Alpha's calling- A werewolf story

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Alpha's Mate- A werewolf story

Chapter 1- The Beginning

A young woman ran, her heart bumping faster then normal, clutching a tiny bundle against her bloody chest. The woman cried out as she tripped, losing her hold on the bundle. The woman was about to get up when she froze in fear, the men that were chasing her were no longer on her mind.

The bundle stopped rolling at a giant paw, the creature looked down at the tiny thing then at the young women, she stunk of fear and blood and a protective feeling over the bundle in rags at his feet. The wolf shaped creature scented the air, he was about to turn and leave when a soft voice stopped him. "Please, my Sakura, my darling Sakura." The woman whimpered.

The beast looked down at the bundle surprised to see a baby only a few months old, the greyish brown beast looked at the woman who was dying, before bending down and picking up the child in a large paw, curling protectively around it, before disappearing off into the woods. It stopped to see the men catch up to the woman, yell at her, when she didn't answer their question, they killed her, before leaving her body in the open

The beast held back a snarl, for the baby was sleeping. It's eyes cried out for the women, his kind was meant to protect the humans, but with the leader's mate dying as well as it's young everyone was called to meet and he was running late as it was. Walking on two giant paws like a human, the werewolf carefully held the baby to his chest. If the others didn't except the child he would leave, and watch the child him self. His poor son was losing his loved one and their unborn child, maybe just maybe he could get him to take care of the child. With new resolve the male werewolf took of towards the others.

As he got there he smelled death and sadness. Still holding the bundle to himself he walked toward the small castle like home. Others turned to him to see the bundle and a tuff of soft red tinted auburn hair peeking out, their eyes wide but they said nothing to the father of their leader. The wolf in mid stride shifted into a tall human form, dark chestnut bangs on his head and warm brown eyes.

The leader snarled in his wolf form but then stopped noticing who it was, he as well shifted the human form, the man was tall lean, warm chocolate brown eyes were filled with sadness, behind a pair of glasses, and his hair a soft chestnut colour. "Father," the man said slowly, not noticing the bundle.

The man holding the bundle placed a hand on the leader's shoulder and squeezed. The leader lowered his head, and gasped in surprise as emerald eyes stared up at him. The man holding the bundle blinked down at the child. And now he knew why they were looking for the baby, "a sorceress child," the male murmured, "her mother was murdered by the humans."

The leader glanced at his dead mate and deceased child, he had no heir, and the child struck him, her emerald eyes had wrapped him around her finger. He took the child into his arms and nuzzled the forehead of the baby. "Her name?" He asked softly moving to the door to the 'little' home.

The father blinked in surprise but he raised his son right, and smiled. "The woman called her Sakura. A beautiful cherry blossom." He said softly, maids took the dead mates body and wrapped it up. Getting it ready for burial.

Aiden Avalon stared at the bundle, sadness in his eyes but also a new hope for his adopted daughter, the emerald eyes seemed to understand him and a tiny hand reached up to press gently against his cheek. He smiled softly at the baby girl, before stepping out side to the others. He raised his head and looked at every one of them, "my dear friends and family, we mourn a loved one today, my beloved mate and my unborn child have left us." At the howls he held the baby closer to him, "but we also must mourn the murder of a human mother." There were angry howls at the fact that they had let that happen. "We've been gifted with that human mothers only blood relation, and I Aiden Avalon adopt Sakura, the baby left behind by that mother, she is my heir and my daughter. We mourn but we also have hope." He said softly, howls of agreement lifted into the air and Aiden watched the child yawn and stretch in her bundle before falling asleep.

"Sleep well my darling little cherry blossom, a new life just beginning for you, my daughter."