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"This world is full of so-called "monsters", sadistic masochists who think the world is merely nothing more than a bad joke just waiting for the punch line."

"Detective," I said my mouth dry and somewhat haggard. Massaging my forehead, I turned to face the remains of the "lovely" little bridge I once called home and sighed. "Where will I go now?"

There it was the home I had built for myself two months ago. I had somewhere to live, and in an instant it was gone. It was another one of his jokes, another crime committed by the Joker. With a little dynamite and a few cans of gasoline, he simply destroyed the one thing I had left, the only thing I had left. However, I couldn't blame him. He was the Joker, after all. It's in his nature to blow things up. I had to face the reality of my tragic situation: Granton Bridge was nothing more than huge pile of rocks.

Facing me, eyes slightly averted towards the wreckage, the detective walked towards me and nodded his head. When his eyes focused in on my overwhelmed existence, I received a cold-hearted expression from them, as if my situation didn't even matter. When I looked into those numb eyes I could feel his hatred, see it raging in his eyes. I thought I could at least trust him to get me off the streets, but I guess the streets care more about me than the people of this city do. Now, without anything to cling to, the streets are all I have to live for, the only part of my life that hasn't disappeared.

"You wouldn't care," I said almost in a laughable tone as I looked away from him and away from the last fragment of my tattered existence. "I don't have anywhere to go. To you, as well as the rest of Gotham, we're a disease, bad jokes that never amounted to anything important – people who aren't important at all."

His expression never faltered. Even as I spoke those heart-wrenching words, his sympathy for me never changed. I was a disease. To him, it was better to let a chaotic animal live on the streets and die just as it is: an animal to afraid to survive. I shook my head. I expected this from him. I would expect this from anyone. I am an animal. What else could I expect from him? Turning away from the detective, I chuckled as I ran my pale hands through my auburn hair.

"Hey," I said, my back still facing him, "I understand. I'm nothing. In fact, I'm not even here. Just forget about me and go back to solving crimes and fighting evil Detective."

I walked away from him, walked away from the shitty life I'd built under that bridge and made my way back to Gotham's crime infested streets. But if the pollution doesn't kill me, I'm sure the people will. I am, after all, nothing more than they make me.

Without a watch, my sense of time was lost as I walked along Gotham's dark sidewalks. The sun would rise and I wouldn't notice, seeing as my mind is complete shrouded with dark images and utter chaos. I was hoping for some reason behind my thoughts, but reason didn't want me then. As I approached a street light, I saw a man adorning a rather fetching business suit. By his grey hair, his age wasn't a question, but more of a statement; however, by the way he had it slicked back, it made him quite attractive. Deciding to finally leave the mother ship, I quickly walked up to him and asked him the time.

"Uh," he said, staring at his diamond encrusted watch. "Miss, it's ten o'clock."

"Thank you."

I started to walk away, but before I could, the man tapped me on my shoulder. I turned to face, as well as an annoying grin on his face. I've seen that look before, many times….many faces.

"Yes," I asked, unsure of what he might say or do. His eyes were so unwavering. I didn't understand him. He could be a nice "citizen". However, this nice "citizen" could also rape and kill me and throw me away. Perhaps I was thinking too much, but I liked my way of thinking. I was always aware of everything.

"May I ask," he began, his tone a little too deep for my taste, "why such a pretty girl like you would be alone in a place like this, especially now, when everything comes out to play."

I smiled. "Well, just think of me as one of those "things" that comes out to play."

The man in front of made me more uncomfortable than I wanted to be, so I decided to walk away without saying anything to him. He frightened me. I've seen so much destruction, but I feared what he could do to me if I stayed. I didn't even turn around to tell him goodbye, or even thank him for helping me. At that moment, he was more of a threat. So, I had to leave. It was the only thing I could do.

When I had distanced myself from the man, I decided that it'd be better to rest up and continue my journey tomorrow. Luckily, there was a bench nearby a popular chain of coffee shops. Reaching the bench, I slowly sat my body down to savor the joy of actually finding some comfort in a place like this. Then, as I stretched my body along its entirety, I felt myself drift away into the only world I enjoyed.

"Boss," a pudgy man exclaimed as he tightened the grip he had on his gun. "We will go through with the plan tonight?" Waiting for an answer, he stared at his unkempt advisor as if waiting for the world to explode.

"Listen, kiddo," said the leader of the pack, "There are no "plans", just actions. If I feel like shooting someone, or something, I will. You knew that when you met lil' ol me."

"Yes sir," he stated, "I guess I forgot my place."

"You have no place. You're nothing, just like everyone else out there. And with my help, I'll show the world just how helpless they really are." His associate watched in horror as his boss erupted into a manically fit of laughter. It was almost too sick to watch, but he still had to question his loyalty.

"We'll still get the money, right?"

"It's all about the money, isn't it? That's all you care about. What good is money when you're at the end of my knife, or when one of your mafia friends decides to eliminate some of the competition? Will money be an issue then?"

"Money'll make me a powerful man."

"Money will make your enemies more hostile, my dear, dear pal. "Now, enough chit chat. Let's finish what we started an hour ago."

There was an excitement in his eyes that was almost too unbelievable. Whatever they were planning to do wouldn't involve ponies or rainbows. It would involve quite a bit of blood, and with that thought in his head, he could feel the blood rising inside his body, could feel the presence of something bigger than both of them. Anarchy was his only friend, and he and his friend were about to cause a lot of destruction and chaos.

"Boss," the henchman said, "Are you ready to go."

"Am I ready? I was ready before I began."

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