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A/N:- Just a shortish story not connected to any of my others. Takes place after the episode Quarantine and before Midway, with Ronon and Jennifer in an established but secret relationship.

"Whose bright idea was it to come here anyway?" moaned McKay, as he looked around at his teammates and fellow captives.

"Leave it alone Rodney" Sheppard advised.

"No. This planet was supposed to be uninhabited. There's not supposed to be anything of interest here according to the Ancient database – no ZPM's or other power sources. So I'm asking again, whose idea was it to come here?"

"Mine" growled Ronon.

"Since when do you decide where we go?" Rodney was definitely not amused and also seemed to have no regard for his own personal safety.

"McKay" barked Sheppard "I said enough, I meant enough. Ronon buddy, help me out here. When you asked to come to this planet, I agreed because you said it was important to you, something that you needed to find here. I left it like that precisely because it was uninhabited and you thought it might be a good place for shore leave as an alternative to going through 24 hour quarantine on Midway station to go back to Earth. While I totally agree that it could be a great vacation spot, it is certainly inhabited as shown by the fact that we are, as flaming usual, prisoners. So I'll ask – why are we here?"

Sheppard didn't really appear to be angry, more like resigned to the state of affairs. Ronon was silent for so long, the Colonel thought he was going to have to repeat himself. Finally he spoke, his voice so low the others had to shuffle closer to him, to hear his explanation.

"Last time I came the place was deserted. This is one of the few planets I know of that has prinia – and I needed some".

"That's not much of an answer Big Guy and what the hell's prinia anyway?"

"Yeah, well it's all you're getting at the moment. It looks as though our captors are returning".

The men – Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Lorne and the three Marines – watched as Teyla was pushed along by the huge brute who seemed to be in charge, followed by two others almost as big. Others appeared from nowhere leaving the group completely surrounded.

"Teyla, you okay?" Sheppard stood as the Athosian was shoved towards him, catching her before she could fall.

"I am... unharmed, but I fear very far from okay. Our captors are, as we had already surmised, telepathic as well as being extremely paranoid".

"Okay not good. Is it proper telepathy?" Rodney asked, intrigued despite his obvious fear. "I mean, do they know what we're thinking, or is it just how they communicate seeing as how they don't speak".

"It is both" thundered the voice in McKay's head "we can hear what you say or think, though we do not understand all of it and you hear what we think at you. Now be silent, while the female explains what must happen if you wish to live".

"John, we have no defence against them. Let us all sit and I will relay what they told me". Teyla was nervous – these beings were very different from the Wraith who were also telepathic in their own way. "They say that we have invaded their world - that alone apparently should ensure our deaths. However they need something that I have been able to assure them that we can supply – or rather they need someone. As long as you agree, of course. Their matriarch is pregnant and is in need of..."

"NO" shouted Ronon, jumping to his feet.

"Ronon please... be reasonable. They need a Doctor and they will only accept a female. Jennifer is the best Doctor in the City and we need her here or we are going to die. They have promised we will all be allowed to go free if we do this".

"You don't understand" he began, still shouting "she can't come here... not now".

Ronon started pacing getting angrier and angrier by the minute, then suddenly turned away from his teammates and made a run towards a gap between two of their captors. He only got a few metres away before he silently collapsed to the ground. Sheppard and Lorne rose and moved quickly towards him.

"Hey, what the hell did you do to him?"

Sheppard crouched beside the prone figure and felt for a pulse, breathing a sigh of relief when he found one. Slightly calmer he repeated his question.

"He will recover. Be satisfied with that". The voice boomed in Sheppard's head, making his ears ring.

The two men dragged Ronon back into their little circle before Sheppard looked at each of them in turn and asked "Okay, do any of you know what that was all about? I mean I know he and the Doc are friends but that reaction was over the top even for him".

Everybody looked blankly back at him, but it was only Teyla who spoke. "I am probably the one here who is closest to Dr Keller and she has said nothing to me about any kind of relationship between them".

"Well when he wakes up, I'll make it a point to ask him. In the meantime someone needs to go back to Atlantis and get the Doc".

"That'll be me then" interrupted Lorne. "I presume you want me to bring her back in a Jumper?"

"Teyla, will they allow that do you think?"

"I will ask. They seem to be most comfortable thinking... speaking at me".

"To me" corrected Rodney absently.

"No it definitely feels more like AT me, Rodney". Teyla stood and walked towards the leader with her hands outstretched to try and make the arrangements to get Jennifer there.

If any of them had been privy to Ronon and Jennifer's conversation earlier that morning, they might have had second thoughts about their plan and they would certainly have understood the reason for Ronon's outburst.

Flashback to 06:00 Hours

Jennifer woke slowly a smile on her lips, Ronon's whiskers tickling her bare back as he covered it in tiny kisses.

"What time is it?" she murmured, struggling to lift her head from the pillow.

"Time for me to leave" Ronon said reluctantly. "Mission starts in 2 hours and I need to get ready".

"Umm ... where are you going again?"

"MX or NX 106. I can't remember what designation Sheppard gave it". He sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed his pants and slid them on.

"How long will you be gone?" Jennifer asked nervously, sitting up and pulling the sheet higher to cover herself, unable or unwilling to look him in the eye.

Ronon, immediately sensing that there was a problem, turned to face her. Moving to sit comfortably in front of her, he took hold of both of her hands, gently squeezing them in reassurance.

"How long?" Jen repeated.

"We'll be back this evening. It's only to see if the place would be good for shore leave as a change from going back to Earth all the time. What's wrong Jennifer... and don't say nothing 'cause I know when there is?"

"I just needed to talk to you about something – it can wait though, 'til you get back". Jen's voice was quieter than usual which worried Ronon even more.

"No it can't. Whatever's wrong will just bug the hell out of both of us all day now, so please just spit it out".

Jen gripped his hands tightly and whispered "I'm pregnant".

Ronon felt like he couldn't breathe and his silence had Jennifer babbling apologies for not being more careful. The next thing she knew, she was being crushed against him as he kissed her with everything he had, tears trickling down his face. Pulling back from her lips, he cupped her face and looked deep into her eyes.

"Love you. Loved you before. Love you even more now". His voice was hoarse with emotion.

Jennifer visibly relaxed. "You're not mad? I mean I know we've only been together a couple of months..."

"You're kidding, right? This is the best news I think I've ever had. I just wish I could stay here with you today, especially since it's your day off, but there's something I want to get from the planet while we're there".

"What kind of something?"

"The surprise kind. You'll find out soon enough" he grinned.

"Spoilsport. Anyway I might have a surprise for you too when you return – a big one".

"It couldn't be bigger than us having a baby".

"No... but I bet it'll come close" she teased. "Now go or you'll be late... and Ronon... please don't say anything about the baby to the others just yet. I'd like to be there when you do, okay".

Ronon nodded and after giving her another toe curling kiss left Jennifer's quarters to join the rest of his team. As soon as he'd gone, Jennifer jumped out of bed and headed for the shower – after all, she had an appointment later that day with Corporal Stephen Broad.