Bella's been in an accident in Phoenix and moves to Forks. She can't talk. Her vocal cords are ruined and her sight is impaired but getting better. She accidently sits with the Cullens and feels almost at peace with them. The big twist? Read the story.

I was thinking about this for a while then figured I should write it and now I've gotten around to it.

So read on my readers. Read on.

"Hello, Susan." My father spoke to the receptionist at the school. I hated this part; having to have my father come with me wherever I haven't been... which, in this town of Forks was practically everywhere. But then again, if he wasn't here to talk for me, I would be even more aggravated. So either way this sucks.

"Ah, Hello Charlie!" She smiled at him, not noticing me yet. Which was perfectly fine with me, 'cause when she did notice me she would never stop staring. I can still hear, still see -well sort of - smell, taste, and feel. People are crazy. "Is something wrong? Has a kid been acting up at school? I haven't heard anything."

"Oh no, no, Susan. I'm hear to help my... daughter Isabella." I hated being called Isabella, it sounded like a soap-opera name. But what was I supposed to do about it? I obviously couldn't tell him that I didn't like it. Ugh, it's like having a pin prick you over and over but you are unable to move. It's torture. But then again, I've grown used to it. AndI can get away without answering people. It's great.

"Oh, that's unnecessary Charlie. You've already got her registered." She noticed me for the first time. "All she needs to do is take these." She handed me two sheets of tear off slips. She addressed me for the first time. "Would you like a map?"

I nodded. Hoping to pass it off as shyness.

"Alright here ya go." She handed the map to me, I held it close to my face to study it quickly. Squinting trying to make the various black marks make since, I heard Susan talk to me again."How long will you be with us?" She asked.

Dang it. I muttered in my head. Why can't they just ask yes, or no questions anymore?

Thankfully Charlie answered for me. That's why he was here. "She'll be here for the duration." Then he turned to me. "You can wait for me outside. I'll escort you to your first class."

I nodded knowing that he wanted to explain to the lady about my... uh, problem. I retraced my steps and found the door handle and pushed... only to realize that I was supposed to pull. I smiled faintly behind me and before the door closed again I heard Charlie say. "Isabella... well, she's mute... and temporarily blind."

That was my life since four months ago wrapped up in a nutshell. I'm actually surprised that the town didn't know about it. I mean, we told Charlie when the accident happened, we figured it was such a small town I would get around fairly quickly. Mom and I made bets, I said it would take sixty-two hours for the whole entire peninsula to find out about me. Mom bet forty-eight hours.

But I realize now that Charlie didn't tell anyone, probably because mom and he thought that everything would just be temporary. That I would be able to talk and see soon. Well, my sight's getting a lot better, and at the rate my eyes are healing I think about in a month or two I'll be able to see at my normal vision again. But as for talking... the doctors and I agree there isn't any hope that I would ever be able to have a conversation again.

It was just a horrible car accident. Not being my fualt, and with my injuries I was pretty much set up for life. The other car was going eighty miles an hour on a thirty mph road. Supposedly the boy who was driving just had a need for speed. He turned out okay with nothing but a couple of bruises and acute whip-lash. When they got to us there was some metal obstruction in my throat and serious head damage, which jostled the synapses that go to my eyes. I was in the hospital for weeks. It turns out that if the obstruction in my throat hadn't created an air-hole I would have died of sufacation. So it actually saved my life but I had to sacrifice the gift of speech.

The memories swirled in my mind making me nauseous. I didn't want to think about that day again. I've been thinking about the accident every day since then and I don't want to anymore.

A boy, I could tell because of the heavy trod of his steps, walked up to me, the light was behind him so I could tell he had messy blonde hair but his face was still in the dark and fuzzy. "Hi my name is Mike." He said in a changing voice. I wanted to laugh, someone his age shouldn't be going through puberty this late. But I smiled the smile and shot my hand out blindly, looking for his outstreached hand. "You must be Isabella?"

This was going to be easy. I nodded.

"What class do you have first?"

I held up my map which Susan had listed all my classes. "Cool, I'll show you the way."

I grinned. I made a friend, but I hoped that he would still be there when he found out why I didn't answer his questions with simple articulation. I nodded to show him that would be great. Better than being shown around by my dad. Ick. I opened the door, hoping that he was still in there, when I saw his dark form I pointed to Mike and gave him a thumb's up.

