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SARAH : That's some good advice right there.


--Juhux meets a shikigami--

Juhux had a mission. The worlds most RETARDED mission. She had to find a death god, talk to it, and convince it to come home with her to domino city. You see lately Reeney had been obssesed with something called Death Note. So now, strangely enough, she wanted a death god and some freaking book death gods were supposed to carry around.

Sometimes she really questioned the sanity of the freaking town she lived in. That wasn't the point though she thought ducking into an alleyway. The point was that she had a month to find and capture a death god. Or so help her she was going to have to dissapear for a long time. Either that or hide over at Lyn's place for a while.

"Kami how do I get in to these things?" she muttered to herself. Suddenly her cell phone began to bibrate in her pocket. So grudgingly she pulled it out, already having an inkling of who it was."Hello."

"Hey uncle. Did you get my shikigami yet?" Reeney chirped loudly causing Juhux to wince

"No." The blond answered."And how exactly do you excpect me to find a freaking death god in the middle of japan?!"

Reeney scoffed condescendingly. " Oh please uncle, it's not hard, all you have to do is find Light Yagami. Steal that bastards death note and then you'll be able to see death gods. Then you go to the underworld and find me a pretty death god!!"

Juhux rolled her eyes at that. Every time she had asked Reeney how she excpected her to find a death god. She gave her the same stupid answer. Find Light Yagami, avoid some guy named 'L', steal the death note, bring back a death god. Otherwise Bakura sensei would kill her.

Why Bakura sensei was letting his daughter send his apprentice on missions was a mystery to her. But she knew better by now then to question it.

"Reeney," Juhux said for what she thought must be the billionth time. " This mission doesn't make any sense."

"Your face doesn't make any sense!!" Reeney snapped at her. "NOW GET ME A GOD DAMN FUCKING SHIKIGAMI!!"

Juhux winced as Reeney hung up, listening to the dial tone buzzing in her ear. This was going to be one long month. If what reeney had been screaming at her was true though, she was going to need to find this Light Yagami, and fast.


"So," Lyn said sipping her coffee."You think she'll be able to find one?"

She of course had been in the room while Reeney was on the phone with Juhux. So also (of course) Bakura had conveniently slipped away, claiming to not like the atmoshpere of the room. Apparently the most polite way he could possibly think of to insult her.

Reeney who was stomping around the room looking bored and a little annoyed didn't look up. Instead she kicked the wooden leg of a red oak table. "She damn well better." she growled. "Or i'll beat her ass to a fucking pulp!"

The brunette chuckled flipping past another channel. "Oh."she said. "Rea sit your scrawny butt down Death Note's on!"

Almost immediately the raven haired girls mood lifted and squeeling happily she sat down next to Lyn forcing the older girl to move over. Then she frowned. "Hey wait a damn second!" she glared at Lyn " MY ASS ISN'T SCRAWNY!!"

"Just pipe down and watch the show Rea!" Lyn reprimanded smacking Reeney in the back of the head. "Or i'll tell Mariku where you keep your panties!"

Reeney blinked confused. "What the hell does that mean?!"

Lyn giggled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head. "Ah darn, that threat only works on Juhux."


About fifty miles away in a public library. Our very own lovalbel blonde thief sat at a computer typing away at a keyboard when she sneezed twice. Blushing slightly she rubbed her nose looking around. Nobody seemed to be paying her any mind. "I guess somebody must be talking about me." she smirked pressing the enter key.

'I'm in.' she thought smugly. 'The FBI doesn't have anything on a hacker with my skills. I didn't spend all that time training with sensei for show.' making sure to keep her screen out of view of civilians, she carefully typed in the name of Light Yagami. Almost Immediately his picture and personal information popped up on the screen. 'Good.' she thought.'Now I know where the little bastard lives. Light Yagami, you are about to be one death note short, whatever a death note is.'


SARAH : So what do you all think? Sure this is just a prolouge but I think I might really like this story.

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SARAH : Just so you know i haven't seen death note in a really long time, so any information about Light L and the whole thing in general that anyone can give me would be a big help.

MARIKU : This poor fool doesn't even now the name of the town they live in.

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BAKURA : As long as your home before Friday.


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BAKURA : Young lady aren't you supposed to be hurting people?!



RYOU : potato.