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Summery: Kim and Shego find excuses to spend time together.


"It's mine! It's mine! I got it!" Kim dove for the phone and snatched it up a split second before Anne's hand could close around it. Anne Possible looked at Kim suspiciously.

"What?" Kim asked as innocently as she could at the moment. She was almost itching to answer the phone. She knew who it was. She could feel it.

"Is everything alright?" Anne asked, watching as her daughter slowly backed away, the ringing phone held behind her back.

"Alright?Everythingspsankin'Idon'tknowhwatyou'retalkingabout!" Kim babbled as she moved farther away from her mother's suspicious look before entering the nearest room and slamming the door behind her. It was no secret that she was a horrible liar so she had to move quickly.


"Hey Princess. Guess what? I'm gonna steal something!"

"Really? That's awesome! I'll stop you immediately!"

"Looking forward to it!"

"Oh, well, in that case I'm gonna go over there and teach you a lesson!"

"About what? Bad fashion sense? And remember, I'm stealing valuable sciencey crap!"

"I guess I'm gonna have to bring my hand cuffs."

"... Uh, say what?"


"Handcuffs? We haven't even..."

"No, I mean to arrest you. Seriously, what did you think I was implying?"

"... Nothing. Apparently it's just me with the occupied mind."

"I don't get it."

"Never mind, Pumpkin. Just come and get me already! Jeez, what does a girl have to steal to get some hero to come and tangle with her?"


Shego leaned against a column inside the lab, tapping her foot impatiently.

Where the heck was this girl? It's been half an hour already! She idly checked her nails and glanced around the lab. She wasn't actually 'stealing valuble crap', she just wanted to spend time with Kim. Sure, she could have just asked Kim to go out all legit and stuff, but where was the fun in that? She saw a flash of red in her peripheral vision.

"I thought you'd never get here, Princess." Shego said loudly, not looking up from her nails just as Kim came into view from behind a different column.

"Well, you didn't actually tell me where you were." Kim replied, stopping a few feet away from the villainess and crossing her arms. She was dressed in her mission gear. She was slightly relieved when she saw Shego in her classic green and black catsuit. She hadn't wanted to be overdressed if Shego just wanted a friendly call.

Shego raised an eyebrow. "Never took you that long to find me before."

Kim shrugged. "I didn't tell Wade, so I had to do a bit of some old fashion detective work."

"You didn't tell Nerdlinger? A bit strange for you, considering the highly dangerous criminal you're dealing with." Shego said with a grin. She was secretly pleased that Kim didn't tell that little computer nerd. Made their meetings seem more normal. Well, normal for them anyway. Kim fought the blush that she felt coming on and focused somewhere behind Shego.

"I, um, didn't want him to know about our little... arrangement." Kim made hand gestures between them. Shego grinned wider.

"What arrangement?" Shego asked innocently. As innocent as Shego could ask anyway. Kim fidgeted on her feet.

"Well, you know..."

"Not really. What arrangement do we have, exactly?" Shego said, enjoying making Kim squirm.

"I...I don't know."

"Then how would I know if you don't know?"

"I don't know!"

"Riiight. Well, while you're trying to figure out your own little web of lies I'm going to get you on your back." Shego declared, getting into an aggressive fighting stance. "What do you say Kimmie? Feel like tangling?"

Kim tilted her head to the side as she regarded Shego. She wanted to fight? Figures. Kim crouched into her own defensive stance and smirked.

"I would say 'no' but you'd fight with me over it so I might as well get it out of the way." Kim responded confidently. Oh yeah, she definitely wanted to tangle with the green skinned women. She'd play the game if Shego wanted to.

"You're going down!" Shego said with great bravado as she launched her first attack on Kim, which was a plasma bolt. Kim easily rolled out of the way and sprang upright where Shego was waiting for her. Shego aimed a kick at her head which Kim ducted and countered with an uppercut. Shego narrowly back peddled to avoid the blow and used her momentum to back flip, attempting to kick Kim under the chin. Kim maneuvered out of the way and swiftly tackled the villainess around the middle before she could find her footing. They playfully rolled around, their struggling escalating into a tickle fight in which Kim was pleasantly surprised to find out that the most dangerous woman alive was ticklish. Shego's silky laugh rang out as Kim found a particularly sensitive spot. She countered Kim's tickle attacks by bucking the redhead off of her and then pouncing.

Finally, Shego had the redheaded hero pinned with her arms above her head and her legs locked around hers. Shego grinned triumphantly, panting slightly from the perpetual tickling. Kim giggled under her. She was highly amused by the fact that Shego was ticklish. She made a mental note in her head to use that particular attack again. Preferably in a different setting...Like her bedroom.

