I ignore his pleas and ran up ahead.


I ignored again and ran head first into disaster.


I ran and as I past Naruto,

"I'm sorry."

He yelled through tears,


I froze…

I turned…

"How… How can you say that about your… best friend?"

He ignored my question and started yelling again,


He ran towards me and grabbed my shoulders.


I laughed darkly and held his hands away from me.

"It's my choice."

He stood still as I dropped his hands and started to walk away.

"Besides, It may be the only way to save Konoha."

"He's FAR away from being saved! He's not worth dying for!"

"You don't get it, Naruto, I love him."

I smiled.

"And I love him enough to save him from himself, even if I die in the process."

That shut him up as I walked on.

I heard a muffled,

"Good luck, Sakura-chan."



I ran to the center of Konoha…

I saw dead bodies everywhere,

My medical instincts were trying to make me want to help them.

But they were far from being saved.

I started to cry.

And then I was in range.

I saw him standing in the middle of rubble.

He was shirtless,

His skin was dark purple,

His hair was blue,

And there were hand-like wings sprouting out of his back.

I stared at him.

He turned slowly, so I could see his face.

He had the cloudiest eyes.

His hands were claws.

And his mouth was curled up in sadistic smirk.

"Ah, Sakura."

My body trembles.


We stare at each other for a moment.

"What do you want?"

He sneered.

"I want you to stop, Sasuke-kun."

He rolled his eyes.

"Typical Sakura, all you want is peace.

And me."

His eyes glinted.

Roughly he held my face up,

"You still love me, eh?"

I stared at his deformed looking eyes.

"Yes. Yes… I still… do."

Sasuke laughed.

"Naruto sent you here didn't he?

He still wants me to stay in what's left of Konoha,

For the sake of this 'bond.'"

I shook my head, tears steaming down my face, dropping on his hands.

"Actually… he didn't send me."

He looked deep into my eyes, trying to see if I was telling the truth.

"He says…

You aren't worth saving."


My lips quivered as he repeated my thoughts.


His face was only inches away from mine.

"What did he really say?"

I broke my gaze and hopelessly tried to stare at the floor.

He grew annoyed that I wasn't answering.


I remain silent.

He clutched my chin and forced me to look at him.

The twisted smirk was on his face again.

"Ah, I see.

Naruto thinks I'll kill you.

And you think you can stop me,

Or save me."

He laughed and release the grip on my chin.


I fell backwards and sat on the floor.

My chin was obviously bruised.


He looked back at me and said,


"Why am I an Idiot?"

He turned away from me.

"Because you love me."

I stood up and scowled.

"So what?"

He looked up at the setting sun,

"I can't love you back."

I turned away from him and hugged myself.

"I don't care if you don't love me back."

I turned back again and stared back at him.

"But I will save you from yourself."

He smiled and said,

"Fight, eh? Begin."

I remained still.

Sasuke disappeared.

I stood frozen.

Suddenly he appeared before me.

Heartlessly he stabbed his sword into my stomach.

I did not flinch.

I ignored the drop of blood that rolled down my lip.

I smiled instead.

He scowled and disappeared again.

He appeared behind me and began throwing shurikens and kunais at my back.

I didn't move.

I keep smiling.

He appeared in front of me.

"Why aren't you attacking me?"

"I'm teaching you something."

He mercilessly pulled a kunai out of my back and held it to my neck.

"Teach me what?

That your weak?"

I clenched my teeth.

He smiled,

"You don't like that do you?"

I closed my eyes and tried to block him out.


My eyes flew open and I stepped back.

"Weak, is someone who doesn't love."

He scoffed,

"Strong is someone who can hate."

I just stared at him.

"I'm trying to teach you how to love.

You need to love to learn that you're hurting innocent people."

He snorted.

"And how are you going to do that?"

I smiled and felt tears roll down my cheeks.

"When you kill me,

You'll feel empty,

And you'll know what love is."

He laughed and let the kunai cut my throat slowly.

"You think I love you?"

He pulled the kunai back.

"I should change back, for old times sake."

His wings retracted.

And there was the "real" Sasuke standing before me.

My words jumbled up in my throat.

His hair was deep black and blew around in the wind.

His eyes were black, the sharingan gone.

He stabbed my arm with the kunai.

"I don't love, Sakura."

I took the kunai out of my arm.

I crushed it.

He smirked.

"Just because you're strong doesn't mean I'll love you."

"I already told you my plan."

He formed chidori nagashi around him and said.

"So be it."

He stabbed my stomach again.

He surged chidori through his hand and into the sword.


I screamed.

Then he kissed me.

He jammed his tongue down my throat and everything.

Then I felt my body go limp.

I fell into him.

I blinked a couple of times.

"I can't love you because

I don't want you to fall in love with a monster."

I smiled,

"Too late."

I closed my eyes and preserved my energy.

I felt him tense.

He shook my lightly.




"Oh my god..."


"Why am I hurting?"


"I understand now!"


"I love you..."

His voice shook with disbelief.

I opened my eyes slowly and smiled.

"I love you too, Sasuke-kun.

I hope you can see you need love."

He nodded and hugged me closer.

"I think… I think I need you Sakura."

I nodded and whispered.

"Then stop this stupid rampage."

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"I really do love you, Sakura."

"I knew you did, always."

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