Hopefully, he wouldn't misinterpret it a sign that I liked Mike or something stupid like that. I closed the door and turned back to Mike, I hope, and put on my sunglasses, feeling self-conscious, my mom said that my eyes had a glaze over them and looked kind of milky but it wasn't that noticeable now. I still felt self-conscious every now and then. And even though sunglasses made my vision worse, it's not totally pitch black like it was the first week. I can almost see normally now, except for the fact that everything looks blurry and colors are darker and mushed.

I walked into class and was glad that I couldn't see very well, I didn't have to notice all the eyes focusing on me.

The teacher made me stand up and say my name and where I used to live. As if they didn't already know. I pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote down, quickly that my vocal cords were obscured. He read it a couple of times then nodded, I guess and then he introduced me himself. After that, I sat down and class went on normally. I smiled. I could get used to not seeing people too clearly. If I could see normally, I would have been greeted by rounds and rounds of stares, glares, smiles, and winking, like bullets that are triggered to embarrass me and make me blush.

When class was over, I sighed a deep breath. I just had to get past the next few days and things wouldn't be so bad.

A girl named Jessica came over and started talking... or rambling, I decided to stick with her. All she needed to keep her going was a nod or a shake, a sign of acknowledgment. This wasn't as bad as I imagined it.

But then Lunch came around.

Since my accident I could hear better than usual. So, of course I could hear everyone whispering as I entered the cafeteria. I slid my sunglasses further up on my nose as I grabbed the brown tray.

"Hmm?" Jessica said turning to someone behind her. "Hold on, I'll talk to you later."

"No, but I need to tell you this now." The blonde girl whispered lowly, not wanting me to hear. This was going to happen sooner or later. I'm still shocked I got more than half-way through school without people questioning me why I didn't look them in the eye or say anything.

"Oh alright. Fine. Isabella, go sit at the table there." She pointed. Great. How many tables where there here? And how many where in the line where she pointed? Too many. I nodded. "I'll be there soon."

I groaned but went on down the food line. I didn't even know what crap they were putting on my plate, I didn't care. I'm not picky about what I eat. I looked at the cafeteria and sighed. Well, I might as well just pick a table. Jessica might understand my need to meet new people.

Most of the tables had about eight to ten bodies sitting at them, then I saw a table where only five sat at. I shrugged, why not. If I remember correctly, she did point in this direction.

I could see clearly enough to know that they weren't paying attention to me or ... anything really. When I came nearer they noticed though. A petite girl with dark short hair spoke and smiled. The big shadow, that I just figured out was a person turned to me. "Hello, do you need help with something?" It was polite enough but he sounded agitated. I shook my head to the side, not really knowing how to proceed. Maybe I should sit somewhere else.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I suggest that you sit somewhere else." The blonde bomb-shell spit out. I didn't need to see that she was gorgueos. She radiated through my blurring eyes.

"Oh, don't be so snobby, Rose." The black-headed girl said. On closer inspection, I could see that her hair was spiked. "Here, sit down." She patted the spot next to her on the opposite side of a blonde guy and next to the big built male that spoke to me first. I bowed my head in thanks.

I could feel the tension in the air as I set my tray down where the girl patted. "My name's Alice." She smiled, but her voice seemed strange and her eyes were black. "This is Jasper my boyfriend." She said it like she wanted me to know right off that he was taken. The guy nodded slightly. Just enough so I could know that he moved. "Next to him is our brother Edward." His nostrils were flared and I'm not sure if it was just the lighting but he was glaring at me like he wanted to rip my throat out. He didn't make any acknowledgment other than that death glare. What a nice, welcoming. Even though I didn't know him. It unnerved me, not just scared me. What did I do? Did they really hate me so much like this? Alice quickly went on. "Next to him is Rosalie, Jasper's sister, and that's Emmett, who is dating Rosalie." The big guy next to me smiled without showing his teeth and nodded in my direction.

I stayed silent. Duh.

"So, you must be, Isabella." Rosalie said.

I cringed. Why do they all call me that? Of course, Charlie. I wish I could tell them Bella. My name is Bella. Bella! Bella! Bella! Bella! But I couldn't. This would never work. At least in Phoenix they called me by my name. Well, when they weren't making fun of me. I shrugged and nodded to Rosalie. I couldn't see why but Edward left the table quickly and quietly. Never saw him again that day.

