I do not own Elfen Lied in anyway. This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between this story and any others is purely a coincidence and unintended. Also, this is a sequel to my story Elfen Lied: The Last Diclonius. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you read it first before you read this one. Now, let the end begin.

Somewhere in Japan…

Sakuroka hid behind a dumpster in the darkest part of the alley…hopeful nobody from the street beyond could see or find her. She pressed herself hard against the grinding brick wall, her breathing hard and heavy from exhaustion. Sweat rolled down her face, dripping off her nose. She watched with baited breath as person after person walked past the alley so quickly they blurred like moving pictures. With a sudden flash, as if being teleported there, three rough-looking boys stepped in front of the alley entrance. They desperately searched for her, twisting their heads viciously in all directions for a glint of movement. She caught her breath in her throat, not wanting to betray her location to the boys chasing her. Her heart pounded so hard with every sinister glance they cast her way that her chest felt like a drum. She felt it might burst from her rib cage. A large bead of sweat rolled down over her eye; the salt burning her vision. But she dared not wipe it away.

"SHIT! I think we lost her," one of the boys said to the others, kicking a nearby trash bin in frustration. "SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!"

"She's pretty fast for a girl," another one added.

"You mean for a freak," the first boy retorted. They all stood in the middle of the sidewalk, caught in a storm of silent fury. After a few tenses moments, the first boy sighed, and then growled, "Come on, let's go. We'll find her again later."

"Yeah, I was getting hungry anyway," the second returned. "You guys wanna go get some ramen or something?" After agreeing to ramen, they all set off in the direction of the nearest cart.

"You have to admit though, that girl does have one sweet ass," the one cooed as they walked away.

"Yeah, she is one fine piece of cherry pie. If it weren't for those weird horns, I'd hit that REAL hard." The three of them continued their perverse discussion about what each of them would "do" to her if ever given the chance. One of them gave a final look over his shoulder, and when he was certain there was nothing down the alley, ran to catch up with his friends. Once certain they were out of earshot, Sakuroka let out a much-needed sigh of relief, though her heart continued to pound against her ribcage. Her body was now stiff and sore all over, and she was grateful for the chance to rest. Her stomach lurched inside her, giving a rather loud rumble to scold and remind her that she was neglecting to feed it. As she rubbed her stomach in a futile attempt to settle her hunger, she licked her lips longingly, thinking that ramen sounded pretty good right now.

However, as was the custom with being homeless, she was often times lucky to eat anything at all. And the fact that she had horns didn't help with her already poor image with the public. She always seemed to notice the disgusting glances and severe looks people gave her as they past by. What hurt her most often though, was when people didn't look at all. They simply brushed on, their eyes fixed forward as if they didn't notice her when she knew they had. They refused to acknowledge her very existence. To them, she was nothing…no more then litter on the street to be ignored. But even that didn't bother her so much anymore. She was used to it by now…or so she told herself. All that mattered was the next meal. She imagined the taste of ramen on her tongue, savoring that meaty, sweet, yet simple taste that most people of this country took for granted. She was rising to her feet, thinking about what she was going to do about her hungry belly…when she felt something.

A tiny tugging sensation tickled the back of her skull. It was only just barely on the edges of her consciousness. It felt kind of like when you're trying to remember something you know you've forgotten. Sakuroka looked up and down the alley, afraid the three boys might have come back for her. However, she was alone, and the alley was as quiet as the grave. The only movement and sound came from the crowd of people walking by the entrance, who still had yet to notice her there.

Sakuroka, a voice echoed. Sakuroka began spinning around fearfully, crashing into cans and tripping over boxes, furiously trying to find this voice that didn't seem to have a body to go with it. A feeling of helpless fear began crawling up her spine and digging itself into her.

"Who's there?" she demanded to the void.

Don't be afraid, came a quick a soothing reply, I'm your friend.

"If you're a friend then show yourself!"

I wish I could. But sadly it is not that simple.

"Is that so? And why is that?"

It is difficult to explain. The voice was so close that Sakuroka felt like she could touch it. Yet she remand positive she was alone. Sakuroka had been spinning around so much that now she was feeling light-headed. So she stopped turning and plopped herself down onto the ground.

"Who are you?" she asked.

The real question isn't who I am…but rather WHAT I am.

"What do you mean?" Sakuroka decided to simply stare at the black wall opposite her and use it as a substitute for the missing body to match the mysterious voice inside her head.

Have you ever felt like you weren't alone before…as if somebody were following you, clinging to you like a shadow, even though you are completely alone? Or have you ever felt as I you were changing inside…like your soul was melding? Have you ever felt like you had power within you Sakuroka…unspeakable…unbeatable power? The dark voice spoke with icy precision. Every word and statement it spoke of rung as true as a bell. It also seemed able to see her dizzy and confused expression, as it continued. You have great power within you Sakuroka. And I am…that…power.

Without warning, something emerged out of Sakuroka's spine. It sent a hot chill throughout her body, and made her back feel like it had just fallen asleep. It extended in front of her, a vague, almost transparent object that coiled like a snake to its charmer in front of her eyes. Sakuroka thought it looked strangely like an arm.

"What's going on?" she asked edgily, pushing her back against the wall.

You are what's known as a diclonius, and your power is starting to awaken. These hands are your vectors. You have four of them and they are powerful weapons. They can lift great amounts of weight and can cut through almost everything. These hands shall serve you well as you write your destiny…and save yourself from the humans.

"What are you talking about?"Sakuroka's head was a jumble of confusion, and she was growing more afraid with every syllable the voice spoke. It was haunting and foreboding. Yet, she felt equally comforted by it.

All your questions shall be answered in due time. But first you must do something. Go to Kamakura. There, you must find a diclonius girl named Lucy. Find her…and kill her. If you don't then she will kill you. Only after her death shall everything become clear, and you will then understand your true destiny.

Before Sakuroka could raise her voice in protest, the voice ebbed away, as well as the feeling of its presence, leaving Sakuroka alone in the alley again. She stood in the breeze of the alley, dumbfounded. What just happened, she asked herself. Here she was, running through what she was told and trying desperately to make sense of everything, only to end up more confused then she was at the start. So she was this "diclonius" thing. And she had powers, which just happened to be four invisible hands. Had she finally snapped? Maybe the stress of her life had finally reached a peak and taken their toll on her. For all she knew, she could have been talking to the wall for the last few minutes.

But there was a deeper force inside her telling her it was the truth. And this Lucy…she seemed familiar somehow. The prospect of meeting her was very engaging, like finding a forgotten friend. Moreover, the idea of killing her was even more appealing. It was an unnerving feeling at first, but the more she thought about it, the more it made the most sense out of anything. Why shouldn't she kill this Lucy? Why shouldn't she get revenge on all people for how miserable her life had been? As the aspect grew on her, it went from sounding appealing to sounding fun. She felt called to it.

She closed her eyes to concentrate, and slowly removed one of her vectors from her back. Her arms prickled with goosebumps as she savored the feeling of it emerging from her back. She moved it back and forth in front of her, smiling at it as if it were a new toy.

Finally deciding, she got to her feet and took brisk strides down the road. It would take her a while to get to Kamakura walking, but that was one of the few good things about being homeless. You have all the time in the world. And so she walked, down the street, toward Kamakura…and toward Lucy.

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