Disclaimer: I do not own Fatal Frame or any of it's characters.

Theme: Seeking Solace

Characters: Miku Hinasaki, Mafuyu Hinasaki.

No one could possibly understand what she had endured.

She sat quietly on her bed, arms wrapped around her knees, watching the rain splash against the window, it seems like the rain hasn't really been letting up at all these days.

The young girl let out an audible sigh which seemed to echo around the room. All was silent in the house, with the exception of Ruri's purring as she slept at Miku's feet. She hated having nothing to do, normally she would be taking care of the house for Rei, but today…she had just lost the motivation to do so. Miku normally didn't mind keeping after the place, it stopped her mind from wandering to dark places.

She never told Rei…

Never told Yuu when he was still alive what had truly happened that night.

Her eyes wavered, she was still that same shy girl that she had been two years ago…nothing about her seemed to change with the exception of the overwhelming grief that she had been trying so hard to hide from everyone.

Though…somehow…she couldn't bring herself to let it go.

The nightmares only made it worse…she was always back in the house, where she saw the most important person to her stay behind…never to be seen again.


She had been asking herself that for so long.

'Why did you leave me alone?'

Being alone was one of the things she feared, and Mafuyu knew that…so why did he do it? Miku never understood, all she felt was a deep sadness, but also a great hatred for that woman Kirie.

Kirie took her brother away…

She was the reason that Mafuyu was no longer beside her…she was the reason that Miku was all alone.

She wanted to be consoled, seek solace from the only person who was incapable of doing so at the moment. Her eyes slowly wandered over to the last photo she had taken with her brother before that fateful night. Miku wanted to see him…at least one last time.

She could pretend like nothing was wrong all she wanted to people who didn't know…couldn't understand, but the sadness and despair would continue to eat her up inside, until she could no longer take it.

"Brother…it's all my fault…" she whispered, hiding her face into her knees.

Rei was in her room…she knew that…so she let the tears fall. Miku had had so much tragedy happen to her…losing her grandmother, watching her mother commit suicide in front of her, why was fate so cruel that she had to lose Mafuyu too?

'It's unfair…'

Her shoulders shuddered violently as she let out all her sadness. She hid this all from the world…yet she also wanted someone to comfort her at the same time, instead of suffering alone. Yet…no one in this world was a mind reader, how could she expect Rei to know how she felt if she didn't say anything? Then again…Rei was going through a depression of her own, her fiance had been killed a few months ago while she was behind the wheel. Who was Miku to place her problems on Rei…when she had problems of her own.

She wanted her brother…

He would have comforted her…

Yet, he was the reason she felt this way…being unable to save him after everything she had endured.

It wasn't enough, nothing she did had been enough.

Miku felt herself sink further and further into depression everyday and now she was at the lowest point…with no one to bring her back up.

"Big brother…" she called out to him, though she knew he wouldn't hear.

How could he…Mafuyu was dead after all.

It was quiet in the room save her soft sobs as she laid herself on the bed, her tears wetting the pillow as she cried harder.

A hand slowly found it's way to her shoulder, someone was sitting on the bed beside her.

Odd…she didn't hear the door open.

"Rei I…"

She didn't hear her housemate reply…and she couldn't bring herself to look into the other woman's eyes. The hand began to rub her shoulder gently, she could feel an aura of sadness from the touch as well…and also regret.

It stayed like this for a while, until Miku finally managed to calm down enough to the point where her eyes could no longer allow the tears to fall. The hand was still on her shoulder, giving her the solace she had been longing for a quite sometime. She felt slightly better…

"Thank you Rei…" she said, beginning to look up, "Fo-"

Her eyes widened slightly, no one was there…

Blinking in confusion, she placed her hand to her shoulder…she was sure she hadn't been hallucinating. Someone was really there.

There was a knock on the door.

"Miku…are you in there?" Rei's voice called to her, muffled slightly by the door standing between them.

Miku wiped her eyes, "Yeah…I'll be out in a minute," she replied.

She was still at a loss for words as the woman's footsteps disappeared down the hall.

Her eyes wandered over to the picture, the presence having left when she had looked up.

"Brother…did you…?"

The picture only stared back at her, staying silent to her question.

"You…were watching over me the whole time…weren't you?"

A small tear slid down her face again, her hand tightening on her shoulder.

"Thank you…for letting me know…you didn't really leave me after all."

Knowing that he was still with her had given her all of the solace she needed.

Yeah…rather cheesy. You could say this took place during FFIII. Even though she does see him and go after him in the game. I've been wanting to write a one-shot about Miku for a while…and I believe this theme fit her well. Hope I did okay.