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Chapter 10: The Quiet Before The Storm

Caesar's eyes slowly opened to be greeted by a cheerful Cindy McPhearson drawing circles on his chest. He looked down and smiled and then looked to his right and saw the scenery moving at about thirty miles per hour.

"I see you're up now." Cindy's bright eyes locked onto Caesar's dark brown eyes. "Woke up from your wet dream about Syria?"

"Ha…very funny. I mean you've got to admit she's beautiful." Caesar then quickly shut his mouth as he noticed what came out his mouth. To his surprise, no slap was thrown his way. Instead a small frown appeared on Cindy's face.

"What are you tryin' ta say?" Cindy stuck her bottom lip out. "I'm not beautiful?"

"You're beyond beautiful, you are Cindy McPhearson." he smirked and kissed her on the forehead.

"Oh Ceezy!" she cooed and pull him by the neck into a kiss.

Meanwhile in the front, Huey was bobbing and weaving through traffic while Syria scrolled through some applications on her smartphone.

"You know what?" Syria spoke softly. "I dunno if I'm ready to confront Cairo on this situation."

"It's now or never. You've come so far and now you're having second thoughts?" Huey said.

Syria let out a deep sigh and looked out the window and tried to enjoy the scenery. The elder Freeman pulled up to a red light and took a second to take a quick glance at the lovely female beside him. How in the world could Cairo cheat on someone like her? Body of a goddess and voice sweeter than molasses?

"Hey you know if we seriously go through with this and you expose me to Cairo in front of this Jazmine girl, all hell is gonna break loose." Syria warned. "Cairo's been waiting for this moment for seven years."

"It's really a damn shame he used other people to get to me." Huey stroked his goatee. "I'm sorry you're involved as well."

"Actually I'm glad you told me." Syria smiled and she grabbed Huey's hand. "My mom always told I deserved better."

"Trust me you do." Huey smirked.

Meanwhile on the Woodcrest Turnpike…

Jazmine had her stereo turned all the way up as she tried to use the music to cleanse her mind of all the problems surrounding it. Once again, she was listening to an artist she originally couldn't tolerate while she was friends with Huey. The only rapper that wore a metal mask was spitting bars over a familiar Whodini sample.

"I check the dictionary for the meanin' of friends, it said: Person, one who likes to socialize with. Sympathize and help her and that's about the size of it, most of the time these attributes is one-sided." MF DOOM's monotone voice drilled a hole into Jazmine's brain.

'Now I thought it was obvious that Huey has feelings for you but I guess you really are naïve.'

Jazmine gasped as she heard the voice play in her head. It sound like Cindy was in the car with her, but when she looked over in the passenger's seat, she only saw an empty seat. She turned her right signal light on as she exited the busy highway to enter the city limits. The import sedan stopped at the red light as Jazmine closed her eyes and instantly saw the horrifying image of her slapping Cindy back at the food court.

"Why did I do that?" Jazmine asked herself. "Cindy was my first friend in Woodcrest. Even before Huey!"

"Yo mulatto princess!" a voice shouted. "That wasn't a good thing to do to your friend, yo."

Jazmine pinched herself as she thought she was dreaming since that voice sounded a lot like the rapper she was just listening to. Then just like magic, a huge white cloud formed next to her and behind the cloud was no other than MF DOOM.

"What the-" Jazmine felt light-headed.

The honks of horns behind her caused her to put the pedal to the metal and continue her journey to the hair salon. The emerald eyes of Jazmine's darted back and forth between the huge black masked man in her car and the road ahead.

"Keep yer eyes on the road and keep yer ears open to what I've gotta say." MF DOOM instructed. "Now the reason I'm here is cuz you have forgot the value of a friendship."

"What do you mean? I know what friendship is all about!"

"Do you really? Then why have you basically treated them all like enemies?" he then pulled out a blunt and lit it up. "Cairo, a man you've only known for about a week has been given more respect than Huey, a man you've known since you were the tender age of ten!"

"To get respect you've got to earn it." Jazmine retorted. "That boy had this coming for a long time. Always rejecting my feelings for him."

