Chapter 11: Freedom!

Once the pair returned to the Turbokat, T-Bone flew them swiftly to Enforcer Headquarters. They landed out of sight and had to carry the Commander to his building. They found it more difficult to slip in since they were hampered by the heavy unconscious weight of the Commander. They were nearly caught once as they loaded him on the elevator but managed to get the doors closed just in time. At the Biotech Lab floor, the work force were just leaving for the day, so there were very few to see them.

The ones that did see them were shocked and surprised at the pair of vigilantes holding Commander Feral between them. It was obvious the big tom was completely out of it as the two moved with determination toward Dr. Konway's office. Razor, fortunately, didn't have to break into the lock as he had before because Konway happened to be coming from another lab toward them.

He hurried when he saw them literally carrying Feral. Tapping in his code quickly, he stepped aside and ushered them in, closing the door behind on his confused staff.

"Bring him through here." Konway said urgently, leading the way into his medical room.

They placed him on the gurney while Razor explained what had happened as well as how many injections they had to use before this happened.

Frowning and muttering to himself, Konway quickly examined Feral. He took some blood samples, placed an oxygen mask on the Kat then examined his eyes. He was pleased to see them clear and free of any lightning bursts. He quickly set up the EKG machine and checked Feral's brain wave pattern.

T-Bone was becoming restless as the silence grew and the EKG kept spitting out paper with strange squiggly lines but he didn't dare interrupt the doctor.

"This is amazing!" Konway muttered excitedly.

"What is?" T-Bone asked anxiously.

Konway looked up in surprise having forgotten about them for a moment. "Oh, sorry! His brain wave pattern is near trace of the wild traces left behind by the Lightening Fit. I'd like to check him some hours from now but I can cautiously say he seems to be free of the condition." He said, shaking his head in amazement.

T-Bone gaped at him then blurted, "Hard had to be his blast that did it."

"Quite possible, T-Bone. As I said it's too early to be completely sure but it does look promising." Dr. Konway said with a sigh of relief.

"Hey, that's a lot more than he had this morning." Razor interjected, grinning happily.

"Yes, it certainly is." Dr. Konway said smiling.

"Uh, so why is he still unconscious?" T-Bone asked with a frown.

"Oh, just shock from the blast. His vital signs are good and he should be coming around shortly." Dr. Konway said reassuringly.

"Oh that's good then. So I guess Razor and I can leave him in your paws for the night. We've been with him every night for days and we really need to go home badly. We have a lot of personal things to do." T-Bone said.

Konway blinked at them in stunned surprise. "You've been with him for days......." He said then shook himself. "Of course, I can look after him for tonight. You two go on. You've been more than good to him and its obviously paid off." He said firmly.

"Great!" Razor said with a sigh of relief. "Just tell him that the spy is captured and, oh, here is the disk he stole........wait I better check to see if it is what we hoped." He broke off and went to a nearby computer.

Konway and T-Bone watched him as he ran the disk.

"Yes! It is the data!" Razor crowed in relief, popping the disk out.

"That's a relief. Anyway, doc, just tell Feral it's verified as the one stolen and that the spy and Hard Drive are in custody. That will make his evening. Also, tell him we'll come here tomorrow to see him and find out if he's totally out of the woods." T-Bone told the doctor.

"I'll tell him. Thank you for all you've done." Dr. Konway said sincerely and accepted the disk from Razor.

They waved the thanks off and quickly left. It was a great relief to return home after so long. A lot of work was waiting for them and they were anxious to get to it.

The SWAT Kats had been gone only ten minutes when Feral began to come around.

"Uhmm......ooohhhh...." He groaned. Feral didn't know what hurt more......his chest or his back where he'd hit the ground.

"Hello Commander. By the sound of it you're hurting a bit?" Dr. Konway asked, eyeing him clinically.

"Konway?" Feral blinked to clear his vision and saw the doctor staring down at him.

"Yes. You're here in my lab. The SWAT Kats brought you. They said to tell you that Hard Drive and the spy are in custody and this......" Konway held up the data disk, "is the disk the spy was trying to sell. Razor checked to insure it was the real thing, too." He told him.

"Oh, that's good news." Feral said in relief then frowned. " said they left?"

"Yes. I ran another EKG on you and was amazed to see its nearly normal. I want to run another in the morning but I'm cautiously optimistic that you are free of the Lightning Fit syndrome." Konway said with a warm smile.

Feral gaped at him and didn't breathe.

Konway tapped him gently on the face, "Breathe Commander......its not a dream." He said in mild amusement.

Feral gasped and took a deep breath. "Really?" He whispered in uncertain hope.


He closed his eyes and felt overwhelmed with joy for some moments. Dr. Konway moved away for a few minutes to allow his patient some privacy. Tears of happiness leaked from his eyes for a moment before he finally regained control of himself.

