Two years from Antarctica, a year after Fang and I happened and a month after we destroyed Itex, it happened. Well not exactly it. Jeb made an appearance as the voice.

He said to make our way to a small town called Forks. He would instruct me from there. The town was soaked when we got there. Just getting there after a down pour.

I was shown a picture of the house, which Angel relayed around. It had been bought under a private name, but now belonged to us. Us. The flock.

The first thing I heard when I said this, no, started saying this to the flock, was two squeals of delight. We are finally getting the home we wished for. Three rooms. Angel and Gaz, Ig and Nudge, than Fang and I. The top floor had three bedrooms and a bathroom. An ensuite in Fang and my bedroom. The bottom floor had a kitchen and lounge. A forest backed our house.

This was all going great. Everyone getting years worth of grit washed off, the kitchen was stocked and clothes we already there. Mum and Ella apparently did the clothes, for there was a note saying so. Jeb said something else. I think this is the bit I was dreading.

'Max, one more thing.'


'School starts tomorrow.'


Hey all. Thought a cross over of two popular stories would be fun. This isn't going to be like other cross overs where they crash or get hurt to meet the Cullens. Yes, one of them will get hurt, but it will be much different. Please read on.

OH! I have this twice on my profile, cause one will go to each book.