"See; now let's look at this from a new perspective, ight?" MF DOOM then snapped his fingers and everything went black.

The darkness then disappeared as the familiar background of green blades dancing on top of the infamous hill. The strawberry blonde mulatto and metal faced supervillain were floating above the hill looking down on it. This spot is where Huey, Jazmine, Caesar, Cindy and even Riley sometimes would go to look at the skyline of their home. But it also serves as a place to escape from reality and try to fix and solve technical difficulties with their lives. As usual, Huey was on top of the hill in his workout clothes but he wasn't standing tall looking down at the city. Neither was he sitting under the giant tree reading the local newspaper. On this particular day, he was on all fours and trying to regain normal breathing patterns after the vicious blow from his best friend, Jazmine Dubois.

"Wow, I hurt him that bad?"

"Jazmine, lemme fill you in on somethin'…he's not only sufferin' from physical pain." MF DOOM placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Damn, why do I have to be so damn stubborn?!" Huey pounded his fist into the earth. "Everytime I feel like I'm ready to open up to her, I do some dumb shit like this! Am I too proud to admit that I care for Jazmine more than just as a friend?"

Jazmine felt her lips begin to shake as she knew that the waterworks were ready to escape. She couldn't believe that for one, she actually hurt the man she loved not only physically but emotionally as well.

"You see this?" MF DOOM questioned her with a cough. The smoke from his blunt made it to his lungs in an unpleasant way. "This man loves you!"

Suddenly Jazmine's eyes shot open and she heard the yelling of drivers mixed with the honk of their horns behind her. She looked at the passenger's seat and saw no one sitting there. Letting out a huge sigh, she took her foot off the brake and stepped onto the accelator to restart the flow of traffic.

"Wow, I guess I was just imagining things." she said, thinking of the images of her flowing in the air with the blazed rapper. "Yeah, I think I'll just listen to some TALK radio until my head clears up."

Meanwhile in the Athletic Wing…

Japanese American DJ extraordinaire, Hiro Otomo was directing traffic inside of the multimillion dollar gymnasium to get it prepared for their special guests of the evening, CRS. Balloons and steamers decorated the home of the Boys/Girls basketball and volleyball teams. Tonight was going to be a night to remember and Hiro was making sure everything was on point.

"Yo, Henry!" Hiro yelled across the huge room. "Move that subwoofer over a little bit!"

This was at least the tenth time that the young light skinned teenager known as Henry had to move the heavy speaker. His body expressed his frustration when he let out a huge sigh and allowed to let his shoulder drops.

"Is that how you're gonna act when Kanye West enters the building?" Hiro asked. "Or when Skateboard P comes? Don't tell me you gonna act like this when Lupe Fiasco gets here?!"

Henry just rolled his eyes and moved the speaker to the left. Once he finished moving it, he wiped some sweat from his brow and looked over to see Hiro shaking his head in a disappointed manner. Hiro pointed to the left, the total opposite way that Henry pushed.

"Man , fuck this shit!" Henry growled as he stormed out of the gym.

Hiro then pulled out a piece of paper and crossed off Henry's name. The list contains a whole bunch of names and all of them had red lines crossed through them.

"Well that's all the muscle of the WHS student body." Hiro snapped his fingers. "Who can I get to help me get this all situated?"

"I might be of assistance." a voice rang out.

Hiro did a quick pivot and saw his friendly rival, his nicest enemy, the woman he taught everything and now she uses it against him but most importantly his crush. The young lady made her way over to Hiro's location and made sure her presence was felt. All the men in the gym currently stopped their duties and found their eyes glued onto the female swaying her hips from left to right.

"Uh, who let you in here? This is a restricted area until after the homecoming game!" Hiro told the dark haired latina standing in front of him. "Are you here to steal my shine, pupil?!"

"No no no, Hiro." she cooed as she stroked his chin with her index finger. "I'm here for the love of music. Plus, it looks like you need some muscle and I've got that."

"Lupe, my dear Guadalupe, this isn't a place for little girls." Hiro grinned. "Now we've got less than five hours to set this place up for Child Rebel Soliders and we aren't even thirty percent done yet!"