Surreptitously, he wiped his eyes with the sheet covering him and let out a tremulous sigh.

"So can I go home?" He finally asked when he had his emotions under control.

Dr. Konway gave a startled snort of amusement. "Surely you jest, sir? I'm sorry but no way. I want to check your EKG again in the morning and I promised the SWAT Kats, I'd be your watcher for tonight. So settle down and get some rest. Would you like a pain med?" He asked politely.

Feral scowled in annoyance but then sighed in resignation. "Normally, I don't take anything for pain but after suffering those fits, I think a mild pain med right now would be welcome. Thank you."

"You're welcome Commander. I'll just get that for you. Is there anything else you need?" Konway asked.

"Yeah, some water please."

"Of course. Be right back." Konway said then left the room.

Feral pulled the sheet up his chest a little more and stared at the ceiling. He was free! It was hard to believe but as he lay there, he could tell he felt different. Though his body was in pain, it was pain he was familiar with from countless battles. He welcomed it as an old friend. Life was good.

That night he got an excellent and uninterrupted rest. He woke feeling wonderful if a bit stiff.

Konway came into the room and smiled down at him. "Well, good morning. How do you feel?"

"Fantastic!" Feral said with a grin.

Konway couldn't resist grinning back in the face of such happiness. "I think its safe for you to go ahead and take a shower and take care of your other needs then I want to do that EKG and well see, alright?"

"Great, I could use a shower." Feral said, shoving the sheet off and getting up with only a brief wince of pain.

Some thirty minutes later he was again laying on the bed and waiting impatiently for Konway to be down with the EKG.

"Well, I'm truly pleased to say that your readings are even better than last night. You are definitely clear of the syndrome and are cleared for duty again." Konway said warmly.

"That is the best news I've heard in a long while. Thank you so much for taking care of me." Feral said sincerely.

"I didn't do as much as the SWAT Kats, Commander, but what I was able to do, I'm grateful it helped you. I hope you have a relaxing day. You truly deserve it." Konway said.

"Yeah, thanks. I know I owe those two my very life but you know I can't openly acknowledge or thank them publicly for it. I'll find a way to though, don't worry." Feral promised.

"That will be thanks enough for me then."

Feral left Konway's lab with a spring in his step. He went straight up to his office, changed to another uniform and sat down with great pleasure at his desk.

When Steele arrived for his shift, he was stunned to find the Commander working through a stack of reports with another stack completed in his out basket.

Feral gave him a mild look and listened to his second's report and the disposition of the prisoners.

Steele about swallowed his tongue when the Commander thanked him for holding down the fort and taking care of the cleanup with the spy. He was shocked when he saw Feral produce the stolen files and ordered him to return it to the ones it had been taken from. He couldn't figure out how the Commander could have managed to take it when he wasn't on scene.....or had he been? Steele didn't know and couldn't fathom why, if Feral had been there, he had left.

Steele was barely able to voice his acknowledgment before beating a hasty retreat from the office. The Commander was secretive at times but recently he'd been just weird.

As he finished the last report for the day and dusk was falling outside his window, Feral leaned back in his chair and stretched. He turned his chair and stared at the glorious sunset through his window.

"You look like you feel on top of the world." A gruff voice said in amusement.

Feral turned back around and gave a true smile of pleasure to the pair that walked out of the shadows of his gradually darkening office.

"Yes, you could say that. I can't thank you enough for standing by me through the worst moment of my life. You saved me and didn't allow me to give up even when it looked like I couldn't possibly survive. You didn't have to do that and I won't forget that." He said sincerely then his face became serious.

"You know I can't acknowledge my debt to you publicly and can't change how I treat you out there but alone with no one watching......I count you my comrades in arms. Protecting this city we love. You do it your way and I mine. I'll try not to ride you too much and if you'll promise to try and keep the damages down and not cross the line into serious trouble then I'll turn a blind eye. Deal?" He asked softly.

Razor and T-Bone looked at him in pleased surprise. The tom had survived all odds and hadn't snubbed them as soon as he was well again. Better yet, Feral was so grateful, he was willing to work with them rather than against although it had to be in secret but that was better than they'd ever had and more than they'd ever expected.

"Hey, that's okay. We're just glad you're well again. I won't say we aren't glad to catch a break finally though." T-Bone said, smiling broadly.

"You take care of yourself. You've probably used up about half your nine lives." Razor said in amusement.

"Most likely. Keep yourselves safe as well." Feral said smiling back.

The pair came up his pedestal and gave him a clap of comradeship on the back then left him, pleased and happy in his chair as they slipped away as silently as they had arrived.

Feral sighed and turned back to his window. Some minutes later he caught sight of the amazing Turbokat as it winged away from the area. Things were going to be a little different from now on and he couldn't be happier. They had worked amazingly well as a team and perhaps they would again in the future. He would keep that in mind when a case needed a special and secret way of handling.