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And She Gets Discouraged


Chapter 1: Sooner or Later

The jolly green blades of grass swayed from left to right with the autumn breeze. The giant tree shadowed over two panting figures. One figure launched a high right kick almost catching the other figure off-guard. The attacker let out a sigh of frustration as the defending figure held the leg away from his face. Their eyes met as they carefully watch the others' movements.

"C'mon…" the defender moaned in a bored tone. "You can do better!"

"Alright." the attacked smirked. "How about this?!"

Twisting their body, the attacker used their free left foot to hit the defender in the unprotected left side of his jaw. The pain shot through his face forcing him to let go of the attacker's right foot and hold his bruised jaw. The attacked then landed back onto their feet and gave her opponent an innocent smile.

"Is that better?" the attacked teased.

"Don't get cocky, Jazmine." the defender spat.

"Me cocky?" the mulatto battered her eyelashes innocently. "Never that, Huey."

Huey just grinned as she called his name out. His trademark afro swayed with the wind as he got back into his fighting stance. Jazmine mirrored Huey's movement and got into a replica stance. Each nodded respectfully to the other and then they began to exchange punches and kicks with impressive speeds. For every punch Jazmine threw, Huey countered with a kick. However one powerful kick broke through Jazmine's punch and resulted in a foot being placed dead in the center of the mixed warrior's chest. The blow caused her to soar through the air in the opposite direction of the placed attack. The seventeen year old revolutionary took this moment to take a quick breather and wipe some sweat dripping from his forehead. His wine eyes carefully watched his pupil use her hands to land on the ground. Using all of her upper body strength she then performed a quick back flip to regain her footing.

"Damn Huey, I never pictured you to be a woman beater." Caesar grinned. The Brooklyn native had been watching from under the oak tree. "Go easy on her."

"If I do, how will she ever get stronger?" Huey turned around to face Caesar.

Jazmine smirked and used this to her advantage. She dashed towards Huey and hopped into the air with her foot extended out. Her resemblance to a dart made her move look non avoidable. Just as she was about to strike, Huey's ears wiggled and he did a quick sidestep allowing Jazmine to soar past him. A smirk spread across his face as he saw the mulatto soar by him and noticed where her new route was heading. Jazmine yelled as she noticed where she now heading. Caesar, who had all the sounds of the world drowned out courtesy of his iPod, didn't noticed that Jazmine's foot had an unexpected appointment with his face in less than ten seconds.

"Watch out!" she yelled.


Just before the collision course was set, Huey jumped in front of Caesar and caught Jazmine in his arms, bridal style. The mulatto who closed her eyes after she noticed that she was going to hit the dreadhead, slowly opening her eyes she found herself in a dream. Being in Huey's arms had to be a dream. However she realized that it wasn't a dream and found herself blushing. Huey noticed and felt his face grow a little hot. Meanwhile Caesar was still nodding his head, eyes closed like nothing was happening.

"You need to learn to be a little quieter." Huey smirked. "Especially if you are trying to land a sneak attack on your foe."

"You got lucky…" she pouted.

The two just remained quiet in the same position for at least another minute before releasing exactly what was going on.

"Sorry." Huey apologized, placing Jazmine back onto the ground.

"Well I think I've had enough sparring for the day." Jazmine stretched her arms up and yawned.

Huey stared at Jazmine's figure as she stretched. He remember when they first started training two years ago, she had a flat stomach. That was now upgraded to a visible four-pack. This transformation was definitely noticeable since her small white tank top rose up to expose her tummy. Another different was just her whole frame in general. Ever since he had known Jazmine, she was basically a mixed version of Olive Oil but it wasn't until the training they started back when they we're fifteen that help capture the frame she holds today. She had curves in ALL the right places, as Riley would have put it or any straight guy at that. As Jazmine placed her arms back down, she noticed Huey staring and cleared her throat.

"Something in your throat?" he asked with a sarcastic tone.

"Nuh uh." She replied back. "Can you walk me home?"

"I suppose." He said coolly. "Since I won't have anyone else to use as a punching bag besides the tenth Wu-Tang Clan member over here."

Caesar finally opened his eyes and noticed that the two stopped fighting. He pulled the earphones out of his ears and placed them into his red hoody's front pocket.

"You guys finished already?" he looked at his watch.

"We've been up here for about three hours." Jazmine said.

"I guess listening to that iPod slows your brain's processing down." Huey joked. "C'mon Ceez, let's go."

Later that night…

Cindy was sitting in her room with the phone glued to her ear. She was currently listening to Jazmine explain why her and Huey will never be a couple and how that they have no similarities, only differences. This was a part of Cindy's busy daily routine. She would work out, play some pick-up games at Meadowlark, flirt with Caesar, play some more pick-up games and then get her nine o' clock phone callevery night from the babbling mulatto.

"I just don't know what to do!" Jazmine cried into the receiver. "I've tried listening to Public Enemy. I've practiced marital arts with him, I even try to read one of those books written by various Black Panthers from the sixties but nothing pleases him!"

"See that's yer problem right there, gurl!" Cindy exclaimed. "You tryin' to please him by not being ya self."

"Well when I act like myself around him, he brings me down."

