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Bangin' on Your Eardrum

By, Nicole Silverwolf

James Horner- The Rocketeer Main Title/Takeoff

Two weeks out from Mission City and while the bruises were finally starting to fade (at least the ones that weren't bone deep) there was something that still wasn't quite right. Sam had been hospitalized for a few days then taken home...by his parents...in their regular car.

Bumblebee was nowhere to be seen.

Sam couldn't quite hide the concern.

Until the early morning beep woke him from a dream swiftly forgotten. He was out the door in two minutes flat.

"Bee!" he confirmed with no small hint of joyous relief in his tone.

Sitting in his driveway and conspicuously framed by a brightly painted semi and a retrofitted Hummer was a good as new Camaro.

J.A.C. Redford - Bedtime Story: Oliver & Company

He couldn't speak and it turned out that when you didn't speak a WHOLE lot of Autobots seemed to think you didn't hear or have anything to say either.

Possibly permanent damage and loss Ratchet had cautioned. Bumblebee knew the medic was trying his hardest to find a solution and if anyone could it would likely be him, but there was a reality.

Somehow, he'd gone from competent and decorated field scout and the commander of a squad to something nearly invisible. It was beyond frustrating.

Jazz had suggested it first. Leave it to a musician to see the solution.

"Music, kid. Someone I once talked to called it the universal language."

It wasn't perfect, and it took a long time to figure out how best to use sometimes awkward poetic phrasing to communicate concrete thoughts, but when Optimus asked for volunteers for the Allspark search, he didn't remain silent for an instant.

Foo Fighters Learn to Fly

He didn't miss the others too often. The mission for the most part saw to that. Who knew there were so many people who had once been named Witwicky (or some subsidiary of that) on the planet?

And on the days when he missed his friends and Energon and a myriad of things he'd left behind--he'd race into the wind. Highways were some of Earth's best things, besides it's endless music choices. Jazz would love it here if he made it, the twins too if they'd survived the collapse of Cybertron.

Once in a great while he'd shine that beacon too, up and up into the thousands of stars and hope that maybe someone was out there just looking for a sign to head towards.

Billie Holiday Pennies from Heaven

Mikaela had never much considered jazz music. Not even after Mission City and the sacrifice of one Autobot who'd named himself after the style. She'd downloaded a friend's mp3 collection to her battered Ipod on a whim and a search for something she hadn't listened too yet.

Maybe she'd discover a new artist she liked.

She was playing it from a set of speaker's she'd found in the repair bay while taking lessons from the CMO.

"It reminds me of him," Ratchet had offhandedly commented.

Something old school was always playing on the base after that.

Talib Kweli Going Hard

The war didn't start in a frantic moment or in a single act. It was a slow burn, and some said that Megatron had simply become the most vocally disgusted with the infrastructure that marginalized the weak, poor and destitute.

There were protests. Peaceful demonstrations that grew larger, then eventually more violent.

Restrictions suddenly appeared from everywhere. Restrictions on the written word, the types of bills that could be presented to the Senate, where bots could go and when.

The slogans that slathered the walls of alleys and streets became clearer.

Those who would turn in their freedom for protection deserved neither.

Masami Ueda Uepkeeper I: Okami Soundtracks

It was a very quiet morning when they left for Tyger Pax. They were an impressive cadre of bots who stood waiting for their orders.

Optimus checked himself carefully one more time, to both make sure he looked the commander he was and to check to make sure he was armed for this.

Jose Gonzales Fold

Sam had spent hours on this remote beach and Bumblebee couldn't really see why. It was quiet here and he seemed content to walk slowly along the breakers, turning stones over and occasionally pocketing something of interest to him.

A smoothly rounded flat pebble.

A shell.

A piece of glass blasted by sand so it was frosted oddly.

When pressed Sam couldn't really offer an explanation, just that it was peaceful. Bumblebee understood a bit more then. And they made trips as often as possible to the beach.

Rei Kondoh The Sun Rises: Okami Soundtracks


Sam nodded minutely, still scared beyond everything he had felt before.

"We'll protect you Sam," and it was an echo from their first ever battle together. He drew courage from it and the circle of friends around him.

Sucking in a deep breath he took off, running like mad along the strip of land. He wasn't clutching the Allspark this time but somehow wished he was.

He could see Mikaela and Will off out of the corner of his eye fighting and alive and likely to stay that way with how protective Ratchet and Ironhide could be, felt Bumblebee at his back and saw the goal before them.

"We're coming Optimus, just hold on," he muttered as he scrambled for the first hold on the ship and focused his energy on getting through the traps while they held off the Decepticons.

He could tell from the moment he laid eyes on the Autobot leader how bad it was. But then the huge bot reached out for him anyways.



Vertical Horizon Goodnight My Friend

It was very late at night, too late to head home and risk waking his parents so Sam had opted to stay on the base until the next day. Only problem was that he couldn't sleep. It was one of those anniversaries.

One month since the end of Mission City. One month since he'd destroyed Megatron and the Cybertronian's most important relic.

He didn't think about it all the time, nor obsess about it. But sitting out here on the roof wrapped in a blanket and staring at so many stars, wondering if one of them was the far distant Cybertron, he couldn't sleep.

He hadn't wanted to kill anyone, nor destroy something so important. Though no one knew about it he'd vowed to help these people his friends until the day he died, no matter what it took.

It didn't seem so much like penance because he couldn't imagine anywhere he'd rather be. This was what he wanted.

Nakagawa Shougu Sora Iro Days: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Opening Theme

Bumblebee couldn't really imagine life on Earth without his human family. They were all sorts of insane and weird. But they were his to protect.

Sitting outside the large field near the school where his two youngest friends were doing something called 'graduating' he saw thousands of black squares fly into the air (what was the significance of that he wondered), and about an hour later the two of them came breathlessly running up to him all smiles and barely contained joy.

They'd told Sam's and Mikeala's parents about Autobots many months earlier and they also seemed extremely pleased as they walked up to find the two teenagers conversing with the car without a care.

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