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AN (sparkly): Alright, so this didn't go quite how I wanted it, I ended up completely changing my idea, and as a result, it's a bit short. But enjoy!

A Conversation

By: sparklyshimmer2010

"Oh come on Elizabeth, you like him do you not?" Teyla prodded gently as they sat in Elizabeth's office. It was in the afternoon and Teyla had unexpectedly dropped by to talk.

"No I don't, Teyla. I have no idea why you would think that." Elizabeth said, but giving a small, nervous, laugh.


"Alright fine, if I did like him, we…we couldn't be together anyway."

Teyla fixed her gaze on her friend. "Why not?"

"Because I'm the leader of Atlantis, Teyla. I can't be having a relationship with my military commander."

"Is there a rule for this?" Teyla asked.

"Well no, not exactly."

"Then what would the problem be in it?"

"It's still highly unprofessional. It could compromise certain situations where I let my feelings get in the way!"

"So you do like John?"

Elizabeth glared. "Fine yes, I like him."

"I do not believe that you would risk the safety of Atlantis, even for him." Elizabeth bit her lip and looked away. "Let me ask you something Elizabeth. Would you spare me a relationship with one of my people, just because I am their leader?"

"Of course not, but that's different."

"That may be so, but were I not in your position, would you allow me to pursue a relationship with someone I cared very much about?"

Elizabeth sighed. "I suppose I would, yes."

"Then give it a chance, Elizabeth, for both of you. Tell him how you feel."

A smile graced Elizabeth's lips and the smaller woman grinned back when she said, "Alright."

"Now I am not going to have to drag you to talk to him am I?" Teyla asked.

Elizabeth's lips fell into a nervous frown. "I – I've never really been good at this kinda thing. How am I supposed to tell him that despite the IOA I want to be with him? How the hell am I supposed to tell him that every time he steps through the gate I'm so scared he won't come back I feel almost sick? How am I supposed to tell him that I think I'm in love with him, that I can't help but smile when whenever he's in the room? How can I tell him all that when I have no idea how he even feels?"

"You just did."

Elizabeth looked at Teyla in confusion. There was a moment of silence where Teyla just smiled softly, and then Elizabeth's radio activated and John's familiar voice spilled through, sounding thick from emotion.


Mwahahahaha! Er, I mean, I'm so extremely sorry for ending it like that? -bows down to faithful sparky readers- I uh, was thinking of a sequel? :)