"Quiet huh?" Alice asked friendly. I smiled and nodded. Then, I felt almost comfortable. They stayed silent, I wasn't talking. If it wasn't for this strange feeling in the air, it would be really nice. I didn't feel like I had to put up any pretenses. It was nice... except for an almost tangible hostility in the air. Then I heard whisperings, my name on their sly tongues. Of course, my ears had to perk up and hear what they were saying.

"Mute... half blind... car accident... four months... can't talk... can't see well... temporary... permanent." And other scary words. I looked at the kids at my table, who seemed to have heard the spreading rumors. They looked at me curiously, but their eyes were still tight.

"Isabella?" Jessica's voice called. "Um... what are you doing over there?"

I turned towards her and made a confused face. Maybe it was because I couldn't see well, but were these kids like goth or trouble makers and I didn't know?

I opened my mouth, wanting to say, 'Sitting', but of course no sound came out. I closed my mouth immediately and blushed. I heard a crumpling sound and a groan coming from Jasper.

"Uh...Isabella, you... uh... I... Hi Rosalie." Jessica stuttered. "Um, Isabella, why don't you sit with us? I told you to sit at that table." She pointed again as I stumbled towards her. Then she realized. "Oh. Sorry. I didn't realize at the time." I waved my hand as if to say it was okay. I couldn't help but like those kids at the table even though they were very stand off-ish. They seemed to be outcasts... like me.

When we were well out of hearing range Jessica poked me. "What on earth were you doing?! Sitting with the Cullens! that takes a lot of guts." I could tell that she wasn't mad... she was awed. "So, what were they like?" Jessica basically was hopping up and down. "Why did Edward leave? They just let you sit there? Wow. That's so... genius! I wish I thought about it."

I looked at her with confusion, hoping she would get my meaning. What was wrong with them? I was definitely confused now. Were they bad, or were they good?

"The Cullens and the Hales. The people you just sat with. Oh my, you didn't even know. That makes it even better! Okay, well, obviously... well, um, they're gorgeous. All of them. But they keep to themselves, even though they are very nice normally, and mannerly and all such jazz."

I was racking my brain trying to remember what they looked like, but I couldn't see them clearly. Blurry faces. I do remember a strange light reflect off of them now that I think about it.

"Well... it's just that, oh I don't know, but they are kind of untouchable, you know? Not in a bad way... but in a... we just aren't good enough kind of way. Of course, everyone will tell you that they don't act like it.. And well, here's a bit of gossip. So, Emmett and Rosalie are together and so are Alice and Jasper, Jasper and Rosalie are infernal twins and Alice, Emmett and Edward are all adopted by the Cullens." She stared at me expectantly.

I shrugged. 'So?' I was signing.

"They all live together in the same house!"

I wanted to say, "So?", because I'm tired of small town gossip, or any gossip of any kind. I have my reasons. But I have to admit that would be gossip no matter where. So I nodded. It is a bit weird. It was definitely odd. I shook my head, wanting to drop the subject. I was probably still blushing, I didn't know I had created such a scandal by sitting there. It's a free country isn't it? Well, apparently not at school.

The rest of the day past relatively okay. I just wish I couldn't hear everything, but then again, it's nice to know what people are saying. I just want to say things back. Sighing, I picked up my bag, waved bye to my new friends, and headed out into the rain to meet Charlie in his cruiser.

"How was your first day?"

I shrugged. I knew a little sign language, a little, but that's not going to help me here. I guess Charlie can learn with me.

Our drive was silent, nice, and peaceful, except for the nagging feeling of the Cullens. My biology teacher said that Edward and I would be partners and he sat next to me but apparently, he didn't show. I remembered how he left so quickly when I sat with them at lunch. I hope I didn't do anything wrong. On a piece of paper I scribbled. "Cullens? Nice?" And handed it to Charlie.

He nodded. "They are the nicest bunch of people I have ever met. And don't let anybody tell you different. The town thinks they are a bunch of punks but I haven't had one lick of trouble, which is more than I can say from some of the other kids, who have lived here all their life. There father is the best doctor on the east coast. I would say the US but that would sound like an exaggeration. Speaking of him, you have an appointment with him tomorrow. He's going to be your new doctor and wants to make sure he has all his information." I slumped. Hospitals... blood... sick people. I hated it all. "Don't worry. After tommorrow, you'll only have to have check ups every month or two." Then he was silent again.

That was okay. I could handle that.

I thought of Edward and his siblings with there black eyes and tight features. Did I do something? Did I upset them? Will I see Edward again? What will I do if he does come back?

I vowed to figure it out, and found myself, wanting to go back to school.