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Death Cab for Cutie What Sarah Said

"Don't die." was all he could keep repeating as his fingers went numb pinching off Energon lines, hands covered in the internal fluids that made up Autobots. He didn't dare to let up the pressure on the line that clearly led to something vital. The medic was cursing somewhere above his view and he saw Mikaela every few seconds as she raced around helping him.

Sam couldn't stop from thinking it over and over again. They were watching him die. "Please. Please. Please," and he couldn't tell if he was asking a deity or begging the mech below him but the results had to be the same.

The fact that he could feel the fluids fighting to get out from between his fingers had to mean something good...

Bruce Springsteen Further on Up the Road

It was impressive watching them race down the highways. Anything but inconspicuous and yet it strangely fit to see these particular vehicles somehow owning the road that they'd never driven before. The beat up old van sitting on the shoulder with a bunch of granola munching backpackers trying to fix the engine paused to watch them fly by.

Joe Hisaishi Sheeta's Decision:Castle in the Sky

In his office--bunker in reality--awake long after he should have gone to recharge Prime looked at the pad in front of him. Details of a plot unheard of till now sat awaiting his signature and consequent approval. He did not want to do this, the risk seemed to outweigh any benefit that might come from it.

The Allspark.

Was it even possible to destroy it?

Gustav Holst Excerpt from 'The Planets'

Sam always felt small among the Autobots: figurative, literal, it didn't really make a difference how you put it. So it was somewhat overwhelming to have Optimus Prime thank him. Even more so for suddenly the entirety of the Autobots, nearly a hundred strong years after the Allspark was lost, to agree. To nearly bow to him one odd afternoon that seemed to hold some significance to them.

He'd voiced the opinion quite often that he hadn't done anything special, had actually destroyed their future by destroying the Allspark. Most of the bots he'd now spent years with as a liaison and friend knew this rhetoric all too well.

Prime offered a hand at the protest this time and lifted him, a too fast ride nearly 28 feet into the air. Clutching at a thumb for balance Sam could see all of New Iacon and the surrounding base that housed their many human allies spread before him--a beacon in the desert. Living, prospering, and happy.

"Thank you for this Sam." Optimus insisted.

Arovane Goodbye Forever

There was certainly ceremony to be performed, unknown traditions to be followed that they couldn't have known about until this moment.

Jazz had been restored to look as if he'd never been harmed at all. Explanations about how sparks could not be replaced had assuaged Sam's earnest belief that they could save him if they just repaired the damages.

Sam and Mikeala both had been honored to be allowed to watch despite not knowing Jazz that well.

It was a moment they wouldn't soon forget.

And then the stories had started, to teach them more about the friend they'd barely gotten to know.

John Hiatt Child of the Wild Blue Yonder

Mikaela heard the engine a block before it turned the corner and she thought nothing of the state of her hair or her dress. It was decent enough and besides, she was off with the guys.

Sam was sitting in Bee's driver's seat, all smiles and that excitement he always exuded.

A wave over her shoulder and a sincere "Seeya later Dad!" she rushed to the car behind the yellow Camaro and her very own friend/guardian. Her father watched her go, hands on his hips and not quite sure when his baby girl had grown up so quickly.

They took off into the early sunshine and as they merged onto the highway, she couldn't imagine anywhere else she'd rather belong.

Thomas Newman Nemo Egg

"Do you know where you'll go now?"

It was an honest and concerned question. The young woman stood very still at the door to the garage. She balanced a wrench in one hand and a rag in the other, looking over the yellow Camaro that had fallen into her backyard nearly two months ago.

"Not yet. But I'll know when I find it."

There was a dip in the fender of thanks and then the car was gone.