Dorinda sobbed as she firmly grasped the white stick in her hands. Two pink lines. She was pregnant.

"What am I going to tell Mom," whispered Dorinda. Aqua and Chanel looked at each other and then rested their hands on her shoulders.

"It will be okay chica," said Chanel. "We got your back."

"Besides, now I'm going to have to compete with you on how much we eat!" said Aqua, earning a small laugh and a sniff from Dorinda.

Just then, a knock came at the door and Mrs. Bosco, Dorinda's mom, poked her head in. After the success of the Cheetah girls had grown over the last three years locally, the Bosco's didn't have to live in the apartment complex's super's office anymore. They were actually able to afford their own place to live and now ran a center for runaways and abandoned children. The Bosco's were also now Dorinda's (and all of her other foster siblings) legal and official parents, thanks to the what was leftover from the money from Luc and Juanita had donated to her parents to help build the center, .

"Girls, is everything, oh my god, Dorinda," said Mrs. Bosco. "Is that-are you pregnant?"

"It's Joaquin's," whispered Dorinda. "I never meant for this happen, Mom. I'm sorry."

Mrs. Bosco smiled and wrapped her arms around Dorinda.

"Oh sweetie, it's okay," said Mrs. Bosco. "Your father and I will help you get through this."

"What about college?" asked Dorinda. "I worked so hard to get into NYU."

"Oh hunny, you can still go to class," said Mrs. Bosco. "You'll be long done with your first year by the time you have this beautiful baby. We'll help you, don't worry baby."

Dorinda smiled, tears still falling down her cheeks. She let out a sniff.

"Now the question is Dorinda," continued her mother, "are you going to tell him?"

"Mom, to be honest? I don't know," said Dorinda. "I really don't know."

Later that night the girls were ready for their show.

"Come on Do," said Chanel. "You are always so focused, don't let this pregnancy think that you can't do anything with us any more. My mama was dancing Latin while I was still in the womb, so don't think you can't dance hip hop."

"Do I look fat," frowned Dorinda as she adjusted her outfit and looked in the mirror..

"You look gorgeous," said Aqua. "You have this radiant beam of light shining off of you!"

"Mom said all pregnant women do," smiled Dorinda. "Okay I can do this. Ready Cheetahs?"

"Let's do this," said Aqua. They took their place on the stage that was set up in the middle of Central Park. Adrienne had this fantasy before they had left for India and now, it was finally going to happen. They had a concert in front of a thousand people.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I give you, THE CHEETAH GIRLS!"

The crowd cheered as the music played and the girls started singing. They sang Cheetah Love and several other numbers for a whole hour. At the end of the show, the crowd burst into cheers and the girls bowed and hugged each other as they excitedly ran off stage, but as soon as Dorinda got to the back, she reached for the garbage can again.

"Oh man, this kid just wants have to fun with it's mommy, doesn't it," said Dorinda. "It didn't like me jumping around."

"Or it probably did because he or she wanted more dancing. You know this baby will be adancer like Mom and Dad," said Chanel.

Dorinda sent her a death glare for even bringing him up.

"Girl, you know you're going to have to tell him sometime," said Aqua. Dorinda sighed.

"You guys are right. I mean that was the first thing I messed up. I was pushing myself away," said Dorinda.

Around midnight Barcelona time, Dorinda dialed Joaquin's number. It rang, and rang, and rang until she got his voicemail.

"Joaquin, hey, it's Do," said Dorinda. "Listen, umm, I'm sorry I haven't called you in the last month or two, things have just been so hectic around here. But I figured I'd call and share the new with you. That night we spent in Barcelona was mazing, and well, I'm going to have your child. If you don't want anything to do with him or her, I will understand, but I've decided to keep the baby. I love you Joaquin."

Hanging up, she smiled softly and then fell asleep, her hand resting on her stomach.

"Are you sure you guys want to come in with me to my ultrasound?" asked Dorinda a few months later. Joaquin never called back after Dorinda had called him, and she knew, that he was probaly never going to hear from him again.

"Absolutely girl," said Aqua. "We want to know what the baby is too!" she said. "This is our godchild!"

They walked into the office and Dorinda smiled as she walked up to the receptionist. She must have been new because it wasn't the usual girl.

"Hi, I'm Dorinda Thomas-Bosco, I have an appointment with Dr. Ross?"

"Dr. Ross is expecting you, go back to room 205 sweetheart."

"Thank you," said Dorinda. Aqua and Chanel walked through the back and found Room 205, Dr. Ross' office.

"Hi Dorinda, hello Aqua and Chanel good to see you again!" said Dr. Ross as she greeted the thre girls. Martina Ross was the same doctor who had ironically delivered Chanel and Galleria, so she was a close friend of the family.

"Are you ready to find out if you're having a boy or girl?" asked Martina as Dorinda set herself up on the examination table.

"Yes," said Dorinda. Martina squeezed a small good of petrolium jelly onto Dorinda's now bulging stomach and Dorinda gasped as Dr. Ross moved the wand around, and saw a glimpse of her unborn child's face for the first time and cried.

"According to the ultrasound, congratulations Do, it's a boy!"

"He looks like Joaquin," whispered Dorinda and sobbed as she hugged Dr. Ross and Aqua.

"Well, so much for adding another member to the Cheetah Girls, but I can live with a godson to finely dress!" said Chanel, joining in the group hug.

"Girls, there's someone I have to call now," said Dorinda.

"But you haven't heard from him girl! Get over that man!" said Aqua.

"But he has a right to know," said Dorinda. "And he will."