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La Vita Nuova

In that book which is
My memory . . .
On the first page
That is the chapter when
I first met you
Appear the words . . .
Here begins a new life

Dante Alighieri

I tried to think about something other than the pain tearing at me; the feeling of the warm blood gushing out of the wounds in my chest, legs, and arms. I heard the shell shots around me, the steel rain pouring on the broken turf surrounding me, and it was hard to keep from being afraid. The angry blasts and sounds of men being gunned down screamed at me, telling me that there was no hope, and I believed them. We had been so close to victory, so damn close. After so many days of fighting, after the great men who had died, was the battle really going to end in defeat?

Defeat was an ugly word, a word that I had been trained to avoid, both in speech and battle. It was not in a soldier's vocabulary, yet here it was, staring me in the face. I was going to die here, and there was nothing, short of a miracle, that could prevent what was coming.

I felt unseen hands tugging on my arms, but all my senses had begun to diminish. The pulling on y limbs had been pushed to a far recess of my mind, along with the acute pain and the awareness of my surroundings.

I saw flashes of color behind my closed eyelids, slowly changing into scenes from my past: my baptism in the creek behind our old farmhouse in Houston, the Christmas I had broken after being bucked off an unbroken mustang, Daddy showing me how to rope a steer, my high school graduation, my first day in boot camp, and one last image, the one that entered my mind and erased all others completely. That face. I tried to remember her, but the edges of my mind buzzed slowly, enclosing me in a more absolute darkness than I was already experiencing. Those clear blue eyes haunted me, exactly the color of a one-stormy sky being rescued by the sun. Deep and soul-scorching, those windows led to a more beautiful soul, one that completed my own the instant I heard her beautiful voice. She was the reason I had to live.

I gathered the little strength I had and began to fight against the darkness that was so intent on pulling me under, praying to an estranged God, who I wasn't certain was listening to my lonely prayer.

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