"I told you I'd get you on your back." Shego boasted, grinning up a storm. Kim opened her mouth to form a comeback but paused when a certain miniature Kim with a tail and pitchfork on her shoulder whispered an idea into her ear. The seed planted, an evil smile played across the redhead's lips as she looked up at Shego with gleaming eyes. Shego did not like this look.

"Kimmie? What are you thinking?" Shego asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow when Kim's smile grew ever wider. "You can't do that! That's like, copyright infringement or something. Stop with my evil look. Don't even think about doing something..!" Shego was cut off when Kim moved faster than she thought possible. She didn't even realize what had just happened when...

"OW! Holy crap! Did you just bite me?" Shego asked incredulously as she stood up and backed away. "On the ass?"

"Uh... No?" Kim grinned sheepishly up at the older woman. Shego looked even more bewildered.

"How did you even get into that position?"

"Umm... I don't know... I just moved and it was right there, so..." Kim mumbled as she looked everywhere but at Shego. A monster blush made its way to her face as she realized what she had just done. Bad Kim, bad! she mentally scolded herself. Shego rubbed at the tender area as she mumbled something that sounded vaguely like "Why always the ass? I can't believe this..." But Kim wasn't too sure.

Shego moved to sit next to Kim on the ground, albeit carefully aware of how she was sitting. An awkward silence ensued as neither of them wanted to look at the other first. After a whole three seconds, Shego couldn't stand the silence anymore and looked at the red faced teen hero.

"So... You're a biter huh?" Shego said casually with a sly undertone. Kim didn't think she could be anymore embarrassed.

"Shego!" Kim could already feel the tips of her ears warming up from the amount of blood rushing to her head. That couldn't be healthy! Shego smiled easily at Kim's discomfort. It was just too damn cute! And Shego didn't regularly even think the word 'cute'.

Shego brushed a lock of Kim's red hair behind her ear and kept her gloved hand there, turning Kim's head to look at her.
When Kim felt her head being turned her vision was filled with Shego's face extremely close to her's and getting closer. Unable to move in case she was imagining things Kim watched in total rapture as Shego closed the distance between them. When Shego's dark lips closed around her own, Kim's reaction surprised them both.

Kim moaned loudly and threw her arms around Shego's neck and threw herself enthusiastically at Shego's form, knocking the older woman on her back suddenly. Shego's breath rushed out of her as her back met the hard floor and she separated herself from Kim's feasting lips.

"God damn it Kimmie!" Shego groaned when she got her breath back from the sudden onslaught of Kim Possible.

"Sorry. Too much?" Kim asked breathlessly from above her. She couldn't help herself! When their lips met her pent up desire unleashed with her natural Kimness.

The pale woman laughed slightly and the movement of her chest against hers sent tingles down Kim's spine.

"Jeez, Princess. I wouldn't have complained if you didn't catch me by surprise." Shego said huskily with a sexy smirk on her lips, one hand sliding up Kim's back. Oh yes, her Kimmie was just full of surprises today. Kim's body reacted to the caress and she shivered, the blood in her her face rushing to another part of body.

"As fun as this was," Shego purred, sneaking a shorter kiss on Kim's lips. "I have to run." Shego smiled when Kim's response to her words were to tighten her arms around Shego's neck and kiss her again. "No, seriously." Shego tried to say, but was happily interrupted by Kim raining kisses on her lips. She let her Princess indulge herself until she reluctantly removed Kim's arms from her neck and gently pushed her off. Kim pouted fiercely as she reluctantly let the older woman go and got up.

Shego stood up, licking her lips with a wistful smile on her face. Both women regarded each other, taking the other in. Shego stepped away in the opposite direction.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later, Princess." Shego took Kim's hand and kissed it formally and Kim giggled at the display. Shego winked at her before she started walking away.

"Wait!" Kim said after her. The villainess paused to look back. "When will we see each other again?" Kim asked. They never scheduled their meetings and she needed something to look forward to. Shego flashed her a smile.

"I'm sure we'll think up of a good excuse."

It wasn't until much later when Kim had made it back home and began undressing when she figured out when they would meet again.

"What the hell?" Kim said in surprise as she pulled a card from the inside of her bra. She regarded it with a confused but intrigued expression. "How did she..?" Kim shook her head to rid herself of the thought. It would only lead to a wandering mind. She read the card to distract herself.

"I'm going to steal popcorn and candy from the concession stand at the Middleton Movie Theater next Friday at eight. Better come and stop me!"

Sighed 'The Super Sexy Villainous Villain of Villainy!'

Kim snorted at the 'villainous villain of villainy' part, but she couldn't argue with the 'super sexy part'. She unsuccessfully suppressed an excited girlish squeal at the thought of meeting Shego again.

Oh yes, if Shego was going to go around stealing theater food from innocent victims, then she had no choice but to confront the woman.

It was a good excuse, right?