"Otomo, there you go wit ya damn calculations. Forget the statistics; if you'd get off your high horse and actually help instead of directing traffic, then we can get this show prepared." Guadalupe retorted.

The comments made by the female DJ caused everyone in the room to applaud her wise words. All eyes were on Hiro who just smirked nervously as he noticed the glares from the student body. Beads of sweat dropped from the top of Hiro's head as he felt the guilt being pushed onto his conscious.

"Alright, you guys win." He retreated and rolled his sleeves up.

"That's my boy." she playfully squeezed his cheeks, causing him to blush.

Meanwhile at the Freeman Residence…

The gang finally arrived to their headquarters to start plotting for their mission tonight. Plotting to the gang meant sitting around and watching television. Huey was the only person not sitting down as he paced back and forth in deep thought. Syria noticed his tense expression and got up to grab his attention.

"Hey Huey, I think you should calm down." Cairo's love interest suggested.

"Oh trust me, I'm calm." Huey replied in his signature arctic tone.

Taking a hint, the dark skinned Chicago native took her seat back right next to Cindy and Caesar. The room was just too quiet for a certain person. That person finally had enough of the silence and decided to let his voice be heard.

"This is some ol' bullshit!" Riley screamed, startling everyone except Huey. "I say we just go over to Cairo's place now and whoop dat nigga's ass!"

Cindy and Caesar surprisingly nodded their heads in agreement, but Syria and Huey did the total reversal motion. The room then seemed to split into two as one side was for beating the snot out of Cairo and the other side was for exposing him in front of Jazmine and not having to resort to violence.

"Jazmine already hates me for always being physical. I don't want to stack onto the plate unless I have to." Huey reminded his friends. "Plus I think I rather hit him where it'll hurt more."

"In the ribs?" Caesar blurted out.

"In the balls?!" Riley couldn't help but shout out with a small snicker.

Cindy plucked Riley in the nose and placed her hands on hips. Caesar then busted out into laughter himself only to meet the same exact fate. A swift puck that sent painful vibes through his face and caused his tear ducts to open. Now it was Syria's turn to giggle since she knew she wouldn't meet the pluck of doom.

"You guys are so dumb. Huey is tryin' to say he wants to hit Cairo in the heart." Cindy rolled her sapphire eyes.

"And what better way to expose him than by Syria confronting him in front of the Wombat student body." Huey said while pointing at Syria.

Syria gave the crew a nervous smile as she sank down in her seat. Despite all the talk she gave over the phone to Huey, in reality she was really bashful.

"I'M HEEEEEERE!" the front door burst open to reveal an extremely perky Sunshine.

Something about her appearance caught everyone's eye. Her normal hairstyle which featured a side ponytail was non-visible. It had been replaced by a beautiful updo. The upper part of her hair was done into a lovely bun and the back was done into curly locks that were allowed to cascade down her back. To finalize the transformation, her bangs were combed over to the right to cover her right eye. Another noticeable difference was that she had on make-up. Purple eye shadow was present on her eyes. That brought out her new look even more. For the second time this day, Riley found his jaw on the ground.

"Well look at you, gurl!" Cindy gushed. "What salon did you go to?!"

"I went to Beautiful Universe." Sunshine answered, shutting the door down behind her. Cindy gave her a confused look. "You know, it's the one Jazmine always goes to."

Everyone looked at Huey for some reason. This caused him to broadcast a mood of anger back towards his fingers.

"What the hell ya'll looking at me for? My name isn't Jazmine." Huey waved off their sympathetic faces off.

"Was Jazmine there?" Cindy asked in a curious tone.

"Yeah she just got there." Sunshine placed a finger on her chin. "And boy lemme tell ya, she did not look happy."

Cindy sighed as she assumed that Jazmine was probably still mad about their little episode a couple of hours ago. The actions of Cindy caught Caesar's attention instantly as he got up to give his love interesting a comforting hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You look…" Riley couldn't even say a complete sentence to compliment his girl.

"What's wrong boo?" Sunshine cooed, taking a seat on his lap. "The cat has your tongue."

