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Chapter Six

Aang shook hands with one of his guests for what felt like the thousandth time. He was tired of being passed around, though he was glad to see Boomey and some of the other friends he had made over the years. He missed Katara, who had disappeared not long after they returned to the estate, though he just barely restrained himself from looking for her. He knew she would return when she was ready.

He noticed after a while that Suki had vanished as well. Sokka was talking loudly to Haru as she held Saiki but Suki was no where to be seen. He was about to go ask Sokka where his wife had vanished to when Coco appeared at his side.

"Happy Birthday Aangy."

He gave her a small smile, "thank you, though I have to ask you not to call me that anymore. I am eighteen and it was cute when I was twelve."

She pouted a little bit and looked towards the ocean, "did you want to go swimming? There are a lot of your guests enjoying themselves at the beach."

He shook his head, "actually, I'm waiting for someone and Zuko said something about giving me a gift that I needed to stick around for."

Coco sighed and wrapped her arms around his, causing him to jump a little in surprise, "you know, after you left Kyoshi all those years ago, I never forgot you. You were a great inspiration to me when I started to train on my own. I was hoping that maybe one day I would be able to see you again and you would see how much I could offer you." She looked at him sidelong through her eyelashes, attempting to be flirtatious.

Aang frowned and slid his arm out of her grasp, "I'm glad that I could give you strength like that. You will make a man of your village very happy." he stepped farther away from her and caught Toph on the shoulder as she walked by with Niana, "do you know where Katara has disappeared to?" he asked her hopefully.

Toph 'glanced' at Niana who giggled, "actually, we do, and we can't tell you where because Mai would kill us both."

Aang groaned and turned around, looking for the pregnant queen. She was sitting next to Zuko on a slightly raised platform, a scowl on her face. Aang excused himself from Coco's presence and headed in her direction.

Mai grinned as she watched the Avatar weave in and out of people who congratulated him on his way. He stopped before her, a frown on his face, "Toph and Niana said you know where Katara is."

Mai looked at Zuko who chuckled, "Indeed we do. She's away with Suki, preparing our present to you. Well, Suki is anyways."

"How much longer do I have to wait?"

Zuko looked at the doorway to the house and grinned, "look around Avatar, and you won't have to wait a moment longer."

He glanced at the doorway and froze. Katara was standing in front of Suki, all of her hair down in soft curls. It had been pushed away from her face on one side by a large flower clip. Her outfit was revealing yet concealing at the same time. White fabric covered her chest and from the waist down while the rest was nearly see-through, showing the glimmer of her bronze skin through a milky haze. A belt held the garment in place so that the solid material wouldn't shift and reveal anything that was supposed to be covered. The dress fell to her knees and fit tight to her body while a V-neck dropped low on her chest. Like most of the outfits she had worn, there was no backing until it reached just above her waist line. There were slits running up the sides to mid thigh, revealing as much as it covered when she walked down the steps.

Aang took an involuntary step forward as the crowd parted for her to move before him. He took her hand as she reached his side, her ever consistent blush out in full force as she tried to will away the eyes that followed her when she moved. She had noticed with great satisfaction the sour expression on Coco's face when she had appeared.

"Hi," she said softly, looking up at Aang through her long lashes.

He gulped audibly, "hi yourself."

Zuko grinned, "this is only a small part of your present from all of your friends. Mai came up with what we think is the best part." he took a key out from his pocket and handed it to Aang, "A few miles down the beach is a small cottage. It is surrounded with jungle, all the way down to the water. It is our present to you two. We know you don't get much time to be together alone and we want to give you a place where only you two can go. It is stocked for the first trip there, afterwards, you'll have to do it yourselves."

Aang looked down at the key in his hand and back up at Zuko and Mai. His throat stuck as he tried to find the right words of thanks.

"Thank you, Mai, Zuko." Katara said softly, covering Aang's hand with her own, "from the both of us. It means a great deal." she turned and looked at Toph and her brother, as well as Suki and her father. Sokka didn't seem too happy but he smiled at her all the same.

Aang nodded in agreement, "this is... perfect. Thank you."

Zuko nodded and waved him off, "now scat. You're guests will be taken care of as we continue the celebration well into the morning." he raised his voice, "everyone is welcome to stay the night. We have extra rooms and if you prefer, blankets to lay out on the beach, just be mindful of the tide unless you want to wake up under water."

Mai beckoned Aang closer for a moment, "there is someone waiting at the end of the road to bring you down to the cottage. You can call Appa in the morning with your whistle, if you want to come back that soon, that is. " she smirked a little, "and some of your clothing has been gathered. Yours too Katara."

To his surprise, Katara blushed lightly and looked away. He studied her for a moment before he turned back to Mai, "thank you." He took Katara's hand and led her to the end of the road that would take them to the waiting carriage. He said goodbye to his friends who would be leaving that night and told the others he would see them tomorrow. Katara followed by his side, silently until he helped her up into the carriage.

"What's wrong? You're never usually this quiet." he told her softly, pulling her close against him.

Katara looked up at him and smiled slightly, "I didn't want to interrupt your goodbyes."

Something sounded off to Aang but he let it slide for the moment as his excitement began to build. Just him and Katara, alone. For the whole night.


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