A sequel for "Nineteen Years Later" by angel_mischa is the story gift I have received in the SS/HG Exchange 2010 (an anonymous fanfic and fanart exchange on LiveJournal). Please go and read it, it's absolutely fabulous!

Nineteen Years Later:

The Sequel

by angel_mischa

Part 1

Chapter 1

The days dragged painfully as Severus continued healing. The monastery was nestled in the low Galician hills, and the resulting peace and quiet was exactly what Severus wasn't looking for. He'd been aiming for permanent oblivion, not an atmosphere apt for pensive contemplation. Still, the pervasive sense of self-loathing was partially deflected by "Sister Hermione's" interlocutory persistence. She wouldn't tell him the name by which the other nuns knew her, and he had no opportunity to talk to them. Now that he was ambulatory, both they and the other nurses paid him little heed; there were a few other, far worse off, patients hidden from him by white curtains, patients whom they thought worthy of their time. Hermione was the only nurse to attend to him. Perhaps that was her preference, perhaps it was theirs, but it certainly didn't suit him . . .

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