"Let's face it though; you're pretty fragile at times. I think it's tough love though. I see how Huey be lookin' at cha when you ain't lookin. Dat boy be starin' at ya!"

"Staring in disgust." Jazmine whimpered.

"No no no!" Cindy got out of her chair to lie on her bed. "He likes what he sees. Not just physically either…at least according to Caesar."

"Caesar? What does he know?"

"He told me that the other night Huey was feeling the same you feel for him. He said he thinks he loves you, but you probably don't feel the same way." Cindy said dropping her slang to prove how serious she was acting.

"You guys don't have to lie to me."

"We ain't!" Cindy's voice cracked. "Anyone with eyes knows that Huey and you are made for each other. Ever heard the saying, opposites attract?"

"Okay well check this equation out; Jazmine Dubois plus Huey Freeman equals Jazmine getting her feelings hurt."

"That's not true…don't make me come over there." Cindy laughed, hoping to hear a laugh from Jazmine. "That's your cue to laugh…"

"This is serious." Jazmine's tone reminding the blonde of Huey.

"Okay how about you ask Huey to the homecoming dance?" Cindy asked randomly. "It's coming up soon and I have a date."

"I totally forgot!" Jazmine screamed. "I guess I'll be going alone again this year."

"No, you're going with Huey. If I'm going with Caesar and Riley is going with one of his breezies, you gotta come with your man!"

"…" Jazmine's voice refused to communicate with Cindy at the moment.

"What's the worst that could happen?" Cindy asked innocently.

Jazmine closed her eyes and ponder on the question. She pictured herself on top of the hill in a fancy pink dress, while Huey was wearing his olive combat shirt, black t-shirt underneath, khaki pants and combat boots.

"So Huey…" she stared down at her feet. "You want to come to the homecoming dance with me?"

"First of all, the guy is supposed to ask the girl out. Second off, why the hell would I go to a dance full of niggas doin' dumb nigga shit?" his voice tearing into her soul.

She could already feel the waterworks coming as he continued.

"Third off, why in the BLUE HELL would I go to dance with a little naïve girl like you?!" he then shouted causing Jazmine to shed some tears. "See what I mean? You're weak and pathetic…a revolutionary needs someone strong."

Jazmine then began to cry hard as she noticed Huey pulling his katana, Black Thought from behind his back. The revolutionary's eyes glowed red as he raised the sword up and brought it down towards the defensive-less mulatto.

"Jazmine!" Cindy shouted ending Jazmine's fictional daydream. "Why the hell would Huey kill you for asking him to a dance? Let's be real now…"

"I guess you're right." Jazmine giggled. "I'm overreacting; I guess I could give it a shot…"

"That's mah gurly gurl!" Cindy snickered. "Well with that bein' said, I'll let you call him up and pop the question, HOLLA!"

Cindy hung up and prayed that Huey would say 'yes' or something not too hurtful. The blonde crossed her fingers for ten seconds. After the time past, she then dialed a new set of seven digits and listened to the phone ring.


"Hey Ceezy!" Cindy chirped.

"Wuts good?" Caesar asked. "Finished talkin' to Jazzy already?"

"Yep, I convinced her into asking Huey to the homecoming dance."

"That's whats up, that'll be step one into gettin' those two to admit they love each other." Caesar said.

"You damn right!" Cindy replied back. "Plus we can all finally do somethin' together, we've been hella busy lately."

"Hell yeah ma, I've been writing lyrics like whoa! You've been ballin' like whoa! Riley's been gettin' ass like whoa!"

"Too much information, hun!" Cindy growled.

"Whoops, but uh…back to my whoas! Oh yeah, Huey's been training like whoa! Jazmine has also been training like whoa."

"Well cross your fingers and hope ya boy lightens up and accepts Jazmine's invite." Cindy suggested.

"I've got my fingers and toes crossed!"

"Hold on, baby!" Cindy said as she heard a beep. "Someone is callin me!"

Cindy switched over to the other line.


"Cindy, I rather do this in person tomorrow."

"That's great Jazmine!" Cindy said proudly. "That'll definitely win his heart!"

"I hope so…" Jazmine whispered.

Meanwhile in Huey and Riley's room…

Huey Freeman was occupied with a book while his younger brother was dribbling his black basketball.

"Does this look like Rucker Park?" Huey asked annoyed.

"Calm down, nigga!" Riley barked back. "I'm on my side of the room…that's all that matters!"

"Well keep the sound over there too." The afro-headed brother retorted.

"Gay ass nigga." Riley whispered.

Suddenly the phone began to ring causing both boys to stare at the phone. The phone was actually dead in the center of the room and both brothers were extremely comfortable in their leisure hotspots.

"Get it, Riley." Huey yelled over the second ring of the phone.

"Oh hell no!" Riley yelled back over the third ring. "Dat bitch is on ya side of da room…"

"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHOSE SIDE OF THE ROOM IT'S ON SOMEBODY BETTER ANSWER THAT DAMN PHONE!" Granddad yelled from the bathroom. "Can't even take a shit in peace no more."

"I guess I'll be the bigger man." Huey sighed hopping off of his bed to answer the phone. "Hello?"

