New KotOR story! Featuring our favorite snarky, cynical Atton Rand!

Angst! Bitterness! Sarcasm!

Which pretty much means, you know, canon!Atton. Who is really bitter.

Atton remembers Dantooine with the same sharp bitterness that he remembers that last Jedi he'd killed, in no small part because Dantooine was the first planet he went to after he left the Sith.

It hadn't exactly been of his own choosing; his ship had crash-landed on the planet's surface, miles and miles away from any sort of settlement, and it had taken a week for him to make enough repairs to allow him to limp into port on Nar Shadda. During that time he hadn't seen another sentient.

He saw an awful lot of Dantooine, though.

He remembers the plains, verdant and lovely, with birds singing in the bushes and kath hounds playing in the sun; he remembers the way the azure sky stretched out to touch the horizon on every side. But most of all Atton remembers the way the wild wind blew through the tall prairie grass, and how he would lose himself in that sound—it had been so peaceful, somehow, and it was only when he was listening to the breeze and staring out over the plains that he had felt any sense of tranquility.

It had taken him three days to realize that what he was really feeling was the Force.

After that, Atton had stopped going out to watch the plains. He tried not to leave his ship at all. The sound of the wind made him so tranquil that he was afraid he would lose himself in it entirely; lose himself in it, like that damned Jedi woman had, and sacrifice his life to some stupid cause that didn't care about him anyway, and end up dying at the hands of someone like him.

He had left Dantooine as fast as he could.

But try as he might, he could never quite manage to forget the sound the wind made as it blew across the plains, and he never managed to forget that Jedi, either.