Wow I'm on a roll with these Fatal Frame fics. I've just gained inspiration to write about it. Such a wonderful game. Well anyway I got this idea from Emi (credit for this idea goes to her), a user on the CameraLens forums. There will be a total of 99 oneshots, inspired by the set word for each chapter. Hope you all like this first one.

Theme: Love

Characters: Rei Kurosawa, Kei Amakura, and mentions of Yuu Asou.

Pairing: Kei/Rei

He watches her from a distance as she stands in the pale moonlight, listening as she silently whispers to the sky. Kei knows this is how she copes with her loss; however he just can't stand sitting on the sidelines as she suffers.

"I miss you," she says to the pure orb in the sky, her voice cracking with each word she speaks.

Kei puts a hand to his chest; he could feel his heart reaching out to her, wanting to share her pain. Yet he stands there, watching her from the sliding screen, hearing her soft sobs in the silence of the night. It had been almost two months since the terrifying horrors of the Manor of Sleep, the last time Rei had encountered her deceased fiancée. Yet, she showed no signs of recovery, in fact it seemed as if she had gotten worse.

'Rei…' he watches as the young woman falls to her knees, as if she couldn't stand the weight of her burden any longer.

The pain in his chest grows stronger the more he continues to watch. His hand gripped tightly on the fabric of this shirt.

'What is this feeling?' He thinks to himself as he dark eyes stay fixated on the woman.

Each time he saw Rei, he could feel it grow stronger in his chest, he felt like it would pounce out of his ribcage the first chance it got.

'Go to her,'a voice in his head whispers.

Kei's eyes widened, where did that come from? He looked around Rei's living room in search of the person who had spoken. Nobody was there, it was just him. He could hear Miku and Mio's laughter coming from upstairs, so he was sure that it was not them. Kei turned his eyes back to Rei. Of course he wanted to go to her, to help her in anyway he could…but she was his best friend's fiancée. How would Yuu feel about it?

'It's okay.'

Kei was alert once again, that sounded like Yuu, but it wasn't possible. He could feel a strange presence emanating from behind him, as if someone was standing right there.

'I know you love her Kei…go to her, I don't mind.'

Kei lowered his eyes to the ground, the sound of Rei's soft cries tearing his insides apart. So that's what it was…love. He had grown to love her in the short time that they knew each other. Why did it suddenly dawn upon him at this moment? But…she's Yuu's fiancée, what right did he have to violate that bond? He was torn between his newly found love for Rei and his loyalties to his best friend. He gritted his teeth as he began to quietly open the sliding door that separated them. He could feel his heart telling him to go, but he could sense the logical side of him telling him to stop.

'Go to her Kei, its okay. Rei needs you and you need her.'

"Yuu," he whispered into the quiet living room.

His heart took over at this point, feeling that he had somehow been given his dead friend's blessing, no longer taking orders from his brain. Kei took one step out the door, silently creeping across the wooden planks of the back porch. Rei continued to weep on her knees, the name of her deceased fiancée whispered from her lips through the painful cries, she was completely unaware of his presence. He felt his heart quicken its pace as he knelt down beside her.

"Rei?" he called out to her.

He heard a soft gasp escape her throat as she turned her tear stained eyes to him. Kei felt his jaw drop slightly at the sight of her. Was this what it was like to love someone? To want to be with them and share their pain when they were suffering? To think that she was still beautiful despite her make-up smeared eyes and tear stained face. She turned away from him at that moment, as if she were ashamed that he had seen her in such a state.

"Kei…I," she couldn't find any words to say to him.

He put a hand on her shoulder; her skin was cold to his hand. How long had she been out there?

"Its okay," he spoke in a quiet voice, "I'm right here."

He tensed when he felt her arms wrap around his neck and the wetness of her tears soaking her shirt. Kei slowly returned the embrace, one hand rubbing circles onto her back. He whispered soothing words into her ear every once in a while.

"I-I…just can't seem to let go," she spoke, breaking the silence in between them.

Kei opened his eyes, his eyes focused on a patch of grass beneath them. A strange feeling of disappointment rising in his chest at her words. Love was a powerful emotion, it could be the most wonderful experience in the world, or it could hurt deeply…just like it was now.

"I know its hard Rei," he spoke up, his arms tightening around her, "But…Yuu wanted you to live. He wanted you to be happy."

He could feel her shaking under him, he didn't know if it was due to the chilly air or if his words struck something inside her, either way he tightened his hold.

"I-I know that, i-its just so hard for me to cope," she replied in between sobs.

Kei pushed her away from him slightly so they were looking into each others eyes. Rei seemed completely unaware of how close their faces were as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, "I'll help you," he said, gently taking hold of her hands.

Kei watched as her eyes widened at his words, taking a moment to look down at their entwined fingers.

He would do anything for her, he realized, as long as it made her happy. Kei just wanted to see her smile again, no longer suffering from her inner demons, and he would help her because he loved her.

"In anyway I can Rei, I want to take care of you from now on," he continued, watching as her jaw fell slightly.

Rei was silent for a few moments as if allowing the words to sink in and looked up to the moonlit sky, a small smile forming on her tear stained face.

"You're such a kind person Kei…just like Yuu was," she spoke, her eyes turning to his again.

He returned the smile, knowing that she had indirectly accepted his offer.

"Come on, lets get inside before you get sick," he said while helping her to her feet.

Rei nodded, suddenly aware of the cold outside, "Thank you Kei…for being there," she said, as they walked up the steps of the back porch.

Kei nodded in response, he knew it was going to be a long time before she was ready to accept someone else into her heart. He already accepted that fact, but his love for her had grown to the point that he could wait. Love, after all, made people do crazy things.

Well what do you think? This is the first chapter in a series of 99 one-shots, I'll write about more characters from the Fatal Frame series as well. So, do you think I should continue? Let me know.