"Long time, no speak huh?" a voice yelled.

"I don't know you tell me." Huey snorted. "I mean it's hard to speak to a person who head butts you."

"Huey, I was only ten. I didn't know any better." Cairo, Huey's former best friend pleaded.

"Well now you're seventeen and you just getting around to apologizing to me?" Huey asked suspiciously. "Do I owe you some money from back in the day?"

"No, you always paid me back." Cairo laughed.

"So what took so long?" Huey asked again.

"Your Aunt Cookie finally decided to give me your number." Cairo admitted. "I guess she was upset I head butted her favorite nephew."

"Oh." Huey simply shrugged. "How's life been?"

"You know…the same. Duey and I just recently transferred from the high school."


"Well we decided it would be better to finish our senior year at Wuncler High School."

"WHAT?!" Huey shouted. "You guys are comin' here?! Why!"

"Because the college I want to go to always takes students from WHS." Cairo explained. "Plus I wanted to tie our loose ends, I was wrong to get mad at you because you were forced to move from the hood to the suburbs. Do you forgive me?"

"I suppose…I don't know if Riley will. But I, Huey Freeman forgive you."

"That's good man; well we'll be in Woodcrest tomorrow morning."

"Okay, I guess I will see you later."

"You will indeed, Huey." Cairo laughed.

The next morning…

Newspaper tucked under his arm, Huey walked up towards the hill and noticed a figure already standing there, waiting for him. As he got closer he noticed the figure had on a pink and white striped sweater, tight white jeans and brown snow boots. Once he saw the huge orange afro puff blowing viciously with the gusts, he knew exactly the figure was. As he got closer, he saw those two emeralds located on Jazmine's face lit up at his present.

"Hey Huey!" Jazmine cooed.

"Jazmine, it's seven A.M. and it's not a school day." Huey unrolled his newspaper and sat under the tree. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I thought that since the sun isn't up too high yet, we could spar." Jazmine lied.

"You gonna spar in those clothes? They look expensive." Huey observed her attire. "Oh and since it's just about November, I don't think it's going to get too hot today."


"It's not going to get hot again until at least May…" Huey continued. "So Jazmine, why are you up here this early on a Saturday?"

"I wanted to ask you a question." Jazmine's heart began to beat harder.

"I'm all ears." Huey showed her by wiggling his left ear.

Jazmine took a deep breath, closed her eyes and quickly said. "HUEYDOYOUWANNAGOTOTHEHOMECOMINGDANCEWITHME?!"

"Jazmine!" Huey shouted. "Calm down and say that slower."

"Okay…" she took a deep breath again. "Huey, do you want to go to the homecoming dance with me?"

Huey at first didn't say anything. He just looked at his newspaper, then he glanced up at Jazmine's nervous face. She avoided eye contact as she awaited the answer of the hour.

"No." he said in a cold tone. "I won't go with you."

"Why?" she croaked. "Why not me?"

"It's not you, it's me." He said. "I'm not a party person. Plus if we go to the dance together, everyone will think we go together."

"It's like what you told me though, think and know are two different things." Jazmine reminded Huey. "They can think we are together, but me and you both know that not true." Jazmine croaked in a hurt tone.

"You're damn right! I mean you're one my best friends but that's all we can ever be." Huey forced himself to lie.

Right now Huey wanted to put out Black Thought and commit Japanese ritual suicide for lying to himself and Jazmine. As Huey beat himself up mentally, he didn't even noticed Jazmine approaching him.

"I HATE YOU, HUEY FREEMAN!" she screamed as she punched him in the ribs.

As the blow connected, Huey felt a mass majority of his oxygen escape from his mouth. He instantly dropped to his knees and panted for breath as he saw the only person that truly made him happy walking away from him. The atmosphere around him started to darken and all sound began to evaporate. All he could hear was Sooner or Later by N.E.R.D playing through his troubled mind.

Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down),
crushing down (crashing down) when everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'll cash down (you'll cash down)
and not make a sound (to make a sound) everyone knows now

(So you're sad)
About the moment you lost your love (Damn)
You couldn't see her leaving
(You were gassed)
And that's such ??
cause God yanked the rug and holding your heart will not help you breathe

Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down),
crashing down (crashing down) when everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'll cash down (you'll cash down)
and not make a sound (to make a sound) everyone knows now

It all comes crashing down
It's over leave it
It's over leave it
It's over leave it
It's over leave it

(So you're sad)
And you should own it and you messed up (Damn)
You thought that you were the team
(You were gassed)
And now you're a opponent who wears your gloves (Damn)
A nightmare just ate up your dreams

Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down), crashing down (crashing down) when everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'd cash down (you'll cash down)
and not make a sound (to make a sound) everyone knows now

It all come crashing down
It's over leave it
It's over leave it
It's over leave it
It's over leave it

(So you're sad)
Could have had so much done you blew it off (Damn)
Your chance is passing you by
(You were gassed)
Time waits for no one
And it cost for a lost
Because made joke should you laugh or cry

Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down), crashing down (crashing down) when everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'd cash down (you'll cash down)
and not make a sound (to make a sound) everyone knows now

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