The way she talked to him, made her seem like a cat. Her words rolled off her tongue like a soft pur from a cat. Huey felt a rare emotional in his heart as he saw his brother and best friend enjoying the company of their loved ones.

'I'm not jealous.' He repeated in his mind, as he took his focus off of them and looked at Syria.

Sunshine merrily skipped over to Riley's lap. Syria looked up and saw Sunshine. Their eyes locked up and Sunshine cracked a smile. Syria's lips however refused to curve upwards.

"Oh my!" Sunshine gasped. She then stood in front of Syria and bowed apologetically. "How rude of me not to formally introduce myself. I'm Sunshine Jones and you must be-"

A snort came out of Syria's mouth and it signaled Sunshine to just walk away before trouble landed in the Freeman's living room. Syria let out a long sigh and crossed her legs and slowly closed her eyes. Her state of mind was ruptured by the acts of Cairo. She knew that he made plans to get revenge on Huey before he left for college, but she didn't think it would involve him cheating! Not able to control her inner feelings anymore, a single tear drop hit the carpeted floor. From out the corner of Huey's eyes, he noticed a lone tearstreak down his visitor's dark cheeks.

"Are you okay?" he asked, handing her a box of Kleenex.

"I am a loyal girlfriend." she sobbed. "Never gave him a reason to do this to me!"

Huey felt a ping of hurt in his heart as he watched her sob uncontrollably into his couch pillows.

"I knew about this scam for years!" Syria yelled. "I knew this day would come someday and now it's finally happening. But the only person getting screwed over is ME! He told me he had plans of getting revenge on you before he went off to college."

"Do you feel that he really loves you?" Cindy asked.

"I know he does, but he's more concerned about getting his revenge."

"Yo, I'm tired of all this talkin!" Riley barked. "If we ain't gonna whoop a nigga's ass then I'm bouncin'."

"There's the door." Huey pointed to the front door.

"You can't kick me outta mah own house!"

Huey's eyes turned into narrow slits as he took a step towards Riley. A couple of sweat beads formed on Riley's head as he knew his brother wasn't in a good mood at all. The eldest Freeman took another step and caused Riley to lift Sunshine off of his lap. He then slung his love interest over his shoulder and practically broke the sound barrier as he retreated from the house.


Once Sunshine's wails were undetectable, Huey slammed the door shut and went up to his room. However he came back down stairs and whispered something into Caesar's ear. The Brooklyn dreadhead nodded and grabbed Cindy's hand and kissed it.

"Hey babes, I gotta head down to the school gym." Caesar hopped up and grabbed his bag. "I'll see you at the game."

"Where he's going?" Syria wiped some tears from her eyelids.

Huey then mouthed something that caught Cindy's eye. The Blonde Bomber acknowledged him with a wink. Lucky for the two, Syria didn't notice their sneaky exchange.

"My baby went up to the gym to help em' get the place set up for tonight's show." Cindy beamed. "I can't wait to see Pharrell's sexy ass!"

Syria knew something was fishy about this whole situation. Huey and the others wanted to do more than just expose Cairo. The love she still had for him refused to let these people punish him more than he deserved.

A couple of hours later…

Jazmine stood in the mirror of her bathroom. She looked beautiful. Beautiful Universe did an excellent job on her hair. They were able to delete the strawberry tangled curls and replaced them strawberry straight locks. The hair wasn't freefalling though; it was tied into a neat bun with a curly strand dangling at the center of her forehead. Jazmine couldn't help but blush at the dress she had on. Good thing her parents were out of town for the weekend. Tom's head would have exploded if he saw his baby girl wearing an emerald strapless cocktail dress.

"I wish I had someone to tell me how I look." Jazmine spun around and used the mirror to examine herself once again. "This guilt is killing the mood."

"You did the right thing." a voice caused Jazmine to jump out of her white dress heels. She slowly turned around to her date of the evening laughing his head off. "Didn't mean to startle you…THAT MUCH."

Jazmine grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck. For some reason when she dug her head into his chest, it just didn't feel right. She shook the negative feeling off and just hugged him for a little while. Cairo looked up in the mirror and smiled at himself. His plan for humiliating his former best friend was going to be bittersweet. The game was going to start in a half hour and the dance would be in the next three hours.

