to enter after he found a live tarantula on his head the last time he went there. Many didn't know this, but Naruto was terrified of spiders, and since a tarantula looks like a giant hairy spider, Gaara wasn't really surprised when the blonde ran out of the house, screaming like a little girl who just found a giant hairy spider on her head.

Third: Gaara was afraid of swans. It was all because of an accident when he was five and a swan tried to eat his hair. He actually had to see a therapist because of it, when his father got too annoyed with him sitting in the corner of the kitchen, muttering 'The swans are out to get me'.

Too bad the therapist went insane and moved to Konoha. That didn't really help, because Gaara and his family moved there too. Well, the poor man tried, and that's all that matters… Right?

Eh, forget it.

Anyway, the fourth thing people didn't know about Gaara was that he loved ducks. Because ducks rule. Period.

Number five: Gaara was addicted to fanfiction. What do you think he does all night when he can't sleep? Count sheep? Wait… he actually did this once. Or twice. Well, several times. Or more. Right, moving on…

Sixth: Gaara had voices inside his head. Those voices didn't really talk to him much, because they were too busy arguing over… something. Well, sometimes they talked to him, usually in awkward situations. And Gaara usually ignored them.

Actually, several people thought he was slightly (or not so slightly) insane. And even more people thought he had voices inside his head. But those were the same people that swore Gaara killed fluffy bunnies, ate babies for breakfast and kicked puppies, which he didn't do. Well, he had kicked puppies, but only a few times… So, everyone else didn't really believe them.

And finally, number seven: Gaara had a crush on one of the authors on fanfictiondotnet. Not even Gaara knew this, because he wasn't really used to emotions. Unless you call blankness an emotion and I have no idea how I managed to mutate blankness into an emotion. Blankness… isn't an emotion, is it?

Eh, who cares.

Anyway, this story isn't about Gaara's unnatural love for the color pink, or his love for horror movie decorations and ducks, though it should be. And no, it isn't about how he got a cactus and named it Orbit, or his tarantula, whose name is actually Dirol. And this isn't about his unhealthy love for chewing gum, or the other random things on this list-like-thing.

No, this story is about Gaara and the Internet! And fanfiction! And the author Gaara has a crush on whose name we shall learn in the second chapter! So, read on, people, and find out what the Hell I'm going to write in the second chapter!


Ta-dah! Woot!

I have no idea what possessed me to write this, but I'm interested to find out what happens next. See, people? Even I have no idea what's going to happen next! But, I can assure you, there will be singing. Something similar to a karaoke. I think. Not sure yet, because I haven't written it…

Ahem… About the cactus named Orbit… I actually gave my friend a cactus named Orbit. And I have cactus-twins, named Rod and Tyke! Damn, they're cute.

I do not have a problem!


I'll just… stop now. And start working on chapter two. So, review, people, and tell me what you think! Or even give me some ideas!