"Ah buddy, don't be like that" Sheppard smirked. "You know I wouldn't agree to anything involving Jennifer without talking to both of you first, don't you" he added, suddenly serious.

Ronon nodded in acknowledgement. "So what did happen?"

"Hawkins flipped. One of the Pegasus had to stun him so I've left Lorne keeping watch – apparently the stun affects everyone differently".

"What did Hawkins do?"

"Tried to stab one of the herd elders with one of your blades. No idea why, but we'll take him back with us for court martial".

"The Pegasus okay with that plan?"

"Seem to be. As the leader said, what could they do with him apart from lock him in a cell? I didn't point out the obvious that they could just kill him, but seeing as they read minds..."

"So they don't want to hurt us. That makes a nice change. And McKay, how's he really doing – he said they scared him."

"Oh he's still scared but the stuff he's finding is keeping him grounded – at least for now. I probably shouldn't leave him alone too long, just wanted to try and sort the rest of it out".

"Sort out the rest of what?" Jennifer asked as she rejoined the two.

"Couple of snags Doc, nothing major. The City itself is in good shape, the ZPM power levels are high and Rodney's already worked out the shields for the City itself. Shielding the planet completely from the Wraith is going to take a bit longer and help from Atlantis – even Rodney accepts that".

"How do the Pegasus feel about that?" Jennifer wanted to know.

"Well that's one of the reasons I'm here. Rodney in his brilliance – his words, not mine – has managed to set up communications between here and Atlantis so Carter is fully aware of what's going on".

"Which is?"

"They want to negotiate some kind of a trade agreement..."

"That's good, yes?" Jennifer interrupted.

"With you being the negotiator" Sheppard finished.

"That's bad. No that's worse than bad, that's terrible. I can't negotiate anything... I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing. No... no you'll have to find someone else John".

"Sorry Doc but they don't want anyone else. You're the only one they'll talk to. Try having a bit of faith in yourself Jennifer, we know you can do it. They're waiting for you, so come on and I'll show you where they're meeting. Teyla and Philips will clear up here – well Philips will and Teyla can supervise".

Jennifer looked towards Ronon who nodded. "Go. We'll be fine here".

"'Kay". Jen took a few steps after Sheppard, turned and walked back to Ronon, grabbed hold of a fistful of shirt and pulled him down for a mind blowing kiss that seemed to last forever. "Okay" she muttered when she finally released his lips, "I CAN do this".

"You alright there buddy?" Sheppard grinned at the shell shocked Satedan from his position, leaning on the doorframe.

Ronon shook his head to clear it. "Not sure. I'll let you know later".

"Come on Doc, before you get jumped". Jen looked hopefully at Ronon. "Out" the Colonel ordered laughing, one hand on her back between her shoulder blades giving her a gentle push.

"You're mean" she mumbled.

Ronon watched Teyla and Philips for a few minutes, then muttered something about taking a walk, Teyla waving him off with a "Don't get lost". Shaking his head, thinking that Teyla was definitely picking up too much from Sheppard, he started to walk away from the City. He was so deep in thought that it was not until the animal was by his side, that he realised he had been joined by the herd's leader. Ronon was surprised to see him, having expected him to be in charge of the negotiations, and said so.

The stallion snorted, which Ronon realised was equivalent to a human laugh.

"I am no negotiator, I leave things like that to the herd elders. I'm more of a fighter, a protector like you yourself. The foal that your Doctor helped give life to is mine, and with her help we may soon see many more born to the herd".

"She will help if she is able to, but..."

"But you will be here to watch over her, correct?" Ronon nodded. "As it should be. The two of you are well matched, I see that now. The child she carries is yours?"


"You are bonded?"

"Not yet".


"For an animal you are very nosy, for a telepathic one you're very stupid. You can easily read my mind and know why the bonding has not taken place. Why don't you?" Ronon growled.

The stallions head dropped. "I miss hearing humans speak aloud. Before we came here we used to mainly keep to the uninhabited planets, but sometimes travellers would pass through. Then we would get the urge to be near people, always staying out of sight but close enough to listen to them. It's pathetic, now that I think about it".

"No... it isn't. When the Wraith destroyed my world, they made me a Runner. I too wanted human contact but could not risk it. My life changed for the better when I met these people, yours will as well".

"So warrior, tell me why you and Jennifer are not bonded yet?" The stallion tried again.

"I hoped to find something here, a gemstone – prinia - used in my culture's bonding rings. I wanted to do things right, give Jennifer a proper Satedan ceremony".

"Then let us go... if you're brave enough to fly with me that is. I know where we can find your prinia".

Ronon grinned, recognising a challenge when he heard one and soon the pair were soaring over a vast forest towards a crystal clear blue lake. Swooping down the stallion landed gracefully and bent enough to let Ronon dismount on a small sandy beach.

"The rocks to your left should have what you want" the stallion thought at him. "Take what you wish, they are of no use to us".

Ronon checked the rocks and easily found what he was looking for. He smiled, now one step closer to binding him and Jennifer together. When they got back to Atlantis he would seek out one of the scientists whose hobby was making pieces of jewellery, and ask for his help.

He walked back to the stallion. "A word of advice friend. Prinia may be of no use to you, but many people would kill for it. Do not advertise the fact that your planet is a source or it might not just be the Wraith who cause you problems".

"Good advice. Are you ready to return to the City?"

Ronon was more than ready and less than ten minutes later he was standing beside the Jumper with his team, showing Sheppard the prinia.

"How did the negotiations go?" he wanted to know.

"The Doc's good. The Pegasus are happy for our people to come here for shore leave in exchange for whatever help she can give them. They'll let us have the drones and other stuff as long as McKay here and his team keep doing what they're doing – and lets face it he's in his element, so he's happy. They're hoping we'll spend some time with them when we visit, for some reason".

"They miss contact with humans". Ronon put in. When Sheppard gave him the look, he added "Their leader told me, okay".

"Whatever. Anyway, we've also agreed to keep an eye out for any other Pegasus when we visit a new planet, so we can send them here. There's also talk of possibly keeping some people here permanently, as a secondary base of operations against the Wraith, we're still looking into that. For now though we're done, so it's time to go people". He raised his voice slightly to get the attention of Lorne, his two Marines and their prisoner. "Major, get your men on board. Rodney, Teyla you too. We'll wait for the Doc".

"So where is she?" By now Ronon was anxious to get going.

"Here... I'm here". Jennifer came jogging up to them. "Sorry I'm late. The matriarch was trying to convince me to stay for a while. I told her I'd be back soon, but maybe I aught to..."

Ronon cut her off. "It's time to go home Jennifer".

"I was just thinking that I could..."

"Home Jennifer".


"But nothing".

"But I could..."

Deciding that it would just be quicker and easier, Ronon picked her up and threw her over his shoulder before striding up the ramp followed by Sheppard who was trying hard not to laugh at Jennifer's giggles.

"Well if you put it like that... home it is" she said with a truly wicked grin.

The End.

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