"You really think I had the right to smack my best friend like that?"

"She had no business calling you the "N" word." Cairo pointed out.

"You're right. She knows how sensitive I am about that word."

"You ready to go?" he whispered.

"I think I am." Jazmine broke off the hug and stepped back and struck an innocent pose. "How do I look?"

Cairo licked his lips and gave her two thumbs up. Jazmine blushed and playfully punched him in the chest. He then did a similar pose and battered his eyelashes.

"How do I look?" he asked in a high pitch voice.

Cairo had on a red and black striped polo shirt with khaki pants and black boat shoes. To top off his look, he had on a pair of aviator sunglasses.

"Handsome." she replied sheeplishly.

Cairo extended his hand out to her. Jazmine happily grabbed his hand and laced their fingers together.

Meanwhile at the Freeman Residence…

"Boy!" Granddad shouted. "I know you ain't goin to no damn dance dressed like that!"

Huey didn't say anything. He just remained in a calm state with his arms crossed over his chest. His attire was definitely inapprioate for a Friday night out at a football game. Huey had a white headband tied to his head, a white tank top, black baggy cargo pants, his bokken strapped to his back and black Timberland boots.

"What's wrong with I got on?"

"Nigga you dress like you about to have a showdown." Riley snickered, dusting off his all black fitted cap. "See you just don't listen to me. Why would you wanna whoop his ass while we on school grounds? You'll get suspended and that shit ain't cool for a nerd like you. Now Young Reezy on the other hand…"

"RILEY, SHUT THE HELL UP!" Granddad and Huey exclaimed.

"Now Huey, I hope you don't really plan on fighting that boy in front of a crowd of people." Granddad placed his hand on his oldest grandson's shoulder. "Do I really have to make that damn chess analogy again?"

"No, but I have a feeling even with Ms. Heyward being in his presence that I will still be in checkmate. There's no escaping that, so I'll just knock all the pieces off of the board."

Granddad's eyes widened.

"This is what he wants anyway. Cairo wants to fight me. However this time I won't be the one with the broken body part." Huey said.

"You know I got yo back." Riley whispered. "Right now, I'm goin to go pick up Sunshine."

"Ya'll two are going to walk? I could give you a ride…"


"Just because I don't like doesn't mean I hate you." Huey smirked and smacked his younger brother in the back of the head.

"Aye nigga, don't mess up mah braids! Jazzy just did a couple of days ago." Riley growled.

Syria then slowly descended down the staircase. Her entrance caused real-time to go into slow motion. Syria had on a golden tube top, black tights with black heels. Her dark hair was still in its signature ponytail. Once again Riley found his jaw mounted to the ground. Good thing Sunshine wasn't around or else her heel would have been jammed into his midsection or worse.

"Alright, let's go have a good time!" Syria chirped.

"Good luck, boy." Granddad patted Huey on the back.

Huey just nodded and opened the front door. Syria walked through first, followed by a drooling Riley.


Hiro wiped sweat from his forehead and wrapped an arm around Guadalupe. She was also covered in sweat. Their job was complete. They had transformed the gym into the ultimate concert scenario for the WHS student body.

"You stink." Lupe giggled, holding her nose.

"I'm pretty sure that's your own funk." Hiro retorted, also holding his nose.

"Cut it out, lovebirds." Caesar clapped his hands to gain their attention. "You've got everything set up correctly for Huey?"

"Of course I do." Hiro rubbed his hands together. "I'm a super genius. The task he wanted was so easy to complete. There will be no room for escape."

Caesar then whipped out his cell phone and called his best friend. It didn't even fully ring one time before Huey answered.

"Hiro got the place set up?"

"Yes, it's all in good hands." Caesar told him. "This final confrontation will be the nail in the coffin for your rivalry with Cairo."

"Exactly." Huey's voice hit its signature arctic pitch. "This is the quiet before the storm."

Will Huey and company be able to success expose Cairo for the dirty dog he is? Or will Jazmine still be too blinded by his lies and cause Huey to resort to drastic measures? How will Syria truly play out in this epic rival…find out in Chapter 11: One More Time.

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